Hi Everybody,

It’s Bobbi. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m 5’1″ tall, weigh 105 lbs, and measure 34A-22-34. I have shoulder-length blond hair, and blue eyes. I keep in shape by running and roller-blading in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. For the past several months, I’ve enjoyed showing off my body to guys I’ve met, and I’ve also ended up in bed with most of them!

I’m sorry that I haven’t been writing very much, but I’ve been swamped at work, and busy at home, too. I did want to take a little time to tell you about what happened yesterday, though.

I’ve been accumulating some sex toys through mail order companies, and just recently, Tom (my husband) bought me a medium-sized, black butt plug. I really like the way it feels inside of me, and Monday morning I told Tom that I’d wear it all day at work. So, just before I left for work, I greased up both the butt plug and my asshole, and I worked it inside of me as Tom watched. He wanted me to suck on his hard cock, but I told him he’d have to wait. After I’d positioned the plug in my ass, I pulled down my skirt, gave Tom a kiss, and left for work.

I love the summer! All of the rest of the year I have to wear pantyhose when I wear skirts to work (luckily, I work for a company that has a rather relaxed dress code, so I can dress casually if I want to, but sometimes I like to dress up a little). In the summer, after I get a good tan, I can get away without wearing them because my legs look great without them. So on Monday I wasn’t wearing any pantyhose under my skirt. I wasn’t wearing any panties either! I was wearing a white mock turtleneck (with no bra underneath), my plaid skirt, and some flats. I must admit that I felt really naughty as I got out of my car and walked into the office.

With every step I took, I was well aware of the butt plug in my ass. It felt yummy! And when I sat down at my desk, I felt the plug go up inside of me a little further! I knew that I was in for an interesting day.

One of the things that really gets me hot is sharing my perverted behavior with others. So I decided to pay one of my coworkers a visit. Bob works in another part of our office building, and I walked by three guys on my way to see him. It’s a pretty small company, and everybody knows everybody, so I said hi to all of the guys I passed. I wondered what they’d think if they knew I wasn’t wearing any underwear and had a rubber dildo in my ass! I was tempted to show them, but I was able to restrain myself.

I knocked on Bob’s open door and he looked up at me and smiled. Bob and I have an arrangement where I allow him to fuck me occasionally, and we are pretty good friends. I asked if he had time to talk to me for a couple of minutes and he replied that he always had time for me. I closed his office door and then turned away from him and bent over. I pulled my skirt up over my ass and spread my cheeks so that he could see the base of the black butt plug. Then I straightened up, opened the door, and took a seat.

“Do you know what that was?” I asked. “It was a six inch rubber butt plug.” Then I told Bob how good it felt, especially when I moved around in my chair (Of course I moved around in my chair as I said that). From the look on his face, I could tell that Bob was glad I’d shared my secret with him. He asked me what I intended to do, and I told him that I intended to work. Then I stood up and told him I had to go.

He asked if he could see me at lunch. I told him that I thought I’d be too busy, but I’d see if I could squeeze him in. Then I went back to my office. I love my job. I am one of three women in a company of forty workers. And I am the only woman who socializes with the men. Our firm has about 10 professionals and 30 hourly workers. Everyone is very nice, and we all get along pretty good. Most of the professionals stay in their offices, but I like to join the hourly workers during their breaks from time to time. Like I said, they are all nice, and I like the attention they give me.

So anyway, at 9:30 A.M., I wandered over to the break room and got a Pepsi out of the refrigerator. The room was pretty full, with about 15 of the hourly guys, and they were watching me (like they always do). They aren’t really obvious about it, but they don’t fool me. Anyway, I usually drink Coke, but I wanted to get a can off one of the lower shelves so I’d have to bend over a little. It was great! As I bent over to retrieve my Pepsi, the room got kind of quiet as the guys (I’m sure) stared at my legs as I bent forward.

My skirt was kind of short, and I know they saw plenty of my legs, but it wasn’t short enough for them to see my ass. I love knowing that they are watching me, and I’ve fantasized about taking them all on, right there on the table in the break room, but I want to keep my job and reputation. Nevertheless, my pussy tingled knowing they were watching me. I sat and talked with them for about ten minutes as I drank my Pepsi, moving around a little on my chair, working the plug around inside of my ass.

I love to flirt with them, too, and I’m pretty good at doing it while appearing to be innocent. On this particular day, a couple of the guys were talking about the Olympic women swimmers. I managed to steer the conversation to their flimsy swimsuit. Of course I did it by expressing surprise that they would wear suits that were so thin! I swear I had everyone talking about how nice they looked, how they needed thin suits to reduce the drag in the water, and how they weren’t really all that thin. I felt so sexy when I said, “If they aren’t thin, then how come I can see their nipples through the fabric!” Well, the guys had to admit that I was right. And when I said that I would never wear anything that revealing, I said it knowing that the impressions of my erect nipples were quite visible through my blouse.

I knew they wouldn’t call me on it. I’ve found that there is a line they won’t cross, and I knew they’d just let my remark go. I finished my Pepsi and told them I had to get back to work. On my way out of the room, I bent down to put my empty can in the case, then headed back into the hall and back to my office. The pop can case was right on the floor, so I had to bend over quite a ways, and I could feel the back of my skirt riding up towards my bare ass. Just before it rode all of the way up, I bent my legs a little so that I wouldn’t reveal anything but legs. As I walked back to my office, I was sure that every guy in that room would have liked to fuck me. I’m sure they all think that I’m a tease, and they’re right. What they don’t know, is that I’d love to be able to fuck the shit out of every one of them!

Well, as you can imagine, it was impossible for me to get my mind back on my work. I was so hot that I had to do something. I could have masturbated to bring myself off, but I wanted to do something a little more daring. I called Bob in his office and asked him if he had a minute; that I needed to see him in my office. After I hung up, I sat back in my chair and started playing with my pussy. My office is set apart from most of the other offices. It is halfway down a hallway, and there is only one more office past mine. Consequently, there isn’t a lot of traffic that passes by my office.

By the time I heard Bob coming down the hallway, I had two fingers inside of my wet pussy. I couldn’t wait to replace them with Bob’s hard cock! I thought I’d give Bob a thrill, so I made sure he’d be able to see my fingers in my pussy when he looked in my door. I pushed my chair back from my desk and waited for him to stick his head in the door.

Well, I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. A head appeared in the doorway, but it wasn’t Bob! It was Jim, the guy who has the office at the end of my hallway! There I was with my fingers deep inside of my pussy, as Jim stood there and stared at me. I was too startled to think to remove my fingers, and I guess Jim took that as encouragement. Anyway, he stepped into my office and said, “Looks like you could use some attention, Bobbi.” Then he walked over to me and pulled down his zipper! I was kind-of in shock. Jim has always impressed me as this straight-laced, religious sort-of guy; the kind of guy who would take one look at me in my current state, and condemn me for it. Now he stood by my chair as he fished a lovely hard cock out of his pants! As soon as he pulled it clear of his pants, I moved forward and hungrily devoured it with my mouth.

I guess we were both pretty distracted, because neither one of us noticed Bob standing in my office doorway until he cleared his throat! “I thought you wanted to see me, Bobbi,” he said, “but it looks like you found what you were looking for!”

By now it was clear that we needed someone to watch the hallway, so I told Bob, “You can be next if you’ll stand guard while I fuck Jim.” Of course he agreed, and I went back to work on Jim. Jim was a little taken aback when Bob showed up, but he got over the surprise quickly, and really got into it as I sucked his hard cock down my throat. It was a nice cock, too. About six inches and curved, with a nice fat head. Because of the curved shaft, it was hard to get it very far down my throat, but I knew it would feel good in my pussy!

When Jim was good and hard, I stood up and bent over and placed mt hands on my desk for support. I told him to get behind me, and to fuck me hard! I felt like such a slut! As Jim fucked me, he pushed against the butt plug, and it felt like I was getting it from two cocks, one in my pussy and one in my ass. Jim’s curved dick rubbed against the butt plug and tended to push it in and up. It was wild! I told him that I wanted him to cum in my mouth when he was ready, and I imagined what he must be thinking as he fucked me from behind. To him, I was this conservative professional woman. I never flirted with him because I thought he was so straight, so he’d only seen my serious, conservative side; the church-going, hard-working wife. Well, now he was seeing another side! Jim told me he was going to cum, so I pulled forward away from him. When his cock popped free, I turned and dropped to my knees. As I knelt in front of him with my mouth open, I looked up at him and told him, “Cum in my mouth, baby. I want to taste it.”

That appeared to send him over the edge, and he started shooting thick, stringy gobs of sperm into my waiting mouth. I wrapped my lips around his hard cock as he thrust his cock into me over and over. After about a minute, he stopped thrusting and I sucked his cock clean. Then I stood up and moved over to the desk and got into position for Bob. I told Jim that it was his turn to be the lookout and he took Bob’s place in the doorway.

God it felt good as Bob slid his hard eight inch cock into my sopping pussy. Once again I could feel the butt plug moving deeper into my ass as Bob slammed his beautiful cock into my pussy. I really got off on the way Jim was watching me, and I started to cum. Bob continued to fuck me through my orgasm, and I’m afraid I started to get pretty loud. Bob reached forward and put his had across my mouth to keep me quiet, and I sucked his fingers into my mouth. You should have seen the look on Jim’s face as he watched me sucking Bob’s fingers as I was getting hammered from behind.

Bob told me he was going to cum and I told him to cum in my mouth. I wanted Jim to watch me take Bob’s eight inches down my throat. I got on my knees and opened my mouth. Bob obliged me by sliding his hard cock into my waiting mouth and right down my throat. I made sure Jim could see my face as Bob fucked my mouth. He would slide it all the way in, until my face was pressed up against his belly, then he would pull it all the way out. I looked up at Jim as Bob’s cock moved in and out of me. Bob told me he was going to cum, then he rammed his dick down my throat and held the back of my head so I couldn’t move. I felt him start to cum as he pumped his sperm down my throat.

God, I loved it!!!! He moved back and forth a little, fucking my throat, as one jet of cum after another spurted into my belly. After about 30 seconds, he pulled out of me and let me catch my breath. Then I took him back in my mouth and cleaned him up.

After it was all over, I thanked Bob and told him I’d see him later. He fixed his clothes and left the office. Then I told Jim to have a seat. I talked with him for a while, and got his pledge of secrecy. I also told him that now that he knew what I was really like, maybe I could pay him a visit in his office every now and then. Jim really liked that idea. I did make sure to tell him that the second he told anybody, that he would be cut off for good. I was sure he wouldn’t tell anybody; I mean he had as much to lose as I did, but it made me feel kind-of slutty to talk about it.

After Jim left my office, I decided to get another coke, so I walked back to the break room. I was still horny and the motion of the butt plug was driving me crazy! I grabbed a coke this time (there wasn’t anyone there to watch me bend over), and I headed back towards my office. I was still so hot!! The butt plug felt soooooooo good, and my pussy was still so wet. I could feel the wetness on the inside of my thighs, too, and it was making me crazy!! What I really wanted was a big, hard cock in my ass, not the medium-sized butt plug!!!

One of the projects I was working on, involved the construction of a prototype. Well, I decided to take a walk out into the shop to check on it. I don’t know what I planned to do out there. I mean, I knew there were lots of guys out there, but I also knew that I couldn’t really approach any of them to fuck me. I was sure that if one of them found out about my voracious sexual appetite, he would tell the others. And while that might be fun, it would have some pretty serious repercussions down the road. I guess mostly, I just wanted to be around the guys.

Anyway, I walked out to the shop and asked the foreman how work on my project was going. He took me over to where they were working on it, and showed me what they’d done so far. I felt pretty sexy, standing there with my recently-fucked, wet pussy, and my ass full of rubber cock, as I talked with the foreman and the two guys who were doing the construction. My nipples were hard, and I know they noticed. I made sure to look at the prototype closely, bending over it, or reaching to point at a part of it, and showing a lot of leg while doing so. God, I wanted to feel their cocks in me!!!! I knew I had better leave before I did something that I’d regret! So, I thanked the guys for their help and walked out of the shop.

By the time I got back to my office, I was so horny I could hardly stand it! I knew I had to have someone in my ass! I went to the bathroom and tried to fuck myself with the butt plug. It had a nice big, long head, but it didn’t have much of a shaft, and it was difficult to fuck myself with. I ended up pulling it out and washing it off, and putting it in my pussy. Then I headed for Jim’s office!

I stepped into his office and told him, “I need you to do something for me. I need you to fuck my ass!” I ordered him to get up and then I kneeled in front of him and undid his pants. I took his cock out and sucked on it until it was nice and hard. Then I pulled my skirt up to reveal my open asshole, and leaned over his desk. Jim protested that someone might come by, and I assured him that we’d be able to hear them coming. I guess my asshole was just too inviting, because the next I knew I felt his cock pushing into me.

It was exactly what I needed! Jim slammed into my ass as I braced myself against his desk with my hands. I came almost immediately, and Jim was nice enough to stop fucking my ass while I came. After I settled down a little I urged him to continue. I swear that there is nothing better than being fucked in the ass! I love the feeling of a nice, hard cock sliding in and out of my asshole!! If I could, I’d spend all of my free time getting fucked in my ass!!! Jim only lasted another five minutes before he grabbed me by the hips and shot his load into my ass. He eventually pulled out of me and I thanked him for his attention. Then I went back to my office and got back to work.

I had to work a little late that night to get my work done, and Jim stuck his head in my office on his way out. “What do you think of me now, Jim?” I asked. He said he didn’t know what to think, but that he was glad to find out this other side of me. It was pretty late (around 6:00 P.M.), and I was sure most of the others were gone for the day, so I asked Jim if he’d do me one last favor. I’d had the butt plug in my pussy all afternoon, and I was feeling pretty hot, and I wanted to show Jim just what kind of girl I was.

“Will you come over here and fuck my mouth?” I asked. “I really love the taste of cum, and I need something to hold me over until I get home. Won’t you fill my mouth with your cum, baby?” Jim didn’t need any more urging than that, and within a few minutes I tasted his cum, as he shot string after string of the sticky stuff down my throat. Well, that was enough to show Jim just what kind of depraved slut I really was. Unfortunately, it only served to make me hornier.

I left for home right after that, but when I got there, Tom wasn’t home yet! Luckily, my neighbor was at home, so I knocked on his door. He had a couple of friends over, and they were watching TV (I swear that’s all they ever do over there). My neighbor knows what I want when I come over, and he and his friends were kind enough to fuck me until Tom got home. You should have seen Tom’s face when he saw me coming out of our neighbor’s house. I had cum running down my leg, and my face was covered with the stuff. He asked me what was going on, and I told him that our neighbor and his buddies were nice enough to get me warmed up for him.

I went inside with Tom and made him fuck me until I came. Then I made him lick my pussy until I came again. I loved sitting on his face as he probed my pussy with his tongue. Finally, I let him fuck me in my ass until he came.

That was yesterday, and I am a little sore today. I got to work early today, so that I could write this. I expect Jim to be coming by soon, and I plan to follow him to his office and suck him off. I know I really shocked him yesterday, and I want him to know it wasn’t a dream! I wanted you to know what I’d be doing this morning, so when you read this, you could picture me on my knees in Jim’s office with his cock in my mouth. I’ll be sucking his cock at about 8:30 A.M. EST.