I had been extremely fortunate in life and become a multi-millionaire before the age of forty. Then, unlike most who make their fortunes quickly only to reinvest and lose it again, I sold out, invested in ultra-safe securities and proceeded to enjoy a life of leisure. It became a good life as I traveled from country to country, soaking up the culture and getting to know the locals. . . . A month here, six months there. . . .

I don’t remember the first time I was approached by a member of the “Firm” about taking on a side job as I traveled. It may have been in Turkey or perhaps Moldova. . . . . The idea held no real interest for me at first; after all, I didn’t need the money and I didn’t want to be responsive to anyone. Still, as my routine grew more repetitive and boring, began to grow in me. The man, who remains forever nameless, continued to approach me. . . “Come to work for us. You can trave just like always. . .for free! You’d be doing your country a service. . . . and so on!”

It was when I had decided to tour to Lake Bailkal in Russia that my forever nameless contact came on strong to me. “Come to work for us. . . it’ll be only a little out of your way. . . you don’t have to do anything you wouldn’t do anyway. . . .” So the bait was set and the trap was sprung. . . . . .

After several months at a special facility in Maryland I was ready for my assignment which I was assured I could turn down. The assignment handed to me was an airplane ticket to Ulan Ude in Siberia. . . . . exactly where I had been bound several months earlier. My assignment was simple. I was to get out and about and meet the people as I had originally planned anyway. I was to especially note the effects of Islam, if any, in the area. My room had been reserved at the modest but comfortable Baykal hotel on Erbanova street in the center of activity in Ulan Ude.

The first week after my arrival was rather uneventful. . . . Good food! . . . .friendly company at the hotel bar. . . . a succession of women looking for an American to hook up with! The new and different culture was both exhilarating and exciting . . . quite what I had expected. It was the second week when a clone of the nameless man who had gotten me involved approached me in the bathroom of the bar, “I see you’re getting around and making contacts,” he said. I feigned innocence as I replied, “Yeh! It looks like a fun place.” Then, I received the signal. . . the man was an agent of the firm! “Keep us informed Tuesdays, 1342 hours right here,” he said and repeated himself to be sure I understood. Then he was gone.

At dinner that night, I sat alone, enjoying a great fish recipe when I noticed a woman sitting at the next table alone. She commanded attention with her beautiful nordic features and trim figure. She dressed well. From her appearance, she was no prostitute and she seemed to be displaying an interest in me. I spoke to her, “Perhaps you’d like to join me for dinner I suggested in English even though the odds were that she spoke only Russian.

“I’d like that,” she replied in easily understandable but heavily accented English and turned to join me at my table. I introduced myself and she explained that she was a professor at the local university waiting for a date who hadn’t arrived. She called herself Ludmulla and said she was usually called Lu. “Lu, I was about to order a drink. Would you join me?” “Why yes!” she replied, “I’d like a gin and tonic.” At this point I knew we’d get along well. . . .gin and tonic is my favorite drink.

When the bar closed at midnight we agreed to meet the next night for dinner again and I reluctantly bade Lu good night before returning to my room. Once in the room and in bed, I was inundated with disquieting thoughts of the beautiful Lu. I lay saturated with lusty thoughts that brought me to an aroused state on several occasions. . . . she was affecting me. . . . and I was enjoying the sensual matters that occupied my mind!

The next day passed slowly as I remained confined to the hotel with my lusty passions until a storm passed. As we met for dinner, Lu looked as enticing as ever and my lusty nature which had been building all day surged to new levels as I reveled in her company. Drinks and dinner passed quickly as I continued to feel the warm surges of lust build in me as our talk became more intimate and my passions raged uncontrolled when she softly touched my arm.

Even as I tried to restrain myself, I became aware of Lu’s rising passions as I looked into her eyes and saw her body language. . . .. She seemed to become more beautiful as her passions rose. . . . . I wanted her. . . . .

Over drinks, it was apparent that she had similar thoughts. . . . . “Perhaps we should go up to your room where we can talk.” She suggested and barely five minutes later we were in the room.

As we entered my hotel room, I sensed the air was charged with excitement. . . . Lu’s face was flushed and her breathing was irregular. . . Her passions were clearly evident to me as I again looked into her eyes and found her soul ablaze with feelings. . .

Then, as the door closed leaving us in the privacy of my room, I fought to restrain my lusty passions and keep them under some semblance of control as we faced each other and our eyes locked. I felt my own lust. . . . warm and sensual as it matched those of the woman facing me. No words were spoken as we communicated through our eyes and bodies. . . .

I moved towards her as Lu met me with a kiss on the lips. . . .soft; yet, intimating so much more! As we kissed, our bodies closed together and I felt her warmth through her clothing. . . . . The kiss grew more intimate and finally a deep soul kiss as our tongues met in a fiery dance.

Soon, I was fumbling with the buttons on her dress and Lu stepped back slightly to allow me space to operate. Even as I fumbled, her hands were busy removing my polo shirt. Through all this, we continued to kiss and share our tongues together.

As Lu’s bra followed her dress to the floor, I felt my trousers fall away. The slight chill in the room made ‘goose bumps’ on our flesh as we quickly divested ourselves of our remaining garments and dove under the covers of the waiting bed.

Once under the covers, we were free of all impediments and able to caress and pet and fondle as we enjoyed each other’s warmth. Lu’s perfectly formed body and creamy smooth skin continued to entice me. . . . As we played, we became more familiar with each other’s bodies and I began my seduction.

Continuing my quest, I caressed her small but perfectly formed breasts and felt her hands directing my mouth to suckle her nipples. Then, her hands roved freely over my now fully aroused penis as if it needed more encouragement.

In what seemed like hours of intense foreplay but was probably only minutes, my hands crossed her belly and fell to rest on her warm labia – it was slick and well lubricated! Then, as she encouraged me, I threw back the bed covers for more freedom of movement and saw her laying nude on the bed. . . . My lust peaked as my eyes feasted on her beautiful body. . . . .

Impelled by the surge of passion generated by her beauty, I moved over her and felt her hands directing my penis into her waiting vagina. It was not a velvety smooth entrance. . . .rather, it was violent as I drove myself into her only to feel her thrusting upwards. The violent meeting of our mounds brought only an, “Ungh!” from her and a rapid reciprocating movement as we commenced the primordial motions of love. . . .

The event had rapidly changed from an act of love to one of animal coitus. . . . each of us in our own worlds! The harder I slammed into her, the harder she responded with her counter thrusts. . . .

Suddenly, “oooooOOOOOHHHH MYYYY!!!!,” she screamed as her orgasm drove her beyond rationality and then, “Yeeesssssss!” as some semblance of control returned.

Then, after only a short period I felt her second peak approaching and with it my own immediate need for relief. . . . “I’m gonna’ come,” I said to warn her.

Her response was immediate, “Do it harder. . . . Deeper! . . . . . Give it all to me!,” as she drove herself up on to me. Her encouragement was the last straw. . . .I felt the gush of semen from deep within me spurting into her belly. With my imminent discharge Lu had peaked as well and we reveled in a silent culmination of the first of many such encounters.

Soon, I lay on top of her, reveling in the afterglow of our lovemaking. Lu spoke, “Was it good for you?” she asked. Of course, my response was that it was, “The best!” but that didn’t seem adequate . . . . We talked and I adored her. . . . Then we slept.

Next day, I moved from my hotel to her flat. . . . a rather luxurious, newly furnished and decorated place that had a never lived in before look. . . . Now that Lu and I were together it never occurred to wonder how she happened to live in a new flat with new furnishings and still been a long-time resident and professor at the university. Our sexual intercourse was frequent and amazing as it continued to improve with each passing day..

Our relationship seemed ideal until I returned to my Tuesday meeting in the restroom of the hotel to be met with, “Be careful, she may be an agent.” and with that shocking revelation I returned to find Lu waiting to go to lunch. As I returned, I thought about the advice and the circumstances of her home came to mind. I began to watch. . . .

It was barely three days later when I saw my first evidence. . . . She had hurriedly left the flat and walked to the street corner where she turned to a point out of sight from the flat. I had followed and found her talking to a man sitting in an automobile. . . .a man I’d never seen before. A week later, she repeated her visit to the man in the car as I covertly observed.

I considered, “Perhaps some diversion would help.” It was then that I suggested a trip to Lake Baykal for some time on the beach and some fishing. Lu was at first reluctant; then, reported that her father would like to accompany us as he loved the lake. Of course, I was suspicious but soon reasoned that I had nothing to hid so there could be no harm. . . . When asked about travel plans, I said, “Let’s keep it loose. . . .see what’s there and play it by ear.” and felt satisfaction in knowing they couldn’t bug any place ahead of time. . . .

My Tuesday contact, on learning of my plans, advised me to go to a certain resort hotel and stay there. . . . a plan that would allow them to contact me!

On Thursday, We prepared for departure and I met Lu’s papa. . . . the same man who I had observed meeting regularly with Lu in his auto before. There was no question now. . . . she was an agent. As we traveled, papa drove and I mulled over the situation. Lu was an agent, of that there could be no doubt.

Still, I was disturbed. Lu was also a beautiful woman and passionate lover whose passions told me that her love making was not feigned or put-on. On the contrary, I felt her genuine feelings for me. “Best I say nothing for the moment.” I thought.

Lu, Papa and I enjoyed a week at the lake where we fished and played on the beach. Papa often brought up political matters and I spoke as frankly as I could. . . .safe enough since my personal interest the Moslem issues in Russia was also my mission and well known to Lu. . . . Sometimes our talk became heated as we exchanged views but Papa learned nothing new from me. . . .

The week passed and we returned to Ulan Ude where Papa returned to whence he came and Lu and I were alone. Our love making that night was slow and passionate. . . the kind that takes was marked with real feelings! There were no violent highs or surges of lust as we let our passions build slowly! Those was real feelings emanating from Lu. . . .. Feelings that I was sure could not be faked!

Now, My course of action was clear. Next morning, after some great sex and a hearty breakfast, I suggested a walk in the park. It would be free of prying ears.

A short time later, in the park we sat on a secluded bench and I spoke, “I know you’re a secret agent sent to spy on me.” I said. Lu blanched and deliberated on what I had said before she replied, “How did you find out?” “You weren’t to careful with your meetings with Papa. . . . . .It didn’t take a genius.”

Lu asked quietly, “where do we go from here?” and I replied, “Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me.” She considered for a moment and continued, “What about your own agency – the one that I’m supposed to be getting information on? Then, I revealed the rest of my plan, “You go ahead and report everything you know or find out; omit nothing! Do your job in the best manner that you know how. You see, I’ve nothing to hide.” Then, I suggested that she needed a new Papa as the other one was really no good at it.

After while, Lu asked, “Why are you doing this?” and I responded truthfully that I cared for her and wanted her with me. “How do you know I won’t go to my superiors and tell them everything?” she asked and again I responded, “I’m betting that you have feelings for me too.” With this, I saw her eyes sparkle as she leaned over and kissed me. . . .another one of those soft, tender kisses so loaded with meaning!

So, we continued. . . . . now, Lu began to cooperate with me on my information gathering, actively seeking concepts and ideas from the Russian perspective. We traveled together and played together and a year went by; then, two! Lu reported everything to her superiors to the best of her ability as we agreed she would. . . .

It was only when my mission was drawing to a close that In felt the need to bring a proper end to the whole situation and determined a new course of action. . . .

With Lu beside me we entered the Russian intelligence office in Ulan Ude and into Papa’s office. I explained the entire series of events from the time he met us before the Lake Baykal trip and how I had instructed Lu to perform her job to the best of her ability as I had nothing to hide. Then I explained my mission in detail and gave him a copy of my final report.

“So, Why are you coming here now?” Papa asked. “We want you to dismiss Lu from your service for poor performance and have her disgraced for betraying her country. That will allow her to travel with me. . . .as my wife!” With the last I saw the look of amazement on Lu’s face as we hadn’t discussed marriage before.

Papa spoke, “I’ll do better than that. In twenty minutes Ludmulla Ivanov will never have existed in the intelligence service.” She will have been a respected university professor, just returning from a two year leave of absence.” Then, after the “Thank you’s” and the good feelings, Papa continued, “You may stay in the flat for as long as you need it.

As we left the Office of Intelligence, Lu leaned close to me and whispered, “Did you really mean it about me being your wife?” “I did.” I replied. “Well, you might have discussed the matter with me.” she countered. “What’s to discuss? If I’d have asked you, you’d probably have said No.”

Lu was smiling when she said, “Oh well! I guess you’re right! Now, you’ve left me little choice! “Ah! but there are so many other options,” I responded.

The following day, Tuesday, I went to my superiors with the firm and tendered my resignation. For the first time, I was conducted to a small office in a flat across town where I was debriefed and advised that my salary was on deposit in a Swiss bank. I was freed of all obligations to the firm.

That night, for the first time, Lu and I were free of all encumbrances except the bond between us; between our hearts and minds where we were firmly bound by love. The sex was fantastic. . . .

– The End –