Fixing her husbands breakfast Tammy’s mind drifted back to last night and the dinner and movie. The dinner had been a big surprise when Tom had mentioned it, because in the five years they had been married he had only taken her out three other times. She would just as soon forget the movie though. He had taken her to one of those theaters that stayed open all night showing sex films. The place was dark and musty and had smelled like sex. Very few people were there, and whenever she had glanced around in her nervousness they seemed to be looking at her more then the screen. Tom had seemed not to notice the men staring at her, his eyes were glued to the screen and what to her was something that should be left in the bedroom. No plot, bad acting and mostly sex scenes by what could only be considered dumb blondes. As she had looked around two or three men had changed seats, moving closer to her and Tom until one of them had sat down next to her. She had been so shocked when the mans arm went around her shoulder pulling her close to him that she didn’t know what to do. As his other hand had touched her thigh she had panicked and had almost fallen into the mans lap as she had jumped up. She had grabbed Toms arm telling him she wanted to go, and as they had turned to leave the man had patted her ass and whispered something. Shivering at the memory of last night she knew that she was not what anyone would call a worldly person, but what the hell had her husband been thinking. Over the last few months he had dropped hints about her clothes and makeup saying that just because she was a housewife and didn’t work it didn’t mean that she couldn’t look sexy, or show some emotion when they had sex. She had to admit that their sex over the last year and a half wasn’t what it used to be, but she had thought it was because he had been working so hard six days a week and late into the night and was tired.

She still had the same girlish figure she had when they had married just before her 18th birthday. She hadn’t let herself go like her old girlfriends or the wife’s of Tom’s co-workers, so she had gone out and bought a couple of new dresses trying to make him happy. She had spent a good part of her day at the hair dresser and shopping and had even fixed his favorite meal. He had hardly looked at her and when she had finely asked what he thought about her dress, he had said it looked like an old lady’s. He had yelled at her that she was young and might still have a figure but with that dress he couldn’t tell. She had burst into tears as he screamed at her and then ripped the dress. “You stupid bitch why the hell are you wasting my money on this crap, why didn’t you buy miniskirts. A fucking sack would have looked just as good as what you wasted my money on. Your only 22, dress like it. I guess I’ll have to buy your fucking clothes if I want you to look decent enough to be seen with me in public. Tomorrow a couple of guys are coming over to play cards and if you can’t or won’t dress to make me happy then stay the fuck in the bedroom while they’re here.” The next day she had stayed in bed thinking that she didn’t care what he wanted, he could go to hell. And as far as waiting on him and his friends while they played cards and got drunk he could just forget it. As late afternoon rolled around she realized that if she didn’t want Tom yelling again she had better find something to wear, as well as run to the store and pick up a couple cases of beer. Digging through her closet she found a couple of her old miniskirts she had worn in high school, and as she put on her bikini panties she wondered absently why he suddenly wanted her wearing clothes teenagers didn’t even wear anymore. She managed to get to the store, and had just finished setting up the table for the card game when Tom and five of his friends walked in. He had kissed her and patted her on the ass before asking his friends if they had ever seen a sexier woman. At first he told her every time someone wanted a beer, but as the evening wore on she was getting beer and snacks without being told, and even blushed a few times as she heard one or more of the guys say how sexy she looked. One of them had even said he wouldn’t mind fucking her and they had all laughed, even Tom. That night their sex was the best it had been in a long time.

Her life became more directed as Tom would tell her what he wanted her to do and what she should wear. And if she did everything he said the sex would be fantastic except he would whisper things about her making love to other men or exposing herself as they shopped at the mall. One time when he had told her that she was to no longer wear a bra she had refused and he had not fucked her until she had given in. And then last night when he had told her he was taking her out for dinner and a movie he had told her that he wanted her to leave her panties off, hinting that they would have a wild night of sex later. When she had hesitated he just looked at her telling her he was tired and had changed his mind about going out. She had given in and as she slowly removed her panties he had told her that he was proud of her. Every thing had gone along beautifully until the man at the theater, and as she had clung to husband on the drive home, Tom had told her he was disappointed in her, because as her master he had not told her to move from her seat, let alone leave the theater. At first she had thought he had been joking but when he had slept in the spare bedroom she had cried most of the night trying to figure out why he was treating her like this and why he wanted to be her master. Telling her there was another card game that night he left for work. Late in the afternoon she began setting up for the card game after putting on a new miniskirt she had just bought. She had bought new lingerie as well as makeup and as she had gotten dressed she hoped that Tom would approve. She knew that he had told not to wear panties or bra, but her new lingerie was very sexy and almost like wearing nothing or so the girl at the store had told her. About 11:00, she fell asleep on the couch wondering why he and his friends had not come home and played cards.

Suddenly she found herself being yanked from the couch and Tom standing over her looking very angry. As she cringed in fright he told her that since she couldn’t do what he had told her she could just pack her bags and go home to her mommy. With trembling voice she asked what she had done to make him so mad, he reached out and ripped her skirt and blouse from her body exposing the thin frilly material of her new undergarments. “Didn’t I tell you I didn’t want you wearing this shit, your never to wear these. What if I wanted to fuck you somewhere, this would just get in the way. And besides nobody can see these under your clothes unless you lifted up your skirt or opened your blouse. You’ve got two choices, you can either do what I tell you from now on, or you can get the hell out of my house.” In a small choking voice she told him she would do what ever he told her. ” Get those damn things off and go put on some clothes it’s time I punished you for disobeying me. I want you to remember what you just told me, ——— You would do whatever I told you to do. So as your punishment I’m taking you somewhere and if you don’t do what I say, or if you disappoint me I’ll leave you standing on the street like a two bit whore.”

It was 2:00 AM when they pulled up in front of the same theater he had taken her to before. With his hand on her ass they entered and sat about half way down and almost in the middle of the aisle. She could see there were only five other people in the theater and they looked as if they were sleeping. Glancing at the screen she watched as a couple began fucking. Tom but his arm around her and pulled her close kissing her neck and ears as his hand began unbuttoning her blouse. His other hand slide between her legs and softly rubbed up her inner thigh until his fingers brushed over the fleece lined lips of her pussy. Her legs parted as she slide down in the seat allowing him greater access to her love canal. Pushing her blouse open he lowered his face to her pert firm breast and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. His teeth scraped over the distended nipple sending a wave of pleasure up her spine just as his fingers slipped between the pinkish folds of her cunt. With out thinking about where they were she moaned loudly and her hips ground into the seat and then pushed upward sinking Toms fingers deeply into her hot cunt. As his fingers slide back and forth his thumb rubbed her clit causing her hips to buck widely in response. In her sexual excitement and pleasure she had not noticed that there were now six pairs of eyes looking at her not more then a few seats away. Her miniskirt was no longer covering her pussy as Tom had pushed it up until it was around her waist, and with her legs spread apart she was fully exposed to the strange men watching as Tom’s fingers worked her to climax. She felt her blouse slip from her shoulders but the pleasure she felt far outweighed any thought of her being fully exposed to anybody.

Dimly as if in a vacuum she heard muffled voices as her blood pounded in her ears and her chest heaved as moans of pleasure issued from her throat. She was not aware that one of the men was seating beside her or that two others were directly in front of her and talking to her husband. As her climax erupted, hot flashes swept throughout her body causing it to twitch uncontrollably in a mind expanding orgasm. It felt as if a dozen hands were groping at her, her breast and thighs tingled from the feeling of fingers pinching her tender flesh, further intensifying the glorious feeling of sexual satisfaction. The fingers slipped from her wet cunt leaving a feeling of emptiness but the hands continued to explore sending mild electric like shocks up her spine. Her breathing though still ragged, slowed, and her mind slowly began to clear. The voices were now beginning to make sense but the hands still confused her as she tried to separate Toms voice from the others. And then in shock Toms words burned into her brain as she realized why there were so many hands running over her body and she had heard so many voices. Her eyes flew open and looked directly into the smiling faces of the two men hanging over the seats in front of her and her husband. With a gasp of disbelieve she realized that these men had seen her husband finger fucking her, bringing her to an orgasm, feeling of her tits and body as they had watched. Lips kissed her neck and traveled up to her ear nibbling softly on her ear lobe before a tongue entered her ear licking along the inside and then a soft breathe tickled her, sending a slight thrill up her spine. Her body stiffened with the realization that a third man was sitting beside her doing things that only her husband had done, and as she tried to pull away from the strangers lips and brush at the groping hands Tom yanked her blouse down trapping her arms at her sides. “She puts on quite a show doesn’t she — Yes sir, she’s one hot little piece of ass once she gets going, but I didn’t bring her here just to get her cunt reamed out with my fingers. I want you guys to feed her if you know what I mean, kind of let her practice because she hasn’t done to much of that before. And since she’s a slave in training I’m sure she’ll do her best to please you. —— So, which ever one of you guys wants to be first just squeeze in here and whip the old dong out so she can get started.” As the first one squeezed in front of her and unzipped his pants, Tom whispered to her that if she didn’t give each of them a good blow job or swallow every last drop of their cum he would walk out and leave her there with them and they could do whatever they wanted with her.

In horror she watched the man pull his cock from his pants, she was inexperienced at doing what Tom was wanting her to do, and had no idea where, or how to start. In the five years of her marriage she had only tried taking Tom into her mouth twice and each time she thought she would choke, and the one time he had cum in her mouth she had spit the foul, bleach tasting fluid out. The taste had stayed with her for days even though she had mouth wash repeatedly. And now she was in a porno theater almost naked being told by the man she loved that she must perform this sordid act with three strangers. As the mans cock brushed across her lips she instinctively clamped her lips shut and looked at Tom with tear stained eyes. The look of depravity in his eyes scared her as never before and she knew in that instant, that unless she did as he had said he would leave her with these three men and they would not only force her to suck their cocks but would use her sexually in any way their sick minds could think of. Clamping her eyes shut and trying to close her mind to what she was being forced to do her lips parted slightly as the cock once more brushed across her lips leaving a sticky trail behind. Her tongue flicked out wetting her lips, and her nostrils flared taking in the scent not only of the man standing in front of her but all the other scents she had not recognized before. The smell of sweat and cum stained fabric as well as the unmistakable odor of sex hung heavy in the air. The cock was now pushing against her lips and her tongue licked timidly over the head tasting not only the first couple of drops of pre cum but piss. As the cock slipped between her lips her tongue slide along the under side of his cock feeling each blood vessel. Clamping her lips loosely around the crown of the invading hunk of hard male flesh her tongue swirled around the head and across the tip. Without realizing it she was doing just what a woman with many years experience would do, and as the cock slithered forward her mouth opened allowing greater penetration. Her lips slipped down the shaft of the cock until the head brushed against her tonsils and then withdrew until just the head was between her lips. The cock continued it’s see-saw motion as her lips clamped tightly around the shaft, her mouth was now full of saliva and coated the cock on each forward thrust. She had to swallow or chock, and as she swallowed the cock joined her saliva and slipped into the tight clinging grip of her throat. Her lips were now around the base of the cock and the mans lust swollen balls brushed against her chin. The hair surrounding his cock tickled her lips despite the choking feeling the deeply embedded cock gave her.

Time and again the cock slipped into the tight clinging grip of her throat as without realizing what she was doing she swallowed and tried to breathe. Her face turned crimson as the voices of the men cheered their buddy on each time her lips clamped around the base of his cock and his balls slapped against her chin. With a final deep thrust his groin pressed tightly against her face, pushing his zipper against her lips and her nose against his belt buckle. His cock twitched like an unmanned fire hose as his balls emptied sending his cum up through his cock to splash against the walls of her throat. Instinctively she swallowed as his cock spurted again and again in the tight clinging grip of her throat. Her taste buds rebelled against the bleach like taste as her throat milked him of the last spurt of cum, but despite the awful taste she swallowed every last drop of cum. As his cock slipped from her lips coating them with sperm her tongue licked across the head one last time cleaning the last trace of cum from his soft cock. With a huge smile on his face the man backed away and was replaced by another, her mouth dropping open to accept the new cock without thought or hesitation. She felt her blouse being pulled from her arms allowing her freedom of movement and without thinking one of her hands reached out and closed around the base of the cock as the man pushed it between her lips. As it slithered forward deeper into her mouth her lips hit her hand and she released her grip allowing her to reach into his pants and free his balls. her fingers softly massaging his scrotum as her tongue feverishly licked over the head and along the length of his cock. Her ears burned as the voices of the three men came to her saying that for someone that didn’t know how to suck cock she gave one hell of a blow job. Some how she knew that the second man would not last long before he emptied his cum into her mouth and she was right because the second his cock brushed past her tonsils and entered her throat his cock began twitching and a loud moan rumbled from deep in his chest. He pulled his cock from the tight clinging grip of her throat filling her mouth with huge spurts of thick pungent cum.

Swallowing as fast as she could she began to fear that some of it would escape from her sucking mouth and she doubled her efforts. As the man withdrew his cock it remained joined to her lips by a thick string of cum. Without thinking she reached out and pulled him back into her mouth sucking the last remaining drops of cum down her throat and then licked him clean before releasing him. As the third man used her mouth and throat he was rougher, not like the two before him. He locked his fingers in her reddish blonde hair and pulled her head back and forth over his cock mashing her lips and nose tightly into his groin each time his cock slithered past her tonsils. Her jaws began to ache as his motions became more rapid and frantic, as if he were punishing her or trying to choke her with each deep, hurtful lunge into her throat. She felt his cock swell and harden and she realized that he would soon shoot his cum into her mouth and throat to mix with the cum of the two men before him. And then to her horror he pulled his cock free of her sucking mouth, her eyes watched in disbelief as cum shoot from the hole in the tip of his dick. She tried to open her mouth wider but it splashed over her nose and into her eyes. The second, third and forth blast of cum splashed into her face coating her hair and cheeks, the last two spurts were no more then a dribble but they landed on her neck and breast. Her face was covered with cum she felt the thick sticky fluid slowly slide down her face and drip onto her chest, coating her breast. Tears leaped into her eyes with the realization that she had failed to do what her husband had told her. To her relief he reached down and pulled her from her seat and put her blouse around her shoulders telling her that he was pleased with her. As he led her from the theater he told her that she had taken the first step of many and that if she did as well in the future as she had done tonight she would make him a happy man. Despite what her husband had just put her through his words of praise made her swell with pride and she promised herself that she would do whatever he said, always doing her best to make him happy.

Over the next few days Tom took her shopping buying her new miniskirts that were both tighter and shorter then what she had been wearing, along with blouses that were so thin as to be transparent. He now allowed her to wear a garter belt, but that was only because of the nylons that he insisted she wear. Each of her new outfits had a matching pair of three inch high heels. As each outfit was purchased he would tell her put it on and walk the length of the shopping center so that he could see the men’s reaction but that under no circumstance was she allowed to let anyone pick her up. Everything that he bought was to show her girlish figure as much as possible leaving only the imagination to wonder if she would wrap her beautiful legs around a man and fuck his brains out. She began to love the stares of the men as she walked through the crowds. Her micro mini’s accented her perfectly shaped ass and long legs and the knowledge that she was wearing nothing but a garter belt underneath started to bring out the exhibitionist in her. Tom knew that what he was doing was beginning to change her, not only outwardly because of the clothes but deep in her soul. The first time he had bought her an outfit and told her to walk through the mall she had been self conscious, her eyes downcast and her cheeks flushed. But with each word of praise on his part and the sex they had after her walks through the mall made her want all the harder to please the man she had married and if that meant showing her lithe figure in a exhibitionist way then she would do it. Her head was now held high and her hips swayed gracefully with each step. She looked men in the eye and smiled and then licked her lips as if to say they could have her. The once shy and timid girl of 22 was now flaunting her body openly and loving it. On one occasion she saw a micro miniskirt that had 2 inch splits up both sides and a matching blouse though frilly was not as transparent as the ones Tom had been buying, but neither did it button. The lace covered front was like a vee almost exposing the wearer’s breast. She had begged Tom to buy it and he had consented but only under the condition that when she picked out the shoes to go with the outfit she would expose her cunt to the salesman and then follow him into the back room and suck his dick.

Putting on her new clothes she looked in the mirror and marveled at the change she had gone through, she might as well of hung a sign around her neck saying fuck me. As she applied a fresh coat of lipstick a small shiver ran up her spine as she realized that she was actually looking forward to exposing her cunt to a stranger and then sucking his dick, her life had changed a great deal in the last few weeks. As they walked through the mall Tom’s hand rested on her swaying ass cheeks and she smiled at each man that went past, after passing several shoe stores she wondered when Tom would stop. Finally stopping they looked in the window as he told her once more that she was to let the salesman see her cunt and then follow him into the back room and suck his cock. As he led her into the store her body stiffened, the salesmen were all black. Two young salesmen approached as they sat down, and before one of them could leave Tom told them that his wife would need both of their assistance. As the two young blacks ran off to find her a couple of pairs of shoes, she looked into Tom’s smiling face as he told her that two was always better then one, and she should enjoy this opportunity of showing him just how happy she was with her new clothes. Each time one of the boys sat in front of her she spread her legs and looked into their startled faces, smiling at them. They kept glancing at her husband but he always looked around at the other people as if he wasn’t aware of what his wife was doing. Standing suddenly he looked down at the two boys sitting on the floor in front of Tammy and told them to give her whatever she wanted, and then he bent down and whispered to her that he had changed his mind and that she was to let at least one of them fuck her. As Tom walked from the store she looked down at the two boys and licked her lips seductively as she saw the bulges in their pants. The lips of her pussy were moist and tingled making her squirm in her chair. Her legs opened wider as with a smile she asked the boys if there was something else they could show her, perhaps something in the back. With a look of disbelief on their two faces they nodded their heads. This was just too good to be true, they had both almost cum in their pants when they saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties and their cock’s had become rock hard as they sat in front of her open legs while her old man seemed not to notice what she was doing. With quivering voices they told her that there was a pair of 8 plus they would be happy to show her in the store room if she wanted something black. To their surprise and relief she slowly stood and smiled down at their eager faces and told them that she would be more then happy to try the pair of black 8’s if they could show her where they were at.

As they led her back through the store the boys still couldn’t believe that this beautiful redhead had just as much as said that she wanted their cock’s. As they walked to the very back out of sight of everyone and closed the door they turned to her and began removing her blouse and skirt and running their hands over her beautiful white body, their dark hands a contrast to her white skin. One of them pressed his body to hers and began kissing her as one of his hands gently squeezed her lust hardened breast. She felt the bulge between his legs as he pressed his body to hers and she moaned softly into his mouth as his tongue slipped between her lips. Other hands roamed over her firm ass and then down her hips until they slipped between her legs and brushed over her pussy lips sending a shiver throughout her body. The two boys caressed and fondled her body sending waves of pleasure up her spine as they sandwiched her between them. The bulges between their legs seemed to grow even harder as they pressed into her from the front and rear, her body quivered in perverse excitement as she dimly thought that even in her wildest dreams she had never thought of doing anything with a black man and now here she was in a store room with two young black men kissing her as their dark hands explored every curve and swell of her lithe body. With gasping breathe she stepped away from the boys and with a shaking voice asked if she could see the pair of black 8’s. With a quickness that surprised her they removed their clothes and pushed their underwear down allowing their cock’s to spring into view. Dropping to her knees she reached out and took a cock into each hand, wrapping her fingers around them as a guttural moan issued from her throat. Leaning her head forward she opened her mouth and began sucking one of the boys off while her other hand pumped up and down on the other cock. After a few licks she bent to the other boy and sucked him into her mouth, slowly working first on one and then the other her pretty red lips traveled up and down the shaft of each cock making them glisten with her saliva. “Holy shit this white woman really wants our pair of 8’s she sucking so good that I’m going to shoot my wad in a minute.”

Looking up at the boys face whose cock she was sucking, she slowly slipped her lips from his cock giving the engorged head a final kiss and then fell to her back while spreading her legs. Without anyone saying a word he fell between her open bent legs and sank his cock into her open inviting cunt. The other boy knelt at her head wrapping his fingers in her hair and raised her face to his rock hard erection. As her mouth opened and his dick slide over her bottom teeth and into her mouth he felt drunk at the site of her beautiful white face with his dark cock pushing between her ruby red lips. Looking at his friend he watched in disbelief as her long white legs came up and wrapped around the bucking hips of the boy and her pelvis lunged upward to met each downward thrust of his cock. Looking down again at her face he realized that her lips were pressed into the hair surrounding his cock and that she had swallowed his 9 plus inches into her throat. For long minutes the two boys pushed their cock’s into her throat and cunt as she bucked and twisted between them until finally they couldn’t hold back any longer and almost simultaneously their balls emptied flooding her cunt and throat with thick spurting globs of cum. As each boy grunted out in satisfaction Tammy’s body shuddered and a long soulful moan rumbled from her cock stuffed mouth. As the boy kneeling at her head collapsed beside her still twitching body his cock slipped from her lips leaving a trail of sticky sperm across her lips and cheek. The boy between her legs lowered his body to hers and kissed her plunging his thick tongue between her cum smeared lips and deep into her mouth. She floated in a dream like state of total satisfaction. Finally the two boys stood and pulled her to her feet, and as she stood on quivering legs looking for her clothes they began getting dressed. As they helped her find her clothes and get dressed they told her that if she every wanted another pair of black 8’s she knew where to find them. Kissing each boy in turn, her hand reached between his legs and griped his now soft cock as she told them that maybe next time one pair wouldn’t be enough.

On the ride home she snuggled close to her husband and thanked him for buying her the new outfit. Tammy had changed, but not in the way that her husband thought. She enjoyed his domineering manner but only because as a reward for her obedience he would find men for her. She had become cock hungry, and looked forward to having strangers sink their hard cock’s between her legs or into her mouth and deep into her throat. She loved the feel of a large pulsing cock between her lips and craved the taste of sperm. To her it made no difference what color a man was as long as he gave her what she had grown to love. She went out of her way to satisfy her husband, doing more then he asked, knowing that he would turn her over to sometimes as many as three or four men telling them to use her in any way they saw fit. But still she craved more. Tom had gone out of town on a business trip for 2 weeks and by the third day she was going crazy, she had never gone this long without a strangers cock pumping into her pussy and she was becoming hornier by the hour. And then she remembered the shoe store and the two boys. Taking a quick shower she fixed her hair and makeup and then went to the closet thinking about which of her sexy outfits she would wear. It was then that she decided that she would wear nothing at all, just a coat that came to mid thigh, therefore she wouldn’t be bothered with removing more then one thing. Entering the mall she was surprised that there weren’t more people around and then she noticed that most of the stores were still closed. Stepping up to the shoe store she tried the door and found it locked and as she looked around wondering what she was going to do the door opened. As she turned to look at the boy her heart jumped slightly with excitement, it was one of the boys who had given her the first taste of black cock. As the boy took her arm and led her inside she told him that she had come to get another pair of black 8’s and as he beamed at her she let her coat fall open showing him that she was naked and ready for whatever he or his friend had in mind. Telling her to go into the store room he grabbed a hand full of tit telling her that he and his friend would join her as soon as possible. It seemed like hours to her jingled nerves before the two boys came into the store room, but it had only been 15 or so minutes. Without a word her coat slipped from her shoulders and fell to the floor and then she lay down and spread her legs holding her arms out to the boys as she smiled up into their disbelieving faces. “God damn I never thought a good looking white lady like you would come back, I’ve dreamed about fucking you since the last time you were here and only sucked my cock and now here you are, ——- So sweet thing get ready because this black boy is ready for a ride.” As he crawled between her legs and sank his cock into her waiting pussy a sigh of longing, relief and satisfaction issued from her lips. Her back arched from the floor and her pelvis ground into his as his hard piece of manhood slipped between her pussy lips and deep into her cunt. His hands griped her hips pulling her from the floor as he pounded his cock into her for what seemed an eternity. And then with a growl his ass tightened and his balls emptied their hot seething load into her belly. As he stood up the other boy took his place between her still rotating hips and plunged his cock into her cunt. The first boy knelt at her head and laid his soft cum smeared cock across her red lips, her mouth opened and his cock slipped between her lips and she began to suck and lick him clean and in the processes his cock began to harden again. After the second boy had fucked her, she licked his cum smeared cock clean also, wondering how she had ever done with out the taste of this marvelous nectar. To her surprise they started to dress just as she had thought they would fuck her again. Holding out her arms she pleaded with them to give her more cock.

“Well sweet thing you plumb wore us out, but if you really need some more hard black cock in that cunt of yours I can call a couple more salesmen back here. Yes sir I’m sure that a couple of them boys would love to fuck a beautiful white woman, so you just hold on and I’ll get you all the black cock you want. Of course them boys is going to have to pay cause Bill and me should be the only ones you fuck for free. Yes sir I think Bill and I can round up enough black meat to keep you busy all day. Just think of us as your pimps and we’ll see to it that you get all you want.” His hurtful words burned into her brain shaming her as he talked of selling her body, but she had to admit that their two cock’s had not satisfied her wanton desire. If laying here in the back of a shoe store and letting these two boys sell her body would bring her more hard cock’s to quench her hot burning need for satisfaction then she would let them sell her to any and all who wanted her. So what if these two made some money, as long as they could bring her more hard cock, black or otherwise, she didn’t care. But Tammy was not prepared for the depravity into which she would slip at the hands of these two black boys. True to their word they brought their fellow co-workers into the back room, and as each of them fucked her or had her suck their dicks Bill and Gator photographed her willing acceptance of the three new black cock’s. When the last of them had finished Gator cleaned her up, washing the cum from her thighs and face as Bill gave her a beer and a joint. Never having smoked before she coughed and gasped at first, but after the first few puffs she began to inhale the smoke deep into her lungs. Her body that had been wound as tight as a spring began to relax as the beer and joint slowly took hold. Her mind drifted and after smoking another joint and drinking two more beers while the boys ran their hands over her body, she reached between their legs and massaged their cock’s. When Bill handed her the third joint she giggled as she took a lung full of smoke and asked if they were going to fuck her again. “You’re really one cock hungry white girl, but don’t you worry none cause I’m going to make a few calls and get you some more cock if that’s what you want.” Nodding her head and giggling as she whispered yes, she lay back and spread her legs. “Well now you just lay there and think of all the cock’s that your two pimps are going to get for you, and pretty soon you’ll have all the cock you can handle or want.”

Tammy’s body felt as light as a feather and her mind lost touch with reality as she smoked the fifth joint. Her hand went between her legs and rubbed her swollen pussy lips before brushing her clit. In a dream like state and with blurry eyes she tried to focus on the muffled voices surrounding her. But all she saw was indistinct dark shapes. Holding out her arms she slowly rotated her hips seductively, and as the first of the dark shadowy forms fell between her legs and plunged his bone hard cock into her waiting cunt a gurgling incessant groan rumbled from her throat as the heavy body knocked the air from her lungs. Her slender, squirming body bucked up to met the deep impaling thrust of her new lover. As each dark shadowy form filled her womb with their hot thick sperm another took his place between her widely splayed legs and bucking hips. Bill and Gator continued to take pictures as they directed the group of men and as the fifth man stepped up to her squirming body Gator told him to turn her over and fuck her ass, As hands directed the movement of her trembling body Tammy felt like she was spinning in air before realizing that she was now on her hands and knees. In confusion she looked back over her shoulder as a dim dark figure grabbed her hips pulling her backward as he seemed to fall forward over her back. A tremendous pain shot through her body and she almost collapsed as she felt her sphincter muscle being stretched. To her befuddled brain it felt as if a mans whole arm had been shoved into her ass and she moaned pitifully and shook her head and twisted her body in an attempt to get away. But the hands only tightened on her hips and continued to rock her back and forth impaling her like a pig on a spit. Moaning pitifully she begged the man behind her to stop, but her screams fell on deaf ears. Bill pulled another man from the group and led him around to stand in front of her and told him to shove his cock down her throat to shut her up. As the cock entered her mouth cutting off her screams Bill bent down and whispered into her ear. ” Listen up cunt, you’ve fucked ten black boy’s so far not counting these two and the brothers tell me your hole is getting sloppy, so since there are eight more guy’s waiting to fuck you we thought it was about time to use your ass. With you taking it from both ends you should be done with the rest of them in another hour or so.”

Tammy’s drugged mind fought to make sense of what Bill had whispered to her. She vaguely remembered entering the store when it opened and Bill and Gator bringing her into this back room. As her petite white body was buffeted between the two men she tried to grab at some memory that would tell her how long she had been here and how many men had used her. Ten, she had fucked ten men, that’s what Bill had said, but now two others had their cock’s shoved into her and were buffeting her between them. It was hard to think, her brain felt numb and then she drifted into oblivion. She no longer felt pain, only acceptance, acceptance of the fact that others had used her before these two men, and when they were through, others would take their place. Her body again took control and her buttocks began a slow sensuous movement around the thick impaling member buried in her rectum. Her body moved constantly as each man was replaced by another, it was as if her body had a mind of it’s own with but a simple reason for being, and that reason was to satisfy these men just as she had satisfied the others before them. As the last cock slipped from her rectum with a lewd slurping noise Tammy collapsed to the floor and lay in a pool of cum. As the last of the men put on his clothes and walked from the room Bill and Gator looked down at cum smeared body of the white woman whose body they had sold to twenty brothers. Even though they had seen it them self’s and had taken pictures, they found it hard to believe that this beautiful redheaded white woman had willingly fucked twenty black men. As they pulled her to her feet her quivering legs almost gave way and as they watched her rub the cum from her face and thighs they smiled knowing that this would not be the last time. No sir, this was only the beginning, after all didn’t they have her address and a key to her house.

– The End –