As Rebecca walked to her car she thought of quitting her job. She was just plain tired of people coming to her with some kind of supposed trouble demanding that she take care of them. They needed money for everything except taking care of their family. It didn’t make a difference if they were black or white, they just wanted someone else to give them something and they never wanted to give anything in return. With her collage education she was sure she could get a much better job with more money and would never have to go through another day like this. Sliding behind the steering wheel her knee length skirt slid up and as she absently pulled it down the car door opened and her boss was sliding in and telling her he needed a ride. Starting the car she backed out and then looking at him she noticed he was looking out the back window as if looking for someone. Telling her his car was broke down and he needed a ride home, and since she lived near him he thought she wouldn’t mind. As they drove toward his house she noticed that a car was following them and when she asked him if he noticed it he just ignored her. Pulling up to his house he thanked her and then hurried up the sidewalk and entered his house.

Driving away she noticed the car stop at his house and turning the corner thought no more about it. As she drove she thought back on her day and the unkempt smelly man that had to be thrown from her office after he had tried to put his dirty hands under her skirt asking her if she would give him a blow job. Calling the security guard as the man followed her from her office there had been a struggle and the man was arrested. But that was only the beginning , her day had steadily gone from bad to worse as two of her coworkers had trapped her in the supply room and running their hands over her firm petite body began telling her that they sure would like to crawl between her legs and show her what it would feel like to have a real man. As they had continued to run their hands over her body one of them had grabbed her ass saying that the way she shook her tight ass around teasing all the men maybe they should come over to her house and spend the night. Telling them she was happily married they began laughing saying they would be glad to show her husband how to fuck a fine looking piece of ass like her. Breaking away she had spent the rest of the day seeing only women, she made sure someone else took any men that were looking for help.

Pulling into her driveway she didn’t see her husbands car and absently thought he was probably working late at the factory. Since the new owners had taken over they had cut the salaries of the white workers by 10% and gave all the black workers that money saying they had been paid less then the whites, but everyone had known that was bull shit. To make matters worse they never said anything about the blacks sitting around making the whites work harder just to keep the production line going. All the white workers had threatened to quit but if they did they would have to move as there simply were no jobs outside the factory. All the other factories had closed done over the last couple of years because their owners had said it was cheaper to set up overseas. Thinking about this reminded her that she had to go out to the home of one of the black factory workers tomorrow to verify that he was supporting a wife and four kids as well as his mother. Rebecca knew that she couldn’t quit either because like her husband there were no jobs. They would have to move and her husband would never leave his mother alone while they moved away to find new jobs. Of course their were some towns people that drove two hours each day to work a couple of towns away, but her husband would never do that and neither would she so they were stuck in a no win situation. As her supper was cooking she took a shower and then putting on her night-gown and robe and then as she watched the news she ate while waiting for her husband. By 11:00 he still wasn’t home so she went to bed alone. This was the eighth or so time this month that this had happened, she longed to have him beside her. She had never known another man and she was glad that she had been a virgin when they had married eight months ago when she finished collage after only two years and taken the job at the welfare office. She loved him and only wished he didn’t have to work so hard and long just to make sure they had some money. In the morning she noticed that he had fallen into bed fully clothed and looking into his tired face she hated to wake him but the way things were going his new bosses might fire him if he didn’t go to work. Bending down she brushed her lips across his and his eyes opened and smiling up at her told her how beautiful she was and he was sorry he wasn’t home last night. As she walked to the door he yelled to her telling her he would be home early tonight and maybe they could go out.

Pulling into the parking lot she saw she was running late and hoped no one noticed. Going over her case papers for the day she set aside the case papers for Jeremy Bettis and as 2:00 o’clock approached she walked from her office. Arriving at Jeremy’s house she noticed how nice his yard appeared and knocking on the door she was greeted by Jeremy. Wondering why he wasn’t at work he told her his boss gave him the day off with pay to answer any questions she might have. Asking him several questions about his job, take home pay and bank accounts, she then asked to meet his wife and kids as well as his mother and he told her he didn’t have any wife, and he might have some kids but they damn sure didn’t live with him and then he told her his mother had died fifteen years ago. Closing her briefcase and standing up she told him that she would be closing his case and he would not receive any more money from the state. “I don’t think so white girl ” and then he picked up the phone and talking into it for a minute he handed it to her. Looking at him she reached for the phone and as she said hello a voice was telling her that if she wanted her old man to keep his job she would ok Jeremy’s case. Listening in shock the voice told her that things could get nasty if she didn’t go along, and then the phone went dead and as it hung from her limp hand Jeremy took it and at the same time bent and kissed her ear and then ran his tongue slowly around her ear lobe and then pushed his tongue into her ear. Jumping back she slapped him and then turning ran toward the door. Grabbing her hair he twisted his fingers into her long reddish blonde hair and yanking her backwards began fumbling at her clothes. Fighting him as best she could, he ripped her blouse off and then pulling off her skirt she stood in front of him in only her flimsy bra and blue bikini panties.

Trying to relieve the pain from his pulling her hair she stopped twisting and fighting for a moment as in great fear she drew in deep breaths and her mind screamed at him to stop while another part of her wondered why he was doing this. And then he was yanking on her bra and as the snaps broke she felt it being pulled away and then he reached out and grasped a nipple and pinched it between his large black fingers. As she cried out in pain he began laughing, and then pinching her nipple again he let go of her hair and tore her panties loose and threw her toward the couch she had been sitting on. Sprawled on the couch naked with her legs apart Jeremy stood looking at her small white body, he figured she was about 5′ 6″ and about 108 lbs. or so. He liked her tits they were a little bigger then a mouthful, about 36 in. and nice and firm. All together not bad for a white woman, 5’6″ 108 lbs. 36-22-35. Thinking big tits were overrated as he walked toward her he knew he was going to enjoy fucking her. As she cringed against the couch her eyes wide with fear she watched as he undid his belt and then standing before her he let his pants drop. She knew she was going to be raped but the bulge in his underwear drew her eye, and a part of her wondered if it was true what they said about black men and their dicks. As he removed his underwear his semi hard dick sprang into view and gasping she saw that even though it wasn’t hard it was almost as large as her husband’s when he was hard.

Without a word he reached down and grabbing her legs he spread them apart as he lifted her ass from the couch giving him a view that no man but her husband had seen. And then his dick was pressing against her pussy lips. Smiling down at her he pushed his hips forward and as his dick pushed between her pussy lips she suddenly started fighting again. Pushing forward again he began pumping in and out of her tight pussy. “Oh yes Mrs. Morgan your cunt feels so good, nice and tight like I knew it would. I’m going to enjoy fucking you and filling you with my cum, and who knows, maybe you’ll even enjoy it so much you’ll keep coming back for more. I might even let you wrap your sweet lips around my cock and suck me off.” As he pumped his dick in and out of her near virgin pussy breathing hard she cried as he bounced her up and down with his cruel thrust. For the next three hours he fucked her as she sobbed and begged him not to fuck her any more, and then when he was completely exhausted he pulled her head into his lap and had her lick and suck both their juices from his dick. After she had sucked him clean he told her that he was now her master and that from now on when ever he wanted to fuck her or suck him off she would do it no matter when he called or where they were at. If she fought him her boss would find out she was fucking a black man and paying him for his services with state aid and money. He would also make sure her husband found out she was fucking a black man. Yanking her head up by her hair he looked into her eyes and asked her if she understood that from now on she was his to do with as he pleased. And then he told her that she was not to hide her body anymore with the ugly clothes she wore. From now on she would only wear miniskirts, no panties or bra either, because when he wanted to fuck her tight cunt he didn’t want to waste time with clothes. Throwing her clothes at her he told her he would see her in a couple of days, and they would talk about raising his state aid. Then he pushed her out the door and slammed it shut.

Over the next few days she bought a few miniskirts and began wearing them to work, and at first she felt funny about not wearing any panties or bra under her new clothes. Then she began to feel a sexual thrill when she noticed the way men looked at her, now so more then ever. Because of this her pussy felt constantly wet as if it wanted a dick. She had not made love to her husband but once since Jeremy had raped her and she longed for his touch. As her mind thought of the only two men she had ever made love to she suddenly realized that it was Jeremy’s cock she craved, but that she loved her husband. Without thinking her hand dropped to her lap and then slid under her miniskirt and she began rubbing her pussy. Startled by a knock on her door she yanked her hand away. As the door opened she let out a gasp as she saw Jeremy standing there behind the receptionist. “I’m sorry Rebecca but Mr. Bettis said you were expecting him.” and as he smiled her legs grew weak and she felt the hair lined lips of her pussy quiver in excitement. “Well my little white cunt I see your wearing miniskirts like I told you, but now lets see if your wearing a bra or panties.” And then moving around her desk he told her to show him some titty. With out a word and with trembling hands she began unbuttoning her blouse swinging her chair toward him, and then he was running his dark hands over her tits and massaging her nipples while she sat shivering as if from a chill.

Feeling her nipples harden she softly moaned and then his other hand was slipping under her short skirt and two of his fingers were sliding between her pussy lips. In spite of where she was and who she was with she began purring deep in her throat as his fingers sawed in and out of her pussy, and she trembled like a leaf in the wind. Moving her hips slowly up and down in time with his fingers she spread her legs and shuddered as she felt her pussy open and then clamp around his fingers as she climaxed. Picking her from the chair he laid her across her desk and then pushed his fingers between her soft ruby lips and had her suck her cum from his fingers. He bent and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth and softly nibbled it with his teeth sending another chill through her body. Not caring that anyone could walk in on Jeremy and her, her hands reached out and undoing his pants she reached in and pulled his dick free. Raising her skirt around her waist he began pushing his large black dick into her pussy as she encircled his waist with her legs. As the thrill of his large black dick filling her pussy pushed her mind heaven ward she bit his shoulder to muffle her scream of cock hunger and excitement. Pushing his dick deep into her with long hard strokes as he pulled her hips into his body he told her she was a good cunt and that tonight she was to come to his house at 9:00 wearing only a negligee and then pulling his dick from her pussy he stepped back and told her to get on her knees and finish him off so he could shot his cum down her throat. As she knelt before the black man that had made her his sex slave she sucked his large black dick into her throat bobbing her head up and down she swallowed his cum and licked him clean as he told her not to be late tonight.

At 9:00 wearing only a flimsy negligee she arrived at his house and for the next couple of hours he fucked her and once he even bent her over a chair and shoved his dick into her ass as he shoved two of his thick fingers into her mouth and made her suck them like they were another dick. Several times he called her Mrs. Morgan as he was fucking her or she was begging him for his big black dick. Before she left he made her kneel and suck both their cum juices off his dick. “Well Mrs. Morgan did you like fucking and sucking on my big black dick, and would you like more big black dick in your holes?” He knew she had loved fucking him but he wanted to hear her say it, and as she answered he smiled raising his eyes to the camcorder hidden in the bookcase. Over the next few weeks she fucked him or sucked his dick in both their homes, her office and in a couple of bars as well as a restaurant, this didn’t include the times he drove down the streets and had her suck his dick. Even though he treated her like a whore the need for his cock far out weighed her self esteem.. She knew she had become his sex slave and that he could do whatever he wanted. But when he called telling her to met him at the factory at 2:00, she pleaded with him telling him her husband or his friends might see her, and then he began yelling at her telling her that if she was worried about that white trash and didn’t want his black cock anymore then she could stay away, and then the phone went dead.

Yes, she had taken chances before but nothing like this, this was different her husband and his friends might well find out. She didn’t know what to do, she wanted his large black dick so bad she could taste it. She was like a dope addict who needed a fix, but her fix was Jeremy’s large black dick. The thought of never having his cock again leaped into her mind and despite the risk she, or maybe because of that she left her office and drove to the factory. At 1:45 she pulled into the factory parking lot and then walking into the office told the young lady at the reception desk that she was Rebecca Morgan from the welfare office and that she was there to met with Jeremy Bettis. Upon finding out that she would have to walk through the factory to where he was working she panicked. Standing there on trembling legs her mind fought with itself and once again the need for his black cock won as well as the need to find out why he wanted her to come to the factory because she was sure that he could not fuck her while he was working.

As she walked through the factory she noticed the way some of the workers looked at her as if they would throw her to the floor and raise her miniskirt and pump their dicks in her pussy and she found that her pussy was getting wet with the thrill of turning these men on. And then she found Jeremy sitting at a table in the rear of the factory playing cards with five other black workers. Though they couldn’t be seen by the white workers someone could walk in on them just as she had done. As she approached the six black men, Jeremy told her to sit on his lap and they would talk about the first thing that came up. Laughing as if that was the funniest thing they ever heard, Jeremy told them that Mrs. Morgan was his case worker and she was making sure he was being taken care of. As she sat on his lap she could feel his dick harden and then his hand was rubbing her thigh as he said he had a surprise for everyone, and then he asked someone to turn the T. V. and VCR on. To her horror and shame there on the screen she saw herself in a flimsy negligee with Jeremy Bettis. And as the events of that night weeks ago flashed on the screen she sat on his lap stunned while Jeremy continued to run his hands over her body. As he joked and kidded with the five other black men telling them how great a fuck his Social Worker was he turned her face to his and kissed her. She felt her blouse being removed and his fingers rolling her nipples between his large black fingers making her body vibrate and she began to move her ass in circles on his lap making his dick push harder into the crack of her ass. Turning once more to the others he told them to listen to the video as she begged him for more large black cock, and then the video ended with her on her knees asking for more black cock to fuck and suck. Pushing her from his lap he told her to get on her knees and take his dick out and show his buddies how much she loved sucking a big black dick. As if in a trance she reached out, and as she undid his pants and pulled his dick free her ears began ringing what if her husband should walk in, but then the sight of his cock and the musty scent of sex wafted to her and all thoughts of her husband vanished. Taking his large black dick into her mouth until it brushed her tonsils she then clamped her lips around his dark shaft and began bobbing her head up and down, each time taking more of him into her mouth and throat. As she continued to deep throat him she heard the others ask if they could fuck her or was he just fucking with them by showing them he had a pretty white girl who liked to fuck him or suck his dick.

Laughing Jeremy reminded them that they had heard her asking for more large black dick, so now he was granting her wish and who better to give her the cock she asked for then his buddies from work, unless they were afraid her white trash husband or his friends would come in and catch them while they were fucking her brains out. Pulling her from her lover the laid her across the table with her ass hanging over the edge. Pushing her miniskirt up around her waist allowed them to see, feel, and fuck her pussy. And then her legs were spread wide and she felt someone push his fingers into her pussy and she had a small climax as she heard everyone saying how hot this pretty little white girl was, and that her cunt was wet as hell. As the fingers left her pussy she felt her ass cheeks being pulled apart and someone’s cock rub over her pulsing cunt lips and with excitement, and the need to show her lovers friends that she would do anything for him she rotated her hips backwards while Jeremy stepped in front of her and told her to suck him off and then she sighed deeply as she felt the first dick push past her pussy lips and began fucking her with long hard deep strokes. With the two dicks pushing her back and forth between them she pushed back at the dick fucking her pussy as her lips and throat worked on the dick in her mouth and she knew that soon she would have a mind numbing climax. And then the two dicks were shooting their cum into her before she could cum herself, as they withdrew two others took their place and as she bucked and twisted between them deep moans of sexual arousal escaped her throat and then she felt the beginnings of a mind numbing climax as her pussy opened and then closed with a vice like grip around the dick plunging into her pussy.

Her mind raced with thoughts of fucking these men with her husband and his friends watching while she begged for their large black dicks to fuck her and fill her full of their cum. As the two fucking her mouth and pussy sent her over the edge she felt them shooting their cum in her to join the first two, and as they pulled out she felt cum dripping down her inner thighs as well as her chin, licking her lips and savoring the taste she had grown to love she heard herself begging for more black cock, and as another dick was pushed between her lips she heard the last one say he was going to shove his twelve inch black monster in her tight white ass. Pulling her mouth from the dick she was sucking she looked over her shoulder and saw him reach between her legs and then sticking his fingers into her cum filled pussy he scooped some of the cum of the first two that had fucked her and as she watched, he smeared it over the head of his dick and along it’s length. To her eyes it looked larger then he said it was, and as she stared she wondered if she could take the monstrous dick. And then fingers twisted in her hair and a voice was telling her to get her cock sucking lips around his black dick, as her head was twisted back around and the dick once more shoved between her lips, she felt a pressure against her neither ring as she felt the largest dick she had ever seen trying to enter her ass hole. As he pushed forward she almost bit the dick fucking her mouth.

Feeling as if she were being split in two she tried to twist her ass away from the invading monster but this only excited the man more. Grabbing her hips he pulled her backwards ramming his large dick deep into the hot clinging tunnel of her near virgin ass hole, she screamed around the dick in her mouth as five inches of the wrist thick dick stretched her ass hole. And then as he withdrew all but the head of his dick she heard through her pain fogged brain everyone laughing as he said he need more lubrication but they were yelling at him to just shove it in. His dick wouldn’t need any lube as soon as the white bitches ass hole stretched, and then she felt him shoving forward again. As her mind screamed again from the pain moans of anguish escaped from her cock stuffed mouth she thought she was going to die and then the cock in her mouth almost choked her as it filled her throat with cum as she moaned and gasped like a fish out of water. As deep moans of anguish escaped from her open gasping mouth cum dribbled from her lips like droll. And still the huge dick plowed forward. Her body glistened with sweat as she was pushed and pulled upon the monstrous black dick and she heard the man grunting from his efforts to bury the full length of his dick into her ass hole. She heard the others laughing while telling him to fuck the white bitches ass hole and then with a tremendous shove she felt his balls slap against her pussy as he buried the full length of his wrist thick dick in her ass. Her mind snapped as he began sawing back and forth in her ass and she no longer felt pain only a fullness that seemed to encompass her whole body. She could feel him withdraw almost the full length of his dick and then as he pushed forward again she could feel the monster sliding forward until his balls slapped against her pussy again.

Slowly she began moving her ass in small circles as he fucked into her and her moans of anguish became moans of sex hunger. As he continued to pump into her she began moving her ass more and pushing back against him. She was now a woman possessed and she had to have everything the dick plugging her ass could give. “Fuck me you black bastered, shove your cock deep and hard in my ass, fuuuuuccckk mmeeeeeeeeeeeee.” She didn’t care if everyone in the plant heard her screams nor did she care if her husband found her sprawled across a table with a Negro fucking her ass. She only knew that she needed this cock like a man dying of thirst needed water, and as she screamed at him to fuck her, a warm glow started between her legs and as it spread upward she began twitching as if she were having a seizure. Droll fell from her mouth as she humped backwards impaling her body on the wrist thick twelve inch dick and with one long continuous scream she came as the top of her head felt like it was exploding. As she lost consciousness she felt her bowels filled with cum as the huge dick emptied a flood of cum inside her. Rebecca didn’t feel the huge dick pull from her ass or the cum flow down her thighs, she was lost in a world of her own. As she lay face down across the table her hips continued to move on their own and then as she slowly gained some awareness she felt her body being lifted and voices saying that they weren’t through fucking the cock hungry white slut yet and then she felt a cock shoved into her ass as another entered her pussy while a third was shoved between her lips.

She didn’t know how many times they fucked her, nor how her screams of cock hunger went unheard she only knew that she had six large black cock’s that wanted to fuck her and fill her mouth, cunt and ass with cum. As she fucked or sucked their large black cock’s time and again she screamed at them over and over to shove their black cock’s in her holes and fill her full of cum. From that afternoon on she knew that Jeremy and his friends could and would do whatever they wanted with her but she no longer cared. She was nothing more then a white slut that loved black cock and they knew it. As the months wore on she was passed from man to man always at their beck and call, often kissing and fondling her in front of her co-workers and the white people in town. Who ever she was with she was theirs, theirs to do with as they pleased with little thought of what she wanted, and to prove that point on several occasions they sent her into black bars or onto the streets giving her body to any black man that wanted her. Even the wino’s who made their homes in the dark damp alleys of the city used her young body. With her beautiful face and body they never lacked for black men who would pay to fuck her or watch as she was fucked by three or more black men.

And then one day Jeremy called her and told her to pack a bag of her sexist clothes as him and the boys would be by her house after work to pick her up in the van. As they drove through the night each of them fucked her, and when they finally stopped in front of a sprawling Hacienda the next morning they were met by a group of Mexicans As they ate the six blacks argued with the Mexicans and then a large amount of money was passed to Jeremy and turning to her he told her she now belonged to these Mexicans and that no matter what they told her to do she better do it, because if he had to give them this money back he would drive further into Mexico and sell her to a whore house and no one would ever hear from her again. As she watched the van pull away she hung her head and cried wondering if they would ever come back.

That night she was led onto a stage that had been set up outside and as they removed her clothes they told her to go into the audience and let the men see and feel her while they started the bidding to see how much would be paid to fuck her. As the bidding started men groped at her tits, ass and cunt and then as she climbed back unto the stage she heard someone say they would pay a thousand American dollars to watch her fuck his two German Shepherd’s. And then everyone was saying they would like to see the white gringo whore fuck the dogs. As she stood in horror shaking in fear her eyes pleading for reason, she was forced to kneel on stage as the two dogs were led up to her trembling body. Though her pussy was wet with her own juices and the dogs had licked her cunt once or twice they didn’t seem interested, and with relieve flooding over her she tried to stand but the men held her down while everyone yelled for the dogs to fuck the gringo whore. The dogs began to walk away, and then growling at the men as they were pulled back toward the kneeling form of Rebecca Morgan. As the owner of the dogs jumped on stage he was yelling at someone to bring him the bitch dog that was in heat as well as his other two dogs. In a loud voice he was telling everyone that now they were going to see something that they had never seen, and that if the white gringo Punta did all four of his dogs he would pay triple. Bending down to her kneeling form he told her that she would fuck all of his dogs or he would shove his fist in her cunt up to his elbow and if it didn’t kill her, the only thing that would fuck her would be a horse, and then laughing he told her that he had horses, plenty of horses.

In desperation she fought the men holding her down as she tried to get free and she screamed for someone to help her and then she felt something being rubbed on her ass and cunt and twisting her head around she saw a dogs rear being rubbed into her and as she twisted and fought they pushed the dog harder against her. She was sweating badly and the scent of the dog in heat and her fear hung in the air. And then to her horror the dog was lead around to her face as someone grabbed her hair and pushed her face into the dogs ass as its tail was lifted, and thinking she would gag from the strong animal odor she shut her lips and held her breath as they rubbed her face against the dogs ass. Once again the two dogs were lead to her kneeling form but this time they acted different. They began pushing their snouts between her ass cheeks and snaking their tongues over her. As the rough tongues licked her ass and cunt she began babbling and droll fell from her mouth. She didn’t hear the command to let the other two dogs loose, or the shouts of the crowd as they yelled at the dogs to fuck her. As the four dogs pushed against her body each trying to be the first to mount her she was knocked from the men’s grasp as the dogs began fighting and everyone stepped back to give the dogs room. Thinking she was free she began crawling on all fours when suddenly she was almost knocked flat. And then in horror she felt a dog climb onto her back and begin humping its hunches against her ass.

She could feel its dick as it tried to find her pussy to gain entrance and the soft hairs of its underbelly as it humped into her. She began twisting her ass in desperation thinking that she might throw the animal off. Twisting around and moving her ass in small circles she saw the German Shepherd’s tongue hanging from his mouth with saliva dripping from it onto her back, and she heard small growls coming from him as his front paws were around her waist almost as if he were trying to hug her. If she had not been in such desperate trouble she would have laughed from the sight. Turning her face forward again she saw another dog standing at her head and without thinking she raised her ass and twisted to the side, and in so doing she allowed the dog humping against her to find her pussy and with a bone jarring thrust he buried the full length of his dick into her cunt. As the dog buried his dick into her pussy his haunches slammed against her ass cheeks pushing her forward into the dog standing by her head forcing her face into the dogs side. Spreading her arms to stay as still as she could, she closed her eyes as if by doing that she could blot out what was happening to her, her mind raced in panic. What had she done wrong, she had always done everything that Jeremy and his friends had told her. She had willingly become their sex slave, to use and to be used by anyone they choose, without protesting, and now they had sold her to these Mexicans. She had fucked and sucked the dicks of as many as twenty men for Jeremy and his friends, and no matter how low she had sunk she did not deserve this. But now here she was, on a stage somewhere in Mexico with a pack of dogs, being used for the pleasure of a group of men who wanted to see a white woman used by animals for some sick reason that only they knew. Maybe this is what she deserved for her sick cravings and perverse pleasure of having black men use her petite white body.

As the dog continued to hump into her pussy she could hear the Mexicans as they were chanting and then she felt her face being licked and another of the dogs pushing his muzzle against her ass trying to lick her pussy as the first dog was fucking into her. She felt another tongue licking her shoulders and back and a dogs withers push against her head. There were now three dogs licking her face and body as the forth animal continued to pump into her as if he was trying to shove his dick out her mouth. She felt the dog dick in her pussy began to twitch and vibrate as his hunches pumped in short quick stabbing strokes and she knew somehow that the animal was getting ready to shoot his cum into her, and her mind screamed at the thought, and then she wondered if he would get stuck inside her as she had seen happen when she was young and her father had thrown cold water on the dogs to separate them. As her mind raced with these thoughts she suddenly felt the dogs cum scald the inside of her womb as he growled deeply and his dick seemed to grow to almost twice its size as shot after shot of cum entered her. And then mercifully he was done. The animal dragged her around the stage as the other dogs milled about and the laughter of the men almost felt like a knife, finally the dogs knot shrank enough to free himself, but by then her mind was numb and her motions seem to be slowed down As she knelt on all fours with three dogs still licking her face and body she slowly reached back to her pussy and tried to push the dog away that was licking her pussy fully now that the dog had finished fucking her and pulled out. She felt cum on the inside of her thighs where it had leaked from her pussy and as she pulled her hand back to once again brace herself she felt a dogs tongue slurp the full length of her pussy and then over her ass hole before slithering inside her pussy, and in spite of whose tongue it was she felt her body shudder and her ass make a slow backward movement against the dogs tongue and then she felt paws on her back again as the dog got between her legs and tried to blindly find her pussy. Without thinking she reached back between her legs and closed her fingers around the dogs dick and to her surprise she guided it to her pussy and as he pushed between her pussy lips she moaned and began moving her ass backwards to met the thrust of the new animal.

Moaning softly she lowered herself to her elbows allowing her body to move of its own accord and as her head lowered she felt a dog climb onto her shoulders and raising her head slightly she opened her eyes and found herself staring directly at a dogs dick. As she stared at the dick bouncing in front of her it brushed her cheek and eyes and then as the dog humped forward his dick brushed across her lips leaving a sticky trail of pre cum. As she continued to stare at the twitching dog dick her mind told her it was about six or seven inches long and two inches round and then she was licking her lips and to her surprise the taste was no worse then some of the black men’s cum she had swallowed. Her ass was moving backwards with a slow humping motion and she was covered with dog saliva and sweat making her body shine in the bright flood lights that had been set up. As her tongue licked her lips again the dogs dick brushed her tongue and lips and her mouth opened by instinct and as she had done so many times over the past several months she sucked the dick into her mouth and began running her tongue around the head and then began drawing a suction as it worked into her mouth with quick stabbing strokes between her lips. As her mouth and pussy worked on the two dicks she moaned deep in her throat making her lips vibrate giving her the warm deep glow she got every time she sucked a dick, and with ever increasing abandon her body moved to met the thrust of the two dogs fucking into her mouth and pussy. She no longer cared where she was or who was watching, she only cared about the two dicks pumping into her and the cum that they would shot into her and in some deep part of her brain pictures flashed before her of dog after dog fucking her mouth and pussy as they filled her with cum and her body shook as the first wave of her climax hit her.

For what seemed an eternity her body shook with climax after climax as the four dogs fucked into her white petite white body. Not only did the dogs use her mouth and cunt but they used her ass hole as well until she finally collapsed and lay in a stupor. She did not know that they had guarded her not letting any of the Mexicans near her and even biting the men that tried to pull them from her. They licked her body, cleaning the cum from her as she lay in a deep sex induced sleep. In the mourning when she awoke she found herself outside and for a minute she wondered how she had gotten here and then she remembered last night as she saw the four large German Shepherds laying around her and reaching out she ran her small hand down the side of the one closest to her. With surprising speed the dogs jumped to their feet and came to her pressing their heads against her naked body and as they licked her face and tits she ran her hands over their bodies and rubbed the top of their heads as she softly talked to them. Climbing to her feet the dogs fell in around her and as she walked toward the Hacienda she continued talking in her soft voice. She knew she was sick, had been sick for several months, ever since the day Jeremy Bettis had raped her and she had willingly became his sex slave. He had used her to make money by selling her to black men. He had done so much to her mind that she had craved black dicks and looked forward to fucking them to keep him happy, but these four dogs had done to her what as many as twenty black men with eight inch or bigger dicks could not do, they had satisfied her to the point of complete exhaustion, where before she had always wanted more cock, she now knew she only wanted four, four dog cock’s. As she walked in the house with the dogs around her she smiled for she knew these dogs would never leave her and that she would always be protected.

As she fixed herself and the dogs something to eat one of the men came in and told her that she had put on a good show, better then any white gringo whore they had bought from Jeremy before. And now she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt they were not coming back to get her and that these Mexicans had already planed her future.

– The End –