Angie kept just the head in her mouth and started to circle the crown with her tongue. She would also run her tongue over my urethra and taste the pre cum that was freely flowing. When she had the head moist, she slowly started to take more of my dick into her mouth and throat. She was taking her time and took about two minutes to get the full length in. When she started working me in and out, she was still going slow and was running her tongue on the underside. When she would get back to the head she would circle the head again and lick up more pre cum. I had never had it done this good and it was driving me crazy. The suction alone felt like she was going to suck everything out of me. If there was anyway you could suck that much talked about golf ball through a garden hose I am sure Angie could have. After a few more minutes of this I could feel my balls starting to tighten and knew I was close. Angie lightly pulled on my balls to stretch the sack out and the need to cum diminished, but my dick was still rock hard. When she took my dick out of her mouth, it came out with an audible pop. Angie then slowly started to lightly kiss my stomach and work her way up. Then we kissed for the first time that evening.

“Hmmmmm, girl you don’t know what you are doing to me.”

“You have always been nice to me and I wanted to thank you. But I never knew exactly how to till you called me earlier.”

“Just a simple thank you would have done hun.”

“I know, but I wasn’t sure how to approach you. On my way over here I decided that I wanted to do this, and when I had you get fully undressed, I got undressed myself.”

“Well dear, you have thanked me, but I have one more question.”

“What’s that?”

“You going to finish what you started?”

“If you want to I can, but I want you to do something for me.”

While she said that, she sat up and slid up my chest till her wet snatch was right in front of my face. I saw that she was completely shaven and that she was already a little wet. I stuck my tongue out and ran it up her outside fold just as slow as she sucked on my cock. She shivered and had a small mini orgasm.

“Please keep going Jon.”

I reached up, grabbed her ass with both hands and dove in. I pushed my tongue straight into her pussy and went to town. I licked the inside, the outside, chewed on her pussy lips, and every now and then I would nip at her clit. She had two more mini orgasms till I decided to work her up to a big one. I slowly started to lick from her rectum up to her clit. When I would get to her clit I would stop just short of it. Angie would grind her pussy into my face but I would never touch her clit. After about 10 minutes she started to really moan. I reach around and started to massage her rectum opening. Angie really started to move around and moan even louder. Her juices had flowed down her crack and lubed up my finger real good. Without given her a notice or saying anything, I sucked her clit into my mouth and bit onto it. At the same time I shoved my finger all the way up her ass.

“Oh my God. I’m cuming.”

And cum she did. Angie had to put her hands up against the wall to brace herself so she didn’t fall over and came steady for a good three minutes. When she would start to come down from her high I would stick my tongue up her pussy while still biting her clit and she would start to orgasm again. After about five monster orgasms I let her go and she fell over onto the bed where she started to hyperventilate. I rolled over to make sure she was okay.

“Relax hun, relax. Just breathe.”

“Oh …… my …… God …… I have …… never …… had a …… orgasm …… like …… that …… before. That …… was …… something …. I will …. never forget.”

By the time she was done, she wasn’t gasping as much and had calmed down quite a bit.

“How is your back feeling?”

“Damn girl. You scared the shit out of me and all you care about is my back.”

“Well, how is it feeling?”

“It is still a little sore but it is better.”

“Good, because I want that white dick of yours inside of me.”

Angie rolled me on my back, pumped my dick till it was hard, and then straddled my lap with my dick pointed at her black love channel. Slowly she slid down on top of me. She didn’t move till she got used to my dick being in her and then started to ride me.

Damn she was tight. She took her time and used her pussy muscles to keep a steady grip on my dick. She didn’t speed up or slow down. She kept up a slow, steady ride up and down on me. The slowness was driving me crazy. Without dislodging Angie, I turned her over on her back and put her legs up on my shoulders. I didn’t take my time with her like she did with me. I pounded into her as hard as I could time and time again. Every time I pounded in she screamed.

“Oh …… oh …… oh …… fuck …… me …… fuck ……me …… more …… more ……fuck …… me.”

The more I pounded into her the louder she got. I am sure my neighbors heard but I didn’t give a damn. I was going to fuck the hell out of her.

I didn’t want to shot my load quite yet so I pulled out of her. Angie then started to beg me to put it back in.

“Fuck me Jon, fuck me now. I want it and I want it hard.”

I rolled her over onto her stomach and picked her ass up in the air. I didn’t even take it slow. I got behind her and slammed my dick straight into her, and she screamed into my pillow.

“Ah, fuck me hard.”

I slammed into her harder and harder. Pistoning my dick into her wet pussy so fast that it was a blur. I wanted her to cum with me and with a magnitude of what she had before. I slowed down just a bit and reached around with my right hand and played with her clit while I was getting my fingers nice and wet again.

“Oh shit I’m cuming again,” Angie yelled.

Damn she was cuming like a geyser. I took my pussy juice fingers and started to massage her rectum again. When she calmed down I pushed my finger into her ass and she orgasmed again, but not as intense. I pumped her ass with the same intensity of my dick going in and out of her pussy. She was so wet that you could hear my dick making a wet sound every time I slammed in. I was pounding both her pussy and ass as fast as I could. I could tell that she was getting to have another monster orgasm.

“Want me to cum with the Angie?” I managed to gasp out.

“Yes …. cum …. in …. my …. black …. pussy …. now.”

I kept pounding into her, felt my balls tighten up and knew that I was about to blow at any minute. When I knew it was time, I jammed two fingers into her ass and slammed my dick into her one last time and started yelling.

“Ah shit.”

When Angie felt me cuming hard into her and my two fingers up her ass she started having another monster orgasm. She screamed into the pillows and I could feel her body convulsing like crazy.

I was cuming so much that some of it actually started to leak past the tight seal that my dick and her pussy made.

When Angie’s legs went out form underneath her and she brought me down with her still buried in her pussy. I knew that she had passed out so I wrapped my arm around her, grabbed hold of one of her tits and went to sleep myself.

– The End –