My wife had left for the office but I decided to stay home that day as I was sick and tired of working and needed some time to myself. After grabbing a cup of coffee, I flipped on the TV and powered up the PC to check my morning mail. After rifling thru the usual spam and bullshit messages from friends and relatives, I decided to check some of my favorite adult websites. I like a combination of erotic stories and pictures so I had several different websites up simultaneously. I like beautiful women of all shapes, sizes and color, but I m also very comfortable exploring the wilder side of things including group, bi, and gay sexual themes. My wife is quite straight-laced so she would faint if she ever knew I was looking at these things but I figure, it doesn’t hurt to look as long as I remain faithful to her and keep her happy.

My cock began to rise as I read some stories and flipped between the pics of the day. I pulled the leg of my sweat shorts aside and gave my dick some room to roam. I grabbed the head of my cock and began to twist the foreskin behind around and around the head. After rolling the head in my hand for several minutes, I reached down and grabbed the shaft and stroked the top of it with my thumb as I stroked the bottom of my shaft with my other four fingers. The sensation made the blood rush to my cock and of course made it grow that much larger and longer.

I like to take my time when stroking myself, trying to last as long as possible and extend the pleasure until I simply can’t take it anymore and today was no exception. I’ll bring myself to the brink and then let go and watch the precum form at the end. I usually spread the silky moisture around the head of my dick and if I’m feeling really kinky, I’ll bring a taste or two to my lips.

After surfing the usual sites I decided I needed something a little more on the wild side so I brought up a few of the bi and femdom strap-on sites I had saved from previous visits. I like the MFM combination versus the straight male on male scenarios. There’s something really sexy about a woman taking control and guiding her man thru a sexual experience. I had a few of my favorite images up on the screen, one with a guy fucking a girl from behind as another guy was licking the girl’s pussy from below as she gave him a blowjob, and another series of images where a girl was fucking a guy with a strap-on as he was blowing some well-hung guy when the doorbell rang. The sound made me jump out of my chair as I quickly tried to tuck my hard-on away. Sweat shorts aren’t very good at hiding a hard-on and I certainly couldn’t answer the door with a tent in my pants. So, I pulled my dick straight up and let the waistband hold it into position and quickly threw on a t-shirt which safely covered the top of my pants.

When I got to the door I noticed a UPS truck in the drive and felt relieved that it wasn’t one of the neighbors coming to borrow something. My heart was beating a mile a minute from the fear of being caught doing something that I shouldn’t be doing as I opened the door and greeted the UPS man. He gave me a kind of funny look as he handed me the package and asked me to sign. I set the package down on the ground and noticed noticed a rather large bulge in the front of his pants and I came back up to sign for the package. As I finished signing, I looked up to return the pad and pen and the UPS guy was just standing there smiling looking down towards my crouch. I was dumbfounded and wondered what the fuck he was doing. “Here’s your pen back sir”, I said. He just stood there, stared and smiled for another few seconds before saying “so you like the kinky stuff huh little man.” I wasn’t sure I understood him so I said, “I beg your pardon?” hoping that he would repeat himself again.

“I said, you like the kinky stuff huh little man”, he said in a slightly more aggressive tone of voice. I told him I didn’t know what the fuck he was talking about and that he better move on or I would call the main office and report him. That’s when he pushed me back into the house and closed the door behind him. “Look here pussy boy, I saw you looking at those gay sites on the computer while you were stroking your cock and I even saw you lick the jism off your fingers when I passed the window coming up to your back porch. I know your name, I know your address, and I’ve delivered packages here before and know your pretty little blonde-headed wife wouldn t approve of you looking at guys fucking and sucking each other off. Now sit down and shut the fuck up or I’ll let the world know what you’ve been doing!”

I’m not a small man by any means but this guy had me by the balls and outweighed me by 50 or so pounds, most of which was muscle from lifting and carrying packages all day. I simply didn’t have any choice and sat down as ordered. “Look man, I’ll do anything for you, just tell me how much it’s going to cost and I’ll pay you and we can pretend this never happened.” “Oh, you re going to pay me alright pussy boy but it ain’t gonna be with cash. Since you like looking at that gay stuff all day, I’m going to give you a chance to experience it first hand. Get those shorts off so I can see you wank that puny little white cock of yours.”

I know I’m no John Holmes but I’ve never really thought of my cock as puny. Of course, that was by a white man’s standard and I was sitting in front of a rather large black man now. I nervously dropped my shorts to the ground and stepped out of them. In spite of my present fear, my cock still stood at attention and even throbbed up and down a couple times as I sat there. I wished it had just shriveled up and disappeared. My erection didn’t go unnoticed by the UPS man, “so, pussy boy likes undressing in front of the black man doesn’t he. Look at how hard his little dickey is and the little fucker is leaking pussy juice all over. Wipe that juice off the end of you dick pussy boy and lick your fingers dry.” I did as I was told partly to just get this over as fast as possible, partly because I was starting to like being taken control of by a bigger, more powerful man of a different race.

I did as I was told and tried to stop my dick from leaking any more but it seemed to drip uncontrollably as if it had a mind of it’s own. “So you like a little dick juice to start your mornings off with huh pussy boy? Well, I’ve gotta enough dick juice in my balls to fill your tight little pussy mouth up and then some. Reach over here and unzip my pants and let me show you the package you were really hoping I’d deliver today.” My hands trembled as I reached for his fly, the zipper stuck so I grabbed the top of his pants and opened the top button with one hand and pulled harder at the zipper with the other. The zipper came down and over the large lump in the UPS man’s pants until it hit the bottom of its path. “Reach in there and see what daddy brought you son.” I pulled the elastic waistband down from his shorts and I reached inside. I was amazed at both the heat being generated from inside and the mass of meat that was packed in this guy’s underwear it was clearly more than my hand could hold. The girth of this guy’s cock was huge and the outline of the head was prominent in his pants. I pulled his underwear down further while pulling his cock upwards and out. His massive meat flopped out and rested, semi-hard, against an avocado-sized nutsack. I have seen guys like this on the websites I’ve visited but never anything this size this close.

“Come on, suck my dick pussy boy, I’ve got packages to deliver”, the UPS man shouted as I sat there holding his dick as it begin to harden. I slowly leaned forward and brought the dark brown head to my mouth and began to lick the underside of his cock knowing the pleasure this gives me when my wife blows me. His dick jumped and throbbed as I licked the underside and I took that as a sign that I was doing the right thing. “That feels good pussy boy, you ve done this before haven’t you? Do you blow your boyfriends often or does your wife bring home her lovers and have you blow them before they fuck her brains out?”

His comments were driving me crazy and I let go of my own cock in fear of exploding prematurely if I touched it any more. I grabbed his cock with both hands and slowly slid more and more of his cock into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat. There was plenty more cock to go but I gagged when it hit the back and pulled it out so as to not bite down with reflex. “What’s the matter pussy boy, black man’s cock too big for your little pussy throat?” Wasn’t any doubt about that, he had more than I could handle so I sucked on what I could easily fit in my mouth as I stroked the rest with both of my hands. Fully erect this fucker had to be 12 or 13 inches. I was getting into sucking this guy off , bobbing my head up and down, tightening my lips around his cock like a tight little pussy and from the sounds he was making, he was obviously enjoying himself. I reached under his dick and gently grabbed his balls with my hand and started to massage them as I sucked. They had tightened up considerably which I knew was a sign that he wasn’t far off from delivering the goods. He reached down and grabbed my head with both of his hands and started to thrust his hips as he pumped my mouth with his big black cock. “That’s it pussy boy, suck me, suck my big black cock down your little white pussy. C’mon little white man, suck your black master’s cock good and he’ll reward you for your work. Hmmm, suck me pussy boy.”

With that, I felt the head of his dick swell even more in my mouth and I knew to pull it out a bit in order to give it room to explode. I could feel the sperm leap from the bottom of his nutsack and shoot down the entire length of his cock. It hit the back of my throat like at rocket and was followed by a long steady stream of six or seven more blasts. I swallowed what I could but his dick was so large and load was so big that some of it spilled from the corners of my mouth. He continued to pump my mouth until he was satisfied and then pulled it from my mouth with a pop! “Ahh, little white man didn’t want to let go of my dick huh? You liked sucking my cock didn’t you pussy boy?”, “Yes”, I said softly. “I can’t hear you pussy boy what did you say” he shouted. “Yes sir, I liked sucking your big black dick sir”, I said in fear of being hit by this guy. “That’s good pussy boy because now that I know you’re such a good little cocksucker, I’ll be back whenever I need someone to drain my cock and if you don’t answer the door when I knock, I’ll simply tell your wife and neighbors what a good little cocksucker you are, you wouldn’t want that would you pussy boy?”, “No”, I said. “No what pussy boy!” he shouted. “No sir, I would not want you to tell my wife and neighbors that I’m a good little cocksucker sir,” I said in return. “Good, then let’s keep that way and everyone will be happy pussy boy. I’m sure I’ll have another package for you next week pussy boy. Maybe you can slip into a pair of your wife’s bikini underwear before I arrive so you’re dressed like the pussy boy you really are.” With that, he wiped his limp dick across my face leaving a trail of cum behind and stuffed his dick back into his pants before zipping up and leaving.

My heart was pounding even faster than it was when he arrived, partially out of fear of what had just happened and partially because I was simply turned on by what I just did. I was actually looking forward to the next delivery and began pounding my own meat until I came with a flood. I sat there for a moment just taking in the moment as the cum dripped over my hand until the ringing phone brought me back to my senses. I picked the phone up with my dry hand and said hello . It was my wife checking in on me and wondering what I had been doing. “Oh, I just finished breakfast hun and was about to get cleaned up when you called.” As she started to run down a list of things she wanted me to do today, I brought my other hand up to my mouth and quietly licked it clean. I didn’t hear a word she said and I let the experience of the last 20 minutes replay in my mind. Can’t wait until the next package arrives

To Be Continued….