They arrived at the cafe about noon. The owner of the place was happy to see them and thanked them for coming in so early. “I don’t know what I would have done if you had not shown up. We are still short some help.” Then looking at Joseph he said, “Are you sure you can’t give us a hand. Maybe just busing the tables. I’ll pay you a few bucks and you can have a share of the gratuities as well. PLEASE!”

“I told you on the phone that he is here as my guest and not kitchen help. If you want me to stay, you will not ask him again.” Richard trying to control himself said. “First of all he has no experience working in a kitchen and I did not bring him here to wait on tables.

“Take it easy. I hate to contradict you Rich but I do have some kitchen experience.” Joseph said, “I’ve had to do my share of K.P. in the army. The only difference I can detect is that here it is not a punishment. ” Then turning to the cafe owner he said, “Throw in lunch and it’s a deal.”

“Not only lunch, but I’ll even let you take home leftovers for diner.”

“It’s a deal then. My name is Joseph, what’s yours? Joseph reaching out to shake the owner’s hand asked. “I’ll need a uniform or something. Do you have an extra one for me? I don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb.”

The owner looked Joseph up and down and rubbing his chin with his hand said, “I think we can rig up something that would show off your ‘talents’. He’s just about your size, Rich, take him in the locker room and see what you can find for him to wear. Whatever you guys want for lunch just go into the kitchen and help yourselves, mi casa, su casa or however they say it. Thank you again Joseph, by the way my name is Reinzi.”

After the owner left Rich turned to Joseph and asked him if he was sure he wanted to do this. Joseph assured him that it would at least keep him occupied and make the time go faster. They then went into the kitchen and made themselves something to eat. After they finished they went into the locker room and the two of them got into waiters uniforms. The cafe owner came in to check on their progress and to check on all the other help as well. He expressed his satisfaction and said, “You boys look real good. Just watch your asses and don’t let the customers “goose” you. They can get a bit raunchy at times and I don’t want any trays dropped.”

“Oh! Is it going to be one of those parties?” Richard queried.

“Yes, most of the people here will be Gay. It’s a twenty fifth partnership anniversary party.” Reinzi told them, “And their friends are throwing them a surprise Silver Anniversary party. Can you imagine that? Twenty five years and they are still together?”

“What’s so unusual about that?” Richard said, “I know lots of couples that have been together that long. Some of them are even heterosexual. Although in this day and age, I will admit that among the younger ‘Heteros’, 25 days let alone 25 years is unusual.”

The owner walked out shaking his head, mumbling to himself something about what this world is coming to, then turned and said to his help, “OK guys, the plan, as I understand it, is that the guests should be arriving right about now. The guests of honor should show up about a half hour later. You will serve canapes until they get here. There is coffee and an open bar, so you can expect a lot of drinking. Let’s get out there and get to work. Good luck guys.”

Joseph, Rich and the others each grabbed a tray of canapes off the kitchen table, went out into the festively decorated dining room and started serving the guests. The group was made up of mostly older men. Most were in their late 50s or 60s with a few younger men here and there. There were also a few women or what Joseph thought were women. The invited guests stood around talking, drinking, joking and just having a good time. One or two of the men tried to engage the waiters in conversation. Two or three of the men even asked Joseph if he would like to go for a drink later after the party. Joseph played it to the hilt and even told one persistent guy “I’ll have to ask my boy friend if he would mind if I went with you.”

“If that handsome waiter over there is your boyfriend bring him along too. I’d love to do a three some.” The guy winked. “I’ll just have to remember to take my heart medication.” The man then reached into his pocket, withdrew something and he placed it into Joseph’s pants pocket. “I was just kidding about my heart, and as you can see I’m in very good shape for an old fart. Just in case you should change your mind there is my address and some cab fare.” Joseph almost dropped the tray of food as the man playfully groped his crotch and whispered, “There’s nothing I like better for a nightcap than a young cock and a hard ass to go with it.”

Not wanting to make a big deal of it Joseph moved away to serve the other guests. The drinking and socializing continued for about three fourths of an hour until someone hushed everyone, saying, “Hey, they are coming, quiet everyone!” As the guests of honor arrived they were greeted by shouts of “congratulations” and “surprise”. The stunned couple had to be helped to their places at the head of the table. Joseph had meanwhile gone into the kitchen to get another tray of food. He stopped and reached into his pocket and pulled out a business card wrapped in a one hundred dollar bill. He was shocked and showed it to Richard.

“Just one?” Rich said, “I already have had three. Remember when you asked how I could afford that apartment…. I told you about the tips… and you don’t even have to get into the old guy’s bed if you don’t want to. At that age they are just happy to have you return their flirting.”

“You’re kidding me, I’m going to give it back to him. I can’t take his money. It just isn’t right.”

“Go on try to return it! See what happens!” Richard smiled and hefting a tray of food, turned and went back out into the dinning room to serve the first course of the meal. Joseph loading up his tray followed him out. Once in the room he tried to find the gentleman who had given him the money, but was unable to spot him. Finally giving up he unloaded his tray and headed back to the kitchen where Richard was waiting for him.

“What happened? Did he take it back?” Richard asked.

“No, I could not find him. Do we have any time? I have to use the latrine.”

“Sure we have some time before the next course is served. I can cover for you if something comes up.” Then he took Joseph aside and in a low voice asked him, “Are you Ok, I mean are you feeling well. Sometimes after sex you can strain yourself and bleed. I would not want anything to happen to you babe.”

“No! No! Everything is fine. I just have to take a leak. I thought the sex would be much more painful than it was. It was much better than I thought it would be. I can’t wait to get out of here and pick up where we left off.” Joseph said smiling as he headed for the bathroom. Once inside he, unzipped, stepped up to the urinal and unloaded a gusher.

“When you get to be my age you’re lucky if you can hit the back wall of the urinal. From the sound of it with that hose of yours you could almost fight a three alarm fire all by yourself.” Joked the guy that had given Joseph the big tip as he exited from one of the booths.

“My god! You shouldn’t sneak up on a guy like that. You startled the heck out of me.” Joseph said, shaking the last drops off his penis and stuffing it back into his pants. “I didn’t know anyone was in here. Oh, by the way, I was looking for you before. I wanted to return the money you gave me. I don’t think I will be able to take advantage of your offer. It’s not right that I take your money under the circumstances.

“Well what do you know? An honest guy. I like that in a young man. Bet you’re not from around here. How old are you kid?” the man said looking Joseph up and down and running his tongue over his lips.

“I was just 21, Sir, and you are right I’m from upstate.” Joseph said as he went to the washbasin, lathered up his hands and face and rinsed himself off. He did not think it was important to tell the old man that he was in the military. “How old are you? You act like a stupid kid, throwing money around like that.”

“Fifty two and still going strong.” The man answered, handing Joseph some paper towels. “And yes, young man. I do like to throw my money around. It’s mine, I earned it and if I want to give it to a sexy young guy like you, that’s my business. You never know, I might get lucky, but even if I don’t it gives me a hard-on just to be able to think of the possibilities. When you get to be my age, just being able to have a conversation with a young stud like you is as good as sex.”

“Fifty two is not that old. I’ll bet there is still plenty of fire in your belly yet. You sure don’t look that old and if I were in the market for a mature man, you just might fill the bill. I’m not in that market right now, but if I were, you would make one hell of a good sugar daddy.” Joseph said crumpling up the paper towel, heaving it into the wastebasket. He then reached into his rear pocket, took out the money and held it out for the man to take back.

“No son, you hold on to it. I’m in the insurance business, but I love fishing. I like to cast my bait on the waters and see what kind of fish I can land. Sometimes I get lucky, but most times I get taken. This time I think I got lucky.” He walked to the door, opened it, turned, put his fingers to his lips and blew a kiss to Joseph saying, “In case you come back to the ‘Big Apple’ and find yourself alone and want to go out for a good meal, a few drinks or perhaps a roll in the hay, I’m available. One never knows what the future holds. That boyfriend of yours might even be stupid enough to drop you. Keep the card and the money. Use it as your insurance policy.” And with that he left the room and returned to the party.

Joseph just stood there looking at the hundred dollar bill and the business card. Letting out a low whistle, he placed the card and money back into his pocket. He ran his comb through his close-cropped hair and then returned to the kitchen. He didn’t say anything to Richard about the rest room meeting and they continued to serve the rest of the meal. During dessert congratulatory speeches were made and many toasts were proposed to the happy couple. Some very nice things were said and then someone set up a stereo player and there was some dancing. Joseph could not get over seeing two men holding each other and dancing together in public. Richard had to pull him back into the kitchen and told him to stop staring.

“What are you gawking at? What do you find so unusual? Don’t you think Gay men like to dance together?” Richard asked him in an angry tone. “Damn it! Stop thinking of it as two men and visualize it as two lovers. Two lovers who just want to hold each other in an embrace while rocking in time to romantic music. Their bodies rubbing against each other the same as if it were a man and girl.”

“I know, but it’s still too difficult for me to swallow all this in one bite.” the soldier admitted. “Heck, I don’t even really know how to dance. Ask me to milk a cow, gather eggs, plow a field, fire a rifle, or take out an enemy—I’m your man. But dancing is not my M.O.S.”

“What the hell is a M.O.S., Joseph?”

“It means Military Occupational Specialty,” he said. “Every soldier’s primary job is to be an infantry man. Then on top of that he gets additional training in another field and that field is his M.O.S. like I said dancing is not one of my specialties.”

“I guess I’ll just have to teach you how to do it later this evening when we are back home. Just you and I, private like, with the lights down low. Soft sweet romantic music filling the air as I whirl you around the coffee table.”

“More likely, me stomping on your toes as the both of us stumble all over each other.” Joseph laughed and as the mental picture began to fade his face turned sad and in a serious tone he said, “I hate to spoil that picture of us, but if I’m to be back on base by noon tomorrow, I’m going to have to grab the early bus out at 0700 hours. That’s 7 a.m. your time. I will have to be up and out by 0600 hours.”

“I’ll set the alarm clock first thing when we get home. You wouldn’t reconsider deserting or going A.W.O.L., would you?” the sad faced disappointed lover asked. “I could hide you under my bed during the day light hours and then under the covers at night. I bet that old fart who gave you that nice tip would be only to glad to help.”

“Richard! Don’t be such an ass hole.” he said slapping him on the backside. “He’s old enough to be my father. As far as deserting, we have already discussed that. The Army is my career, at least for now. I have to finish my specialty training, which I start after I get back tomorrow. During which time I will have weekend passes and I hope to be able to spend them with you. Then when I’m finished I will have a long leave and then I will be sent overseas. So unless you throw me out, we will still have time for seeing each other. That is if you still want to go on with this.”

“Joseph, don’t even think of me throwing you out. That will never happen! What’s going to be your ‘M.O.S.’, or am I not allowed to ask that?

“The army thinks I have some talent for languages,” he said proudly. “I tested well in that field. So I’m going to be learning Arabic. Since there is a large Arabic speaking population in New Jersey, they have decided to train me there so that I can get some ‘on the spot’ experience as well. Just think about it Rich, I’m going to be able to make love to you in two languages. I even know how to say I love you in Arabic……I think its ‘Ana Bahabek Kteer’ or something like that.”

“And how do you say dear or darling?”

“That’s easy! It’s ‘Habibi’ it really means, beloved.”

“Then, Ha-bi-bi, Ana Ba-ha-bek Kteer, means darling, I love you! Is that right?” Rich struggled with the sound of the tongue twisting words. God I’m speaking Arabic.”

“More like killing it,” Joseph laughed, and then asked, “Habibi, when are we going to finish up here? I have something I want to do. If we have the time I think that on the way to the apartment would be a perfect opportunity. As long as I’m going to have all this extra money, there is something I would like to buy for you and I want to go shopping.”

“You don’t have to do that.” Rich protested. “Like I told you yesterday, you already have given me the greatest gift you could give and that is enough.”

“No, I want to get you something special to remember me by. Something that, when you look at it will bring back the memory of the wonderful time we spent together. A small token, something that you could wear or carry.” Joseph thoughtfully said.

“Oh that is so sweet.” Richard grinned, “But only if we do this together. Let’s pick out matching gifts, something that will bind us together, a symbol of our togetherness. Something that we could wear and that when we touched it… It would be like touching each other. Do you have any ideas?”

“That is just the sort of thing I was trying to visualize. I had thought of perhaps a ring, but I don’t like rings on my fingers or any jewelry that’s too feminine. Besides, some people might ask questions that I’m not ready to answer, yet,” he said scratching his G.I. haircut.

“Hey, I have it!” Rich exclaimed. “How about matching neck chains? They are simple, yet they are symbolic and we can wear them all the time, even when we bathe. Then later on when you are out of the army and if we are still together, we could add some charms or a locket. A nice thick gold or silver chain to symbolize our being ‘chained’ together, what do you think?”

“Chained together, yes, what a great thought.” he said, “and it’s not like I will be wearing jewelry, after all I do have to wear my dogtags. It’s not that unusual for a guy to wear a chain, and no one will think twice seeing it about my neck. Many of the men in my company wear chains with crosses or other things hanging from them. That’s a great idea! Fantastic! Let’s do it.”

They worked till the end of the party and then collected their pay and their share of the gratuities. To Joseph it was the easiest money he had ever earned and after Richard had selected a nice take out diner for them to eat later, the two of them went looking for a gift shop. They strolled along the village streets hand in hand. There were many boutiques and gift shops on the way home. Almost every block had at least one. It was not long before they found a small shop that had the type of thing they were interested in purchasing. The old lady that ran it was only too happy to accommodate them. She displayed several heavy gold chains and the two lovers after discussing the merits of each, decide on one that they both liked.

“We will take two of these and please wrap them separately, as gifts.” Richard requested.

Oh! And I thought you were buying them for each other.” The storeowner said as she handed them to the cashier for payment and wrapping.

“We are, but we want it to be a surprise and we want to see the others delight when we unwrap them later tonight at diner.” Rich said.

Each paid the cashier and took one of the packages. As they were leaving, Joseph jokingly said to Richard, “I say old man, I think you have my package and I have yours.”

“Yes old boy. I believe I do.” He played along, they exchanged packages and as they exited the shop, they could see the storeowner smiling and shaking her head and saying to the cashier, “Lovers, they come in all shapes and sizes!!!!”

After getting home, Richard placed the take out in the oven to warm up and made salad while Joseph set the table. Richard insisted that Joseph set the table with a tablecloth and cloth napkins and two candlesticks. When Joseph finished Rich stood looking at the table.

“Hey something is missing.” Richard observed. “Tell you what. Why don’t you take a shower while I go out and see if I can get it. And I want to see you all washed and dressed in your class “A” uniform. This is going to be a ‘formal’ diner.”

“What’s missing? Everything looks perfect to me,” he questioned.

“Never mine, just do it, my love.” And with that he left the apartment.

Joseph showered and shaved and got dressed in his uniform and was just coming out of the bathroom when he heard the key in the door. The door opened and in walked Rich his arms loaded down with a beautiful bunch of flowers and a bottle of wine.

“Oh yes!” Joseph said as he relieved some of Rich’s load. “You were right, that’s the crowning touch to the entire evening.”

“Well almost, the crowning touch will come later. You look good enough to eat.” he said leaning over and kissing his lips. “MMM and you smell divine. I love the smell of my aftershave on you. Brings out the animal in me. Grrrrrr. Oh! Before I forget, I also had this key made up for you. It’s an extra key to this place. Keep it and use it when you come in on your next leave.

“You didn’t have to do that. I will be calling you before I come in.” he said and added, “I would not want to walk in on you unannounced. You might have someone else here.”

“No chance of that happening now that we are going to be chained.” Rich assured him. “Here put the wine on ice and the flowers on the table while I take my shower and get dressed up for our diner party.”

Joseph started to hum a tune while he put the things in their place. Richard picked a suit, shirt, tie and things to go with it. He then disappeared into the bathroom. A short time later he reappeared all dressed up and looking like he was ready to go out on a hot date. He walk over to Joseph and the two men reached out for each other and kissed and hugged and Rich said, “MMMMM it’s so nice to come home to a ‘home cooked diner’ and find my lover all dressed up in a sexy uniform waiting for me. What more could I ask for?”

“Hey don’t get too used to this. You are the cook, not me! I’ll do the dishes and help clean up, but as far as cooking and waiting on tables— that’s not my M.O.S., baby.” Joseph said as they parted and he sat down at the table waiting to be served.

“No problem. This is going to be fifty-fifty. We work together and love together. Each one doing and changing rolls. Some guys want to be a ‘top’ all the time. With you I don’t mind being both ‘top’ and/or a ‘bottom’. It adds spice to the bed if you know what I mean. I realized that this morning when you took over as you did. You showed me that it was not who was on top, but, rather who was with me, that mattered.” Richard said as he lit the candles, got out the wine and poured two glasses full. Then taking his place at the table he raised his glass and toasted his diner partner. “Here’s to us, fifty-fifty, but each giving the other his one hundred percent.”

“To us.” Joseph repeated as they clicked their glasses and then sipped the wine. The salad was dished out and they ate the first course. They ate and talked and laughed at each other’s jokes. Wine flowed and they held hands across the table, looking into each other’s eyes and trying to see into the soul of the other. The meal was finished, the table cleared and Coffee and cake was served.

As the candles were burning down, Richard got up and selected a CD, placed it in the stereo and then came over to Joseph, extended his hand and said, “hey lover, may I have the honor of this dance?”

Getting to his feet and flowing into Richard’s arms the soldier quipped, “I don’t know what kind of honor, just remember I warned you that I dance like a big bull. No grace, no finesse, and I feel silly.” But he moved into Rich’s arms and both of them seamed to melt together. No one was leading; the two of them folded their arms around the other and just rocked to the slow romantic music. Each with his chin on the shoulder of his partner, their lips near the other’s ear, their chests and their lower bodies pressed together. Swaying back and forth as the candles burned lower and lower, till they were dancing in semi darkness. The only light in the room was coming from the multi-colored lights around the base of the walls. Parting slightly and looking into each other’s eyes their lips met. Then the lips opened and tongues touched and played a game of hide and seek. Each in turn sucking on the tongue of the other.

“Mmmmm and you said you couldn’t dance.” Richard whispered into his ear. “You lied to me. I never had a better partner. I love dancing with you and you haven’t even stepped once on my feet.” Grinding his crotch into Joseph he said, “I want to feel your naked body against mine while we dance.”

They parted and each started undressing, first himself and then helping the other. Just like the night before clothes were thrown off and in a short time they were both nude. Taking Richard in his arms and the resuming their dancing their bodies pressing against each other and their hard cocks rubbing and probing. It was not long before they found themselves just standing and looking at each other’s nude body.

“Habibi, I have a gift for you and now would be the perfect time to give it to you.” Joseph said retrieving one of the packages and handing it to Richard.

“And I have one for you.”

They unwrapped their gifts and each placed the chain around the neck of the other and stood back to admire their handiwork. There in the semi darkness they again embraced, two lovers ‘Chained Together’. Then Richard opened the sofa bed and took Joseph in his arms and laid him down on the bed. Starting at his toes Richard started licking and sucking his toes one at a time. Bathing each with his tongue and licking between each toe, he worked his way up the gasping soldier’s legs till he reached his crotch. Then instead of licking on his lovers balls or cock, as Joseph had expected, his tongue started to flit in and out with increasing speed at Joseph’s twitching rosebud. Lifting the moaning warriors legs and raising his ass by inserting a cushion under his rear end he drove the helpless man insane with his tongue tip. His tongue pushed past the ass ring and entered into the surrendering rectum. Joseph’s arms and hands were slapping against the mattress and his fingernails grasped and tore at the sheets as he moaned in passion. Richard reached into the night table draw, retrieved and placed a condom on himself. He lifted Joseph’s legs so that the ankles rested on his shoulders thereby giving him full access to the love hole of his beloved. Rubbing his condom clad cock along the saliva soaked valley of his lover’s ass cheeks and finding the wet twitching rosebud, he pressed against it. The twitching lips of the rosebud drawing and sucking his cock head in. He sank into the damp hot aperture deeper and deeper until his balls prevented his further penetration. Taking short strokes he moved in and out slowly. In the semi darkness he could just make out the features of his impaled lover. Joseph was moaning and tears were coming out of the corners of his eyes. Afraid that he had been too wild and might have hurt Joseph he leaned over and kissed the tears of his lover.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked, “Are you ok?” he continued to kiss the tear stained face of his partner.

His answer came when Joseph squeeeeeeeeeeezed his ass tight around the probing penis. “NO no no it’s so fantastic I could not stop the tears. Richard, I love you, he said over and over. I want you! Need you!”

They continued their “dance of love and lust”. Richard was now plowing faster and harder. Both building and building to that level where they wished they could remain forever. Joseph’s penis was pressed and rubbing against Rich’s belly hair as Richard’s cock moved in and out of Joseph. Richard was grunting and moaning. With each thrust forward his rampaging cock hit Joseph’s magic button causing him to involuntarily scream YES! YES! YES! Both were aroused to the point that they had lost all control of themselves and surrendered to their lust. They exploded, cum everywhere, their lips pressed together. When finally able to speak, neither could find words to do so, nor could they do anything other than just look into the eyes of the other and hold on to each other as if their lives depended on it. The tears began flowing in the eyes of both men uncontrollably. Then the laughter as Joseph’s ass continued to orgasm like the small aftershocks of an earthquake. Their bodies, like the buildings in that earthquake, gradually collapsed and fell down on themselves. The last things their eyes encompassed before closing were the gold chains lying around their necks. And both slept………