Alyson looked out from between the spruce trees that separated her back yard from the Jensens’ next door. She carefully studied the dark windows of her house, checking for any indication that her mother was up waiting for her. Seeing no signs of life, she quietly emerged from the cover of the thick trees and dashed across the back yard to the baby barn on the far side. She opened the door and slipped inside, pulling the door noiselessly closed behind her. Breathing a small sigh of relief, she pulled the curtains over the small window and flicked on the light switch.

She was dressed in a very short, and very revealing, red mini-skirt and a white blouse with the top buttons opened enough to show a matching red bra under it. Her face was done up with just enough makeup to make her appear much older than her actual sixteen years. Her long mane of wavy brown hair was accented with blonde streaks and the spike-heeled shoes she wore made her appear much taller than her five-foot-four height. She was a naturally pretty girl with a slim athletic figure and with the sexy clothes, the makeup, and a fake ID, she had no problem being admitted to the local dance clubs.

She pulled a small mirror from under the workbench and cleared a space among the various garden tools and planters that littered it. Then she reached under a pile of old rags and retrieved her makeup kit, then looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. It was amazing how different she looked! She removed the makeup and tied her long hair into a ponytail. Next, she exchanged the forbidden miniskirt for the jeans she had hidden in a cardboard box on a shelf. She buttoned up the blouse, traded her heels for sneakers, then checked herself in the mirror.

“There,” she said to herself. “Mommy’s little girl can come home now.” She carefully hid everything and turned the light off. She opened the door a crack and peered out into the dark night. The house was still dark. She crept out and pulled the door closed behind her.

“Would you mind explaining to me why you’re creeping around in the back yard in the middle of the night?”

Alyson whirled around to see her mother sitting in one of the patio chairs off to left of the shed. She stood up and walked over to her daughter.


Alyson, surprised at her mother’s sudden appearance, could only stammer, “I . . . I . . . I th . . thought I heard something . . . in the shed!” Her deception wasn’t very convincing and she knew her mother wouldn’t buy it as soon as she said it.

Her mother frowned. “Don’t lie to me, young lady. I saw you dressed up like a . . . like a whore when you went in there!” Alyson felt her face turning red and she swallowed hard. “So why don’t you just tell me the truth for a change, huh?” She glared at her. “What’s his name?”

“Huh? Who?,” Alyson asked, genuinely surprised at her question.

Her mother sighed impatiently. “Whoever it is you’re dressing like a hooker for and staying out until one in the morning with! Aren’t you worried about diseases? Or getting pregnant? You’re only sixteen, for gods sake!”

Alyson shook her head and met her mother’s gaze. “Mom, there isn’t any guy. And I’m not having sex!”

Her mother pursed her lips and snorted derisively. “No? Then why all the makeup and slutty clothes?”

Alyson sighed resignedly. “Me and Jen go down to Twister’s sometimes. We use the makeup so we look older. And the clothes are just what everyone else is wearing!”

Her mother stared at her for a long moment without speaking. The silence was becoming uncomfortable. Finally she spoke, her eyes still fixed on Alyson’s.

“So you’re telling me that you’re going out dressed like a prostitute and drinking in bars?” She rubbed her forehead with two fingers, as if she was trying to ease a headache. “Don’t you realize how dangerous that is?”

Alyson looked at her feet. “We . . . we only had a couple of drinks. And we always look out for each other.”

Her mother sighed and shook her head. “You just don’t get it.” She put an arm around Alyson and they began walking toward the house. “Men will try to take advantage of a pretty, naive girl like you. Or even worse, rape you. You are becoming a very beautiful young woman, but you still have a lot to learn about the world.” They went into the kitchen. “Now, go up to bed. It’s very late. We’ll talk about this in the morning, ok?”

Alyson nodded glumly.

“Good night, then.” Her mother kissed her on the forehead and she trudged up the stairs to her room. She undressed and crawled into bed, but couldn’t sleep. She stared up at the ceiling, watching the shadows from the oak tree outside her window moving back and forth across it. What did her mother mean? There wasn’t anything dangerous about Twister’s! It wasn’t like she was going into the downtown area, where hookers and pimps lined the sidewalks after ten. They lived in a small suburb outside the busy city. Nothing like rape ever happened at any of the clubs around here! Soon, she began to drift off but was awakened by a light knocking at her window. She blinked, her fuzzy mind trying to focus on the sound. Was she imagining it?

Tap, tap, tap.

She looked over at her window.

Tap, tap.

Fully awake now and sure was wasn’t dreaming, she threw back the covers and went over to her window. Peering out into the darkness, she could see Jen standing on a branch of the oak tree just below her window, a long stick in her hand. She quickly unlocked and slid the window open.

“Jen? What are you doing out there?”

Jen grinned. “Meet me at the swings and I’ll tell you!” With that, she scrambled back down the tree, dropping the final few feet to the grass. She looked up, waved, and gestured for Alyson to come out. Alyson nodded and closed the window.

She dressed quickly and crept down the stairs, being careful to avoid the two that creaked, and went out the back door into the yard. Jen was sitting on a swing, spinning slowly, her head down. She looked up as Alyson approached.

Jen was blonde with a lithe, slender body. Like Alyson, her long wheat colored hair was now tied up into a ponytail. She was a little smaller in the chest area than Alyson – she was a full B cup, while Alyson stretched her C cup bras to their limits – but far from wanting. And she was absolutely gorgeous. While Alyson was also very pretty, Jen was the one the guys always went nuts over. There was something about her super model good looks combined with her carefree and outgoing personality that they just couldn’t resist. Alyson sat in the other swing next to her.

“So . . . what’s up?,” Alyson asked, kicking at the dirt with her toes.

Jen was quiet for a few seconds, then said quietly, “I’m leaving.” Alyson looked at her in disbelief, her eyes wide.

“Leaving?! Where? When?!”

Jen looked across the lawn vacantly. “My mom caught me sneaking in tonight and really let me have it,” she replied, looking back down at her feet. She looked up at Alyson. “So after they went to sleep, I packed up my stuff and left.” She jerked her head toward two duffle bags in the shadow of the trees.

For a moment, Alyson didn’t speak. She couldn’t believe Jen was actually running away! “But where will you go?,” she finally said.

Jen shrugged. “Don’t know.” She gave Alyson a humorless smile. “I guess I didn’t exactly think it through, huh?”

Alyson kicked at a pebble. “I got busted, too,” she said. “The whole, ‘you’re still a young girl and guys will take advantage of you’ speech.”

Jen nodded, still looking at the ground. They’d both heard the spiel a million times, it seemed. Neither spoke for a few minutes. Finally, Jen raised her head and looked at Alyson.

“Aly, come with me?,” she said, almost pleadingly.

Alyson looked into her friend’s pretty blue eyes. “Come with you!?” She shook her head. “Jen, I can’t . . .”

Jen cut her off. “Why not? Think of all the fun we could have! We could go to the city, get jobs, an apartment. We could be roomies and no one would be able to tell us what to do!”

Alyson looked at her, not convinced. “What about our parents? And school?”

Jen stood up and spread her arms. “Look at us! Two attractive young women! We could be models! Or actresses! You don’t need school for that!” She paused and sat back down. “As for parents, I don’t care if I ever see them again!” They both sat in silence again, each lost in their own thoughts.

“I suppose . . .,” Alyson said after a few minutes, “. . . we could find jobs somewhere.” Jen perked up and jumped up off the swing.

“Sure we could! Great jobs!” She took Alyson’s arm and pulled her to her feet. “C’mon! We can catch the early bus! We’ll be in the city by noon!” Alyson paused, looking into Jen’s deep blue eyes. She had never been able to say no to one of her pretty friend’s wild ideas. She smiled.

“Ok. Let me get some stuff.”

Jen hugged her. “This is gonna be great!”

Andrea stood in the crowded bus terminal watching as passengers got off the incoming busses. She was an attractive woman, in her early thirties, and wore a conservative knee length gray skirt with a white blouse and a matching blazer. She wore little makeup and her shoulder-length light brown hair was tied into a loose bun She looked like one of the secretaries from any one of the many office complexes in the area.

But Andrea wasn’t a secretary. Far from it. In fact, she felt very out of character in her conservative business suit. Andrea was actually a former prostitute and high priced call girl who now worked for another woman who ran a very exclusive bordello. Her job was to ‘hire’ and train new recruits for her employer and runaways were a perfect target. And the bus station was prime hunting ground for runaways.

She studied the various people who got off the busses, scanning the crowds for possible recruits. When Alyson and Jen stepped off the bus and looked around, trying to find their bearings, she smiled to herself. ‘Perfect!,’ she thought. She watched them as they picked up their bags and huddled together nervously, unsure of which way to go. ‘Definitely runaways,’ she thought, immediately picking up on their nervousness. They began walking toward a hot dog wagon not far from where Andrea was standing. She could now get a better look at them. They were both beautiful, perfect for her needs. The blonde, especially, was a complete knock-out!

They each bought a hot dog and sat on a nearby bench to eat, still looking around at the throngs of people. Andrea went into action immediately. She pulled out her cell phone and started moving toward them. She put the phone to her ear and began an animated one-sided conversation as she neared their bench.

” . . . then what am I supposed to do?! I can’t just pull two teenaged models from my ass!” She paused as she neared them, making sure her voice was loud enough so they couldn’t help but overhear. “Tomorrow! How the hell am I supposed to find them by then?!” She paused again, as if listening to someone replying on the other end. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the blonde glance at her, then nudge the brunette and whisper to her. She slowly turned toward them, once again speaking into the dead phone. “Dammit, Jim! I don’t see how I can . . .” Her eyes locked on them and she stopped talking. “Uh, let me call you back,” she said and flipped the phone shut, her eyes never leaving the two girls. Then she smiled and held out her hand.

“Hi! I’m Andrea Mills!” The blonde just stared and the brunette was eyeing her with wide eyes. ‘Good,’ she thought, sensing their naivety. She continued, pulling her hand back. “I, uh, don’t know if you heard any of my conversation, but I’m a representative of the Capitol Modeling Agency.” She dug through her purse, fished out a card, and passed it to the blonde, who accepted it tentatively. She read it and passed it to her friend.

“I know this is kind of sudden and I usually don’t do work this way, but I’m really in a jam!” She paused for effect, then continued. “Um, would you two be available to audition for a shoot we’re doing? You’d be perfect!” She smiled and added, “And it would really save my ass!”

The girls glanced at each other and the busty brunette spoke up. “What kind of a shoot?,” she asked, eying Andrea warily. It appeared this one had some common sense, but Andrea never missed a beat. Her warm smile lit up her face.

“It’s for a new line of clothing for young women, you know, just out of college, entering the workforce. Trendy enough for the clubs, but still suitable to wear to the office.” She stepped back and looked them over. “And you two are perfect for it!” Then she frowned slightly. “Uh, you are both eighteen, right?”

The blonde nodded. “Actually, we’re nineteen.” That’s what their fake IDs said, anyway.

Andrea’s practiced smile returned. “Even better! Please say you’ll do it!”

The blonde looked at her friend, who shrugged, then back to Andrea and grinned. “Ok, we’ll do it!”

“Great!,” Andrea said, relief flooding her face. They got to their feet, grabbed their bags, and walked with her toward the door. “Let’s go to my office and get the paperwork taken care of! Hopefully we can get some test shots in this afternoon!” They went out onto the crowded sidewalk and Andrea led them to a long white limo parked at the curb. It was used for some of her boss’s more important clients and Andrea found it an excellent tool for her own purposes. They put their bags into the trunk, climbed inside, and the car pulled out into traffic. Introductions were made and Andrea poured them each a glass of champagne from the bar to celebrate.

By the time the limo reached the bordello’s back entrance, Alyson and Jen were both unconscious from the drugs Andrea had slipped into their glasses of champagne. Two of the bordellos’ security men carried the unconscious girls to separate, windowless rooms in the basement. They were each laid out on a cot, stripped naked, and locked in.

Alyson’s head hurt. She blinked her eyes open and tried to remember where she was. It wasn’t her room, but where? She focused on the cold concrete walls and the bare light bulb hanging from a wire from the cracked and stained ceiling. And she was cold. She brought her hand to her face, absently dragging across her bare breasts. Suddenly she was wide awake, her headache all but forgotten. She looked down at her naked body on the bare mattress in total shock and sat up, hugging her knees to her chest. Looking around the sparse room, she saw there was only the bare cot, a small table with two wooden chairs, the light dangling from the ceiling, and a video camera mounted high up in the far corner. Where was she? And why was she naked? Her mother’s words suddenly flashed through her mind and she tensed in fear. Slowly, she looked down between her legs. There was no sign of her being violated, and no pain. So why did they take her clothes, whoever ‘they’ were?

She tried to piece together what had happened. She remembered meeting someone – a woman. What was her name? Alex? No, Andrea! Yes, that was it, Andrea! She had offered to . . . to . . .to what? She fought to remember. Models! She was going to hire them as models! They had gotten into the limo with her and. . .

Suddenly, she remembered. The champagne. It must have had something in it to knock them out! But why? She began to shiver, partly because she was cold – the room was freezing – and partly out of fear. What were they going to do to her? And where was Jen? She began to cry and started rocking back and forth on the bed. She started out with soft sobs, then they turned to great heaving wails. She kept it up for a while, until she couldn’t cry anymore. She sat on the bed, her red rimmed eyes watching the little red light on the camera as it watched her silently from the corner.

Eventually, anger replaced her fear and she forgot about her inhibitions. With a loud yell, she jumped up from the bed, grabbed one of the chairs, and hurled it at the camera. It hit the camera, knocking it askew and one leg broke off the chair as it crashed to the floor.

“What do you want from me?!,” she screamed, her hands clenched into tight fists. She collapsed to the floor, sobbing.

A few seconds later, she heard the door open. Andrea and two men came into the room. Suddenly aware of her nudity once again, she curled up, clutching her knees to her chest on the cold concrete floor. She stared up at Andrea, hurt and confusion showing in her bright green eyes.

“Destroying things will only bring on punishment,” Andrea said quietly.

“Andrea? Wh . . .what’s going on? Where are my clothes? And where’s Jen?”

Andrea smiled, but the genial warmth from the previous day was gone from it. Her eyes were hard and cold. “Clothing is a privilege you’ll have to earn,” she replied, eyeing Alyson’s naked body. She nodded to one of the men, who moved toward her. He grabbed her arms, pulled her to her feet and held them behind her back. Andrea walked over closer.

“Jen is . . .,” she waved her hand around the stark, cold room, ” . . .in a similar room down the hall.”

Alyson stared in utter horror as one of the men produced a syringe and passed it to Andrea. She held it up and squirted a clear fluid from the needle, then turned to Alyson.

“Wh . . . what’s that!?,” she cried, her eyes wide as she struggled to free her arms.

Andrea smiled. “Just something to help you relax, my dear!” She nodded to the other man, who had been straightening the camera and making sure it wasn’t damaged. He went over to the naked and terrified girl and they forced her back onto the bed, pinning her there. Andrea came over and Alyson looked up as she bent over, the needle coming closer. She screamed as Andrea pushed it into her arm, then a warm feeling of total relaxation suddenly filled her mind and she stopped struggling. Her mind floated effortlessly and all her problems suddenly seemed trivial. She looked over and saw Andrea smiling at her.

“There, now. Isn’t that better?” Then they were gone and she was left alone in her world of dreamy euphoria.

For the next while – she completely lost track of time – this was her world. She would wake up cold, shivering, her body aching. Then Andrea would come in, give her another shot, and the pain was replaced by the familiar feeling of careless contentment.

One day, Andrea arrived with a man. After administering her shot, which she now accepted gratefully, Andrea sat next to her on the bed.

“You’re coming along just fine, Alyson,” she said, patting her bare knee. “So is Jen, in case you’re still wondering. Soon you’ll be together again. Would you like that?”

Alyson nodded, her eyes vacant. This shot was different. While the pain and shivering had stopped, there was no feeling of euphoria she had come to expect.

“Good!,” Andrea replied. “Now, you may notice that this shot’s a little different than the others. It’ll take away the pain, but won’t cloud your mind.” She looked over at the man. “I need you a little more alert today.” Alyson just looked at her, her foggy mind barely registering her words. Andrea nodded toward the man, who stepped forward. “This is . . . John. He works for me.” She looked at Alyson. “Have you ever had sex with a man?”

Alyson felt her stomach knot. “N . . .no,” she whispered, shaking her head.

Andrea smiled. “Ok, how about a woman?”

Alyson looked at her, shock showing on her face. “No . . . of course not!”

Andrea stroked her hand along Alyson’s knee, all the way up to her thigh. She cringed at her touch and moved away slightly, but Andrea didn’t seem to notice. “Well, you’re going to learn everything there is to know about pleasing a man . . . and a woman, starting today. With John.”

Alyson closed her eyes and swallowed, but said nothing. She was too terrified to speak. Andrea continued.

“If you do as you’re told today, I’ll bring you some clothes. If you do good again tomorrow, maybe you can see Jen.”

Alyson opened her eyes as Andrea’s words finally penetrated the fog in her brain. “Y . . .you want me to . . . have sex . . . with him?,” she asked, her voice hoarse.

Andrea smiled and cupped her chin in her hand. “Not right now, darling. We’re going to take you to get cleaned up a little first. Just relax. In an hour or two you’ll start to feel more like yourself, then you can shower and eat.” She leaned over and kissed her forehead. Like her mother did.

“What about my mother?,” she asked. “When can I go home?”

“This is your home now,” Andrea replied as she walked to the door. She opened it and turned to her. “You belong to me, now.” Then she was gone.

As the fog slowly cleared from her head, she began to realize just how much trouble she was in. The drugs she’d been taking had completely disoriented her and she had no idea how long she had been here. If only she hadn’t agreed to go with Jen! She started to cry, then stopped herself, choking back the tears. No! She wasn’t going to give up! There had to be a way out!

A couple of hours later, she was standing in a warm shower. The water felt wonderful as it flowed over her naked skin. She hadn’t bathed since they’d left home and it felt like she was washing a weeks’ worth of sweat and grime from her body. What she didn’t realize was that it had actually been over two weeks since their capture.

She stepped from the shower and dried herself off. It felt so good to be clean again! She noticed a t-shirt hanging over a chair so she slipped it on. It had been so long since she’d worn any kind of clothing that the meager t-shirt made her feel like she was fully clothed.

She stepped out of the bathroom and was met by John, the man Andrea had said she was supposed to have sex with. She froze, then shrunk away from him. He merely opened the door to the hallway and ushered her through it without speaking. Alyson tugged the t-shirt down, trying to cover as much of her body as she could, and hurried past him into the hall. He led her down a long corridor, then stopped and opened a door. He stood aside and indicated for her to enter. Alyson peeked in and saw a table laid out with what looked like a turkey dinner, with all the fixings. She looked back at John, who nodded.

“It’s for you. Dig in,” he said.

Alyson went over and started eating. It had been a long time since she’d eaten anything substantial and she discovered that she was starving! She began to shovel food into her mouth, barely swallowing a mouthful before jamming another fork full into it. John went over and sat on a couch against one wall, an amused smile on his face as he watched her eat. As she was finishing up, forcing the last mouthful in, the door opened and Andrea came in, wearing a bikini top and khaki shorts. For the first time, Alyson noticed how beautiful she really was. Her full breasts strained at the tight bikini and her erect nipples left little bumps in the fabric. Her light brown hair fell to her shoulders and framed her oval face.

“Starting to feel better, I see,” she said, looking at the empty plate.

Alyson shrugged. “I guess I was hungry,” was all she said. Andrea gestured for her to stand up. At first, Alyson didn’t move, but Andrea gave her a hard look and she reconsidered. As she stood, Andrea walked over next to her. John got up and moved over to her other side. Alyson swallowed a lump as her fear grew. Were they going to rape her now?

“Now, Alyson,” Andrea said, walking around behind the terrified teenager. “You say you’ve never had sex before, making you a virgin, right?” Alyson started to turn around to answer her.

“Eyes front!,” Andrea barked. Alyson jumped at her loud command, and kept looking forward, her knees trembling.

“Now answer my question! Are you a virgin?!” Andrea’s voice and tone was now that of an army drill sergeant. Alyson nodded, fighting back tears.

“I can’t hear you!,” Andrea cried.

Alyson swallowed hard. “Y . . . yes,” she stammered.

“Yes, what?,” Andrea said, leaning forward so that her lips brushed Alyson’s ear.

Alyson inhaled deeply. “Y . . .yes, I’m a . . . virgin,” she said in voice barely above a whisper.

“Ever given head? A hand job?,” Andrea asked, still standing behind her.

Alyson shook her head. “N . . . no.”

Andrea turned to John and grinned. “Pure as the driven snow!,” she said and John chuckled. She turned back to Alyson. “Have you ever even seen a real cock?”

Alyson lowered her head, fighting hard to keep from crying, and shook her head once more. “No,” she whispered.

Andrea went around in front of her. She placed a finger under Alyson’s chin and raised her head so that she was looking directly into her eyes. “Well, today you’re going to learn the ancient art of cock-sucking!” Andrea spun her to face John, who grabbed his crotch and grinned widely, winking at her. Alyson found her eyes following John’s hand to his crotch and another wave of fear spread through her. Andrea spoke up and she moved her gaze back to her.

“You better take off that t-shirt. We don’t want to get any cum stains on it!” Alyson looked into her cold eyes and knew she had no choice. Reluctantly, she tugged the shirt off and passed it to Andrea. Once again, she was completely naked in front of strangers. Andrea stepped behind her and placed her hands on Alyson’s shoulders.

“On your knees, now. Like a good little slut.” She pushed down and Alyson obediently dropped to her knees. John stepped up in front of her, his fly only inches from her face. Through his pants, she could make out the bulge of his cock as it grew harder in anticipation.

“Unzip his pants and pull out his cock,” Andrea commanded. Alyson tried to control her trepidation and fear as she reached her shaking hands up and unbuttoned his pants, then lowered the fly. He wasn’t wearing underwear and his stiff, nine inch prick fell out, almost hitting her in the face as she lowered his pants. She stared at it, her eyes wide. She didn’t realize it would be so big!

Andrea smiled. “Mmmm . . . John, you are something else,” she said, kissing him. “I may need you later for some . . . personal attention.”

He grinned. “Yes, ma’am! Anytime!” He nodded down to Alyson, who still stared open mouthed at his long thick cock. “Maybe we can give the little whore a live demonstration later, show her how it’s done!”

Andrea grinned and nodded. “Excellent idea! But first . . .” She looked down at Alyson. “Let’s see if she can suck cock! We’ll start off easy. Take it in your hand and stroke it, slut!”

Alyson looked at the large cock only inches from her face. It was rough, with a large, almost purple colored tip and had a drop of clear fluid seeping from the small hole. She could detect a musky odor, which she didn’t find unpleasant. She felt a nudge on her back and tentatively reached up and wrapped her hand around it. It was hard! A lot harder than she’d imagined. The rough skin of the shaft was warm in her grip. She started to move her hand back and forth a few inches, unsure of exactly what she was supposed to do.

Andrea sighed and knelt down beside her. “No, no. Like this.” She removed Alyson’s hand and took it in her own. As Alyson watched, she began pumping back and forth in long, smooth strokes, her hand rubbing over the large bulbous tip each time, smearing the precum over it. Andrea was explaining it to her as John sighed in obvious pleasure.

“You have to use the whole length, especially the head. That’s the sensitive part. Now try it again.”

Alyson took it again and mimicked Andrea’s motions. The head, as Andrea had called it, was very smooth and soft. John sighed every time her soft hands brushed across it. After a few minutes, Andrea stopped her.

“Ok, not bad. Now, it’s time to use that pretty little mouth. Open wide, and suck it.”

Alyson closed her eyes. She didn’t think she could do it. It seemed so disgusting she was afraid she would puke if she put it into her mouth! She opened her eyes and looked at the long, hard penis. She shook her head.

“I . . . I can’t,” she murmured, lowering her head.

Andrea took a deep breath and let it out. “Yes. You can, and you will. Right fucking now!” Her voice was calm at first, then rose to an angry command. Alyson shook her head and felt her eyes fill with hot tears.

“I . . . c . . . can’t do it!,” she sobbed. “I’ll puke!”

Andrea grabbed the back of her neck and squeezed. Alyson cried out in shock and pain. “If you puke, you puke! I don’t give a shit! But you are going to put that cock into your mouth and suck on it until he cums! Then you are going to swallow it all! Got it!?” She looked up at John and indicated for him to come closer, still gripping Alyson’s neck as she began to sob. John stepped closer and placed both hands on Alyson’s head. Then Andrea pushed her open mouth onto his cock, shoving her head forward until Alyson began to gag. John’s strong hands held her there as she choked and gasped for air.

“See?,” Andrea hissed into her ear. “I told you you could do it!” She motioned to John and he released his grip on her head, allowing her to pull free. She coughed and gagged, gasping for air. “Now, are you going to be nice and suck on it, or should I just have John fuck your pretty little mouth until he cums in it?”

Alyson coughed and held up her hand. “N . . .no, please! I . . . I’ll try, just d. . . .don’t do that . . . again!” Andrea smiled coldly.

“That’s more like it!,” she said. She watched Alyson impatiently as she took the long penis in her hand and eased her mouth toward its tip. She parted her lips and let the smooth skin of the head slip over her lips and tongue. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she forced the thick cock deeper into her mouth.

“All right. Very good,” Andrea said. “Now move back and forth on it.” Alyson started moving it in and out of her mouth. “Don’t forget to suck, and use your tongue,” she coached. The thick penis slid back and forth across her tongue, leaving the tangy taste of the precum in her mouth. Once she got used to it, it wasn’t so bad, although she could hardly say she was enjoying it. John was, however. His sighs had turned to moans and he was moving his pelvis slightly along with her movements. As his moans became more urgent, Andrea stopped them.

“Ok, that’s enough for now.” Alyson pulled the swollen cock from her mouth and took a deep breath, relieved that it was over. Andrea pulled her to her feet. “That’s lesson number one. Come with me, whore!” She led Alyson over to the couch John had been sitting on earlier. Andrea pointed to it and said, “Get on your hands and knees at one end.”

Alyson felt her heart jump into her throat. Was this how she was to lose her virginity? Raped on a couch by an older man whose last name she didn’t even know? She noticed Andrea’s impatient glare and climbed onto the couch, positioning her head over one of the arms. John moved over and stood before her face, his cock bobbing in front of her nose, slick with precum and saliva.

“Now you’re going to try something a little more advanced,” Andrea said. “It’s called ‘deep-throating’ and it means that you are going to swallow all of John’s beautiful cock, every inch.”

Alyson looked at her, shocked. “B . . . but, I can’t! My mouth isn’t big enough!,” she protested.

Andrea smiled. “No, but your throat is!” She motioned to John and he pressed his cock to her lips. “Open up, slut!” Andrea’s voice was cold and taunting. She acted as if she enjoyed torturing her. With trepidation, Alyson parted her lips and John pushed his hard cock back into her mouth. He pushed in until she began to gag. Andrea lifted Alyson’s head so that her throat was lined up with her mouth.

“Swallow it!,” she commanded as John continued pushing his cock deeper. It entered her throat and she began to gag and choke again.

“Just relax. Imagine it’s a piece of food and try to swallow.” Alyson had no choice but to obey and she found that she could do it. John pushed deeper and deeper, the thick shaft sliding in and filling her throat. The gag urge was incredibly strong, but she fought it back, finally, after a moment, she felt her nose being tickled by his pubic hair.

“There!,” Andrea exclaimed, clapping her hands together. “I told you you could do it!” She turned to John. “Now, fuck her face, but don’t cum in her throat. I want to make sure she tastes it before she swallows it!”

John grinned and held Alyson’s head as he began to pump his massive dick slowly in and out of her throat, burying it to the hilt each time.

“I can’t last much longer!,” he panted after a few minutes of this. Alyson’s throat was aching, rubbed raw by the constant friction.

“Ok,” Andrea said. “Pull out of her throat.” John pulled all the way out and Alyson began coughing and hacking. For a minute, she thought she would puke, but managed to suppress the urge. When she could finally speak, she looked pleadingly at Andrea.

“Can I please go now?”

Andrea laughed maliciously. “Oh, no, my dear little cocksucker! Not yet! We need to get some cum down that sore throat!” She motioned to John and he once again stepped up and pressed his cock to her lips. She didn’t have the energy to fight, so she opened her mouth and allowed the thick organ in. John began to thrust in and out of her mouth. Andrea picked up one of Alyson’s hands and placed it on the part of John’s cock that wouldn’t fit in her mouth.

“Stroke him as you suck,” she said. Again, Alyson complied. “When he cums, swallow every drop. If you miss any, you’ll have to lick it from wherever it lands.” As much as she dreaded his cumming in her mouth, she just wanted this nightmare to end. She heard John start to moan and her mouth was filled with the musky taste of his precum. He continued pumping, using his hands to move her head. Finally, he groaned and held her head still. She felt a warm, thick liquid hit the back of her throat and fill her mouth.

“Swallow it!,” Andrea cried. Alyson steeled herself and managed to force the vile goo down her throat, but immediately afterward, another spurt shot out and filled her mouth again. Once more, she forced it down, but not before a third shot erupted, which overfilled her mouth and dribbled down her chin, dripping onto her tits. She swallowed again and heard Andrea cry out.

“Cum on my tits, John!” As John pulled his spurting dick from her mouth, Alyson looked over and saw Andrea on her knees, topless. John pointed his cock at her chest and jerked a few remaining gobs of the white jism onto her tits. When he finished, Andrea grinned at Alyson.

“Looks like you’ve got a little mess to clean up, slut!” She reached out and scooped a gob of white cum from Alyson’s tit and smeared it onto her own nipple. Then she repeated the process until all the cum from Alyson’s tits and chin was spread all over her tits.

“Ok, cum-slut. Lick my tits clean. Every drop.”

Alyson, still getting over her first experience with semen, stared at her. “But . . . I’m not gay!”

Andrea laughed and John joined in. “Baby, wait until you see what I have planned for you next!” She stopped laughing and her eyes bore into Alyson’s. “Now, lick!”

Alyson winced at the sharp order and tentatively moved closer to Andrea’s large breasts. The cum was beginning to run down them in small streams. She gingerly stuck out her tongue and licked a small amount from the side of her left tit. Andrea watched in silence as Alyson cleaned all the cum from both of her tits, leaving only her nipples untouched.

“Good,” Andrea said. “Now get my nipples. And I want you to suck on them!” Andrea sucked one nipple between her lips and continued until Andrea moved her over to the other one.

“Ahhh . . . very nice! That felt real good!”

Alyson sat back and didn’t reply, deeply ashamed of what they had forced her to do. Andrea ran one hand along Alyson’s tit, gently squeezing her nipple. Alyson jerked slightly when she pinched her nipple, but otherwise gave no reaction. She was done. Exhausted, physically and emotionally, and didn’t care what else they did to her.

“Just one more thing, then you can relax for a while,” Andrea said, smiling. She indicated John, who was sitting on the far end of the couch, watching them and rubbing his limp cock. “I need him hard again. Be a good little cocksucker and suck his dick until he is.” John slid over next to her and Andrea pushed her to the floor. She knelt between his spread legs and took the limp tool into her hand. As if in a daze, she sucked it into her mouth and slurped on it noisily until she felt it grow to its former size in her mouth. Andrea pulled her to her feet and pointed at the end of the couch.

“Take a seat and watch carefully.” She grinned. “There’ll be a test on this later!” She embraced John and they kissed passionately for a few seconds. Then Andrea backed away, unbuttoned her khaki hiking shorts, and let them fall from her curved hips to the floor. Alyson looked at her lean, nude figure, noting that her pussy was completely free of hair. She took John’s hand and placed it between her legs, then sighed as her pushed his fingers into her wet snatch. She worked her pelvis back and forth on John’s fingers for a few minutes, then backed away. She turned and knelt on the opposite end of the couch that Alyson sat on, leaving one foot on the floor and gripping the arm with both hands. Alyson was looking directly at her smooth round ass, her engorged pussy peering out from between her slightly open legs. John stepped up and rubbed his hard cock along her swollen lips, then pushed it into her waiting cunt, not stopping until its entire length was inside. Alyson stared in morbid fascination as they began to fuck, moving faster and faster with each passing minute. The room was silent except for the wet slurping of their coupling, along with the slapping of sweaty skin and their combined moans and grunts. Her mother had always told her that sex was painful, and the few girls she knew who’d had sex confirmed it. But Andrea actually seemed too be enjoying it! Her moans were those of pleasure, not pain! She began moaning louder.

“Oh, yes! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!” John increased his speed and Andrea’s cries increased along with him. “Oh, shit!! Yes!! Yes!! Ohhhhhh . . . .” She lowered her head and groaned loudly, her body pushing back against John, forcing his cock all the way and holding it there. Alyson couldn’t see her face from her position, but she seemed to be trying to scream. No sound was coming out, though, and her body jerked quickly several times, then relaxed. John began to pound away at her pussy once more, but after a few seconds he began to sigh.

“Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!! I’m gonna cum!!!,” he cried. Suddenly, Andrea pulled free from his throbbing dick and spun around, grabbing Alyson by the hair and tilting her head back.

“Cum in her face!,” she cried. Alyson involuntarily opened her mouth to cry out as Andrea tugged at her hair and at that moment, John’s cock erupted, shooting across her forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, and open mouth. He jerked his hot seed into her mouth until no more came out. Alyson’s face was a mess. Streams of white cum ran down her cheeks and nose, across her lips, and dripped from her chin.

“Clean his cock off!,” Andrea demanded, pushing her face toward John’s deflating cock. Alyson opened her mouth and began sucking it clean. She could taste the now familiar flavor of John’s sex, mixed with a different taste which she decided must be Andrea’s pussy. She kept licking and sucking until Andrea pronounced it clean. She tossed the shame-faced teen a towel.

“Here, use this,” she said. “You’ll be an hour trying to lick yourself clean!” Alyson accepted the towel and wiped the cum from her face, as well as what had dripped down onto her tits.

“Ok,” Andrea said as she pulled on her shorts and bikini top. “That’s today’s lesson. We’ll review tomorrow.” She picked up the t-shirt Alyson had worn from the shower and tucked it under one arm. She reached out to Alyson with the other and pulled her to her feet. “Come on.” She and John led the naked teen back out into the hall and back to the room she had spent the last two weeks in.

Alyson stepped inside and Andrea paused before locking her in. “Now we’re going to go see if Jen does as good as you did. If all goes well, you can see her soon.” She closed the door and Alyson heard the clunk of the deadbolt sliding into place. Poor Jen. She wished she could somehow help her, warn her at least. She went over to the bed. Someone had at least put some blankets on it while she was gone. She lay down and stared up at the cracked and stained ceiling. She felt the her throat closing and tears welling up in her eyes. The tears soon became sniffles, then sobs. Before long, she was curled into a fetal position, heavy sobs wracking her abused body. She eventually fell into a fitful sleep, reliving the days events over and over in her nightmares.

– To Be Continued… –