Treyana refused to become a statistic, despite a few obstacles that she’s had in her life. She is a 28 year old African-American single mother of twins and living in a housing project. She had her daughters, Briana and Bernice, 13 years ago when she was only 15. Because of her young pregnancy, Treyana had to drop out of the 10th grade.

Being a young teen and taking care of twins was no easy task for the beautiful girl. But she’d gotten a lot of help from her Mom, who herself had Treyana when she was only 15, and grandmother. That only lasted for a few years, however, when her grandmother suddenly became severely ill and bedridden. It was then, on her grandmother’s death bed, that Treyana promised her grandmother that she’d one day return to school to graduate.

As luck would have it, years went by before she was ever able to attend night school. But still in all, it happened. At 25, Treyana received her G.E.D and promised her Mom that it wouldn’t stop there. One year later and while working as a waitress in a nearby restaurant, Treyana began attending a local community college in hopes to receive an associate degree in business administration. And it’s opened a whole new world for her. She’s met a lot of new friends. One of whom was Brad, a 19 year old white guy who was a linebacker for his high school football team before graduating. They, basically, met when assigned to work together.

Dr. Pam Douglas, their business administration professor, paired the students of her class and assigned them several different types of projects to write a report on. Treyana was hoping to be paired with one of the black students but, since she was only one of three, she knew it would be a very slim chance. However, she was paired with 6’3, brown hair, brown eyed, Brad and the two started out with some complications.

Dr. Douglas said, “You two are separate business owners who decide to merge your 2 businesses together and form a partnership. I want you two to work on an outline of the business, draw up some type of blue prints or floor plans of the business, and come up with a budget to explain how you intend to finance the business and its ventures. And I expect you to present it to the class in 3 weeks.” Before leaving class, the two argued as to what type of business it would be. Brad insisted on a sporting goods franchise while Treyana insisted on a beauty supply store.

For a 5’2 woman, Treyana had a voice that carried. So when she would argue, it seemed as if she talking loudly. When they couldn’t agree on anything, Brad simply grabbed his books and notebooks and told Treyana, “Sounds to me like somebody hadn’t gotten laid in a while. Maybe you won’t be so bitchy.” He quickly walked out of the class before Treyana could respond. Throughout the day and while attending her other classes, that statement stayed on Treyana’s mind.

At first, she laughed it off. Getting laid used to be the least of her worries. She’s been with her boyfriend, Terrance, for 2 years and they have always been very sexual. In fact, Terrance had often teased her of being a nymphomaniac. But with her work schedule and taking care of the twins, her sex life with Terrance had lessened to just once a week and sometimes less. But she refused to think that Brad had hit a nerve with her.

“He’s just an immature ass teen,” she thought. However, days had gone by and then 2 weeks and the two still hadn’t begun their project. Often Brad would try to set up a time and place for them to meet but Treyana was too busy with her job to pursue the project with him. Finally, she told him, “I’ve got an idea. Come up with a plan that we can work on and we can meet this weekend before the project is due. I’ll ask my manager if I can have the weekend off and I’ll make it up during the week. He’ll understand.”

“Fine,” Brad replied, “so where would you like us to meet?”

“How about your place? Or would your parents be offended to have a black person in their house?”

“Don’t say that, Treyana. My folks aren’t like that. My place is fine. I’ll pick up some beer and pizza for us to snack on as we’re working. The project is due that Friday so hopefully we can put our heads together and work something out.” Brad proceeded to write the directions to his parent’s house for Treyana and it was a set date.


That Friday, Treyana prepared herself as simple as she could get. She wore a pair of baggy knee high shorts, a t-shirt, and tied a black bandana around her hair. As she put it, she wanted to dress as she would for a weekend around the house kind of event. After 3 bus rides, she arrived at Brad’s parents’ house at 3 PM. She was impressed to see a BMW parked in their driveway and figured that his parents had great careers. One that she would like to one day have. She knocked on the door and Brad opened the door wearing sweatpants and a tank top.

“Oh good, you’re here. Were the directions helpful?” Brad asked.

“Very helpful, thank you,” she replied. As Treyana entered the house, Brad looked around outside. “Are you making sure that your white neighbors didn’t see the nigger girl coming in the house?”

“No, I was looking for the car that you drove here in.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I caught the bus here. My boyfriend will pick me up when he gets off of work tonight, if it’s okay with you.”

“Oh sure, I’m sure we’re be able to get a lot of our work done and finish it up by Sunday or Monday.”

“So will I get to meet the couple who conceived you?” Treyana said jokingly.

“I’m afraid not, Treyana. They had to go out of town this weekend.”

Treyana suddenly got upset and told Brad, “You son of a bitch. You knew that all alone. I’m not staying in this house alone with you. Just like a typical immature teen, you think you can get an easy piece of ass from this nigger girl. I’m…”

“NO, TREYANA. I had no idea that they were leaving until this morning. And please stop using that “N” word. I don’t feel that way about you and I don’t talk like that.”

Brad grabbed Treyana’s hand as she reached for the door to leave and led her to the living room where she could see the work that he’d prepared for their project. She was surprised to see that it was all laid out and well arranged. The budget was prepared and the floor plans were complete, with the help of his father, who once took drafting in college.

“All that we have left to do, Treyana, is complete the outline and profile of the business. That’s where you come in. I figured that you can put a tender woman’s touch to it and make it look good for us.” Treyana was impressed for Brad had created a way to incorporate both of their interests into one business by creating an athletic club, which he called, “All n One Athletic Club”.

The two spent hours coming up with a budget and creating a profile. While working together on it, they occasionally ate pizza, which was delivered minutes after Treyana arrived, and drinking loads of bottles of beers. In fact, Treyana noticed that they were drinking more than they were eating. And it seemed that the beers were non-stop because Brad was always going to the kitchen to retain more beers for them.

Finally by 7 PM, they decided to take a break from the project, whereas they continued to eat, drink, and talk a lot. The two sat on the floor of the living room and talked for an hour. Treyana sat on one leg as she extended the other in front of her. This caused her knee high shorts to slide halfway up her legs and reveal her beautiful, firm dark mocha colored thighs.

“So tell me about yourself, Treyana. What kind of person are you when you’re not uptight about anything?” Brad asked.

“Very funny. Well, I’m 28, mother of 13 year old twins, been there/done that kind of life. My mom’s babysitting my darlings right now. Dating a guy for about 2 years and NO, it’s not my kids’ father.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, where is the father?”

“Well, we went our separate ways sometime ago after the kids were born. He didn’t want any part of them but child welfare department had other plans.” Treyana laughed as the beer began taking its toll on her. She was not drunk yet but she could feel that she was pretty tipsy.

“So you had the twins when you were young. WOW, you’re giving them something to be proud of by futuring your education.” Treyana found that strange to be discussed by such a young man.

“So what about you, Brad? Tell me about you.”

“Nothing much to tell. My parents own their own import/export business and they asked me to do something with my life other than hang around the house and smoke weed. So here I am.”

“I see.”

“You look frustrated, Trayana. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just some shit that I go through every now and then. I’m frustrated, fatigued, depressed. Hell, I need to fucking get laid.” Realizing what she just said, Treyana’s eyes widened and she quickly tried to correct herself. “Ummm, wait. That don’t sound right.”

“Don’t worry about it. I know what you mean.”


“Sure, just let me know if I can help.,” Brad said jokingly.

“Yeah, right. As if.”

“And what does that mean?”

“As if you could help me if I was to let you. Baby please!! I’m too old for you and I’ve been around the block a few times. You’re just looking for a quick lay.”

“Isn’t that what you just said that you needed? A lay?”

“But… Ummmm… That’s different.”

“What about your boyfriend? Why hasn’t he done something about your needs?”

“Because we’re too busy with our jobs and school. We don’t have time for each other like we used to.”

“What time is he coming to pick you up from here?”

“Well I told him that we will be working on this all night so he figured that he’ll come by when he gets off of work after 11.”

Brad noticed Treyana’s full kissably tempting lips and the hardened nipples of her 34C breasts fighting against her t-shirt and replied “Fine, then we have enough time to finish both of our projects.”

“Both of what projects? We only have one to do, don’t we?”

“Hell no, don’t you remember what Professor Douglas told us to do? We have to merge together.” Just then and before Treyana can respond, Brad leaped at her and held her face in his hands. He placed his lips on hers and kissed Treyana very passionately. Treyana fought to pull his hands from her face and move her lips from his but he was too strong. She groaned from the embracing and as she tried to speak while still being kissed by Brad, he slipped his tongue into her parting lips.

All that she managed to say against his lips were, “What the fuck are you doing, Brad?” But the feel of his tongue against hers brought a new feeling to Treyana that she hadn’t felt in months. She stopped fighting it and finally gave in to the passionate kiss, allowing her tongue to swim inside his mouth as well. In time, the groans of rejections turned into moans of pleasure.

It felt like the kiss was lasting forever as they often repositioned their faces in every direction. Treyana opened her eyes for a moment and couldn’t believe what was happening. “How did we end up like this?” she thought. But never did she make any attempts to stop it.

Suddenly, Brad parted from her lips and held her face to his. Though their lips were separated for the time being, they were actually just an inch and a half away from each other. “So what was that for, Brad? Why did you do that?”

“Why should there be a reason? You’re tensed and I would like to help you relax.”

“Yeah, sure you do. Sorry baby, I know that it’s only a nine year difference but you’re like a kid to me. Hell, my kids are just a few years younger than you.”

“That doesn’t mean that I can’t satisfy you, Treyana.”

“No Brad, let’s get back to our work or maybe I should go home now. I’ll just catch the buses again.”

“Nope, you can’t do that. The buses stopped running hours ago. The next one won’t be here until tomorrow morning. But if you want to go home, I’ll bring you.”

“Brad, you wouldn’t make it out alive if you’re seen driving in the housing project where I live. Okay, I’ll wait for Terrance to get here. But let’s get back to work.”

“Okay, lets,” Brad said. Then he kissed Treyana’s full lips again only this time, she didn’t protest. Her head was swimming with the effects of the many beers that she’d consumed and she could feel her pussy getting wetter from the passion of it all. Then Brad held Treyana’s hand and brought it down to the crotch of his sweatpants. Treyana could feel Brad’s stiff cock, which felt like a steel rod in his pants. Without any instructions, Treyana began stroking his cock through the pants and moaning harder through the kisses. At one point, she grasped hold of it and pulled it gently, as if to rip it from his pants.

After the moment grew more intense, Brad moved the materials aside and laid Treyana on the carpet where he continued kissing her and she reached over again for his crotch. Only Brad removed her hand and began removing his pants for her. Treyana looked down to see that not only was Brad not wearing any underwear, but his cock was larger than she’d imagine.

All her life, growing up in the projects, the word was that white guys had small cocks and that if you wrap your hand around it, it will disappear in your hand. But as Treyana could see, Brad had prime meat between his legs. She wrapped her hand around it to stroke it and there was at least another 5 inches more than her hand could cover.

With this new discovery, Treyana’s pussy got even wetter and she led Brad’s hand inside her pants to play with it. Instead, Brad decided to part from Treyana to remove first his and then her clothes. There was absolutely no protest from Treyana’s lips and she felt relieved to have her hardened nipples and wet pussy air out inside the beautiful home. Then Brad began kissing Treyana very passionately on the lips as he lowered the kisses to her ears, her neck, her beautiful breasts, her stomach, and her fine, healthy thighs.

Finally, he parted her thighs and lay between them. He looked up at Treyana as he noticed her staring down at him and he darted his tongue up and down her pussy slit, feeling her wetness instantly. Treyana sucked in her breath and she felt her body convulsing from the feel of his tongue. Then his tongue opened her pussy and he licked on and around her swollen clit as Treyana held his head.

This was a new feeling for Treyana. Although she’s experienced oral sex, she’s never had this good. It was like this boy was an expert at eating pussy. And what literally had her wanting to climb the walls was that he licked, and nibbled, and sucked her pussy for what seemed like hours. Treyana sank into orgasms after orgasms. After the 3rd one, she lost count. Then just as she was approaching a massive orgasm, Brad positioned his body over hers and placed his 9 inch stiff cock to her slit. Treyana knew what was about to happen.

“Brad, do me a favor.,” she said.

“What’s that, baby?”

“Please pull out when you’re about to come. I don’t think either of us need any babies right now. It took me too long to…”

Without saying another word, Brad began pushing his cock inside her pussy. The feeling of his hard cock spreading her slit apart stopped Treyana in her sentence. With all of the wetness of her pussy, it only took one hard push for his entire cock to enter to the hilt and Brad could feel her tight pussy grabbing his cock like a glove. Treyana went into an orgasmic shock and screamed, “Oh my God!!”

Brad pistoned his cock slowly in and out of her gyrating pussy and Treyana began digging her nails into his shoulders. Brad lowered his head and sucked each of her black nipples, then gently bit them. Treyana was going out of her mind. This white teen was like a damn sex god for her. She held on to his muscular body as he raised her legs off of the carpet and held them up in the air, allowing him even deeper penetration. He then picked up the pace and began fucking Treyana’s pussy like it’s never been fucked before.

Treyana began crying as she enjoyed the fucking that she was receiving from the youth. Never would she imagine that a 19 year old boy could give her pussy a fucking that her 29 year old boyfriend neglected to do. Much as when Brad was licking her pussy, Treyana was having constant and consistent orgasms. Treyana glanced down to watch Brad’s stiff white cock disappear inside her dark chocolate pussy.

She told him that she was cumming hysterically and he looked down at her with lust in his eyes. He watched as her beautiful black breasts rocked back and forth on her chest and this excited him more. Treyana could feel his cock expanding inside her tight pussy as he continued ramming it in and out very fast. She remembered asking him to pull out but her lust wanted to feel his hot white cum splash inside of her pussy.

“Fuck me! Fuck me Brad! Fuck the shit out of this nigger pussy, damn it!!”

With that, Brad increased the pace even more and the room echoed with the sounds of their hips clapping together. Treyana continued egging him on. They looked into each others’ eyes and passion had overflowed the both of them.

Brad lowered Treyana’s knees to her chest and continued slamming his cock into her wet, tight pussy. Again, Treyana said, “That’s right Brad! Fuck this nig!” But Brad stopped her with his lips and they kissed passionately.

Then Brad moaned loudly inside Treyana’s mouth as he shot a hard load of cum inside of her waiting, convulsing pussy. He could feel her pussy literally sucking the cum from his cock as he shot off more and more loads. After his balls were drained dry of his cum, they lay exhausted in each others arms and lightly kissed each others lips and face.

Then as they began kissing passionately, Treyana felt his cock begin to stiffen up inside her pussy. She broke the kiss in surprise and said, “What the fuck is this? I thought you were done, Brad.”

With that, Brad began pistoning his hard cock in and out of Treyana’s cum filled pussy and Treyana burst into several more orgasms. Although round two only lasted a few minutes, compared to 30 minutes before, it was more than Treyana banked on for that evening. Surprising, Brad’s cock came back to life constantly and he never hesitated feeding Treyana’s pussy with it. Within hours, they fucked off and on about 6 times and in various positions. Each time, loads of cums burst inside Treyana’s tight, black pussy.

Suddenly, Treyana noticed that her watch had 10:30 PM. They quickly got up and ran into the bathroom and into the warm shower. There, they began joking around with each other’s body. As Brad caressed her breasts, Treyana reached down and rubbed Brad’s balls. This got his cock up and ready for action again. He cracked a joke with Treyana and told her, “Please don’t drop the soap.”

“Do you mean like this?,” she asked as she pretended to let the soap slip from her hand. As she reached down to retrieve it, Brad took her pussy from the back. Treyana had to brace herself to prevent hitting her head on the wall of the shower. After Brad shot another 2 load inside her pussy, they finally completed their showers and themselves. They walked their naked bodies into the living room where they proceeded to dress. After getting dressed, Treyana realized that they still had a lot of work to do with their class project.

“What are we going to do about this?,” she asked as she pointed to it.

“Don’t worry. We got all weekend, remember? You can come over tomorrow afternoon and after I’m finished with relaxing you, we should be done with it by Sunday night.”

“Oh, relaxing me, huh?” she asked as they kissed passionately one last time.

Within minutes, Terrance arrived and Treyana waved bye to Brad as if they were just friends, rather than new lovers. As far as they could see, he hadn’t suspected a thing. But on their drive to her house, Treyana wondered that if she ended up getting pregnant, how would she try to pass it off as Terrance’s child. The thought quickly slipped away from her mind because she couldn’t stop thinking of the fucking that she’d received that day and how she was looking forward to the rest of the weekend to continue their merging.

– The End –