I was a mediocre athlete back then, but I took part in a lot of sports for the fun of it. The only reason I mention this is that all the conditioning gave me a sleek athletic body and well sculpted my legs.

My father is Caucasian and my mother is East Indian. My bone structure is very western but my hair and coloring are definitely Indo/Asian. I have huge brown eyes and really long eye lashes, a delicate nose, full lips and long luxurious black hair. My look is both pretty and exotic. Good genetics gave me medium length yet beautiful legs and a firm attractive bum. I have 33B-24-31 measurements over a hard bodied 5 foot 2 inch frame. I admit, I looked good in my soccer and basketball shorts and all through my freshman year I had plenty of upper class men vying to try to get my shorts off of me.

I surrendered my virginity the summer after my freshman year, about 5 years ago. The culprit was my brother’s best friend, 3 years older than me and really hot in terms of looks and build. He was a tall, lean blond surfer boy type. I had a huge case of infatuation toward him and was more than happy to have him initiate me in the art of love making. He was quite gentle and patient with me, making allowances for my relatively small vagina. He admitted that he had been admiring me for some time. We lived in a condo townhouse with a swimming pool in the middle of the complex. My friends and I seemed to spend the majority of summers lazing around it in cute bikinis.

I don’t want to reveal names so I’ll use pet names and initials from this point on.

My brother’s friend, JD, and my brother enjoyed the fact that my two best girl friends were hard bodied, curvaceous, long legged beauty queens who came over often to swim. The bikini show the three of us put on drove them wild. Not so much a case of my brother admiring me, but he really liked my two friends.

LM is a beautiful 5 foot 7 inch brunette, and KJ is a truly magnificent 5 foot 4 inch blond. JD seemed to prefer me to the two white girls because he liked the way my light brown skin glistened as the water rolled off of me when I climbed out of the pool. He told me as much, so he obviously wasn’t the least bit subtle in his admiration of me. My friends and I had all gone to a clinic together to acquire birth control pills so we were ready to take the big step of becoming sexually active that summer.

I initiated my first sexual experience with JD. I basically told him I wanted to lose my virginity and I asked him if he wanted to do the honors. Of course, he agreed immediately. He was generously endowed; his penis was a bit over 7 inches long and as big around as the wide end of a pool cue. It was big enough to cause some discomfort for me the first time he entered my tender little vagina. I didn’t bleed and the pain subsided quickly after he finished penetrating me. The motion was quite pleasurable and I managed to achieve an orgasm twice and he was in sheer rapture when he came in me. It was so satisfying for me to feel his body shudder, and hear his gasps of pleasure as his penis throbbed and convulsed and literally erupted inside of me. I was so proud of myself for causing him to have an orgasm.

As for my two girlfriends, LM let KJ’s cousin deflower her, and KJ gave her virginity to her college aged neighbor.

My brother was disappointed that he didn’t get the opportunity to be their first, but to his great delight, both he and JD got to make love with both of my beautiful friends several times that summer.

The reason I bring that up is that it inspired me to ask him to fix me up with his cutest friends. He could help facilitate matters by inviting more of his friends over for a swim. I could inspect their bodies while putting my bikini clad body on display.

My brother warned me that I didn’t want to overdo it or I would get a bad reputation. He advised me to find three or four steady sex partners and reach a confidentiality agreement with them. They could enjoy regular sex with a desirable partner – me – as long as they held their silence. I still went just a bit crazy having sex with KJ’s cousin, KJ’s brother, KJ’s neighbor – the one who deflowered LM, and LM’s brother all within a two week span of losing my virginity. I also had sex with a couple of boys my age. They were long time friends. The novelty of starting my sex life had me highly charged sexually.

One day, about mid summer, my brother brought his friend TS home. I knew TS from school. He was a tall, muscular black guy. He was popular, in possession of a great sense of humor, and from the rumors I had heard, he was the owner of an enormous penis. My brother took me aside and said he was bringing friends home as I had asked, what’s more TS was an admirer of mine.

I asked my brother why he had chosen this particular friend to bring home. My brother said he wanted me to go out with a nice guy and TS fit that bill. He missed the point entirely. I pointed out the well known fact that he has an unusually large penis. He looked sheepish and said he hadn’t considered that. I know JD had told him that I have a rather small vagina but my brother had neglected to take that into consideration.

I slipped on a bikini and joined the two of them at the pool. Before long, TS had invited me out for Mexican food that evening. The rumors indicated that his organ was somewhat over 10 inches long so I was somewhat nervous as it got closer to the time for him to pick me up.

TS took me to a nice Mexican restaurant with outstanding food. Then it was to his brother’s apartment for some privacy. His brother was away and had provided TS with the keys.

I was clearly nervous and TS told me that I was free to decline intercourse. Some heavy petting and oral sex would suffice. I let him slip my knit top off and free my breasts from my bra. I have firm, well formed breasts with dainty 1 inch areolas and hard nipples the diameter of a pencil. He gently caressed and cupped my breasts before enclosing my right, then my left nipple with his mouth. The warmth and tenderness was exquisite. He unbuttoned my shorts and slipped them down my smooth, nicely rounded legs. He told me he had been admiring my bare legs all evening. He took me in his arms and gave me a long, moist kiss as he rubbed my buttocks. Gently, he steered me onto the couch and began kissing my shoulders, down to my chest, between my breasts and then to my firm tummy. I raised my hips to help him slide my panties off. I had scented my neatly trimmed pubic hair with a delicate perfume before I got dressed and it reacted with my body heat to treat him to an enticing olfactory treat. He admired my small brown labia, gently rubbing them with a moistened finger.

He stood up and stripped off his clothes. I was truly amazed at the sight of his already erect penis. It was longer than my forearm and at least half again bigger around than JDs good sized penis. I learned that big penises are so heavy that they don’t point upward. I was somewhat frightened by it but thrilled too. The glans was as big as a mid-sized lemon with a handsome shape. I could barely take it into my mouth. He told me not to choke myself and he gently took it from my mouth and went down on me. He kissed me tenderly on my labia then parted them to reveal my tiny clit. He knew that it was too sensitive for a direct assault so he gently circled it with his tongue tip. I came in a wonderful orgasm that seemed to radiate from my vagina down my thighs and up into my tummy.

He pulled a small vial of lubricant from somewhere. I thought it was so sweet that he was considerate enough to bring lubricant to make the penetration less difficult. He dripped a few drops into me vagina and spread some on his huge member.

His giant head of his penis was too big to just enter me. He worked the tip up and down against my engorged labia gently until they parted and allowed the head into me. I flinched and made involuntary “ahhhr…oooh…ouch” noises as each of his gentle thrusts sent his huge shaft deeper into me. I had nearly 2/3rds of his 11 inches inside of me when he stopped pressing and asked me if I was alright. He said it was OK if I couldn’t take any more, he was used to only having the first 7 or 8 inches of his beautiful penis milked. I wouldn’t be the first girl who couldn’t accommodate all of him.

At that moment I was resolved to take all of him into me. I told him to keep penetrating as gently as he could and to only stop if I screamed in pain. He gently continued, and it did hurt but I took the entire length into me. It felt like he was deep into my abdomen.

We rested like that for a long while as I got accustomed to having him inside of me. Then he started stroking using short gentle thrusts at first. Eventually I was able to take long slow strokes that drew him nearly all the way out before he plunged all the way in again. He told me I was so tight and soft. I came in an orgasm that encompassed my entire body. My toes curled, my nipples tingled and I arched my back involuntarily.

His semen exploded into me. Our lovemaking continued in other positions, each treated my young vagina to new angles of penetration.

When he dropped me off, my vagina was still inflamed. I was sore for a couple of days after that.

We had sex about once a month until he graduated and left for college. I continued to experiment with other guys. The myth of all black men being well endowed is just a myth. The three black men I have been with since were all average in size.

I also discovered that although I am thrilled when I have a well endowed partner, a smaller penis can be quite nice. My best male friend here at college is a sweet, gentle Japanese American with a 5 inch penis. We make love quite often. In fact I had several toe curling orgasms with him last night. We are leaning toward becoming a romantic item.

So here’s to dispelling the myth of brutal black men and to enjoying sex with people of all colors. By the way, I am posting my story as a straight fuck and suck story, not an interracial/rough sex story

– The End –