Writing in her journal, Sally Davidson made sure her husband Phil wasn’t anywhere nearby her. Paranoid he’d find her writing about a younger man he’d been chatting with for weeks, he sent pics of himself and his kids so she knew he was true and not some one time fling.Sally Davidson wrote how the two met, eventually playing sophomoric role-play games. After using two gift certificates she received from her parents and his, she went and bought one of the best webcams on the market. Crisp clear internet pictures, she saw Don Lapeer for the first time.

Don wasn’t handsome, but he was in the same boat as Sally. A crappy marriage and no romance anywhere to be found both had to get up early to see the other. Otherwise they had to stay up late. Sally’s husband stayed up late so Sally and Don agreed they would get up early and chat and whatever.

On layoff from the machining plant for 6 weeks, Sally slowly began to learn more and more about Don and his life. The more she learned, the more she liked. The more she liked, the more she loved. The more she loved, the needier she got. The needier she got the more willing she was. The more willing she was the more willing he was. Both were willing to get a little more intimate with one another.

Finally, when Don went out on a Sunday, she opened herself up to promiscuity she never imagined she’d ever do in 43 years of her life. At 38, Don didn’t care she was a few years older. Sally was one attractive woman. Granted they lived 55 miles apart, somehow and someway they’d find a way to close that divide between them. 

For the time being webcams would do. Showing himself in shorts without a shirt on, she began slowly wearing nice alluring tops highlighting a modest size chest. However the tops were tight and her chest was too much for him. As pretty as she was, the tall thin woman wore her hair back in a pony tail often showing off her cheek bones, a feature he also liked about her.

Each day passed and the desire to feel her chest, her body, and her hair grew. He told her so in words which read like poetry to her. Each day she knew deeper down in her heart and soul she wanted this lonely man.

“Sally I want you at my side. I want to stand face to face with you, raise my hands, and undo your top while watching your face light up with a smile. I want to slide my hands inside your open top, underneath your bra, and feel your soft sumptuous breasts. I, ohh I ohh my god Sally, I get turned on just typing what I’m writing now.” He sent that so she could read it.

Upon reading what he wrote instantly she melted. She wanted to turn on her webcam, undress herself for Don, and show him what he wants. She turned on her web cam, unbuttoned her pajama top, and removed her pajama bottoms. Sitting in front of her web cam for him, he saw her top draped over her breasts and concealing beauty.
He saw her slender thighs. He was hornier then before. He wanted her to see how much she turned him on. She asked him not to. She asked him to save it so when she came down soon to see him, she could see it, touch it, and experience it for the first time.

They decided to role-play. Two shoppers at a department store, trying on clothes during a busy holiday season the two would accidentally run into the other and begin debating who gets the fitting room first.

He won and she would have to watch him try on different shirts and pants. He would stand in front of his cam in underwear only while she got to see his body almost naked during that span.

“I could help you out” she said. I’ve got to find a way. I want to suck you off. I want to have you naked beside me so I can feel your cock Don. I want you to feel my tits. I want you to finger my horny wet pussy Don.” She had broken down. Sitting in front of her cam, it was apparent she was desperate and needed sex. She was collapsing emotionally. He knew it and empathized. Sliding her hand inside her panties, she closed her eyes for Don. Fingering herself she moaned aloud. Louder the sounds emitted from her. She was already horny as it was.

Listening and watching Sally slowly bring herself to climax, his cock hardened. He slipped a hand inside his underwear but knowing she requested he not show her, he hid it while jerking himself off. He’d cum inside his undies if necessary.

Both masturbating away, Sally opens her eyes to a hand down inside a pair of undies. She watches and watches intently. All of a sudden a naked body walks up behind Don. Sally hears screaming. Don jumps and shuts off his web-cam. Then a blue screen appears.

“What the hell happened” she wondered. “He must have been caught by his wife.”

Later that day she reads an email. He’s coming up her way. He has to see Sally. “I want you and I know you want me too” the email reads. Sally was hott for Don and knew he was right. “I wanna tie you up, do every erotic hole you have, and spend a day sexing you up like never before babe. Can you do that? When can we do that babe? Huh when can we get it on babe?”

“Oh my, oh shit, Oh my god he wants to fuck my ass. I always wanted to do that. Oh god yes, yes I wanna be fucked in the ass. Having Don do that would be so, oh so freakin awesome” Sally thought.

She emailed him back. “You bring the oil, I’ll bring the silk rope and chains. I’ll arrange a room and email you back. Just wait. Oh god I’m horny as fuck Don. I’m already dripping. Seriously, I’m already dripping. I can’t wait Don, kisses, hugs, and a nibble too.”

That day on lunch, she called a special hideaway motel. 20 miles outside the city she arranged for Don to meet her there. He bought a huge bottle of oil. He also bought liquid chocolate and strawberries too. To top it off, he brought her flowers.

She was in heaven and she was horny for two days waiting to be with Don. Calling in sick on a day she knew she had to be at the office, instead she drove to the motel outside the city.

Sitting in her car, she looked around. No one walked to and from their cars. Slowly and carefully getting out, she went to check in. Getting the key and heading towards her room a co-worker passes her by. Startled each stops, looks at the other, but don’t know what to say or do.

“Don’t say anything” the other person Sally worked with asked. “Please as god is my witness, please don’t say anything. I won’t say anything about seeing you here either. I promise Sally.” They hugged and agreed they wouldn’t. Giving the other a friend’s quick kiss on the cheek, they left it at that and headed for their rooms. Don sat waiting in his car until he saw Sally.

He knocked and she froze instantly. So excited she could have pee’d in her pants. “Hello can I help you?” Don said it was him. She opened the door, he slipped inside, and the two hugged and kissed passionately. His hands were all over her. Sliding them down the back of her skirt for starters, she moved it around the front and forced him to put it down the front of her skirt.

He knew what she wanted and went underneath the waistband of her panties, finding her soft bush and toyed with it for a few moments. “Go further” she whispered before going back to kissing him madly.

He dropped his hand further downwards and found her clit. Sally spread her legs apart. “Fuck this” he said and went from the bottom up. “How’s that? Isn’t that a lot better huh?”

“Ohhh fuck yeah Don, fuck yes, oh fuckin hell yes baby!”

He pushed his fingers, while still kissing her, deeper into her cunt. She was, like she said, dripping wet. “Damn, wow this is hott Sally. I mean you’re as wet as you said. Let’s get it on.”

He ripped off her clothes and his too. Picking her up, he plopped her on the bed without stripping back any blankets. Opening up the bottle of chocolate sauce, he poured on himself and then her. Laughing uncontrollably, she smeared what was on her all over her breasts, tummy, and in between her legs. She drove him wild when she did it.

He kneeled over her, slapping his semi-limp cock through the sticky sauce. Moving backwards, he shoved down between her thighs.
Reaching over, he grabbed to strawberries and ran them through it too and then fed them to her. He took a few more and started shoving them between her thighs and eventually she spread her legs apart.

“Put em inside and then eat me out babe” she said. “Shove them all the way up in me baby. Oh god yeah, do it! Try it and so I can see what it’s like. Oh fuck yeah do it baby!”

So he shoved three inside and smashed them up inside her cunt. Don took the chocolate sauce and tried squeezing some inside her pussy. He went down on her pressing his mouth against her cunt and sliding his tongue as far up inside her as possible.

Sally squealed out in pleasure. He sucked or removed the fruit from her pussy while she ran her hands over her body and through the sauce.

Then she rolled him over on his back and did it for him. Pouring the sauce on his chest, she licked his chest repeatedly. Stopping for a moment she asked him if he was happy. He told her yeah and horny too.

Taking the sauce, she poured it all over his hard cock and swallowed it all the way down to his balls. She cleaned every ounce almost of the sauce off the cock.

“Oh wow Sally, do that again. That was fucking cool honey! I mean it was way cool!”

“I got an idea Don. Why don’t you pour some of this in my ass and then fuck my ass. Can you do that?”

“Uhh baby, the oils gonna be much better for that. I guarantee you.”

“Then Donny, do it please. I wanna see what it’s like having a cock up my ass. Please Donny will ya do it?”

She got on all fours, and Don put the bottle up against her ass, tried spreading her cheeks apart, and pouring it inside. IT didn’t work too well so he poured it on his cock, and went up her ass. He didn’t move around. He sat inside it. She screamed in pain, but quickly got used to it and said she loved how he felt.

Then he moved backwards out of it a little, but pushed back in her ass. She squealed again but pleasurably that time. “Do it again baby, fuck my ass again!”

“I’m glad you like it. It’s fun fucking a woman’s ass especially your ass. I mean, looking at your ass Sally, well shit its fine, real fine.”

Finally they went and showered, fucking in it, but not orgasming, he got downon his knees again and muffed her pussy. She almost fell due to she was weak in the knees and he drove her wild as he did it.
Finally she got down on hers and sucked him off while the warm spray hither shoulders. He praised her and praised her telling her she gave good head.

Finally all cleaned off, they went back to the bedroom, stripped off the chocolate smeared blankets, and she laid flat on her back. She told him to tie her up with the silk ropes. He did as requested. Unable to move, she mounted her. Pouring oil on his cock again, she was already lubed up inside, but he wanted to make the best of it.

Shoving his cock in her, he began bangin her harder then she expected. Screaming out in pain, she slowly began to love how it all felt. His cock slammed and slammed repeatedly inside her hole. Knowing caressing her clit was the secret to life of an orgasm, she put a finger on it and rubbed it until she screamed and climaxed.

The shrieks due to her orgasm they figured had to have been heard all over the complex. But the bottom line was, he was as good as she could have expected and so was she.

After Sally orgasmed, he fed her some remaining strawberries and fingered her twat hoping he could get her off a couple more times.

“God baby, we hafta do this more often. I don’t get sex like this at all. Shit, do you? Cause if you aren’t, he’s fucking crazy. I mean, hell Sally you’re good. You’re real good.”