Barbara sat at home daydreaming about the last few days. She had changed allot since a week ago. All she thought about was cocks and cum. She remembered the feel of them sliding down her throat and erupting with sperm while buried in her. And how much she enjoyed her mouth full of the sticky stuff, the slimy feel of it on her tongue, the salty taste as she swallowed it, and the look on the men’s faces when they unloaded in her mouth. Then she thought of how she loved a cock in her ass. Feeling a hard shaft penetrating her asshole was as pleasurable as having it up her cunt. She knew men were real turned on at the idea of sticking their cocks in an asshole, especially in a beautiful girls’ like Barbara. It made her feel good that she gave so much pleasure to them.

Barbara knew exactly how she acted this past week. She had turned herself into a pure slut. But she didn’t view it that way. She like cock and sperm and any kinky sex that would turn her on. And she wasn’t about to stop. She wanted more and allot more. Most of what happened to Barbara was merely by chance. Now, she was planning how to continue getting what she wanted, desired and craved.

Barbara decided to head downtown tonight and go after what she desperately wanted. She had seen many prostitues hanging out on the streets, only now she was going to be one of them. Except she wasn’t looking for money, she just wanted a hard cock to satisfy her lust.

Barbara dressed herself in a short mini skirt and a short tight top, no bra, no panties. Her smooth creamy white legs were irresistible. She desperately wanted a man’s hand running up her soft thighs, under her skirt in search of her pantyless crotch. Her 21 year old breasts stood out from her chest even without a bra. Barbara was proud of her firm 38″ tits. And she liked have them fondled and her nipples pinched. She fixed her gorgeous blonde hair nicely in curls with it touching along her cheeks. It seemed to drive men wild when her blonde hair danced on their groins when Barbara sucked them off. She put on some make-up and slipped on her high heels. She was magnificent. No man in his right mind could resist the way she looked.

Once Barbara arrived downtown she parked in a parking garage and walked out to the street. It was nearly 10pm and the streets were starting to quiet down. Barbara wasn’t exactly sure what to do first, so she hailed the first cab that went by. Upon entering the cab she noticed right off the big black man that was driving. There was something about black men that stuck a nerve in her. She liked the way they reacted to fucking her, like she was a forbidden piece of fruit. There hadn’t been a black man yet that hadn’t really gotten off fucking her tight blonde cunt. Now she was in the same car with another black and she wanted him. She could feel her lust building inside her. It didn’t matter to her what he looked like, all she could think of was his cock. Maybe he had some friends she thought, to keep her busy the rest of the night.

“Where to,” he called back to Barbara.

“Anyplace where a horny girl can find a good time?” She asked with a question.

The big black driver turned around staring into Barbara lovely eyes, admiring her long blonde hair and gazing at her exposed legs as she sat in the back seat with her skirt almost up to her waist. “I can show you a good time here, baby” he replied. “I don’t know,” Barbara answered coyly. “I’m going to need more than just one black cock tonight.”

“Don’t you worry,” he said. “I know where to git you plenty more once we git done.”

The black driver got out of the cab and jumped in the back with Barbara. “So you want some black meat, huh?” “You sure are pretty.” He reached toward Barbara feeling her long smooth legs running his hand up her thigh until it disappeared under her skirt. “Shit, babe, no fuckin’ panties?” His eyes almost popped out of his head when his hand touched her exposed pantiless pussy. Barbara’s slit was already wet anticipating his touch. She was crazy with lust and now feeling his strong black hand probing her made her even more nuts.

His fingers ran along the folds of her slit at first. Barbara closed her eyes enjoying his touch as much as he enjoyed feeling up this gorgeous white slut that happened into his cab. Then she felt his fingers spreading her hole open and a finger slipped in. Barbara felt her cunt juices dripping down her crotch into her asscrack as she slouched down more on the back seat spreading her legs open wider. Then another finger entered her pussy and he started fucking her with his fingers. Barbara moaned out loud it felt so good. She grabbed his hand between her legs helping him finger fuck herself, driving his fingers deeper and harder into her cunt. Barbara wanted to cum desperately.

The black cab driver stopped momentarily to pull Barbara’s skirt off, tugging on it as she wiggled out of it. Then he yanked the halter top off freeing her perfect tits for him to inspect. “My God, what fuckin’ tits,” he remarked. He squeezed both of them in his hands while licking her soft dark nipples taking turns back and forth. They immediately responded to his tongue growing hard and taut. It felt so good feeling his warm mouth on them and when he bit her nipple tips, it was like an electric shock that struck through her. Then her return back to her slit shoving his strong fingers inside again.

Frantically she keep his fingers working between her legs. She had hold of his hand helping him fuck her, guiding him up her slit, jamming it further and further inside. “More,” she whispered ever so softly. At first the cab driver didn’t know exactly what she wanted. But he quickly figured it out when she took his hand and helped him insert another finger. She wanted more fingers in her. Her juicy cunt easily accepted his three fingers all the way in her hole. Barbara’s frenzy was at the point of being out of control. She was ramming his hand against her crotch shoving his fingers inside her hot hole. No matter how much Barbara got, it seemed like she wanted more. In her lust driven frenzy and nearly panic stricken voice, again she whispered loudly, “all of it……….go ahead…….shove it all in.”

Barbara grabbed his hand squeezing his fingers together pushing his curled- up hand into her sopping wet gash. She pushed him into herself. The cab driver couldn’t believe it, but he help her. He pushed his fingers hard into her cunt trying to open her up. She wanted all of him inside her. He had never done anything like this before. He had seen pictures of women with fists in them, taking a whole hand up their cunts, but never thought he would get to do one. He pushed harder and Barbara was helping him push in.

“Shove it in, c’mon, push it all in,” Barbara begged of him with lust of a depraved slut.

Barbara was making some display of herself. But this is what she wanted. Barbara was driven completely by her sexual desires now. Whatever pleased her body, she would do. She dressed like whore, she acted like whore, she solicited herself like whore, and now she was letting herself, actually making herself be treated like a whore.

Barbara was out of patience. The cab driver was being too cautious in his penetration of her pussy. And Barbara was too caught up in her lust. She grabbed his wrist tightly and pulled him hard against her wet slit. His hand spread her cunt wide and passed through. His hand was in her, buried up her hole. Barbara began wiggling her butt enjoying the feel of his hand inside her.

“Oh, that’s it.” “Yesss.” “Yesss.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” “Fuck my cunt.”

“C’mon, fist me.” “Fuck my cunt with your fist.”

The cab driver started moving his hand inside Barbara back and forth fucking the inside of her cunt. Then he made a fist and tried to withdraw it stretching Barbara’s gash wide, then he shoved it back in. As he noticed how much Barbara liked having her snatch fisted he began journeying deeper inside Barbara. He started feeling around inside her cunt touching her delicate cunt lining, probing at it, stretching it. He forced inwards until Barbara winced in pain, then he back off only to repeat his probing and the search within this slut’s cunt. Barbara was squirming on the back seat impaled by the black drivers arm up her cunthole. She was in ecstasy as he fist fucked her with only an occasional wave of pain from his deep probes. The feeling built and built, stronger and stronger. Barbara’s cunt felt like it was on fire. She couldn’t stand it any longer. She had to cum or go crazy. She grabbed his wrist, ramming it hard into her hole. The cab driver’s fist bottomed out deep in her cunt with at hard impact. Barbara’s body then burst into a violent orgasm. Her cunt gripped the cabby’s hand flooding it with her fresh juices. His wrist felt her hole tighten as if to snap it off. And Barbara held him inside her, letting herself enjoy the fullness inside her cumming hole. When she came out of her delirious state, she spread her legs and helped him extract his big black hand from her dripping slit. She kissed his hand, licking her juices from it, tasting her own cum.

Barbara wasn’t finished with him by no means. She had a deep seated lust and one orgasm, although incredibly gratifying, was not nearly enough to satisfy her. She reached for his crotch touching him, feeling his already hard shaft through his pants. He wasted no time then, his cock had become rock hard while he was playing with Barbara fisting her. He unbuckled himself and yanked his pants off including his underwear. His big ten inches stood out from him shining, reflecting some of the light from the street lamp overhead.

Barbara had been waiting all day for this. Finally a hard cock to suck on. And with a little luck, it will be the first of many tonight. She took it deep in her mouth gobbling it up in her own slutty way until it hit the back of her throat. The cab driver just knelt between her legs letting her suck his cock with her beautiful soft lips. He hadn’t expected Barbara to be so aggressive, rather he figured she might need some coaxing. But this wasn’t Barbara’s first black cock by no means. She knew exactly what she wanted.

She grabbed his buttocks with her hands and pushed her face into his groin swallowing his ten inch tool. “Fuck, bitch.” “What a goddamn good cocksucker.” She backed off him, looked up, smiled, and down his cock went again into the depths her throat. Barbara loved deep throating and she knew men loved it too. It sent a strange sensation through her body when she swallowed a hard cock. She could feel her throat stretch open to accept the hard meat and it always felt so warm. And when a man started cumming while deep in her, Barbara nearly would cum herself. The throbbing in her throat as a cock pulsed dumping sperm down her gullet was pure enjoyment to Barbara, yet the men think they’re doing a nasty degrading thing to her.

Now she had the cab driver’s cock down her throat, ten inches of hard black meat. It was easy, Barbara swallowed it without a hint of any difficulty. She took him in and out, all ten inches, repeatedly, over and over. She fucked her own throat with his shaft as if it were a loose cunt, no pushing, no forcing, just cock swallowing.

Once she felt he was really horny and couldn’t take much more, she backed off him again, knelt up to him looking him in the face, and gave a delicate little teasing lick on his lips before saying, “Fuck me in the ass.”

“Oh, fuck me man.” He replied trying to restrain himself from creaming right then all over Barbara’s face and tits.

Barbara turned around to kneel on the back seat, but it was to cramped in the small space. So she opened the door to the cab and knelt on the edge of the seat with her ass up in the air facing out the door. Quickly the driver went out walking around the cab to the other side. Barbara’s ass was ready and waiting for his cock. He positioned himself right on her back door and Barbara beckoned him again.

“Go ahead, fuck me in the ass with your hard black cock.”

He wasted no time. He pushed on her anus and penetrated her back hole. Once inside her and hearing Barbara moan in enjoyment of his stiff tool, he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back as he pushed forward. His cock forced through her tight asshole in one motion. He was buried completely up her rectum. This black man was in heaven. He never ever had a white woman before. Now he had his hard cock stuffed up the asshole of a beautiful blonde and she loved it.

“Oh, God yes,” Barbara cried. “Fuck me.” “Fuck me.” “Fuck my asshole.”

Barbara was making him crazy with her slut talk. This black man couldn’t believe such a beautiful looking white woman would beg so desperately to be fucked, much less in the ass. But that’s what was happening. Barbara was begging him to fuck her tight anal hole. He stayed buried in her for a moment trying to come to his senses that this was really happening. As he looked down he saw that he really did have his ten inch cock inside an incredibly beautiful blondes asshole. And her words kept echoing in his mind, “fuck me, fuck my asshole.”

He withdrew his tool slightly and shoved it back in several times until Barbara’s hole got accustomed to him. He was going to give her what she wanted. He picked up the pace fucking her faster and harder with longer strokes until eventually he was able to extract all of his cock from Barbara’s ass and re-penetrate her hole in one quick motion.

“Oh, God yes.” Barbara repeatedly cried out. ” Fuck me, fuck me hard.”

He was holding Barbara’s asscheeks with his hands keeping them spread apart as he bucked his hips back and forth driving his ten inch cock over and over up Barbara’s ass. The cab rocked each time he bottomed out when his body slammed into Barbara’s rear end. When he did, Barbara let out a grunt from the force of him slamming her. He was relentless fucking her hole, his cock pistoned like a machine driving both him and Barbara to the brink.

He tried to keep reaming her asshole longer, but he kept thinking of this being the first time in a white ass and she was so beautiful, he couldn’t hold back. Watching his black tool sliding in this beauty’s rear end was making him crazy. In his excitement he finally yelled out, “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.”

Barbara quickly responded in an almost begging voice, “NO!! NO!!” “Not yet, not yet!!” “Do it in my mouth.” “Cum in my mouth.”

Barbara’s incredible pleas would make any man cream right away. And this cab driver was no different than any other. His cock was ready to explode inside her ass. But he wasn’t about to deny this beauty’s request, so he pulled from Barbara’s ass in a hurry letting her turn around just in time to position herself in front of his hard throbbing black cock. She grabbed it in her hand just as he let loose with a giant stream of sperm. The cum hit Barbara in the face so she quickly moved closer wrapping her lips around his throbbing meat. Now she was ready.

The cab driver shot again unloading a tremendous spurt in Barbara’s mouth, then another and another. He ejaculated with incredible force. Barbara felt the spurts hitting the roof of her mouth and literally splashing all over inside her. She kept her lips clamped around his throbbing cock while she stroked his shaft helping him empty the built up contents of his balls directly into her mouth. His slimy jizz was unbelievably thick, it felt like it formed one big glob inside her mouth and there was allot of it. This had to the biggest load she’d ever had from one man. Her mouth was almost full and she had missed the first spurt, that was all over her face.

When she felt he was done, she looked at him holding the sperm in her mouth. He looked down at Barbara seeing her face spotted with his first blast of cum. Then she opened her mouth giving him a quick show of his sperm load in her mouth. He could see his white jizz all over tongue, in fact you couldn’t even see her tongue, her mouth was a giant pool of fresh hot thick sperm. With her mouth opened for just a second a little ran out the corner and down her cheeks. But, as fast as she opened her mouth she closed up again and swallowed his glob of jism making a gulping sound for his benefit. Then she licked the end of his cock getting any remaining cum making sure his cock was clean.

“You’re fuckin unbelievable,” he whispered loudly trying to regain his composure. “Do you do this often, I mean do you fuck black men allot?”

“Sometimes,” Barbara replied. “Actually, I’ve just realized how much I like black men.” “I know you think I’m probably a slut. I know it. But I don’t care, I like what I’m doing. I like sucking black cock and black cum.”

“Now, I’m just getting warmed up. You said you could get me more cocks. Did you mean that?”

“Lady, if that’s what you want, then that’s what you’ll get.” “How game are you,” he asked.

Barbara replied, “as many as you can find, and as long as they can get ’em up. I’ll bathe in their cum if they can give me that much.”

They both got in the cab and off they went in search of cock and cum party for Barbara.

-To be continued…-

by NiteWriter