“Come on lazy bones, we need to get up”


“Tomatoes, that’s why”

She giggled and ran her fingernails lightly up the length of my erection,

“I’ll give you a choice”



“Go on then”

“Stay here and go to sleep again”

I waited but so did she and I gave in first, mainly because of the way she was gently masturbating me.


“Or nothing” she whispered, “But I need a pee!”

This time she drew me into her arms and kissed as she stood and relieved herself, taking hold of my hand, she guided it between her legs and let the warm, golden urine flow over both our hands.

It was the most erotic thing I’d ever experienced, I kept her fingers entwined in mine and eased them between the lips of her pussy, she moaned into my mouth as she climaxed, long and slowly, legs trembling, tongue duelling with mine until she dropped to her knees and wiped our hands over my turgid erection.

I saw the little droplets of urine glistening on my shaft as she took me into her mouth and looked up at me.

I could only stand there and look down into her eyes while she sucked me gently,

“Mum” I whispered, “I can’t stop it”

She winked at me and seemed to gag, then suddenly her head moved forward and my cock slid easily into the back of her throat, she was deep throating me!

“Oh Christ mum”

Her hands clutched at my buttocks, my hands gripped her hair as she swallowed eagerly, not once did she gag or heave as I pumped spurt after spurt down her throat

Even when I was empty and pulled myself back, her lips gripped my cock and sucked every last drop from me, not only was it sexy, erotic and possibly kinky, but I found it to be a very emotional experience too and told her so as we dressed

“I know it’s wrong Tommy” she said, “Hell, we both know it’s wrong, but I love you, neither of us can possibly know what’s in store for us in the future, but I know that I’ve never felt like this before, never!”

“Mum, I – – -,”

She squeezed my hand,

“No Tommy, don’t stop me please darling, I’m being realistic now, I’m thirty four years old and- – – -,”

“Thirty five tomorrow”

“What? Oh God yes, you remembered!”

“Of course I did”

“Anyway as I was saying, I’m thirty five tomorrow and you’re eighteen, nearly nineteen, you’re a good looking young man as well as being an accomplished lover, you’ll probably meet someone of your own age group and fall in love with her, in fact I know you will and when you do we’ll both know it, we’ll go to bed one last time, fuck ourselves stupid, then I’ll leave, no tears, no recriminations, nothing but beautiful memories of someone who picked me up from the gutter and made me a woman again and someone who I’ll always love, no matter what!”

“Have you finished?”


“Right let’s go”

I picked up the backpacks and turned away,


“Come on, we’re going”

“Tommy wait”

I turned without stopping and said angrily,

“I did mum, I waited two years”

That was unfair and I knew it was even as I spoke the words.

In an awkward silence we got back into the car, my initial reaction to what she’d said had come from my gut, or even my heart, but I’d had time to think about it during the walk to the car.

Dumping the bags in the back, I turned to her,


“I didn’t deserve that Tommy”

I looked at the tears in her eyes again, she was hurting, I could see that, but so was I.

“Mum when I saw you walking, no shuffling out through the prison gates, I nearly cried, you were old mum, old and right there and then I vowed to pick you up and turn you back into the mother, the woman you used to be, even with him you were always laughing, no matter how bad things were between you two, you always had a smile for me and I could never, nor will I ever forget what you did that night. What man could forget that his mother stabbed her husband to death to save her son from a beating, another beating, he’d have put me in hospital again and you knew it, we both knew it, you didn’t hesitate mum, not for a second”

I sat on the boot of the car and lit two cigarettes, she took hers from me with a trembling hand as we relived the memories of that awful night.

He’d been drunk as usual, Tuesday was the only day he ever got out of bed before mum, because it was the day he got his unemployment giro, he came back at ten o’clock in the evening, drunk and nasty.

Mum and I had eaten a toasted crust of a stale loaf when we got up, it was all there was in the house, even the bloody mice were starving in our house!

Stupidly, he’d demanded his dinner and lashed out angrily when mum had asked him where the money was supposed to come from to buy the bloody dinner.

He caught her on the side of the face and knocked her back against the wall, I reacted immediately and thumped him as hard as I could, but all he did was laugh as he hit her again.

I jumped on his back screaming at him to leave her alone, but he swung round and threw me off, I hit my head on the edge of the table, the first kick broke my nose and I cringed as I waited for the next one, but it never came.

I thought he’d changed his mind because he looked at me sadly and shook his head as he knelt down beside me, he seemed to stay there on his knees just looking at me for an age, then he fell forward and I saw the big carving knife sticking out from between his shoulder blades!

“It’s because of what you did that night mum, that I’m still here, then as now I’m convinced he would have killed me, there wasn’t a day that went by in the institute, that I didn’t relive that night or that I didn’t think of you. What I’ve done for you mum, or what you say I’ve done can’t even begin to repay the debt I owe you”

I could feel my own tears on my cheeks as I took a deep breath and carried on,

“It took less than a day mum to get you back to what you were before, I’ll tell you something you don’t know as well, remember the first day, when you slept for God knows how many hours?”

“Yes” she said almost inaudibly and took a long pull on her cigarette

“I went in to go to bed and I looked at you, you were lying on your stomach, naked, the cover had slipped off you and I couldn’t help looking at you, I thought then and I still do that you were beautiful, I kissed your back mum and pulled the cover back over you, I’ve had a girlfriend who slept in that bed, she was sixteen and a very pretty, sexy girl, it was her who showed me how sexy, pissing can be, there have been one or two others, just one night stands really who’ve slept in that bed, all young, sexy teenagers and do you know what mum?”

She shook her head,

“Not one of them come close to you, for looks, personality or sexuality, fucking hell, they’re not even in the same fucking race mum!”

Without looking at me, she took out another cigarette, her second in less than ten minutes.

“Tommy when I said what I said, it was for you, I wanted to say other things but I couldn’t, how could I say that I don’t ever want you to leave me, I love you Tommy, I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone, but I’m your mother and I don’t have the right to ask you that. Last night I woke up and do you know what I did? I watched you breathing, that’s all, I just watched you breathing and then I cried a bit, I think I cried for the day I thought might be coming, the day you announce that you’ve met someone, someone you want to spend the rest of your life with”

Her voice broke and she sobbed,

“I don’t have the right to ask you to stay Tommy”

Great racking sobs bought the tears out from her eyes,

“I don’t have the right!”

We came together and cried together, a car went past slowly but we didn’t care, we just held each other until there were no more tears left to flow,

“I have met someone mum” I said softly, “I met her the other day, the someone I want to spend the rest of my life with”

She clung to me, her breath warm and sweet in my mouth,

“She gave me this look” and I showed her the gold bracelet that said, “Thank you”

“I love you Tommy”

I squeezed the cheeks of her sexy little bottom and kissed her neck,

“Remember what you said about when I told you I’d met someone?”

“Yes” that gleam was in her eyes again, “I said we’d go to bed and fuck each other stupid”

“So what the hell are we waiting for?”

– To Be Continued… –