Jen sat up on the bed as Andrea and John entered. Like Alyson, she had woken up cold and naked in an identical room. She, too, had been given the injections and today she had finally been permitted to shower and eat. She looked up at them, her knees pulled tightly to her chest. Andrea had told her they would be returning and her ‘lessons’ would begin today. She wasn’t stupid. She had a pretty good idea what they had meant.

Andrea smiled as she saw Jen, her freshly scrubbed skin glowing and her long, silky hair splaying over her smooth shoulders. ‘She really is a beauty!,’ Andrea thought, smiling to herself. ‘Definitely top dollar!’

“Hello, my dear,” Andrea purred. “Are you all ready to start your lessons?”

Jen gave her a defiant look. “Where’s Alyson? When are we going home?”

Andrea smiled coldly. “As I told that little cocksucker Alyson a few hours ago, this is your home. Get used to it. Do as you’re told and we’ll get along fine. Disobey, and punishment will be swift and severe.” She glared at Jen, who lowered her eyes and hugged her knees tighter. “Do you understand, whore?”

Jen looked up, startled by the name-calling. Andrea stared at her, her eyes boring into Jen’s. She swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded.

“Very good. Now, first a few questions. Are you a virgin?” Jen looked at her, a fearful look in her eyes, then lowered her head and nodded.

“Have you ever given head?”

Jen shook her head, not looking up.

“Ok, get up.”

Jen hesitated. Although she had been kept naked for as long as she’d been here, she was always drugged up until today. It was hard to stand naked in front of two virtual strangers. One look from Andrea told her she’d better obey, so she unfolded her body and reluctantly stood up, her eyes downcast. Andrea put her fingers under her chin and raised her head up.

“On your knees. Today you’re going to learn the proper way to suck a cock!,” Andrea said, a smirk on her face. With tears in her eyes, Jen sunk to her knees on the cold concrete floor. John stepped up to her and Andrea told her to undo his pants and release his cock. She stared at it in disbelief. She had heard many stories from other girls at school who’d had sex, and none of them ever described a penis this big! Andrea looked at it admiringly.

“Yes, John is quite well-endowed, isn’t he? Something you’ll learn to appreciate!,” Andrea said, chuckling. John grinned at her and winked. Suddenly, Andrea stopped laughing like someone had thrown a switch.

“Now suck it, slut!,” she hissed. John moved closer, the big, purple head almost touching her lips. She could see the precum oozing from the hole. Then it was pressing against her lips, the odor of it strong in her nostrils.

“Open up, whore!,” Andrea yelled and Jen parted her lips. John immediately pushed it into her mouth and began to pump it in and out. Tears rolled down her cheeks as the thick meat slid across her lips and tongue, depositing the tangy taste of his sex on her tongue.

After a few minutes, Andrea positioned her on the cot on all fours. She lined up her throat like she had with Alyson and John attempted to deep-throat her. Jen’s tears were flowing freely now and her heavy sobs were causing her to gag much more than Alyson had. John still managed to shove his entire nine inches into her mouth, but Andrea stopped him once he had.

“Ok, John, that’s enough for now. At least you got it in. You can fuck her throat another time,” Andrea said.

John pulled out and Jen coughed and hacked for quite some time. She was still crying, making it harder for her to get over the feeling of having a thick, nine inch long piece of meat down her throat. Eventually, she stopped coughing and crying. After making sure she was ok, Andrea told her to finish the blow job. She took it back into her mouth and began moving her lips back and forth on it, swirling her tongue around the tip as she had been coached. John moaned and sighed. He looked over at Andrea and smiled.

“This one’s a natural! I really think she’s getting off on it!”

Jen continued sucking on the big penis. She couldn’t actually say that she loved sucking cock, but it did kinda turn her on to be able to give someone this much pleasure. John’s breathing started coming in short gasps and she felt his cock twitch in her mouth. He groaned loudly and her mouth was suddenly filled with a warm, salty liquid. She started to pull away, but Andrea held her head in place.

“Swallow it!,” she demanded. Jen managed to swallow the thick liquid and the next shot as well, without spilling a drop. The taste wasn’t really that bad, if she didn’t think about what it was she was swallowing. She continued sucking and swallowing until he stopped cumming and pulled it from her mouth.

Andrea seemed genuinely impressed. “Very good, my little cum-slut! You didn’t spill a drop!” She grinned. “For doing so well, you get a special treat!” Andrea helped her to her feet, then sat her down on the edge of the bed. She told her to lie back, then Andrea spread her legs wide and knelt between them. She pushed the lips of her pussy open and breathed in the aroma of her sweet virgin pussy.

“Mmmm,” she murmured as she lowered her mouth to Jen’s twat. She stuck out her tongue and licked her slit from bottom to top. Despite her compromised situation, Jen shivered in pleasure at her touch. As Andrea got into it more, Jen forgot who was doing this wonderful thing to her and lost herself in the intense feelings of carnal pleasure. She began to moan, thrusting her pelvis upward to meet Andrea’s tongue.

John moved over and began to nibble and suck on her nipples, causing her to moan louder. Jen had never had one mouth working on her before, let alone two. She was caught up in a turmoil of emotions. On one hand, these people were her captors, her tormentors, her rapists! Yet, the things they wee doing to her now felt so damn good! She jerked as Andrea’s tongue lapped at her clit, and she could feel a warm glow starting in her womb and spreading throughout her perfect little body.

Suddenly, the glow became an intense pressure, a wave of sensual delight that was about to crash through her entire body.

“Yes! Yes! Ohhhhh, yes . . .!,” she moaned, her head rolling from side to side.

Andrea was thoroughly enjoying herself. Virgin pussies were so sweet that she could have spent all day licking and teasing her soft pink flesh. But, she had other things to do so she locked her lips around Jen’s little clit and sucked it between her teeth. At the same time, she flicked the tip of her tongue across it.

Jen’s reaction was immediate. Her back arched and her body stiffened. A high, garbled scream escaped her lips and she squeezed her eyes shut as the her first orgasm enveloped her body and took over her senses. She came over and over as long as Andrea kept her tongue moving across her sensitive little love button.

Finally, Jen begged her to stop. The feelings were beginning to overwhelm her and her clit was starting to get a little tender. Andrea released her clitoris, but continued to lick the juices from the pink folds of her labia. Jen moaned and sighed, her body twitching whenever Andrea’s tongue touched on a particularly sensitive area.

As Jen lay there in the warmth of the afterglow, Andrea crawled up next to her and kissed her, pushing her tongue deep into Jen’s throat. Jen returned the warm, passionate kiss at first, then opened her eyes and realized that she was being french kissed by a woman! She instinctively pulled away, a look of shock on her beautiful face.

Andrea gave her a wry grin. “Oh, so it’s ok for another woman to lick your cunt, but not to kiss you, huh? Come here, you lesbo slut! Kiss me!” She pulled Jen’s face to hers and kissed her roughly, pushing her tongue deep into her throat. She shoved her away. “The next time someone kisses you, man or woman, you return it! With feeling! Got it?!” Jen swallowed hard and nodded, her eyes filled with fear.

“Y . . . you just . . . s . . .startled me! I . . . I wasn’t . . . expecting you to . . .,” she stammered.

“I don’t give a shit!,” Andrea roared. “From this moment on, your only purpose in life is to give sexual pleasure to whoever I say, whenever I say! Understand!?”

Jen shrank back on the bed, visibly shaking. “O . . . ok,” she managed.

Andrea straightened up. “All right then. Get some rest. I’ll be back later.”

After they left, Jen curled up on the bed and cried herself to sleep.

Chapter 5

“Yes, yes, brand new. Never been used before.” The woman sat behind an ornate walnut desk and winked at Andrea, who sat across from her, as she listened to her caller’s reply. “Very good. You can come over around eight tonight to check out the merchandise..” Another pause. “Good. See you then.” She hung up the phone and smiled warmly at Andrea.

“You’ve really outdone yourself this time, my darling,” the woman said as she got up and embraced Andrea, giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Thank you, Jackie,” Andrea replied. “I really do enjoy my work.”

Jackie was a curvaceous brunette, about forty-something, but looked much younger. She had been operating her high end escort service for nearly ten years and boasted some famous and powerful clients. Which was probably the main reason she’d been able to remain in business so long. The girls like Jen and Alyson that Andrea brought in were for special clients who were willing to spend five figures for a night with a young virgin. She’d just made a deal to use both of them in a party with three clients – two men and another woman – for thirty grand. Of course, Jen and Alyson would see none of it. Captured girls like them were usually a one-time deal, then they were shipped off to a new life as a street whore in another city.

“Can you have them both ready for eight o’clock?,” Jackie asked as she poured them each a drink from a snifter of brandy from a small bar against one of the wood paneled walls.

Andrea nodded. “Shouldn’t be a problem. They’re responding favorably so far.”

Jackie passed her a glass and sipped at her own drink. “Good. Julia will join them tonight. You keep a close eye on things and be ready to move in if there’s a problem.”

Andrea nodded again and took a sip. “I’m going to let them see each other. I’ll make sure Julia’s there with them so they can get to trust her.”

Jackie went back around and sat at her desk. “Good. I know everything’s in good hands.” Andrea drained her glass and set it on the bar. She turned and walked out of her boss’s office and across the hall to her own office. She picked up her phone and dialed Julia’s extension.

“Hi, Julia. Can you come right up to my office? Thanks.” She hung up and sat at her desk, wondering how the two new recruits would react to Julia’s unique charms. She spun her chair around and gazed out her window at the busy city below. She smiled to herself. It had been a very profitable two weeks. Her cut of the thirty thousand was ten thousand. Not bad for two weeks work. She began to think about her next trip to the bus station.

Julia, a petite strawberry blonde with huge tits, luscious lips, and an extremely voracious sexual appetite, sat in the leather chair across from Andrea’s desk ten minutes later. Andrea had just filled her in on tonight’s job and said that she needed her there today to get to know the girls.

“Are you sure they’re ready?,” Julia asked. “Two weeks is cutting it a little short, isn’t it?”

Andrea nodded in agreement. “True. I would feel more comfortable if I had another week to condition them. But Jackie said the client wants young, innocent girls, so . . .” She shrugged.

Julia nodded. “Do you want me to act innocent as well?”

Andrea drew a deep breath. “To a certain extent,” she replied, leaning forward on her desk. “They’re paying for three girls, but only two virgins. They like the innocence thing, so play it up a bit, but don’t over-do it.” Andrea stood up, indicating the meeting was over.

Julia stood as well. “Gotcha!,” she said with a sly grin.

Andrea walked around her desk and opened the door for the pretty blonde. “All right! Let’s go meet the girls!”

Alyson was once again wearing the blue t-shirt she’d briefly worn earlier. She had been taken to a larger room, again with no windows, but this one had two large beds, a couch, and two armchairs.

The door opened and one of Andrea’s security goons peeked in, then stepped back and held the door open. Alyson couldn’t believe it when Jen, clad only in a small white t-shirt, stepped hesitantly into the room. They ran to each other and embraced, laughing and crying at the same time. After the initial greetings and hugs were exchanged, Jen looked sadly at Alyson.

“Aly, I’m so sorry!,” she blurted out, burying her face in Alyson’s shoulder.

“Sshh . . . Jen, it’s all right. I don’t blame you!,” Alyson replied soothingly as she stroked her long, silky hair. “I could have said no, right?”

They broke their embrace and sat on the couch. “Are they . . . making you . . . do things?,” Jen asked, wiping her tears.

Alyson nodded, lowering her eyes. “Uh-huh. Gross, disgusting things!”

“Like . . . sucking a cock?,” Jen asked.

Tears were running down Alyson’s cheeks as she looked up at Jen’s pretty face. She nodded. “A big one. He . . . shoved it down my throat!”

Jen nodded. “Me too. Did they make you swallow his . . .” She didn’t have to explain any further.

Alyson nodded. “And I had to lick up any I missed . . . and some from Andrea’s . . . boobs, too.”

Jen frowned. “I didn’t have to do that.” She thought a second. “But I didn’t miss any, though.” She lowered her head and said in a soft voice, “Did Andrea . . . do anything to you?”

Alyson looked puzzled. “Like what?”

Jen shrugged, obviously uncomfortable. “Like . . . lick you . . . here.” She pointed between her legs.

Alyson looked at her, but Jen wouldn’t meet her gaze. “Uh-uh, nothing like that.” She paused, then added, “But when she told me to lick her boobs I said that I wasn’t gay. She just laughed and said ‘wait until tomorrow’, or something like that.”

Jen began to cry again. “Why are they doing this to us!?”

Alyson hugged her. “I guess what Mom said was true. People take advantage of young girls.” They were still embracing each other when Andrea and Julia walked in.

“Awww, isn’t this sweet! My two little cock-sucking sluts making out with each other!,” Andrea said with a sinister grin.

“We weren’t making out!,” Alyson snapped, then quickly shut her mouth as Andrea glared at her.

“You weren’t, huh?,” she said with the same evil smile. “Then do it. Now!” They looked over at her. Her smile had vanished and her cold eyes seemed to bore right through them. “Remember what I said, blondie? Whoever I say, whenever I say!”

Jen looked at Alyson, her eyes welling up again. “I’m sorry, Aly,” she whispered. Alyson smiled faintly and nodded. She knew they had no choice. They leaned in until their lips almost touched. Alyson could feel Jen’s soft breath on her face. They moved closer and their lips touched. Alyson parted her lips slightly. Jen’s lips were soft, her breath sweet.

“Come on! I want to see some tongue action!,” Andrea ordered. Alyson parted her lips further and Jen’s tongue darted into her mouth. She returned the kiss warmly, a lovers’ kiss, tender and soft. After a few seconds, they parted slowly and sat staring into each others’ eyes for a long moment. Alyson realized that the kiss meant something and wondered if Jen felt it ,too. Then Andrea broke the moment.

“Ok, sluts, this is Julia. She’s going to be . . . hanging out with you for a while. Play nice. I will be watching!” She pointed to the camera mounted in the corner and without another word, left them alone with the petite blonde. Julia walked over to one of the chairs and sat down, looking at the two terrified teens on the couch.

“Hi.” She looked up at the camera and smiled. “Don’t worry about Andrea. She won’t bother us.”

Alyson and Jen sat huddled together on the couch, watching her with great trepidation. Alyson finally found her tongue.

“Wh . . . what are you going to make us do?”

Julia smiled warmly. “Nothing. I’m just here to be your friend. To help you adjust to your new life here.” She paused, sensing their suspicion. “It seems that we’re going to be working together and Andrea thought we should get to know each other better.”

Jen eyed her warily. “I may be a little naive, but don’t try to tell me that this is a modeling agency!”

Julia chuckled. “Is that what they told you? When they caught me three years ago, they told me they were movie producers!”

Jen looked at her with even more disbelief. “Are you telling us that they kidnaped you three years ago, raped you, and you’re still here?”

Julia shrugged and took a deep breath. “It was hard at first. I was like you . . . confused, terrified. Eventually I realized that they were going to make me do what they wanted, whether I co-operated or not and decided it would be easier just to go along with them. And I was right. The sex was a little scary at first, but I soon got over that. Pretty soon, I was starting to enjoy it. And I started getting treated better, too. Bigger room, nicer clothes, more freedom.”

Alyson spoke up. “But, you don’t get to chose who you have sex with! It could be some disgusting old man, or even a woman!”

Julia smiled and shook her head. “They’re very selective with their clientele. I’ve never had to sleep with a ‘disgusting old man’. And as for women, what’s wrong with women? I think they’re just as sexy as men!” She watched as they stared at her, then added with a shrug, “Besides, if anyone knows how to please a woman, it’s another woman!”

Jen looked at her and shrugged. “I . . . I never thought of it like that before. And Andrea did make me feel really good.” She looked ay Alyson. “And even though Andrea made us do it, I . . . liked kissing you.”

Alyson took her hand and looked into her clear blue eyes. “So did I , Jen,” she said softly.

“There, now!,” Julia said with a broad smile. “Problem solved! Sometimes all you need is a little push!” Her face became serious. “I’m going to level with you. Andrea sent me here to teach you how to make love to another woman.” Jen and Alyson stared at her, not speaking.

Julia glanced up at the camera, then moved to the couch, squeezing between the two girls. “Pretend we’re getting real cozy,” she whispered as she stroked Jen’s hair and kissed her cheek. She did the same to Alyson and whispered softly, “I have to tell you something that could save your lives.” She leaned back and motioned for them to kiss each other. As they did, she continued whispering while stroking their hair. “If you act like you’re enjoying what they make you do, they may decide to keep you here for a while, like they did with me. If you give them a hard time, they’ll just sell you off to some pimp in another city and you’ll end up on the street giving blow jobs for twenty bucks. Trust me . . . I’ve seen it happen! Think of it as the lesser of two evils.”

Alyson pulled away from Jen’s soft, warm lips and whispered, “But we want to go home!” Julia smiled and leaned down to kiss her, their lips touching sensuously.

“I know, but you have to forget about home for now. Concentrate on staying alive. And believe me, if you end up on the street, you won’t last long before some john stabs you, beats you up, or you catch AIDS.” She leaned over and kissed Jen.

“Let’s get started,” she said to her. “Take my top off. And look like you’re having fun!” She moved her eyes toward the camera high up in the corner. “They want to see some action!” Jen hesitated a second, then slowly and awkwardly pulled Julia’s t-shirt over her head. Her huge 38DDs spilled out, quivering, the nipples hard.

“Wow! How do you carry all that weight?,” Jen asked, eyeing her massive breasts with wide eyes. Alyson shifted so she could get a look. Julia smiled and pushed her face down to one, then kissed Alyson before pushing her head to the other.

Jen looked up at Julia. “You said we’d be working together later. What exactly did you mean by that?”

Julia pressed Jen’s lips to her nipple, then nodded to Alyson to do the same. As the girls took her hard nipples into their mouths, Julia leaned back and smiled. In a low whisper she said, “We are all going to . . . entertain three clients later tonight. Two men and a woman”

Jen released the nub from her lips. “All at once?”

Julia nodded. “Mmmhmm. They sold . . . your virginity to them.” Both girls looked up at her.

“They did what?,” Alyson asked flatly.

Julia looked down at them. “Keep sucking my tits or they’ll get suspicious.” The girls resumed licking and sucking the massive orbs and Julia continued. “I’m sorry, but there’s no easy way to put it. Virgins are worth big money in this business. That’s why they haven’t fucked you yet.” She reached down and slipped her hand under Alyson’s shirt and began squeezing her tits. Neither girl spoke, both trying to absorb what she’d just said. Finally, Alyson spoke.

“Will it hurt much?” Julia was surprised by her question. She had expected it, of course, but not right after finding out that their virtue had been sold. She expected tears, refusals to cooperate, the usual. She paused, searching for the right words. Chances are, the clients would be rough and uncaring. They would have their way with the two young teens and not give a second thought to their feelings, figuring they were just whores anyway, bought and paid for.

“The first time it does hurt a little, but only at first. Soon it will start to feel real good.” She knew full well that they probably wouldn’t get any pleasure from it, but they didn’t need to know that.

Jen looked up at her, and as if reading her thoughts said, “Like they’d give a damn if they hurt us!”

Julia just smiled sadly and stroked their hair as they returned to suckling her breasts. It was so sad to have to explain to these innocent young kids that their childhood was over and life would never be the same again. After a few minutes, she pulled their faces up to hers.

“Andrea wants me to teach you everything about pleasing a woman,” she said, looking into both of their eyes. “So we better get to it.” They both had a defeated look, and she couldn’t help but to pity them. It was going to be a hard night, one they would never be able to forget.

Alyson sighed and looked at Jen. “I guess this is what Andrea meant by my ‘next lesson’.”

Julia smiled and caressed her cheek with her soft hand. “It’s not so bad, Alyson. Actually, I like it a lot. It’s not as messy as giving head and I like the taste better.” Alyson just gave her a blank look.

Julia stood up and removed her mini-skirt, revealing a shaved pussy with a small triangle of blonde hair over her mound. She reached out to Alyson and pulled her over close to her, trying not to let her sympathy for their situation interfere with her mission.

“Licking pussy is easy. You’re a woman, so just do what you think would feel good to you!” Jen watched as Alyson knelt before Julia and remembered the licking Andrea had given her. She placed Alyson’s hand on her swollen lips and said, “Spread them and rub your finger up and down, real gently.” Alyson ran a finger over the wet folds of Julia’s pussy, then pushed it between them, rubbing it from top to bottom.

“That’s it! See, it’s not so bad!,” Julia exclaimed.

Alyson shrugged. “What’s next?,” she asked, a hint of interest in her voice.

“Keep doing that, then push your finger inside. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt me!” Alyson pushed into Julia’s soft warm pussy, burying her finger inside the wet tunnel. “Mmmm . . . yes! That’s it! Oh, that feels good!” After a few minutes, Alyson sat down and Jen took over. Julia looked over at Jen, who was looking at her wet fingers.

“Taste me, Alyson,” Julia said. “Lick my pussy juice from your finger!” Jen looked over to her as she studied her wet fingers. She tentatively raised them to her lips and sniffed them. Julia nodded at her. “Go ahead . . . try it!” She looked at Julia, then back to her fingers. Taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth and slipped the wet fingers in, sucking the sweet juices from them. Jen watched her as she fingered Julia’s twat, eyes wide.

“What’s it taste like?,” she asked, making a face.

“Try some yourself,” Jen said, nodding toward her fingers buried in Julia’s pussy.

“I have a better idea,” Julia said. She pulled Jen’s hand from her pussy, sat down on the couch, and spread her long legs wide. “Time to learn how to eat pussy, girls.” Her gaze went from one to the other. “Who wants to go first?”

Alyson started to move over to her, but Jen spoke up.

“I will.” She gave Alyson a smile and dropped to her knees between Julia’s legs. Julia’s lips were swollen and glistening with moisture from their fingering. She could smell her musky aroma and see pink flesh peeking out from under the folds of skin. She looked up at Julia and sighed sadly, her eyes telling Julia she would rather do almost anything else, then slowly lowered her face between her legs. She stuck her tongue out and quickly licked lightly across her labia. Not finding the taste disagreeable, she did it again, this time with more conviction. Julia placed a hand on her head, forcing her lips to her wet labia.

“Push your tongue in as far as you can and flick it around,” Julia coached. Jen did as she was told and Julia moaned in pleasure. “Yes! That’s it!,” she whispered. “Just like that! Now, go up and suck on my clit . . . yes! Oh, god, yes!!” Julia locked her lips around the little sex organ and sucked on it, causing Julia to moan even louder.

“Oh, yeah! I think you’ve got it, hun!,” she exclaimed, and lifted Jen’s pretty face from her stimulated pussy. She kissed her deeply, tasting herself on Jen’s lips and tongue, then turned to Alyson.

“Your turn, honey. Come on.” She beckoned for Alyson to take Jen’s place between her spread legs. “Let’s see if you can finish what Jen started!,” she said as Alyson knelt between her legs. Wanting this humiliation to end as soon as possible, Alyson immediately lowered her face to the pink flesh and began licking.

“Oooo!,” Julia cried. “That’s it! Wow, you’re a natural, Alyson! Nice and slow, now . . . that’s it!” Alyson continued her licking and tongue-fucking for a few moments, then attacked Julia’s erect clit with a vengeance! She sucked hard on the little bud then began to nibble on it with her teeth. Julia moaned in pleasure and started rocking her hips.

“Oh, yeah, baby! Suck my pussy! Oh, yes!! I’m gonna cum!! Don’t stop!! Don’t stop!! Ahhhhh!!!” Her body stiffened as her orgasm exploded and a warm, kind of bitter fluid sprayed into Alyson’s mouth. Julia’s hands were holding her head in place and she had no choice but to swallow it. It wasn’t bad tasting, much better than when John came in her mouth. And it wasn’t as thick, more like water.

Julia cried out as her pussy gushed into Alyson’s mouth and soaked her face. “Oh, yesss!!!” She finally released her grip on Alyson’s head and her body relaxed, occasionally twitching on the couch. Alyson pulled her head free, her face dripping with Julia’s cum.

Julia smiled weakly at her. “That was incredible!” She leaned forward and caught a drop as it was about to fall from Alyson’s chin. “Sorry . . . sometimes that happens.” Alyson licked her lips and Julia grinned. “So, how do I taste?”

Alyson made a face. “Not bad . . . better than a man. A little bitter.”

Julia turned to Jen. “Give her a kiss. Try it.” Alyson turned to Jen, her face slick with Julia’s cum, and kissed her. Jen pulled away and licked her lips. She shrugged.

“It’s ok,” she said with disinterest. It was better than a man’s but her mind was elsewhere. She was really starting to like kissing Alyson. Each time they were told to kiss, Jen’s heart skipped a beat. It seemed more pleasurable the more they did it. She wondered if Alyson was having the same thoughts. She smiled at Alyson, who took her hand and squeezed it.

Just then, the door opened and Andrea walked in, the usual malicious grin on her face.

“Well now! My two little cock suckers are now muff divers, too!,” she said with a hollow laugh. Julia stood and began to dress while the two girls remained sitting on the couch, holding hands and watching Andrea fearfully. “Ok, it’s time to eat, then you can bathe and get ready for tonight.” She held out her hands. “Come on, sluts! Follow me!”

Reluctantly, they each took her hands and rose from the couch. They still had on the t-shirts, which barely fell below their hips, and that was the most clothing either had worn in over two weeks. “You can leave those here,” she said, tugging on Alyson’s shirt. “We’ll get you some new outfits after you get cleaned up.”

They looked at each other and began to remove the t-shirts. One lesson they had learned well was not to question Andrea’s orders. Julia finished dressing and watched as they pulled the t-shirts over their heads and dropped them to the floor. Both girls stood stark naked before Andrea and Julia. Once again, Julia felt a pang of pity for them. She quickly excused herself and left the room.

“Follow me,” Andrea said, and opened the door. They followed her obediently out into the hall. They passed several men and women along the way and they tried in utter futility to cover themselves with their hands.

They stopped at a door and Andrea opened it, gesturing for them to go in first. As they walked in, they were horrified to see several people, men and women, all fully clothed, sitting around a dining table. They stood in shocked silence as everyone stopped talking and turned to look at them. Alyson and Jen lowered their eyes. Jen didn’t think is was possible for Andrea to degrade and humiliate them anymore than she already had, but this was the icing on the cake. She wished the floor would just open up and swallow her.

Andrea was suddenly standing behind them. She leaned over and said, “Don’t be shy, sluts. Take a seat!” She urged them forward toward two empty chairs on either side of the long table. Alyson was seated between Julia and a man of about thirty, with a somewhat handsome face. He grinned lustily at her as she took her seat.

Jen sat between a very sexy looking brunette with huge tits and John, the man she’d given head to earlier. He gave her leg a squeeze after she sat down.

“You still owe me a deep throat, blondie!,” he snarled under his breath as she slid her chair forward. She shuddered at his words and touch, but didn’t look at him or respond.

Andrea took a seat at the head of the table and raised her wine glass. Everyone picked up a glass and turned to her, except Alyson and Jen, who were staring at their plates. Julia nudged Alyson, who picked up her glass. Jen looked up and did as well.

Andrea grinned at the two girls and held her glass up higher. “Here’s to a night of wild sex! May you surrender your virginity with much lust and enthusiasm!”

Everyone chuckled and took a sip. Andrea gave Jen and Alyson a hard stare until they did, too. The food was then brought out and served by three pretty young girls in sexy french maid uniforms. Alyson and Jen ate in silence while everyone chatted away happily and tried to ignore the comments about how hot their bodies were and how much everyone there wished they could be the one to take their virginity.

After what seemed an eternity, the meal ended and everyone drifted away, leaving Alyson and Jen alone with Andrea and Julia. Andrea checked her watch.

“It’s six-thirty, girls. Time for you three to be getting ready. Julia, would you accompany them to their baths while I prepare your outfits?”

Julia nodded. “Of course.” She stood and motioned for the girls to come with her. As they went through the door, Andrea called out to them.

“And no more fooling around! I want all of you fresh for the clients!”

Jen and Alyson held hands as they followed Julia down the hall. She opened a door and led them into a huge room that held four large whirlpool tubs. The room was finished in expensive looking tile and each tub was filled with water and bubble bath. Off to one side was an alcove with a fully stocked makeup table and several chairs. Through a door was a large walk-in wardrobe and dressing room, and beyond that a bedroom with the biggest bed either of them had ever seen, two couches, several easy chairs, and a long sturdy looking table about two and a half feet high.

“Is this where we . . .,” Jen asked as she looked into the bedroom, her voice trailing off. She already knew the answer.

Julia hugged her from behind. “Don’t worry about that now. Let’s all have a nice, relaxing bath. I think I saw some wine in there, too.” She steered Jen back into the bathroom and over to one of the tubs. Alyson followed and soon they were both sitting up to their necks in the warm, soapy water. Julia brought them each a bottle of wine and a glass, which she filled before slipping into her own bath. “Ahhhh!,” she sighed as the warm water enveloped her.

After about fifteen minutes, Jen noticed that she wasn’t as nervous as she had been earlier and Alyson agreed. They both decided it must be the soothing bath, since they only had one glass of wine.

“I’m almost looking forward to it!,” Jen said with a little grin as she took another sip of her wine. “As long as it doesn’t get too . . . too . . .” She thought for a second, then looked up. “Kinky! That’s the word I was looking for!”

Julia listened sadly as they chatted excitedly. She knew the type of people who paid for girls like them and ‘too kinky’ wasn’t even close to describing some of the things she’d seen done.

Alyson drained her glass and filled another. “I know what you mean! I’m actually getting . . .” She leaned over closer to Jen’s bath and whispered loudly, “. . .horny!” They both started giggling. Julia swirled the wine in her glass, watching them. As expected, the drugs in their wine were having the desired effect. By the time the clients got here, Jen and Alyson would be chomping at the bit. Unfortunately, soon after they would probably be pleading for mercy.

Andrea walked in from the dressing room. “Your clothes are all ready. Time to get dressed.”

They obediently but reluctantly got out of their baths and toweled off before padding naked into the dressing room. There were three catholic school girl type outfits hanging on hooks on the wall. Panties and long white stockings were lain out next to them, but no bras.

Happy to finally have real clothes to wear again, Jen and Alyson quickly got dressed. Julia put on the plaid skirt and white blouse and all three stood before Andrea.

“Perfect,” she said, winking at Julia. “If those outfits don’t scream ‘innocence’, I don’t know what would!” She glance again at her watch and turned to Julia. “It’s seven-thirty. Can you get just a little makeup on them? Not too much! I don’t want them to look like whores, just act like whores!”

Julia nodded, looking at the two teens. “No problem. They don’t need much, anyway.”

Andrea turned to go, then stopped and faced the girls. “I hope you realize just how important this night is to your future.” Her eyes took on the now familiar icy stare and her lips twisted into a humorless smile. “If you don’t please these clients, then you’re no good to me. And that is a position you don’t want to be in.” She continued to stare at them for a moment, then turned and left without another word.

After the door closed behind her, Julia said quietly, “And she means it. Remember what I told you!” The girls swallowed hard, remembering Julia’s warning all too well. They sat down at the makeup table and began applying some light makeup, the final preparation for the theft of their innocence.

– To Be Continued… –