You might think “How can a man watch another man seduce his wife and not stop it?” I asked myself the same question, but could come up with no logical answer. Jenny is a beautiful girl and had never had another cock in her since our marriage fifteen years ago. At 34, her eyes still sparkle and she’s a hellion in bed. Not to mention her figure which makes younger girls envious. We had a party one summer night and there were probably about fifty people there. One of my friends, Mark, came solo. Mark is a good looking guy who has a way with women that usually ends up with him planting his twelve inch cock in them for the night. Little did I think that it would be buried in my wife’s pussy that night.

Jenny was wearing a mini skirt and a loose fitting tank top that night and looked like a goddess. We each were making the rounds, talking to the people at the party, and at one point I looked for Jenny and saw her dancing with Mark. They were holding each other closely and laughing as they danced. Then I saw Mark put his hand on her ass, and she quickly moved it back up. Soon, the dance was over and they parted, each moving about the crowd. I met Jenny at the bar, but decided to play dumb about what I’d just witnessed. She looked a little upset, so I asked her what was the matter.

“Well, I hate to say anything, but I think Mark’s had a little too much to drink.” “What makes you think that?” I asked innocently. “We were dancing and he began to play with my ass and suggested we sneak off to one of the bedrooms.” I didn’t reply, but I found myself getting turned on by the thought. The rest of the night, I would see each of them stealing glances at the other, and at one point, they danced again. This time, they left the area together and went into the shadows of the woods. I made my way slowly to within about twenty feet of them, and saw Mark take her in his arms and begin to kiss her.

She tried to break it apart, but her resistance seemed weak. Soon, his hand went under her top and he began to rub her beautiful 38 D tits. I watched and saw her nipples stiffen at his touch, and I was afraid that she would make him stop any second. Another part of me was afraid that she wouldn’t. I kept on watching as they kissed, Mark backing her into a tree, and then started to press his hips to hers. “Oh no, don’t do this!” Jenny cried out, but she cried out softly as he began to grind into her. I heard Mark mumble something, but couldn’t make it out. They sat on the grass and continued to embrace each other. I watched transfixed as Mark’s hand rested on my wife’s thigh, then begin to work it’s way upwards. He got to within an inch of her pussy and she pulled it away, breathing heavily “Oh no, don’t do this. I love Gary so much and wouldn’t want to hurt him.” Mark replied “I won’t tell if you don’t.” With that, he placed his hand right at her cunt, and began to massage it through her panties.

Soon, she was moaning and I knew she would soon cum. Mark kissed her hard on her lips and his hand moved under her panties into her pretty pussy.

I knew I should stop this, but I found myself immobile, unable to speak. I saw Jenny raise her hips as Mark pulled her panties off, exposing her shaved cunt. He lowered his head and began to kiss her wet slit. I saw her start to grind her cunt into his face and her hands went to his head, pulling him closer to her wetness. Before she came, Mark stopped and moved back up her body. I watched as he undid his pants and pulled out his mighty dick. I also saw Jenny’s eyes open wide at the sight, and soon he moved between her widely spread legs. I saw the head of his cock begin to rub the wetness of her cunt, and he slowly sank his meat into her. She moaned out her pleasure as he took her, slowly moving inch after inch into her waiting cunt. He started to develop a rhythm, and it didn’t take long for Jenny to reach her climax. She cried out as he began to pound into her, faster and faster. Finally, her orgasm subsided, but Mark was far from finished with her. He continued his assault on my wife’s pussy for another thirty minutes. In this time, she came twice more, the last coinciding with his. I watched and saw their bodies tense up as Mark began to fill her cunt with his sperm. After they stopped, I went back to our guests and made like I didn’t notice when they came back. The party broke up at about one thirty, and soon, only Jenny and Mark and me were left.

Jenny said she had to tell me something that wouldn’t be easy for her to do. I played innocent as she began. She told me firstly that she loved me every bit as much as she ever did, but that she and Mark had made a big mistake that night. I finally stopped them, and told them I witnessed everything, and that if anything, I was really turned on by it, and not in the least bit angry. Jenny looked confused, and I told them that we should all go to bed and sort it out. Jenny went into the bathroom and Mark and I undressed and got on opposite sides of the bed. Jenny came out in one of her negligee’s, looking hotter than I can remember her for many years. She climbed in between us and soon both Mark and I were feeling her body. When my hand made contact with her cunt, I found a gaping hole there. I inserted three fingers before I found her not so loose.

I took one of her nipples in my mouth and began to suck and bite it, Jenny crying out in pain/pleasure. Mark moved so his cock was dangling over Jenny’s face and she opened her mouth and greedily sucked him in. I watched as his cock grew to it’s previous hardness, and Jenny began to swallow inch after inch until all that was visible was his balls. I moved down to her cunt and began to eat her. I was amazed at how sloppy her cunt was, and I stuck my tongue deeply within her. Mark’s cum was still within her, and I licked it out and then began to gnaw at her clit. She came hard and fast as Mark fucked her throat. Soon, he pulled out of her mouth and told her to kneel over my face. She took my cock into her mouth, and I continued to eat her as I saw Mark’s rod make it’s way to between her cunt lips.

I watched, sucking away, as he again slowly entered her hungry cunt. This time, he quickly made his way into her innermost depths and his balls bounced off of her cunt and my face. He must have fucked her in that position for at least an hour, and made her cum many, many times before he began to groan and shoot off into her cunt. I watched as his balls tightened up and the cum spurted out of his raging cock. He came so much that it soon overflowed her cunt and ran out, down into my mouth.

Mark left after that, and Jenny and I were alone. I asked her how she felt and she told me “Sore and worn out.” She asked me to fuck her in the ass, something which she always resisted. She must have felt that by giving me her asshole, That I would forgive her infidelity. I didn’t see it as that, for if I was jealous, I would have stopped it earlier. But, never refusing something I always wanted, I laid her on her stomach and spread her legs wide, giving me access to her pouty little asshole. I first coated my cock in her cunt, and then put the head of it up to her ass and began to enter her. She didn’t cry out in pain, and actually began to fuck me back, finally getting into it. It didn’t take long for me to send my load into her asshole, and we fell asleep, me on top of her.

This has been repeated often, usually every weekend. Most of the time, it’s with Mark, but there have been many others also. Jenny’s first black man took her higher, to a more intense orgasm than she had ever experienced before. Man, it’s a wonderful life!