For the past thirty minutes Thomas had been looking in horror at the pictures of his wife with someone else, no, not just someone else, but a group of men, black men. In the four years they had been married their sex life as well as their family life had seemed good. Yes she had only been 19 when they had married but she had grown quickly into the role of the perfect Preacher’s wife. He knew that she had been a virgin when they had married and that sex was new and strange to her and though they didn’t have sex every day she give him much pleasure and he had always thought that he had given her the same. His eyes fell to the note that had been with the pictures, his lips moving as he again went over the lines telling him that if he thought the pictures were good then he shouldn’t miss what his wife was doing this afternoon. Every detail of his wife’s young petite body and beautiful face stood out in each of the pictures as she lay on a rumpled dirty mattress surrounded by men in what looked like a tavern or pool hall, his hand rubbed over the bulge of his trapped cock and he found himself wishing that he could have been there to watch in person as she had fucked those men.

Angela hung up the phone and slowly walked to her car feeling like some cheap whore, she couldn’t believe that she was going to met Warren again. Warren had seemed like such a nice young black boy at the church functions and when he had called asking for help she had not thought twice about meeting him. A chill ran through her as a gust of wind blew under the short mini skirt she wore making her all the more aware that she only had a garter belt under her skirt. The thin translucent blouse covering her breast made it all to clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra and the material rubbing across her nipples caused them to stiffen and tingle. She still couldn’t believe that Warren had drugged her and then let several of his friends use her sexually. She had fucked or sucked at least seven of his friends unable to do anything but obey as Warren commanded her every action. And now she was to drive to some cheap motel in the run down side of town and met him because he had told her that he had taken pictures of her as she had fucked his friends. He had promised to give the photo’s to her if she would met him one more time, and then he had directed her to dress like the whore she was, with only a garter belt under a miniskirt, no bra or panties or he would send the pictures to her husband. She know that he would want sex with her, and the thought of betraying her husband again brought tears to her eyes, but if letting him use her body would protect her husband and keep her shame hidden then she would have to do it in order to get the pictures.

Tom could see that his wife still had her glasses on even as her lips encircled the long fat black cock in her mouth as another black man knelt behind her with his cock buried in her cunt. In fact in every picture that he looked at that was the only thing she wore, and despite his shock, and in spite of who he was, the snap shots of his wife being used by several blacks aroused him. In some of the photos he could see traces of the men’s cum on her 34b tits and her flat belly, in other photos cum dribbled from her lips as the black cock she was sucking shoot its load into her mouth and throat. Her red hair was matted and clung to the sides of her cheeks as if one or more of the men had shoot his load over her face and hair. In four pictures, each with a different man, her small red lips were clasped tightly around the shaft of the black cock and her small white hands clung to their buttocks as if trying to pull them deeper into her mouth and he wondered why she was willingly doing something that she had told him she would never do and that it was nasty and perverted.

Parking her car in front of the motel office she glanced at her wrist watch and noted that it was right at 1:00. She was appalled at both the location and the seedy appearance of the motel. And the fact that it was in the worst part of town only heightened her dread. The clerk handed her a key when she told him her name and as his eyes traveled over her body making her blush he told her that the bungalow was paid for and then winked, telling her to have a good time. As she stepped through the door she saw Warren sitting on the bed and when he stood and slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her close she trembled. The air was heavy with a strange musty smell and then she realized that it was the odor of stale sweat and sex and what could only be pot. Trying to slip from Warren’s grasp and rush from the room did little good as he grabbed her long red hair and yanked her forcefully back and then with a cold cruel hiss told her that if she wanted the pictures the least she could do was give him a piece of that hot pussy of hers. “And you better be good too Angela or so help me you not only won’t get the pictures but that God fearing Preacher husband of yours, as well as the members of his church are going to see you in all your glory ……. I don’t think that they’ll think to highly of the Preachers wife fucking a group of blacks ……. But then again some of them holier then thou assholes might get turned on seeing pictures of their Preachers wife sucking black dicks and wallowing on a cum soaked mattress as she fucks others ….. So unless you want me to distribute those pictures you better just do what I say, or else.”

He wondered how or what had driven his wife to do such a thing. It was hard to picture the sex crazed women in the pictures as the same sweet woman he was married to. In one of the picture’s the young man with his cock in her mouth looked somehow familiar but he couldn’t quite place him, and with that thought in mind he reached for the phone. When he got no answer he glanced at the clock, it was almost 4:30 and he knew no reason why she shouldn’t be at home, of course he had never had reason to call before. Hadn’t she always been there when he had gotten home from visiting his parishioners or spending the day at the church in some function or other. But now he had a note hinting that his wife might again being doing something like she had done before. Glancing at the pictures again his mind raced with visions of her again doing things that only a cheap slut or a sex crazed pervert would do.

Angela couldn’t believe that she had come to this seedy motel dressed like a common slut, or that she was standing in the grasp of a young negro who she at one time had thought nice listening to him tell her that if she did this for him he would give her the pictures. She felt a sharp prick and as she looked down at her hip Warren pushed the plunger down, then he handed her a drink along with a couple of pills grinning at her as he softly told her that it was just something to make her relax. As Warren continued whispering softly into her ear he began fondling her breast, and in spite of her fear of again being used by this young boy that she had once thought nice she found her body warm to his caresses. Popping the pills into her mouth and gulping the drink down sent an almost immediate floating sensation through her body, and as his lips mashed hers and his tongue probed deeply into her mouth she responded willingly pushing her tongue into his as if in a duel. His hands slipped under her skirt rubbing softly over her bare buttocks before gripping her ass cheeks pulling her roughly against his body grinding his hips against hers allowing her to feel the hard bulge of his cock. She collapsed into his arms as they sank to the bed, and as his fingers continued to work she moaned softly, a feeling of pure pleasure flowing through her body. Her legs parted allowing his fingers to probe between her pussy lips and over the hot throbbing hardness of her clit. She felt her pussy throb and moisten as his fingers worked their magic and she felt as if a blow torch were centered between her legs. She dimly remembered this feeling but unlike before it was much stronger, her hips moved against his marvelous fingers and a moan of pure lust escaped from her lips as her own hands covered his, joining his fingers as they played over the hot moist lips of her cunt as he whispered into her ear. “Oh yea Angela, I think that hot little pussy of yours can hardly wait to be filled with some hard black cock am I right ……. That’s right white girl ….. That’s it, play with that pussy, make it nice and moist …… Stick your fingers in there and get it ready for some nice hard black cock ……. Spread them legs and tell me what you want white girl.” She was unaware that his friend Melcolm was setting up video equipment as Warren’s fingers traveled over body and his voice softly whispered to her. She only knew that the hot burning need she felt had to be quenched. Her fingers pulled her pussy lips apart as she slowly inserted first two and then three fingers into the hot burning hole between her legs, and her hips bounced from the bed while she moaned softly that she needed his hard black cock.

As Tom entered the house he called out to Angela but was greeted with only silence. Going from room to room was like going into a vacuum as the house was silent and when he finally decided to check the garage it to was empty. The darkness outside had deepened and when he flipped on the light switch and turned to enter the house he noticed a piece of paper on the floor. Picking it up he slowly read that if he wished to see how his wife spent her days he should go to the Pink Flamingo Motel room 314. He read the strange hand writing several times and then walked through the darkened house and out to his car. He had no idea what was awaiting him or if his wife would even still be there but he had to go. And when he pulled into the motel and drove to the managers office. Looking at the register he saw that a Angela Peterson had checked in around 1:00 and that she was in bungalow 314. Asking if she was still there the clerk grinned and at him and then rubbed his crotch as he told Tomas that she was one fine piece of honky snatch. Asking what he meant by that the young black clerk told him that she had come in about 1:00 paid for the room and then had offered him a piece of ass. “I figured what the hell, I mean here’s this beautiful red headed white woman checking into this dump wearing a mini skirt and see through blouse asking me if I wanted a piece of ass. You know this black boy ain’t going to say no, so I take her out back to the bungalow and do the bump and grind. I got to tell you man that cunt sure do like black meat cause after I shoot my wad she be wanting me to give her more but I tell her I gots to get back to work so she asked if I know any black boys that would like to fuck a white woman. She’s one cock hungry slut man. There’s been a steady stream of brothers going into her bungalow all afternoon. They’ve even shot some video, you know, one of those gang bang flicks. Can you imagine a fine looking redheaded white broad taking on fifteen or so black guys and not giving a shit if they tape her. Hey, you ain’t her old man or something are you, cause we don’t need no trouble here.”

Angela felt hands fondling her and her body quivered with excitement, her buttocks continued to bounce from the bed as she continued to finger fuck herself. Hands unbuttoned her blouse and lips encircled her nipples kissing them to full rigid hardness and she dimly wondered how Warren was able to kiss both her tits at the same time. Other hands pulled hers from her crotch and then removed her skirt leaving her with only her garter belt and stockings. Moaning loudly she begged Warren to fuck her, but instead fingers slipped inside her pussy and began working in and out bringing her closer to relief. The bed beside her head sank as her hips bounced up into the multiple fingers fucking into her like a cock. She felt as if she was on a huge wave of pleasure as the hands and lips caressed and fondled her small petite body. Once again she dimly wondered how Warren was able to do so much to her body at once. Her eyes fluttered as she felt something brush over her lips and then she heard Warren’s voice softly tell her to open wide so that she could suck some black cock. The cock slipped between her lips as she let her mouth open and she softly pursed her lips kissing the head of the waiting cock and then she licked over the head before stretching her lips wide allowing the large dark hunk of meat to slip into the warm moist cavity of her mouth. Her lips stretched tightly around the head of the cock as she tried to engulf him but try as she might she could not get more then the large knob of the cock between her lips. She almost panicked as she thought about what Warren had said about doing a good job of fucking him or he would send the photos to her husband and the members of his church. She felt fingers twist into her long red hair pulling her head into the air and she gave a muffled scream as her eyes opened to the sight of a large hairy belly and then the cock pushed forward curling her lips inward as it slowly inched forward into her mouth. It was at that instant and to her shock and horror as she felt her lips curl inward and the cock slip into her mouth that she realized that she was once again being used by a group of black men as their sex toy..

As Tom turned and looked across the parking lot looking for his wife’s car he heard laughter and the sound of several voices as they carried across the still cold air. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing as their laughter and words assaulted his ears and burned into his brain. “Man oh man that is one cock hungry white girl. I don’t know if she’s really a preachers wife but she sure does believe in integration. I don’t even care that Warren charged us fifty cents apiece to fuck her while he taped it, cause he said we could do her till we couldn’t get our rocks off anymore. I think he’s right when he say’s that those tapes are some of the best gang bang tapes anybody’s ever seen. Can you believe she took Jesse’s 14 inch cock in the poop chute while sucking on Raymond’s 10 inches. That red head sure did look sexy with nothing but a garter belt and her glasses on as she gobbled that cock. I still can’t believe that white sluts answer when Tyron asked her if she would fuck his dog’s, she begged him, I mean she actually begged him to let her fuck his dogs. She’s been getting black cock all afternoon and she begged him to let her fuck those dogs.”

She dimly heard over the pounding in her ears his laughter as he pushed forward again, slipping another inch or so of his massive cock between her widely stretched lips. She heard him tell the others that she was one preachers wife that believed in giving, and that this afternoon she would be giving each of them all the white pussy they could ask for. Again his hips lunged forward shoving two more inches of hard thick dark meat into her mouth and she felt the tip of his engorged cock press against her tonsils. His fingers tightened in her hair and then in total disbelieve she felt his cock push her tonsils aside and begin to slither into her throat until she felt the hair around the base of his cock against her lips. Her hands flew up to his hips and tried to push him away, her eyes pleading for help as she looked up into the grinning face of the negro pushing his lust engorged cock deep into her throat. With tremendous effort she fought for air and then to her relief she managed to draw a shallow breath through her nostrils as she swallowed the saliva filling her mouth. It was in that instant when her vision cleared momentarily that she saw not only several black men, but the video cameras. He slowly pulled backward until only the head of his cock remained between her lips, and as her mind and soul screamed out in pain with the knowledge of betrayal, her soul collapsed in on itself as the video camera zoomed in on the hard length of black cock. Her tightly ovaled lips traveled the length of dark meat as the negro’s hips lunged forward pushing into the hot moist cavity of her mouth and deep into her throat until her lips were once more around the base of his cock, and his balls slapped against her chin. Her small white hands clung to the lunging hips as they rocked back and forth, one moment pulling back until just the knob of hard black cock was between her lips and in the next moment plunged deep into her throat, her eyes stared into the camera unable to look away. She heard his laughter and abusive language as he called her by name, telling not only the other black men, but anyone that might watch the video what a great cock sucker she was.

Slowly as if in a fog he started to walk in circles but before he had taken three steps the night clerk had grabbed him. “I got to tell you man I can’t believe you didn’t call the cops, not that it would have done any good cause they won’t come down here. Your one of those guys that gets his rocks off dreaming about his wife getting fucked by a group of well hung black men, ain’t you Reverend. I want you to picture that young wife of yours out there in that bungalow as one after the other a bunch of niggers that paid me fifty cents apiece push their cocks into her mouth and cunt, and yea even that tight little ass of hers. Can you see it Reverend, can you see what a cum bucket she’s become. She’s nothing but a cock hungry white slut that would even fuck a pack of dogs if I let her.”

To her relief he finally pulled his cock from her mouth and she looked around at the men that surrounded her. Once again her eyes locked onto one of the video cameras and she knew that her life would never be the same. Her eyes locked onto Warren’s as he stood beside the bed his cock glistening from the sucking she had just given him, and the look of satisfaction and glee at the complete domination of her shocked her so that it was a moment before she realized that the voice she heard was hers telling the men standing in the shadows just behind the lights and the cameras that she wanted their large black cocks. Bending her knees she let her legs fall open in an unmistakable sign of invitation, and then she slide her hands over her breast pinching and pulling on her lust engorged nipples before letting one of her hands travel down her firm flat belly. Her voice quivered as she begged the men to give her their hard black cocks unable to help herself because of the drugs flowing through her body and making it seem as if the only way for the hot flaming heat of her loins to be quenched was for someone, anyone, or everyone to sink their hard pulsing cocks into her. Now she knew why he had given her the shoot in her hip and why he had given her the pills. He had never intended to give her the pictures, his only purpose had been to get her to this run down motel and shoot a video of her as she was fucked by black man after black man. The drugs would make it appear as if she wanted these dirty smelly men to sink their cocks into her and to use her however they wanted. The men did not know that Warren had drugged her, or if they did they didn’t care, all they knew was that a beautiful red headed white woman was laying naked in front of them playing with herself and begging for someone to fuck her. They mistook the quiver in her voice and the look of shame in her eyes for lust and eagerness.

As Tomas stood frozen he watched as a car with three negro’s pulled into the lot and drove past the office toward the back cluster of run down bungalows. Tomas could hear excited voices as the newcomers were greeted and told about the preachers wife that was inside taking on any and all comers. “I heard Warren slipped an aphrodisiac in her coke a few days ago and then sold her to a bunch of brothers for fifty cents apiece just so he could take some pictures and blackmail her into thinking if she met him again he wouldn’t show the shots to her husband. I’ve seen those pictures man and I’ll bet her old man was probably pounding his pud right after he saw them. The stupid cunt thought that Warren would give her the pictures that’s how he got her here this afternoon ……. Now the bitch is in there making a gang bang video and even though she’s had a lot of dick this afternoon she’s still pretty tight, so if you boys want to get in on the action just give your fifty cents to Melcolm as you go in. Yes sir, that cunt’s nothing but a natural fucking whore that just needed a few hard black cocks and a little encouragement.”

As Melcolm’s large coal black body crawled over her slim white form Angela closed her eyes and bit her lip as she waited for what she knew was going to happen. She felt her small upturned breast being pinched savagely and her eyes flew open and she cried out as the pain ripped through her upper torso. “Keep those pretty blue eyes of yours open bitch so the cameras will know that your fucking these black boys willingly. Remember what my man Warren said about your husband and his congregation getting those pictures of you last week. Now lets put on a show so all these fucking niggers can see what they’ll be getting when it’s their turn. And remember sweet thing don’t forget to tell everyone how much you want their big hard dicks and that you can’t wait for all of them to fuck you. After all your going to be here all afternoon getting that cunt of yours stuffed with cock so you may as well enjoy it because if you ain’t satisfied with one cock another will take it’s place and sooner or later you’ll find a few that you really like. Just remember your husband and his congregation and what their going to think if they get those pictures.” And with that he pulled her legs up over his shoulders and shoved at least seven inches of coal black meat into her in one hard lunge of his hips. Melcolm’s words burned into her brain and when the first lunge of his hips sank his hard black cock into her pussy stretching her she gasped in pain and then with ragged breath she moaned telling him to give her all of his big hard beautiful black cock. “Oh God fuck me Melcolm …. Fuck your little white cock loving whore …….. ” As the huge black pounded his twelve inch cock deep into her hot burning cunt she moaned and gasped out words of encouragement, her body squirmed and bucked against his large dark frame. When she felt his muscles tighten she knew that it would be just a matter of time before he shot his filthy sperm inside her womb and she lunged upwards arching her back as a moan gurgled from deep in her chest . Raising from her body he stood beside the bed telling her that he was giving her to his friends and that she better make him proud and then he pushed his cum smeared cock against her lips telling her to suck him clean.

When the night clerk stepped up beside him and asked if he was ready to see his wife he could only nod. And then he found himself being led toward the bungalow where his wife had spent the afternoon being sexually used by a bunch of men. With dread he let himself be led forward, and as they walked the young black night clerk told him that he knew that it was his wife and that she had taken at least fifteen guys cocks that afternoon, letting them stuff their cocks not only in her snatch but in her mouth and up her ass as well. “I want you to know Reverend Peterson that your wife Angela started out thinking that she was saving you but once she got that first big cock in that snatch of hers she just went crazy. Of course when I gave her a double dose of aphrodisiac that didn’t hurt either. She got so turned on from the start that if I hadn’t supplied her with the men she would have gone to the nearest bar and fucked everyone there. I like her here though cause I get to tape her as she fucks anybody and everybody I get off the street. She just keeps begging for big hard nigger cocks so I have the bro.’s spread the word about her wanting black cock. Why I’ve even got footage of that sweet little wife of yours not only getting two and three black cocks at the same time. Yes sir Reverend, your little red headed wife is going to make me some money with these video’s.”

As Melcolm’s cock pushed forcefully between her lips she could taste not only his sperm but the juices of her own body as well. She felt the bed sink as someone’s body covered hers and then his cock brushed against her swollen pussy lips. As it slipped into her she wrapped her legs around his hips and bucked upwards once again feeling the hard length of cock bury itself into her yearning slit. The cock wasn’t as big as Melcolm’s but it was hard and fat and it did feel so good inside her. Her small white hands reached out and her fingers encircled the shaft of Melcolm’s cock as he literally fucked her mouth. She heard the man above her as he told the others how tight her snatch was, and then amongst the laughter of the men waiting their turn and the grunting of the one pushing his dick harder and faster into her cunt, Melcolm’s voice broke against her ears like a tidal wave as he whispered to her that she must really love his cock because she was milking it like like a baby at her mothers tit. Yes sir Angela I told you that you’d be liking these black cocks. She continued to suck and fondle his cock as her hands clung tightly to his ass cheeks pulling him into her throat. The realization that he was right tormented her because it was not the drugs that were now making her lavish such attention to not only his big cock but also to the one sunk deeply into her cunt. Her need to show them that she loved the way they were fucking her surged through her body as it twisted and bucked between them. Not even in her wildest dreams had she imagined cocks like theirs, and then she realized that there were many other black men waiting and if the stories she had heard as a child were true, then she would have many other large cocks as the afternoon wore on. Her mouth filled with cum and to the delight of the men her throat muscles milked and massaged the cock as she swallowed load after load of Melcolm’s spunk. She no longer thought of her husband or his church, or that she had come here to get the promised pictures. In her minds eye she only saw cocks, long — thick — hard — black — cocks. Angela Peterson, a Preachers wife and once happily married women was gone, and in her place was now a cock crazed slut who for the next few hours bucked and twisted, humping against the bodies of black man after black man as each of them sank his cock into her. It didn’t matter that some of them were teenagers or that some of them looked and smelled like wino’s from some dark alley, the only thing that her lust drugged mind cared about was that each of them had a hard cock and that she needed them. As his cock withdrew she moaned soulfully but then another cock slipped between her lips, and just as four more black men sank their cocks into the hot smoldering cauldron of her pussy one after the other, so too did cock after cock slip between her lips and fuck into her throat as each one filled her gullet with a load of what to her had now become the nectar of life. Some of them were bigger then others but as she thrust her hips upward or clasped her lips tightly around the cock in her mouth, she gloried in the fact that each of them would add his cum to the others before. Her hips were in constant motion as first one and then another climbed between her legs and sank his cock into her pussy.

“Do you hear me Reverend, that once sweet little red headed wife of yours is now nothing but a cum bucket. Her only thought from now on will be black men. And even though she will be in your house and may even fuck you, her greatest pleasure will only come when she is humping against a black man. She’s even going to dress like a whore so that everyone will know just what kind of wife you have …… And if I want her to stand on some street corner or walk into some bar and sell her body for fifty cents a fuck she’ll do it. I’m going to keep making movies of her and sell them. But the best part Reverend is that no matter what I want her to do and no matter what I do to her that little wife of yours is going to do it willingly.

She felt her body being twisted around and flipped over until she was on her knees with her ass raised into the air and a voice was saying that he was going to shove fourteen inches in the white sluts ass hole. She moaned again as she felt the cock trying to enter her anus and she tried to twist away. Turning her head see saw him spit on his cock and then rub it over the head of his cock before once again pushing it between her ass cheeks. The pain was tremendous and she bite her lip trying to stifle her scream of hurt and pain as she felt inch after inch push deeper into her. Suddenly a cock was pushed against her lips and without thinking she opened her lips welcoming the hard fat length of yet another black cock into the warm damp cavity of her mouth. Her lips clasped tightly around the shaft and as the cock pounding into her ass hole rocked her forward, the cock in her mouth kept cadence with the rocking motion of her small petite body. As the two cocks buffeted her between them she dimly wondered why Warren had done this to her, but the thought was a fleeting one as the burning need for relief once more surged through her drugged body as the cock began spurting its thick creamy load into her belly to mix with the others that had gone before. Another cock slipped into her mouth as the negro fucking into her ass told everyone that her ass was burning his cock. Twisting around trying to relieve the hurt allowed the cock to slip the final three inches and she now felt the hair around his cock against her ass cheeks, his balls bounced against her cunt lips with each punishing forward thrust. Her ass moved in small tight circles as she bobbed her head and rocked back and forth between the two cocks. First taking the cock in her ass deeply and then the one in her mouth down her throat. Until with a final hard lunge the black man behind her gave a savage grunt and his hot burning seed erupted into the tight clinging tunnel of her anus. Lunging backwards her body quivered, twitching like a bug being impaled on a mounting board and then the cock in her mouth erupted but this time he pulled it from her mouth and shoot his load into her face and hair. As they both slowly withdrew she heard a dim small voice that somehow sounded familiar asking for another cock. “Fuck me you black bastards …… Fuck me with your big hard black cocks ……. Oh sweet Jesus, give me a cock, somebody give me their cock ….. I … I neeedddddd a cock ……. Pleeaaaassseee.”

And then in answer to her mournful plea her body was twisted and turned until she found herself laying across a negro and as he pushed his cock upwards into her burning cunt another slipped between her ass cheeks and then as she threw head head up and back screaming in pain at the duel penetration a third cock entered her mouth. At first she was buffeted about like a rag doll but slowly the three men found a cadence, and then to the surprise and delight of the men watching the triple penetration of the petite white woman she began moving forward, backward and up and down against each cock as it sank into her. The simultaneous penetration of this beautiful petite white women by three hard black cocks was now being captured on film and the fact that she was even now working with the three men would be one of the highlights of the film. Time and again her mournful muffled plea for cock was answered as the three men worked in unison until finally each of her cavities were flooded with globs of hot sticky cum and her own body twitched and convulsed with a mind shattering climax of its own. As the last of the men climbed from her sweaty cum smeared body Melcolm stepped up twisting his fingers into her damp tousled hair lifting her head from the bed as with a huge grin he twisted her head about until she was looking down over her sweat soaked cum smeared body to her now numb crotch her eyes dimly focusing on his hand as he shoved his fingers into her gapping cuntial passage twisting and turning his hand as he pushed deeper, past his knuckles. And then as his wrist disappeared a voice came to her as from down a long dark tunnel. His hand and forearm began moving in her cunt like a tremendous cock rocking her body as the words slowly sank into her brain, burning like a branding iron. “Angela ….. Angela did you like having all those hard black cocks ……. Did you like having them shoot their hot nigger cum into your body …..” Her head nodded ever so slightly as her hips lifted from the bed as if they had a mind of their own and pushed up to meet the fist pushing into her cunt sending a small electric like jolt to her brain as the first spark of a new orgasm began spreading upwards from her cum filled cunt. “Yes …….. Yes …… I know you did …… From now on your going to be the whore for any black man that wants you ….. You’ll like that won’t you Angela … You’ll like being the whore for a black man …… Having their big hard black cocks pumping again and again into your cunt, filling you with their cum.” One single soul wrenching hiss issued from her bruised cum stained lips as her body once more exploded in ebullition ……. “YEEESSSSS.”

As Reverend Thomas Peterson stood frozen staring through the open door of the bungalow at the small white body of his wife bucking against the thick dark arm of the negro as he sank at least ten inches of his arm into her gapping cunt he wondered how a woman as small as his wife could do it. And then the words of the negro taunting his wife as he pushed his fist into her assaulted his ears. But worse yet was the soul rending scream of her answer which sent a dagger plunging into his heart. He felt himself pushed through the door and against the only piece of furniture in the room, the bed, and as he landed half on the bed beside his wife his eyes locked onto the still moving hips of his wife as the hand slowly pulled from her cunt. His wife fell back across the bed, her body still quivering as the last of her mind rending climax from the fisting shook through her, unaware that her husband had witnessed her final humiliation. “Here he is bro.’s just like I promised. Reverend Thomas Peterson the God fearing husband to the slut that’s been entertaining you this afternoon and if I heard the little woman right she’s promised to do so many more times …….. So why don’t you niggers thank the honky for the use of his woman and invite him to sit in to watch the whole show the next time she fucks the lot of you.” Hands slapped him on the back and the laughter and taunts of the negro’s thanking him for the use of his wife pounded against his ear drums. With glazed eyes he stared at the group of black men as they filed from the room where they had gang raped his wife their words scalding his very soul as they told him what a great fuck she was and how she liked having their black cocks filling her with cum. Slowly he stood turning toward the door and with a faltering step lurched away from the rumpled bed where his wife lay as if in a stupor, and then he noticed Warren and Melcolm. A tape was placed in his hand as they both grinned at him and then Melcolm told him that the least they could do was give him a copy of the tape. “I hope you like it Rev. All the bro.’s sure liked fucking your old lady and even though she was doped up at first I think when you watch her performance you’ll see where the drug wore off and her need for the big cocks of some soul brothers kicked in because she sure did like having all that hard black meat. Take care of the little woman cause we’ll be seeing you Rev.” And as their laughter filled the night air he turned back toward the bed and looked down at his wife.

– The End –