My name is Kammi and I’m a former member of the local volunteer fire department, the reason I’m a former member is because of differences with the fire chief, who just happens to be my husband. We would get together with other members of the department on Saturday nights and just kick back, drink a little beer and watch some movies.

This one particular Saturday night I started drinking a little more than usual and had a pretty good buzz when the guys started talking about what movies they should get from the local movie rental store and them being guys they were talking about renting some porno movies for the night but they couldn’t decide who should go get them, so I finally stepped up and said I would go rent them some movies. There was my husband Glenn who at this point in our marriage I despise completely, a couple of friends of ours and fellow firefighters (Ken, Dan, Kevin and Lee) and our neighbor, Michael who lived across the street from us who is always hitting on me when im outside in the garden or going to the car whose advances I always avoided because he was a black man. None of these guys ever looked at me like a woman but as a comrade whom they trusted their lives with until this night. I’m a fairly attractive woman or so many men have told me so, I’m 5’6″ 127lbs. 44D-24-34 with curly brown hair. When I finally came back to the fire hall everyone was getting pretty rowdy and drinking to their hearts content so I popped a tape into the VCR and sat down with the guys to watch the movies and drink some more beer.

Well all the guys were getting pretty wasted after a while and I was feeling pretty good when Dan said that he wished there was some women around because the movie was getting him pretty horny and Michael said “We have a woman right here with us” and Glenn replied “no I think Dan meant a real woman” which almost started an argument but I stepped up ripping my sweatshirt upwards saying “see I am a real woman” causing everyone’s jaws to drop to the floor and Michael broke out laughing saying “WOW I knew you had some nice boobs, would you mind if I had a closer look.” I looked over at my husband who just shrugged his shoulders like he was saying go ahead so I finished taking off my sweatshirt and bra and walked towards Michael and noticed a big bulge in his pants. When I got to him he reached up with his powerful hands and gently squeezed my big brown nipples. At this point all the attention was diverted from the movie to Michael and myself. He then sucked my right nipple into his mouth causing me to catch my breath. He then unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down along with my panties and rubbed my wet pussy with his hand.

All I could think about was that bulge in his pants and had to see for myself because I had never seen any cock bigger than my husbands who is only about seven inches and that’s being generous if you ask me. So I knelt down between his knees and unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge dick. I thought I was going to die when I saw it, it must have been nine inches soft and as wide as my fist. I couldn’t get my fingers around it so I grasped it with two hands and began kissing all over the head of it and running my tongue up and down the shaft of this enormous monster, I thought I was in heaven. Just then all I could hear was 6 zippers in unison going down and I looked up and saw six more erect cocks all pointed in my direction and coming towards me. My husband tried to push to the front saying “hey that’s my wife I get her first” and Michael said “you said there was no women here and that he should sit his sorry ass down” and that he had a plan for him after they were done taking care of me.

With that Michael stood up and pushed me down on all fours and walked behind my ass and spread my ass apart and said “look at that hot wet pussy, juices were running down my thighs with anticipation of what would happen next. Michael said since Dan was the one to bring it up about needing a woman he told me to crawl over to him and give him a blowjob so I did as I was ordered. When I got to Dan I reached up and grabbed hold of his cock and swallowed his cock and buried my face in his pubic hair, Michael then ordered Ken to crawl up behind me and for him to lick my pussy and to make me ready to take his big black cock deep in me. When he got behind me he went straight for my swollen clit and slid two fingers up in my already drenched pussy and I started to suck faster on Dan’s cock and I could feel his balls start to tighten up and was rewarded with a big mouthful of his hot cum, I tried to swallow it all but some ran out of my mouth and it ran down my chin. I started grinding my hips back onto Ken’s tongue feeling him try to slide his tongue deep in me, I was begging for someone to fuck me when Michael told Ken to move and Michael crawled up behind my exposed swollen pussy lips and he just slide the entire length of it up the crack of my ass.

Michael then stood up and said he had something in mind because Glenn was such an asshole and didn’t deserve such a good woman as me, that he was going to make me his slave to do what he wanted when he wanted it done, I was going to be his little white slut. He then instructed the other guys to get two ladders down and lay them on the floor about three feet apart, then he told two of them to go get some rope and told the other three to grab Glenn. When they came back with the rope Michael told them to tie Glenn’s hands and feet to the ladder on his back. He put up a lot of resistance but it was to no avail seeing that the odds were 5-1. After they tied him up Michael ordered me to face Glenn so he could see my face and I did as I was instructed to do. Then Michael told Kevin to crawl under me and when he I could feel his hard cock dragging down my stomach and Michael told me not to move. Once Kevin was under me I could feel his dick head was resting against my swollen pussy lips. Michael then told me to tell Glenn how I was going to fuck them all right here in front of him and he was going to have to watch it all. With that Michael had Kevin slide his dick in me with no resistance at all and I fell right down on him, grinding my hips down feeling his balls rubbing on my ass.

It felt so good to finally have a hard cock in my tight hot pussy. After about 5 minutes Kevin announced he was about to cum and I went to get up so he could shoot his load down my throat but Michael was right there to push me back down and told me they were all going to cum in me tonight, I tried to fight him but before I knew it I could feel Kevin’s dick twitch inside me and I could feel his hot cum shoot deep inside of me. After Kevin finished cumming in me Michael propped my ass up with the cushions from the couch saying he was doing this to try and prevent the cum from coming out of my pussy. Michael then told Lee to come behind me and told him to fuck me doggie style. I felt Lee was kind of hesitant so I started to wiggle my ass at him, Michael getting rough and ordering me around was really getting me worked up. Lee slowly slid his cock deep in me but I could tell he hadn’t done this before because he was uncoordinated and he grabbed my hips and started to pound furiously and knew he wasn’t going to last long, which he didn’t because I could feel his hot cum shooting into me. He left my pussy begging to be fucked again.

Michael then told Dan it was his turn and he wasted no time at all getting behind me and driving his cock into the depths of my cunt, the squishing sounds of his cock driving into me was making me even hornier. I cried out I had to cum so badly but Michael said I couldn’t cum until he said so. The pressure building up in my cunt was so intense I thought I was going to pass out. All I remember then was Ken kneeling in front of my face and offering me his cock, which I sucked on frantically while Dan was pounding me from behind. Ken was sliding his cock deep in my mouth trying to match the rhythm of Dan’s strokes to which Ken pulled away for fear of me biting his cock because I started slamming backwards onto Dan, hell if I could of I would of stuffed his balls up in me to cause I needed fucked and I needed fucked hard.

After about 10 minutes of Dan constantly pounding my pussy he announced he was about to cum and he unloaded his seed deep in me. After he pulled out Michael told Ken to get some of my sweet pussy and he wasted no time and I don’t even think he stroke my pussy 3 times because he dumped his load in me mixing it with the 3 others that were deep in my pussy. Michael then said he saved the best for last. I had wanted to feel his enormous cock deep in me all night. He had the guys go over to Glenn and they were to make sure Glenn watched. Michael said to Glenn “watch your slut wifes face when she feels my black cock fill her up for the first time in her life”. My pussy was so lubricated at this point and was just begging to feel his huge cock-plowing deep in me. Michael crawled behind me and like before he rubbed his cock up and down the crack of my ass, smearing his cock head with my juices. He then grabbed his cockhead and slowly put it in my tight cunt stretching it to its limits, he slide forward with no resistance at all. I could feel some of the cum dripping down my legs from seeping out of my cunt as he slowly pushed his cock forward until I felt his big black balls hit my swollen clit causing me to shudder. I thought he was going to split me in two. I was crying “OH YOUR BIG BLACK COCK FEELS SO GOOD DEEP IN ME” and he slowly pulled out until I could feel only the head of his dick.

Then he just lunged forward and drove his cock deep in me and he didn’t hold back at all. He started smacking my ass calling me his little white whore. He was driving my face into the floor sliding his huge cock deep in me. He had fabulous control cause I could hear the other guys commenting on how long he was lasting but I had no track of time cause he was literally fucking me senseless. He then said he was about to blow his wad deep in me and when he did it felt like fire was coming out of his cock, he seemed to cum forever. I could feel the hot jets of cum shooting out of cock. When he finally pulled out of me it made a popping sound and I just laid there going limp.

He then instructed Lee and Kevin to pick me and for Ken and Dan to hold Glenn’s head straight up. He had Lee and Kevin carry me over to Glenn, they were each holding me by the arms, one on each side and they moved me till I was over Glenn’s face and were told by Michael to lower my cum filled pussy onto his mouth. Once my cunt was on his mouth Michael told him to start licking but he resisted trying to fight it. Michael then reached down to my still swollen clit and began to rub it real hard causing the pressure inside me to build, I then cried out and I began to cum and grind my cunt on Glenn’s face. I could feel his lips and tongue as he was trying to breath and I could feel all the cum inside me along with my own flowing out of me into Glenn’s mouth and his face.

After I finished cumming they picked me up and set me on the couch and Glenn laided there gasping for air and choking on all the cum he must of swallowed and had cum all over his face. Michael then told him that I was his little white whore and that any time he wanted some of my tight sweet pussy he was to oblige with his demands or there would be a repeat of what had just happened to which he just shook his head ok. I was then told to get up and get dressed by Michael, he said he had a lot planned for me.

But then that’s another story altogether….

– The End –