I think the first Groping I got was at 7 when a neighbor boy played hide and seek with us and we hid together. I had to pee badly and told him to turn his back. He pissed up in side me and to gave me a nice warm sweetness all thru my body, then a sudden spasm of deep internal convultions that rippled up thru me and make me hold very still wainting for him to stick it in me. but he didn’t he put his hand on me and made feel good but not as good as the pee stream did. We were caught in the game and made to stand in the circle of the home plate while others were captured. His cold snaggy fingers were probing around up me and around me for thirty minuets, but I never “felt” any nice tingles or reasons to let him POKE around again.

Then about a month later in September we were playing a game called “dare, dare, double dare” And the older kids were having fun making each other touch a “NASTY” “Naughty” or a NO-NO, I was told to touch my brothers penis which I did with RELISH then on a double dare I was told to put it in my mouth Which I did willingly but I protested like I heard the others do when it was their turn. I sucked like the older girls did ,but on the second trip down into my mouth he peed stuff like eggwhite in my throat and it was gone before I could get away from the hand on my head which was a redheaded cousin of ours who thought I would Chicken out. I never stopped sucking untill she backed off at my brothers request and told them I was not ,resisting, I was daring to do it just like everyone else. Then came a group DARE to All the girls.

Walk into the bushes, A water melon was heating on the fire ,when it exploded the boys would find a piece big enough to share and go hunt for a girl ,who was to have naked intercourse with the first person she met in the dark with a piece of watermelon to share. I met my brother on a path so far from the fire ,we said we were just going to tell them we did it and go wait on a log back by the fire pit. Then we heard a couple running in the dark giggling, so we hid and they stopped, Five feet in front of our hiding place, lots of moon light even the corner street light was on them. WE could SMELL HER PUSSY when he opened her slimjim peddel pushers, It was RANK and HOT they did a little kissing as they jerked each others clothing off headed to the ground.

Then She stopped him,”Got A rubber,Miles?” he fumbled in his pocket and told her to wait he would run the two blocks to the U-PIC-EM store on the next block. Gene-lee pulled one from his pocket and told me to hand it to Ren-june who was only a foot from my shoulder. I said quietly to her as he walked away, “REN?? here use ours we aint going to do that stuff” she was shocked but regained her voice to call him back , “I found this one in my pocket we can use it” He just got naked again, never kissed again or nothing, WE watched it all and were cool with it untill she got on top of his face ,after screwing for an hour or so Almost instantly she had a screaming climax that stirred me enough to moan along with her and hump my bottom on my brothers leg I was sitting on. He reached around and put a finger on my clitty with another going inside to meet it through my pelvis ,and I shuddered into a coming spasm and drenched his thigh with somthing from inside me I never knew about before that very moment.

It made noise like a Bubbleup fizing as it was shook.I wanted to get a hand on him but he was jacking to fast and his forehead was on my chest sucking at the beads of nipple that promised to be there later.tonight they were hard enough to be donut holders sticking out and curling up on the end like a cup hook. The single nerve in them went everywhere in my body but all ended in my “potty hole” that entertained a finger Now, holding it back from comming out.I was humping a naked thigh,his cut off sweat shorts had rode up enough for me to get his penis back in my hand, then to pump it with my hand, But my wrist tired of that, letting it down to brush up in me with each of the slow strokes, I was riding back and forth on him . Then I just held the tip on my opening and he pushed kinda hard to meet me and we were “Fucking” I was into it like a fart to a flame. He laid back and let me go crazy on his tummy untill I had another good long orgasm with a stopped heart and breathing period that nearly made me passout.

We giggled as we kissed and learned to kiss better. Ren was watching us and giving quiet hints to us but mostly fingering her self while she laid next to us in the grassy patch. Ren crawled on him as I laid over ehausted on to the clothing pile. She spread her legs nad O guided it in and held it untill her clit sat bumping on my fist I let her go at it then she made a noise from inside her throat and began to hop on it to hard it hurt so i let go and she went all the way into her self screaming with climax and a shocked look on her face ,twisted by exasperated effort to go higher .I touched her bouncing clit and tried to pinch lt like I did my own but it was on the move so it slipped each time and she grunted hard, then A cloud decended over us we were cuming as a unit,her hand or his was on me again. I fell forward onto his chest looking into the slash of her spread out lips and a bloody drip from her clity made me lick into them as she leaned back to recive me using my name and a loving word reserved in your family for special times. We stumbled back to the fire after dressing and trying to catch the bloody in a kleenex she had in her pocket , but it wasn’t working. Daylight came as we added wood to the watermelon smelling blaze. our folks would be Major PISSED at us over this.
We survived the month of school events only Grounding cause thats about all we needed anyway I was in third grade and he was in fifth. We never did any thing untill My sixth grade Graduation .I willingly masturbated in front of him and he did it for me too. sometimes every day for a week or longer. He liked to watch me do it on my period to see the bloody oozie turn to froth after I came and kept on whacking for another ,going for the BIG “O”. once in a while we would touch each other to get it started or finished. But on this day I was paranoid as hell because I had to speak to the whole school on the stage. I was to wear my new 7th grade cheerleader get up but the bloomers hadn’t came yet so I wore a nice dark blue pair of unders. Gene stopped me as I went to the shower for the third or fourth time and ask if He could do anything to help me for tonight. “How bout a good fuck and a hour nap??” I shot it back at him like anger. He nudged me into the bath room and peeled me like a grape with one hand unhooking my bra while the other raised the uniform over my up streached arms as soon as my breasts were in the clear his lips met them then mine and we kissed so well it scared us a little. “Te,a llyn, I love you from some place other than the mothers womb. this is passion from the heart”. with that he let himself slide into me “OH GENE that feels so good why did we wait so long I wanted you every night” ………..” I know Sissy but we know IT ain’t right for us to doooooooo!@$#fuukkkkkkkkkkah IT i CAME ALL READY.” …….. “tHATS OK!!! WE HAVE TIME JUST-shus -LAY STILL AND LET ME= PLAY UNTILLliccuuuuuuuuum unh nnnuh unh fu uh uh chett DAMMMN that was so funking great.

I regained my breath as we shared a marlbroro stolen from moms stash in her bedroom.”GOD Gene, hope I don’t get knocked up by us doing it bareback.” he didn’t laugh but held a pink plastic pill looking thing to me “Put this In your vagina. Its what mom uses. it smelles like strawberries and you won’t have to worry about it any more” . “Semiside” was the product.I had read about it in magizines and seen the box in moms pantie drawer. Before I could Get the tough plastic off he took it apart and knelt to one knee and I put my foot up on it to open my self up like I was putting in a tampon his fingers explored a few places that made me love it more every second. Then his stiff penis was in my hand and we were back on the tub rug trying to get back in it again, swollen as it was yet. I let him back off and eat me beyond every expectation I ever had about it Teeth on my nubbin and a rough tongue touching the sides and hood ,sucking the clit out to expose it to the hot dry air then from some place unknown I was on my knees on the rug. but my hands in the tub and his first contact with my rectum I lunged back on to him and felt the pop of it going in ,but then it felt just like in my vagina, only maybe better,because it hit the Spot on my pelvis wall better with each stroke”””.ffff uge I mmmmah offf again geeneeeneh.” I don’t know when I looked up to see mom sitting on the Commode wiping after a pee. “When Your quite done KIDS come talk to me ,we need to get this handled soon.” Gene finished almost with me and we dressed. He went for another suppository. I didn’t know why till later.

Mom was at the table and offered us smokes . We took them gratefully and let the after glow rekindle a stirring in us as we held hands on top of the table for the first time ,we did it under the table sometimes, but now it was right. I even kissed him in front of mom to tell him how much I loved him.”Tia lynn I don’t guess that was your first ??” ………”NO MAM” she drew on her smoke as we did also. ” How often Gene?” ……… ” Thats our second time, we did it once when she was in second grade.”……….. ” Why to day girl ??
……….”Mom I can answer that, She won’t do it with just anyone. no body but me and I have to hit it on the right day of the month. She ALWAWYS beats off with me on the evening before she starts, in fact I love to watch her start and get my nose full of that purfume.”

“All I can smell is my strawberrie sented spermicide. You used one bebore and one after ‘Right , like I told you last week. What ever happened with Fredia any way did you get her laid?”………… “I didn’t want to very bad, But she wanted it up her butt! so I did’nt waste it on her.” ………. Do you have another date planed??” Well its up to Tia lyn” ……… NO! it isn’t Gene you date who you want and I will too, But we’ll just keep our panties on tight. Till we get home , is that ok with you MOM??…….. Better than I hoped……… for………”” her face twisted and her climax smells krept up from under the small table.