We were farmers of the hardcore variety, everyone in our family worked the 1250 acres we had under our charge. We are supporters of wildlife and make sure to leave strips for them to feed on winter and summer. Dad plants wild rice in our wet spots to make water fowl feeding as nutritious as we can for 600.00 per year. I had been doing the Farm BOOKS for us since My first computer class in fifth grade.I sat up Quicken and MONEY the put Agr-Com on to make it fast to due our SMALL operation. When I was 14 I filed our income taxes with a local Accountant doing a audit for the bank on my work. He ask if I was in collage or had a practice of my own because I had used little known Systems to make our taxes very livable. He even initialed it to say he would go to an audit with us if the IRS or Farm Finance people were to call us up on it. So when I say we had a working farm you can bank on it. I had been the Tractor operator of an old 89 johnDeere For three years and it was well maintained because I did it myself except the welding and my brother Wes had the Knack for it like few men have. Dad was quick to tell them Each of our High points so the WAGES we were paid were justified. I paid taxes on 12,000 in 90 when I was 12 years old and dad told me I was underpaid. Wes at 15 recived 18,000 for his share. Terrance at 12 was paid 10,000 but dad told him to look for a town job if he didn’t get with the program learn to enjoy his work like we did. It was a labor of love For sure,Mom ran Tractor or errends 50 hours a week.

I did books and feed cattle or Farmed 40 hours plus showed our stock in Compition in the spring and fall. Wes did other peoples welding and ran the cattle operation He also drove the Simi-tractor for grain harvest and to deliver cattle to market weekly. We sold three Cow/calf pairs each week from april to November.96 cows with calves, ran us money, for food and gasoline, as well as insurance and 100 dollars a week GOOF OFF money. each of us drew numbers fo the cash 5 numbers in a hat if the extra got it we put in the vacation KITTY to use for national western stock show In Denver Each Winter. it wasn,t unfair each loser got a ten and the winner got 70.00. Most likely the winner took the family out to BERNIES BURGERS FOR A crawdad snappin or catfish fry family style.

It cost 31.86 either way and had for 8 years. Dad ask him once how he could do it for that price He just told him It was good business to have repeat customers and this was better than explaining a price hike of fifty cents to three hundred people. Dad always tipped the wait and cook 5 bucks each and Bernie always got all the sweet corn he could handle when our field corn hit the peak of roasting ear picking. For two weeks we hauled in a pickup bed full every day but sunday for him to sell or pack and put on the menu al year. None of us would take his money offered each trip. I was winner of the POT on my 14 th birthday week I’d had a school party and a grandparent party and a neighbor hood party with my young boy and girl friends from 4H and Saddle club And school , anyone I wanted to invite. That major event was on a Friday night sober people jumping in the horse tank with the watermellons and beer. Hay bale throwing contests to impress us girls with and even a wet wranglers contest to show us their Thght little cowboy bottums. We were given big gulp cups of ice water to walk down a line of thirty men and boys deciding who we wanted to make frosty and then look at their behinds. It was something to do it always ended up a wet blouse fight with ICE down our fronts. An action and reaction, Which we acted like was terrible no matter how much we enjoyed it. I liked to make them GO IN AFTER their ice and take it out of my bra. One night I put five cubes down myself then made Hec. burke go get it with his teeth. He thought his glass of icetea was responsible for it.

Then I put ice behind his buckel and it was me who had to go get it with my hand I must admit I fiddled around with him quit a bit enough to get it up to his top snap and out over the belt buckel before an Adult approached, we stopped and turned away.but Sandy Fireddo was still looking at it as they walked out the back door to the makeout post behind the Dumpster.She came back in five minuets later and put something in her purse I thought it was her panties. She didn’t speak to Hec the rest of the evening. He acted like he wanted to say things to her but wouldn’t go near her.I was not a virgin that’s mute. I had a trip to Springfield with my brothers for a Cow show. We stayed in a cheap motel, but it had a pool and a patio entrance to our room. I wasn’t expecting to be around a pool so, no swim wear. I tried it in chopped off jeans like the boys did but it was to raspy on my privates and made me sore in ten minuets. It was 11;30 no body around and I was in a daisyflowered bra for a top anyway so the daisy panties would look like swimwear from ten feet away, The boys chided me into it and I was having a ball romping with them in the shallow end but they got me into deep water and I got scared as heck. I lashed out seriously frightened. They got me back to shallow water crying and held me in a sister sandwich which happened often at home but with clothes on This time thier erect penis’ crossed in front of my sinsetive lower tummy the bounced on my clit hood with a head probing into my pubes I turned to allow both to go between my legs and even up the crease of my loose panties, I kissed Wes deep with my tongue in action from the lip touch.I reached around to Terrances neck to bring him into the kissing also but he was shy, He also didn’t kiss girls yet.I changed that in ten minuets I had him making out like a collage sophomore. Wes was content to let his hard on sea saw back and forth through my legs from the back as Ter and I let him into the front outside my unders.Wes was the first inside by accident he drew out to far and I leand forward then slammed back on him it was inside me so far and fast I could’nt have stopped it if I wanted to and I def’fine’nate’ly did not want it stopped. I was frozen to TER’s lips in a french pose but it was wes’ hands on my breasts where my bra should have been but it was laying on the cement walk to our room. Ter’ face was going to my titties when the first orgasm slammed me into hyper boil Shrilly screaching, I wasn’t comming down like I did on my own.

This was going to be a good one to write in my ledger. Ter. backed off, to string his sperm up my tummy and let the water carry the dropletts on to my chest and nipples. Wes was holding out for more time , He couldnt have escsped my hold on him. I had my hand spaced between us so he would’nt go in all the way again .I loved it but couldn’t take it all yet. We parted to look around there in the shadows to find we were being watchedbut it didn’t matter now we walked to our room naked and giggled into bed to play all night doing everything we could think of or copy from the adult xxxx videos we paid 5.00 for at the counter. I got the most from being cunnilingus reciver, But I enjoyed everything we did. Even the penatration of my rectum when TER was trying to get in me with WES already in half way, but that was a bust. I jerked and jammed back to him it forced it’s way into me aboy half way I could still reach around and feel a lot of space between us. I was into a shower of stars orgasm within a few slow strokes. We didn’t smoke, but Wes went out on the patio and bummed three from the same old man,sitting at the poolside table. Wes noticed we did’t close our drapes when we came in and the flouresent glare on the glass made it impossible to see out of. We did that for Two nights and even sneaked back in to do it four or five times that day. I was going like a stuck hog and nither one of them cared if it got on them or in their mouths or mine . We showered together often ,with it leading to horse play, then standing up in the shower they rotated on me, leaning head first against the plastic wall. No one cared which hole they stuck whatever organ into, for two hours we kept it up. 

When we finally sagged to the floor we were a pruned up mess. our skin wrinkled to ages old look of deamons. I shook so bad I couldn’t get me hait Barrets in my hair.we slepy for ten hours straight and woke up monday morning with Sore Organs and another days rent to pay we thought. We told at the Desk by a lady in shiniy satin peddle pusher. with purple you get eggroll. She raved on about us for fifteen” you fuckin kids find someplace else to go nextime” .I had a man check out after only a hot bath. Then Mr Gutsbe ask me the law on both, being preg or having sex with my blood kin’. No. This State was not one. He managed to say you were all frolicking in my pool.” Now I was ready for BIG Game in the social system.

We all spoke at the same instant, “Thank You for the invite I would love to stay and chat but ‘Uncle dad’ and ‘Cousin mom’ are a waiting in the limo this morning.

So what ever young hector could comeup with was probably not going to surprise us. I hadn’t had a lover since a weekend three years ago It was wWes and I by our selves to a friends First time Grand champion Ribbon sale. I layed my feet in his lap as he drove and he raised my skirt tail. I moved my toes we laughed as he flipped my skirt over my head and procceded to handle me so good I ‘came’ four times without stopping, then I beged for mercey and a rematch . We went to the show then to our pre-reserved room it was the same motel.even the same Room.