I am sitting at a vintage dusty computer writing this. Not knowing and not expecting that anybody will ever read it. There is no phone connection, cable modem or any way that I can send it to the real world. The real world, my life, seems a distant and strange dream now. Perhaps that is the main reason I am writing, so that I am reminded of who I was. If the yellowing papers here are to be believed it has been several months since I was Johnny Brain, reasonable hacker and student.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It began when my door suddenly burst open to reveal several FBI agents and I was hauled off in handcuffs protesting my innocence of everything to god-knows-where. All my things were taken from me, even my name. I was prisoner 1337, which must have been the idea someone who knows a little hacker slang, or destinies sick joke. I wore a thin cotton suit, no shoes or socks. I could not shower for days. There was little and poor food.

The days passed as I was ruthlessly interrogated about my terrorist links. I thought this was all a joke, and at first calmly, then angrily, then despairingly asked for a phone call, a lawyer, any contact with the outside world. These were all denied because I was a dangerous terrorist, and the meaningless questions continued. I did not know how to answer, and tried everything from simple don’t knows, outright angry denial, appeals to reason and sullen silence. Nothing made any difference, until I offered to show them the encrypted files on my PC. Even admitting to pirated mp3s and warez were better then the impossible situation I was in.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The sight of my PC after such a long time was a shock. The first tangible link to the real world I had seen in weeks. I trembled slightly as I sat down at the keyboard and opened the locked files. I was immediately pushed out of the way as a federal agent started opening the documents that had been hidden. To my total surprise and absolute horror the documents they paged through were densely scientific material about nuclear isotopes, chemical pre-cursors and biological agents.

Needless to say the questioning continued un-abated about my links to Osama bin-Laden, al-Queda and Islamic Jihad. I had no way of answering and despaired of proving I did not know how the documents came to be on my machine. After what seemed like several weeks of this, the questioning stopped. In a way I missed the contact because I was left in the white walled cell for hours without a soul to talk to. I lost all sense of time in the continuous white fluorescent light. Exercise was an hour a day walking round a larger white painted room. Meals were still poor and meagre. I lost a lot of weight. Nobody answered my questions.

The routine suddenly changed when I was summoned to meet someone. Just the relief of interacting with another person put a spring in my step. I was shown to the ubiquitous interview room. Sitting in the only chair behind a desk was a woman. I’ll describe her in a little more detail because she is the principle player in the remainder of this tale. She was of moderate height. Her figure in the tightly tailored suit was good, she was reasonably buxom. She had straight long peroxide blond hair. Strong dark eyebrows, long sensuous lashes, and crystal clear blue eyes. I judged her to be in her early forties.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For the first time in an age I heard a voice as the guard introduced me “1337. This is your lawyer. Miss Anne Green.” She regarded me impassively. After such a long time without talking my mouth was dry. My voice caught in my throat as I muttered, “.Er. Hi” The guard immediately interrupted. “1337. You will call her Miss Green. Do not talk except to answer her questions.” She had held eye contact the whole time, and smiled slightly as the guard said this. The first thing she said to me surprised me a lot. “Remove your clothing 1337.” This was the last thing I had expected to hear and did not understand exactly what she wanted. “You want me to do … what?” I stumbled out. The guard quickly corrected me. “1337. Remove you clothing. Do not talk.” I did not really think, and took off the dirty white jacket. Looking briefly round for somewhere to put the jacket, I let it fall to the floor. Then I removed the pants so I stood before Miss Green in only grimy underpants. “That’ll do, she said. “Put your hands on your head and turn around on the spot, slowly”. Without thinking I did as she asked. Not knowing if I should stop I continued to rotate under the gaze of the clear blue eyes. The strange incident finished without another word from Miss Anne Green, and I was returned to my cell. I did not know what to make of the inspection except that perhaps it was to check that I had not been physically abused.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The mind numbing routine continued for several more days until there was another visit from my lawyer. Again it was the same interview room, the same desk and the same emotionless eyes. She started with the request that I remove my clothing, and I did so, and then I was to stand with my hands on my head before the desk. “1337” she called me. “Your situation is this. You have been tried for treason, among many other grave and serious charges. I argued for your innocence but the tribunal has found you guilty on all charges. You are to be held here in isolation for the rest of your life. It is pointless to argue, I tried everything and anything I cold think of.” Her word devastated me. I almost fainted, but the uncomfortable position of keeping my hands on my head stopped me from losing consciousness. “However,” she continued. “I have made a very special deal for you. You will be released under my cognisance to live and work in my home, though allowing the Federal authorities access to question you at any time. What do you say?”

It was an easy decision. “Sure, yes, of course…” My initial attempts at putting my thoughts in order were immediately interrupted. “You will continue to address me as Miss Green. I see no reason to wait. Let us go to my car now.” I bent to retrieve my clothes, but she quickly stopped me. “Leave those here, And with a gesture to the guard led the way from the interview room, with me dressed only in briefs following her.

The night was cold and the sky clear and black. I had not seen the sky for a long time and the sharp points of the stars were breathtakingly beautiful. Miss Green’s car was waiting, a long black sleek BMW. Her driver got out to open the rear door for her. On closer inspection, the driver turned out to be a pretty oriental woman with a long black ponytail, a slim figure and dark eyes. Miss Green directed me “You sit in the front next to Benny. He is a bit ripe Benny, but he can clean up back home.” So I said goodbye to the Federal detention centre and set out in a black German muscle machine under a cold clear sky. The journey took a couple of hours, over minor back roads. I saw few other vehicles, but it was a blessing just to take in the moon lit trees and natural surroundings.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We finally arrived at a very grandiose mansion, brightly lit at the front, but spreading a very great distance off into the shadowy tress on either side. Miss Green led me through the enormous foyer, into what was obviously her office. The desk was massive, and the walls lined with books. Benny the driver followed us in and perched in a patent leather armchair against the wall. I looked round for another chair, but before I could choose the chair that looked comfortable close to a real warming log fire, Miss Green pointed to a spot in front of her desk. “Stand there” she orders me, and I obey. “Hands on your head” she continues, and I do her bidding self-consciously. “Good” she says as she smiles at me. “Well, 1337, welcome to your new life. There are very many details of how you are going to work for me that will be explained to you over the time you are here. Hopefully you are a quick learner?” She smiles at me. “Yes, Anne … er … Miss Green” I reply to her question. “Good.” She says, and I smile as our eyes meet. Her smile grows broader. “Let me explain a little what you are going to do. It is easy to sum up your duties in general as, ‘male bondage sex slave'”.

I don’t know what to say to this extraordinary statement. With a puzzled frown I feel my smile slipping as I try to digest this turn of events. “Let me make it clear” she continues. “You are going to do whatever I say, whenever I say, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some of which will be of a very personal nature. You will be punished if you disobey or fail to satisfy me. This is the essence of being my slave. Remember that the alternative, if you do not want to serve me in this way is to return to your solitary confinement at the Federal top security establishment that I have, at great personal sacrifice, paroled you. At least nod your head if you understand” she sounds slightly irate as she says this. Carefully, not knowing what to say, I nod. “Excellent” she says immediately and quickly smiles at me. A smile I cannot help but return. “Benny will see that you are cleaned up, fed, and then you’ll be brought here to learn some more!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I follow Benny along many corridors and past many doors until she shows me into a pleasant small bedroom. Not well furnished but bright, with a bed, table, small wardrobe and an attached bathroom. Benny instructs me, “Clean yourself up, you’ll find soap, a razor, shampoo and a towel in the bathroom. I’ll bring you some food and clothes.” While Benny is in the room I take the chance to ask her “Is she serious about this!” “Oh yes, absolutely” laughs Benny in a light husky voice. With that she leaves me alone to take the longest hot shower I have ever taken.

I towel myself off and wrap it around my middle, a sensible precaution as when I leave the shower, Benny has already returned with a tray supporting a plate of sandwiches and a tall glass of juice. She is twirling something around on her fingers, and I ask with my mouth a little full. “What’s that then?” She smiles and hands me a clean pair of white briefs. “This is your costume!” she says with a smile. I half choke on the sandwich, which makes her laugh out loud. “You are a shy one for a sex slave, she emphasizes, then laughs all the more as I go into the bathroom to change.

After I finish the simple, sparse but good food, she abruptly jumps up.

“Well, obviously, this is your room” she informs me. “Mistress does not want to see us just yet, let me show you the place to await her summons if you are not doing anything else” With that she leads off, and I have to scurry to keep up with the twinkling heels of her high-heeled boots. She takes me to a large kitchen, and shows me a dim storage room with racks of foods and bottles, some bells on the wall with room names that I guess are the way Miss Green summons her staff. Also a couple of stools, and amazingly, this dusty old PC. “Wait here” Benny tells me and leaves me alone, so I begin to write this.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Well, I am back here on this computer after an eventful evening. I am now called ‘Dick’ and am just beginning to get the idea of my new life as a male bondage sex slave. Even though I know nobody is going to read this I am going to write it as a journal.

I was left alone for a while thinking about the situation. To be honest it was totally confusing, but one thing seemed obvious to me. There was no way I wanted to return to the isolated, mind numbing solitary existence at the Federal institution I was previously held. There were also several positive aspects to the idea. I didn’t know exactly what Mistress Green wanted me to do but it was tantalizingly kinky, and I had as much of a sex drive as any man. Also, there was a possibility that if I could gain her trust, I might find some way of contacting my friends and family and overturning the charges against me. So when Mistress Benny returned to collect me, I was ready to agree.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I skipped along after Mistress Benny as she returned me to the study. Happy to be clean, a little less hungry than usual, and wearing clean clothes. Once again when we entered I stood in front of the desk where Mistress Green was sitting while Mistress Benny perched in another chair. I put my hands on top of my head without being asked which made Mistress Green smile. “You do learn quickly don’t you? So what is your decision?” I smile back at her, and taking a deep breath tell her. “Yes Miss Green. I will gladly serve as your slave.” She clapped her hands smartly and leapt up from the sitting position. “Great. Now I want you to kneel down” and I did so. She came round the corner of the desk to where I kneeled. She approached very closely so I could smell her perfume. Working from behind me I could feel her place a collar round my neck and buckle it closed. She went back to sit behind her desk.

“Now I want you to strip totally naked for me” she tells me. I am momentarily embarrassed though I had obviously expected such an order. In the brief time I delay, her smile turns to a little frown and she sighs. I quickly divest myself of my pants so I am standing naked in front of her, but she is still frowning a little. “I don’t think you quite understand your position here 1337.” She tells me. “When I give an order you immediately and totally obey. Is that clear?” I nod dumbly thinking this is more like a military sergeant major than a Mistress. “OK then,” she says, now bend down and touch your toes.” I quickly do so.

While I am bent over in this position I sense Mistress Green stand up and walk round the desk. The first indication I have of what she is doing is when there is a swish and crack as she swats my naked ass with a ruler! “Ouch” I say, rather unimaginatively. I think about standing up but wisely stay in the same position until she indicates I should. “1337. This is what I mean about your existence. You obey or you are punished. Is that clear? Stand up again.” With this order I straighten and look at her again. “Er. Yes Miss Green.” I stumble out a reply. She continues to prowl around as she expounds the following information. “1337 is a clumsy designation. From now on, you’ll be known as Dick, because that is what you are, and what you are for. You will call me Mistress Green, and it will always be the first thing out of your mouth, and the last thing. Whether you are replying to a question, or begging me for a favour. Is that clear Dick?” “Yes … errr … Mistress Green, Yes. Mistress Green.” “Good Dick, but you were a little slow there. Touch your toes.” And again the ruler is used to swat my ass, twice this time, it was beginning to tingle a little. This slavery business could be quite painful.

When she had me standing again, she said it was time to examine her new possession up close. I was to remain totally still. She came and stood very close behind me so I could almost feel the heat of her body through her clothes against my skin. Her perfume again filled my nose, and her breath tickled my shoulders. Unconsciously I felt myself begin to get an erection. I blushed, realising that everybody was watching this, but the tension probably made it worse. She came and stood in front of me, and I had to suppress an embarrassed giggle. She very obviously looked down at my saluting cock and smiled. “You are going to have to learn to keep Dick under control” she tells me. “There are going to be times when you are going to be praying that you can get an erection, but there are times like now when it is totally inappropriate.” I start to explain, “But, I mean, Mistress Green, I can’t help it, it just happens, you know? … Mistress Green.” She does not greet this outbreak well, and snarls at me, “Down and touch your toes.” I quickly obey, and a flurry of ruler strokes tans my ass until it is hurting more than I expected. I am a little frightened by her outburst as she visibly struggles to regain control. The unexpected beating has facilitated my erection going away. Seeing this she smiles again and gets me to stand up.

For the first time, she touches me, holding my flaccid cock in one hand. Such a personal touch seconds earlier would have made him erect in no time, but now I am a little embarrassed by the feeling. After holding my cock, and then massaging by balls, she runs her hands over the rest of my body. I start to relax again and my treacherous cock again starts to stir. I try to remember the ruler on my ass and control him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

She goes and sits in another chair in the room, and solicits the opinion of Mistress Benny. “So Benny, what do you think?” she asks. Mistress Benny replies, “Mistress. He is very sweet and deliciously shy” is her first comment. Then she continues with, “but he does not understand his position with me very well yet Mistress.” It is surprising to hear her refer to our Mistress and I start to think she has the same status as me, but then Mistress Green corrects the impression. “That is your first lesson Dick. Consider everybody your superior until you know otherwise. Master or Mistress as appropriate. Benny here is my devoted slave, such as you should aspire to become. Treat Benny as your Mistress Benny and obey her as you would me. She will not punish you unless it is by my direction, but if she requests that you be punished in some way then you can expect me to listen to her.”

Mistress Green then continues with her second lesson. “There is a level of misbehaviour that I do not directly prescribe a level of punishment. For very minor transgressions such as not referring to Mistress Benny correctly, you will respond to a special phrase. That phrase is ‘I am disappointed… if you ever hear that expression, you should immediately fall to the floor, crawl towards me, and on your knees, beg that you be spanked for the transgression. Then I will decide if I have the inclination, or perhaps leave it until I can punish you for an accumulation of your misdemeanours later. Do you understand?” I quickly reply, correctly this time, “Mistress Green, yes Mistress Green.” though I am just as quick to guess her next statement.

“Very well then. ‘I am disappointed’ … that you chose to disrespect Mistress Benny.” I know exactly what I should do, and immediately drop to the floor. On the way crawling to Mistress Green’s feet I am struck by the incongruity of what I am doing. This seems so bizarre, like I am a kid again with spanking as a punishment, but this is much better than my incarcerated conditions before. I start thinking about what I should say, and as Mistress Green’s legs get closer I begin to wonder about the sex bit of being her slave. Finally I am at her feet and start my little speech. Mistress Green. I am very sorry that I did not refer to Mistress Benny correctly. Please forgive me. I think you should spank me to punish me for my mistake Mistress Green.” I am quite pleased with my humble apology, but Mistress Green is less so. “Very well then. I think you are going to have to be a lot more imaginative and subservient the next time you beg for a spanking, but this time, you’ll get your wish. Come bend over my knee Dick.”

I fold myself over her lap, my ass in the air. I am close to her again, and what with the thinking about sex I realise that I am well on my way to an erection. Fortunately Mistress Green immediately dispels that possibility. Without any great rapidity, but with surprising force she begins to spank me. Quickly I realise that this is not going to be a childhood spanking as my bottom heats up and begins to sting from the blows. Several minutes later I am relieved as she stops, I have to keep biting my lip to keep from crying out. “Leave my lap now” she instructs me. “Kneel at my feet.” So I do so. “Another part of the ritual is to thank me for the punishment afterwards.” Clearing my throat I do so, blushing a little. “Mistress Green. Thank you for punishing me. Mistress Green.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

She informs me that again I lack a certain imagination in the prolific and humble praise I should offer her and continues, “And also Dick you forgot to thank me for the ruler strokes. Bend over and touch your toes.” I quickly adopt the position, and as expected, she again smack my sore ass with the ruler. I tell her, “Mistress Green. Thank you for the ruler spanking Mistress Green.” I cannot think of anything else to say. Luckily she does not seem to want to pursue the matter.

Then Mistress Green dismisses us for the evening bidding us attend her the following day in ‘room 12’.

There are many many rooms in this large mansion, but I had Mistress Benny to show me the way to room 12 after she brought me a small and simple breakfast. I had already showered and was ready for a new day as a slave to Mistress Green, and I had put on the same simple white briefs that I had been wearing the previous day.

Room 12 turned out to be an enormous bathroom. The floors were white stone, and the walls and ceiling were white too. There were several cabinets on the walls, several large wall length mirrors, two large bathtubs and a white porcelain toilet. A long counter top, also of white stone contained a large sink. The whole room lit with subtle hidden lighting. I expected that we were going to help Mistress Green bath and get ready, and I was looking forward to finally seeing my Mistress naked, however, when she arrived she was already dressed in her ubiquitous tailored suit.

She walked up very close to where I kneeled on the floor and commanded me to rise. She then looked me up and down and told me that today was a good day for me to dress in my proper uniform. I did not know what to make of this and nodded, but then seeing her begin to frown quickly agreed “Mistress Green, yes Mistress Green” She smiled and I knew I was correct in my behaviour. I was going to have to suppress the urge to simply nod, and remember to exclaim my agreement the way she liked me to.

She then noticed that while she had been expounding her instructions, the previous thought of seeing her naked, plus the provocation of having her stand so close was beginning to arouse my cock. I became aware of this at much the same time as she did, and I immediately wondered if this was one of those appropriate or inappropriate times. Luckily she solved the problem for me by pushing her hand down my briefs and pulling my cock free. “Oh yes” she said, “this is the perfect time for an erection!” and with that began to play with my cock, stroking it and squeezing it slightly. I smiled a lot, this was my idea of being a sex slave, and enjoyed the feeling as she pulled on my sex.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

While Mistress Green and I were doing this, Mistress Benny had filled the washbasin with hot water, and started laying out a selection of razors, electric and blade razors. Mistress Green stopped playing with my penis, and walked over to the selection. I was a little puzzled, I had already shaved, and the women s legs, both Mistress Green and Mistress Benny looked smooth enough to me. Mistress Green then started to explain their purpose. “Dick, your dick is your tool and I don’t care to have it surrounded by the disgusting thatch of your pubes. I also find that your buttocks are less than pleasant with the amount of hair they have, and your legs are frankly revolting with their thick hair. I like my slaves to be as shiny as a newborn babies bum. And that is what you are going to do while I select an appropriate uniform for you. I will be back in 1/2 an hour; in that time you are to remove every single hair from your waist down. Do you understand?” I swallowed dryly, the thoughts of naked female bodies quickly evaporating as I contemplated this embarrassing task. “Mistress Green. Yes, I do … Mistress Green” I slightly hesitantly relied. “Good Dick”, she tells me and leaves with Mistress Benny as I look at the array of hair removing apparatus.

I started with the electric razor on my legs and this did not bother me much. It was a little bit strange to be shaving my legs but I actually thought they looked pretty good. I started to become uncomfortable as I approached my crotch. The idea of shaving away my pubic hair was more unsettling. I could not see how it made any difference and the idea of having no hair there seemed strange. Reluctantly I decided that it would be best to do as Mistress required, since it seemed minor in comparison to being returned to incarceration. The electric razor felt rather kinky as it shaved away the hairs, and the buzzing and humming started to turn me on. So this is what a vibrator feels like I thought, and spent a little time stroking my erection. I realised my time was running out and had a few tortuous minutes trying to shave my ass. Again it felt strange having to shave my ass, but at least it matched the rest of my hairless state. Looking in one of the mirrors it was strange to see my cock naked of hair.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The thirty minutes were up when Mistress Green and Mistress Benny returned with a collection of black leather I could not see properly. Mistress Green walked over to me and hissed, “When you are not commanded to stand you must immediately kneel you dumb Dick” I quickly fell to the floor. “Well” she said, “lets have a look at you … Benny is going to check you out with a pair of tweezers to see how good a job you did. Hopefully she will not find more than 10 hairs below you waist!”

Mistress Benny ordered me “Stand up, and put your hands on your head” and I did, as she bent over and started looking at my calves. Almost immediately her fingers reached out and using tweezers plucked a hair from my legs. It was painful but over very quickly like a needle jab, I did not even have time to exclaim. “One Mistress” she told Mistress Green. With horror I realised that the hair she had pulled out, was one that I had shaven with the electric razor, but obviously there was a little stubble left. “Mistress Green,” I immediately responded, “she pulled one that was already shaved Mistress Green” I pleaded. “Shut up, you stupid Dick.” Mistress Green sounded harsh and unyielding. “You had plenty of time to remove the tiniest stubble.”

Mistress Benny proceeded to pluck four more hairs from around my legs. The one she tweezered from my inner thigh hurt the most, but then she said, “Bend over and touch your toes Dick.” As I obeyed I knew what was coming, as I felt her tweezers reach into my ass crack and grasp a hair there. This time however, she did not quickly pull the hair out, but ever so slowly increased the tension. It was beginning to hurt a lot. “Mistress Benny. Please stop please, its hurting me a lot Mistress Benny” I complain. Mistress Green interjects, “Dick you are allowed to beg and plead all you like when you are in pain, but please don’t expect Benny to stop performing anything I ask of her.”

Mistress Benny continued to pull further hairs from my ass, as slowly as she could as I felt the hurt more and more. All the time I was begging her to stop, or to pull them quickly. This seemed to make her even more sadistic, and she obviously tried to make the pulling as slow as she possibly could. After eight hairs, her tweezers shifted a little lower and I could feel that she had grasped a piece of stubble on my ball sack. This prompted me to a higher level of begging for mercy. “Mistress Green, please not there, I am hurting so much, please stop Mistress, I’ll shave really closely next time Mistress. Please please Mistress Green But my words fell on deaf ears, as Mistress Benny remorselessly tweezered the remainder of the 10 hairs from my scrotum.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After she had announced that she had taken the 10 hairs, Mistress Green regarded me impassively. Then she told me, “Not a very good performance Dick. I am disappointed … that you could not perform even this simple task for me”. I immediately understood what she was driving at, and blushing at the humiliation dropped to my knees and crawled towards her. In a small voice, I begged her, “Mistress Green, please forgive me, I did not do as you wanted me too because I was too embarrassed. Please spank me Mistress Green.”

She was not impressed by my apology but granted my request. “That was very poor too Dick, it sounded like an excuse! Next time think about what you are going to say before you open your foolish mouth. This time I will grant your wish Dick, go and bend over the toilet, with your head in the bowl. It will help remind you of your position. The next time I find you are hairy, you will be properly punished.”

I assumed the position she requested, and as I looked at the inside of the toilet bowl Mistress Green spanked my ass. It was as painful as the previous time and I felt deep shame that I was being spanked like a boy, with my naked genitals a further ignominy. I was beginning to wonder if I could continue to hold still as my ass became paradoxically painful and numb at the same time. When finally Mistress Green was happy I had been punished enough I remembered to thank her for the spanking, “Mistress Green, thank you for correcting my mistake, I deserved your spanking Mistress Green, this humble statement seemed to please her, but I felt even more humiliated by having to thank her for hurting me. Mistress Green s final instruction on the matter was “Enough of this for now, your disgusting body hair is boring me. Benny will wax you this afternoon. Now you are going to get dressed for me. Stand up, hands on your head.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As I stood there, Mistress Green collected some of the leather items she had chosen. I thought it was going to be some sort of leather shorts, but I was sadly mistaken. Mistress Benny started by fastening a black leather harness around my torso, the leather matching the leather collar I was wearing. The final loop of leather round my belly had numerous rings. I guessed that this was some sort of bondage costume but it did not seem too offensive. The next thing that Mistress Green demonstrated was much more humiliating. “These” she told me “are fine black silk stockings. They will attach with suspenders to your halter. If you ladder them they will be replaced because I hate to see scruffy slaves, though of course you will be severely punished for damaging the old ones.”

This was again humiliating as I carefully stepped into the hosiery as Mistress Benny held it and then pulled them up my legs and fastened them to the suspenders. It was very embarrassing to be dressed like some cheap porn star transvestite in the stockings. It made my naked cock seem even more ridiculous. Naturally Mistress Green had a pair of black high heels to accompany the stockings. They were small, unnecessarily high so it was difficult to balance and walk, and they immediately started hurting my feet.

Mistress Green was smiling as she admired me in the crazy costume I was wearing. “But there is still something missing, ” she tells me, and gives the last piece of black leather to Mistress Benny. It is strangely shaped, a ‘Y’ shape with various metals hooks and clips. I have no idea of its purpose, and having the frightening thought that is might be some sort of gag. The reality is even more bizarre and humiliating. Mistress Benny clips the two arms of the ‘Y’ to the back of the harness, and then pushes the stem between my legs. As she comes round to face me I see that there is a complicated series of clips that allow the stem to open like a pair of stocks. Mistress Benny looks up at me as I realise with horror where this is supposed to fit. She smiles as she fastens either side of this mechanism around my prick and balls so that it clenches them tightly at their base. With a final clip, the combined stem is fastened to the front of the harness.

“Now then Dick, ” Mistress Green tells me, “lets see you parade around in your new uniform”. I am blushing deeply and feel very uncomfortable in this outfit. The shoes hurt and I find it hard to walk without stumbling. The stocking suspenders pull unfamiliarly at my thighs. The leather straps of the harness feel strange, and my shaved ass feels cold and exposed. Worst of all is the feeling of vulnerability of my cock and testicles as they are pulled away from my body to stick out in front. “How does it feel Dick?” Mistress Green asks me. I honestly reply, “Mistress Green, it is a bit uncomfortable Mistress Green.” I tell her, not really thinking in my perturbed state. “Oh we can’t have that, kneel down” she says, and I suddenly realise I might not have been as tactful as I should. Sure enough, she comes up behind me, and rather than changing anything on the costume, she takes hold the collar she put around me neck and tightens it. I immediately feel very uncomfortable, it is not strangling me, but I can feel it pushing tightly against my throat making me want to swallow repeatedly. “Now stand up! Maybe that’ll help take your mind of it?” she asks, looking at me expecting a reply. I am swallowing fast but manage to choke out an intelligible reply “Mistress Green, yes thank you, Mistress Green”. Unfortunately she does not make any move to release the collar and I understand that I am going to have to endure the feeling of suffocation until she relents.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mistress Green then comes up behind me, and reaching round grabs hold of my cock. After the pain and discomfort of the uniform, it has become quite flaccid, and she cups it in her hand and starts to stroke it and pull it. “This uniform is perfect for my slaves you see, She begins. Her voice is low and seductive and she breathes a little in my ear as she continues. All the while she is pulling and stroking my cock with one hand, which starts to react without any conscious thought on my part. Her other hand also begins to run over my body, feeling my back and chest and arms. “Your dick is perfectly displayed … Dick. But you’ve got to be careful if you ever need to sit Dick, it is not designed for you to sit, it is much better to kneel. The harness is very useful for attaching various toys if I want to use them on you. You are uncomfortable with the stockings and high heels, but I think they perfectly suit a man as much as any woman. They produce a very fetching enticing picture as you look up the silk clad legs, the white of the thigh between the stocking tops, and there, perfectly framed your dick. And the high heels also help sway your cute little bottom as you walk along.” With this she starts rubbing my ass cheeks.

My cock is already fully erect, and I find that I am beginning to breathe deeply, as I experience her wonderful hand fuck. “The straps at the back neatly allow access to your ass hole and balls from behind.” I am too caught up in the pleasure of the moment to think on the implied threat she had just made, later this was going to seem the most frightening possibility. “You see you are already enjoying the access this allows.” She starts to pull my cock harder. Mistress Benny has come closer, smiling and with wet lips. The subtle suggestion is fantastic as I mentally see her lips closing round my cock. “But please remember always Dick that you are mine to control” Mistress Green tells me. “Do you understand this Dick?” she asks. “Mistress Green, oh yes Mistress Green” I pant out.

She laughs, “Very good Dick, extremely good. But that includes your orgasm too, you know. Do you want to come Dick?” she asks. “Mistress Green, oh yes I do Mistress Green I do I do I do”. “Careful Dick, don’t break the rules. Make me really believe you, beg for release Dick tell me how much you want to come, how much you enjoy the costume. Praise me.” “Mistress Green.” I cry. “Please let me come. I beg you please let me come, I can feel it building up inside me. Please let me come. This is a great costume; it allows you to use me as you want to, to play with my dick like this. Oh please let me come Mistress Green, you are a wonderful Mistress, a fantastic Mistress. You control me fully; I’ll do anything for you. Please let me come Mistress Green.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mistress Green continues for several more seconds and then stops. “On the floor, kneeling, right now Dick” she literally screams at me. After a second of hesitation I kneel before her confused, humiliated and angry. What did she want me to do; she was the one fooling around. She continues to scream in my face, “You are mine. Never forget it. I control this pathetic tool you have. You are not allowed to come until you have proven to me you are fully accepting of your place. I play with Dick whenever and however I choose.” With that she aims a kick straight at my erect cock and balls. The way they are displayed and my cock still standing expecting release make it easy for her to land the blow. Agony bursts through my body and I roll on the floor hands clutching my sack. “I have had enough of you for today. Benny will properly prepare you this afternoon and hopefully tomorrow you’ll attend me better.”
– To Be Continued… –