Lillian Richards couldn’t believe she had a flat tire, and to make matters worse her cell phone was dead. How was she supposed to get help? She had thought that driving her new car back to college had been a good idea, but not now, since she was stuck out here on a nearly deserted road, miles from the nearest town and help. And then she remembered passing a farm house about a mile back. She hated the thought of walking as it would soon be dark but if she could get help it would be worth it. Her parents had wanted her to fly, but she pouted and they gave in just as she had known they would. She was daddy’s little girl and he gave her everything. Of course he could afford it since he was extremely rich. By the time she reached the farm house it was dark and there were no lights on at the house. Of course there wouldn’t be, it was deserted. Looking at the run down condition of the house she wondered what she would do now. As she turned to trudge back to her car she bumped into something, and then realized that it was a man. In the darkness she couldn’t see his features, but he stood at least six feet. And then he shined a light in her eyes almost blinding her. Holding her hand up to ward off the light she heard his whistle and exclamation as he shined the light over her body. And with good reason, Lillian Richards stood 5 feet 4 inches in her stocking feet with a figure to rival a movie star, 35-20-34 with long blond hair. And of course the miniskirt and frilly silk blouse she wore only highlighted her beautiful figure. Her long shapely legs and tight little ass had led many men to dream of taking her to bed. But this had never happened, she was a virgin. Nineteen and still a virgin, something that was hard to believe in this day and age.

“Well, well! What have we got here. A cute little girl running around out here alone in the dark in the middle of nowhere. What are you looking for missy?” At first she had been afraid but as he spoke she had decided to tell him she had car trouble and then in a rush of words she told her story, and then offered him money if he would help her. Motioning for her to follow he stepped around the house and led her toward the barn, telling her he would take care of everything. Opening the door of the barn and leading her inside, she saw five men inside gathered around something laying on the floor. She couldn’t make out what it was, and before she could see clearly one of them threw a blanket over it covering it up. She felt a chill run up her spin but as the men turned and smiled at her she relaxed. The man who had led her here told the others of her car trouble and then told two of them to go fix her car and bring it back. She felt funny sitting in the barn with four men staring at her and she began to fidget. One of them offered her a drink of whisky but she declined, and they turned and started talking softly, ignoring her. She noticed to her surprise that there were animals in some of the stalls. A young horse and several dogs. And then she noticed the video equipment and wondered why it was set up in the barn, and just as she started to ask them about the animals and video equipment she heard her car pull up and then the huge doors were pushed open and her car driven inside.

Without a word to her the men walked to the car and began pulling her suitcases from the trunk and going through the glove box. Opening her suitcases they went through her things, every now and then holding up a short frilly negligee or undergarment as they joked and laughed. In total shock and disbelief she sat frozen as they went through her luggage. And then still laughing and joking they turned and walked toward her, each of them saying he sure would like to see her in this negligee or wearing this garter belt or nothing at all. And in a panic she jumped up and ran toward the door, but hands grabbed her and pulled her back. With tears streaming down her cheeks she begged them to let her go, she had money, she would give it to them if they just let her go. And if that wasn’t enough her father was rich, he would pay whatever they asked. Dragging her toward the back of the barn they lifted her arms and chained her to one of the stalls stretching her arms high into the air till she stood on her tip toes. As Lillian cried and begged them to let her go, their hands roamed over her trembling body and pinched and probed between her legs and cruelly pinched her nipples through her blouse and bra. Desperately she begged them to call her father, but they laughed and told her that she was just perfect for the staring role in their new porno movie. And without thinking she screamed out that she was a virgin.

The men stepped back and looked at her in disbelief and then without a word one of them stepped in front of her lifting her miniskirt, grabbing her panties he ripped them from her trembling hips, and shoved his fingers into her pussy making her scream again. “Holy shit, this cunt is a virgin! A great looking piece of ass like this and a virgin to boot, how God damn lucky can we get. Man oh man am I going to enjoy busting this rich bitch’s cherry, if we do this right this cunt will beg for our cocks, as well as those.” And as she looked where he pointed her heart stopped. He had pointed to the animals. As she stared at the animals in horror and disbelief she heard him say that people would pay good money to see a movie of a fine looking cunt like her having her brains fucked out by a horse or a pack of dogs.

With tears of hopelessness and cries for freedom she felt her clothes being stripped from her body till she was naked except for her garter belt and stockings. With tears streaming down her cheeks she continued to beg for her freedom, and then she screamed in pain as a whip lashed across her buttocks. In all her young life no one had ever raised a hand to her, let alone whipped her and the pain was horrible. Her head flew up and back as she screamed time and again as the whip lashed out. Again and again the whip fell across her perfectly shaped buttocks as she screamed in pain and fear. Suddenly it stopped and her head fell forward hanging loosely, spittle dribbled from her mouth onto her breast and whimpering sounds escaped from her throat. She hung there for what seemed an eternity, her arms stretched horribly over her head, feeling as if they would be pulled from their sockets. Dimly she could hear the men taunting her and asking her if she wanted to be whipped again. Shaking her head no because her throat was sore from screaming she heard one of them say to let the dogs loose so they could see and smell what they were going to soon be fucking. Raising her head to once more plead she saw three video cameras set up with a bank of lights illuminating her, and then she felt something rough and wet licking her legs. Looking down she saw five large German Shepherd’s at her feet walking around her and every once and awhile raising their heads to lick her thighs and bury their noses between her legs, their rough tongues slobbering along her pussy lips. She screamed in horror as the tongues slurped hungrily between her butt cheeks and thighs. And then the dogs were pulled away and one of the men stepped in front of her and raised the whip bringing it down across her firm breast.

As the whip crisscrossed her breast and flat stomach she screamed anew, though more hoarsely, and she knew that the whip was ripping the flesh from her body and tearing her beautiful firm breast to shreds just as her buttocks had been. When the whipping stopped she was afraid to look down for fear of what she might see. And then steeling herself as best as she could, opening her eyes. To her relief she only saw angry red welts and somehow knew that in an hour or so they would disappear. The dogs once more were set free to sniff and explore her body as best they could. This time though she was lowered till her trembling legs buckled under her letting her slide to the floor, her arms though still tied together hung limply in front of her. The dogs became excited and began licking her all over as she collapsed to the floor. No part of her young curvaceous body escaped their tongues, and with their cold wet noses pressed against her while their tongues lapped over her sweat soaked whipped body she wondered how much longer these men would torture her before sinking their filthy dicks between her legs robbing her of her virginity.

Her body glistened from dog saliva as she once more felt her arms stretched over her head raising her to her tiptoes. But this time the whip never came. Instead the men removed their clothes and stood around her, running their hands softly over her body almost as light as feathers as they whispered softly of how they were going to let her suck their cock’s before fucking her cunt and ass. Over and over, softly, almost gently, their voices touched her ears like a summer breeze repeating how her cunt, ass, and mouth would be filled with their cock’s. And then just as she thought she could take no more, they backed away and shut off the video cameras and lights, leaving her hanging in near darkness. Through tear swollen eyes she watched as they picked up the thing wrapped in the blanket and carried it outside. But just as they got to the door a slim girlish arm slipped from under the blanket and hung loosely down, swinging limply. She knew the men had killed someone and if they were going to kill her she only hoped that they would kill her before using her body to satisfy their sick cravings. As silence descended she could hear the slow steady breathing of the men as they slept, and she softly prayed for death to overtake her, finally sleep came though fitfully. She awoke with a start, her arms aching, and for a moment wondered where she was, and then the nightmare of what she had gone through last night returned. With terrified eyes she looked around and saw that she was alone, the men were gone. Had they left her here to die, or had they gone to call her father to get money for her release, with soaring heart she prayed that the last was true and that she would soon be free.

Time seemed to stand still as she hung in the barn and every now and then she heard the rumble of a truck pass and then silence. She slipped into a semi conscious state and was brought back to reality when a bucket of cold water was suddenly thrown on her. Gasping in shock she looked up and saw the six men once more standing in front of her naked. Their words softly coming to her as they closed in around her with feather light touches over her body, repeating the same words as the night before, over and over telling her that soon her ass, mouth and cunt would be filled with their cocks. The voices were hypnotic and through half closed eyes she watched as the men stroked their dicks to hardness. As cocks and hands softly touched her body their soft voices droned over and over until just before dawn she could stand it no longer and with a horse raspy whisper begged them to fuck her. She no longer cared what they did just as long as they let her down. Babbling she begged for them to let her down and fuck her, but they only laughed as they faded into the darkness like a dream. With a pleading trembling voice she begged again and again for their cocks until her throat was to sore and only small gurgling noises issued from her dry lips.

As her eyes opened to the bright light filtering through cracks in the building her eyes locked onto the naked bodies of the men and then the memory of her begging them to use her body flashed into her tortured brain. Letting her fall to the hay covered floor she slowly raised herself into a sitting position as the first men stepped in front of her holding his cock to her dry lips. She opened her lips and his cock slid over her lower teeth and into her mouth, and he began slicing in and out of her mouth. She showed no emotion or desire, she just let the man use her still mouth as something to empty his spunk into. Pulling his cock from her mouth he hit her on top of the head mashing her teeth together and almost making her bite her tongue. “You better suck our cocks better than that you dumb cunt or you’ll end up like the last slut. At least that bitch could suck a cock half way decent. She couldn’t fuck worth a damn, but the horse sure liked her before she died. Hell, this cunt ain’t going to be any good and I’m getting tired of playing this game anyway, let’s just let the God damn animals fuck her and be done with it. I’d rather hoped to bust her in myself, but I guess watching one of them dogs pop her cherry would be almost as good, shit maybe better. Turn the fucking dogs loose and let them have her. It’ll make a hell of a better video then us gang banging her. Start those fucking cameras I want the whole damn thing on film. Maybe I’ll send a copy to her dear sweet father so he can see his little girl getting her brains fucked out by a pack of dogs.” As Lillian Richards begged for another chance her pleas fell on deaf ears, and through horror filled eyes she saw the dogs being released and bounding towards her. She tried pushing them away but there were to many of them. Four of them would be licking her and rubbing against her as fast as she pushed one away. Her mind screamed as their tongues lapped at her body and cold wet noses pushed between her legs to smell and lick at her cunt. Her face was covered with their lapping tongues and as she opened her mouth to scream a dog tongue slipped between her lips and deep into her mouth. She closed her mouth and to the camera it seemed that she was kissing the dog and sucking his tongue. The dogs pushed at her with their noses and heads trying to get her up on her knees with her butt in the air so they could mount her. As she curled into a ball thinking that would help her she realized to late that she was wrong. As they pushed her up a dog mounted her from behind and began humping madly even before his cock found her cunt. His dog cock slid up and down her cunt lips and then across her clit. A strange unknown feeling shot through her body each time his cock brushed her clit and to her surprise it was not unpleasant.

Thinking to throw the dog off, she jerked her hips just as he pushed forward unknowingly helping him. His cock slipped between her cunt lips, tearing her hymen as it tunneled deep into her virgin cunt. With a scream of pain she lowered her head and shook it from side to side as the dog buried the full length of his cock into her quivering cunt. Her mind screamed at what had just happened, she had been proud of the fact that she was a virgin and that only her husband would know the pleasures of her beautiful body. But now a dog had soiled her body as well as her soul. She had lost her virginity to a German Shepherd. Dogs licked her face as others ran their tongues over every curve of her unblemished body. She whimpered into the straw covered floor as the dog fucking into her worked at a frantic pace. Her mind screamed as he literally pushed her forward as he lunged into her and then to her horror she felt his thing swell just inside her pussy lips and then she felt his cum splash the walls of her cunt. As he dismounted his dick stayed lodged inside of her and as he dragged her across the floor the howl of the men’s laughter burned into her brain as memory’s of her father throwing water on his hunting dogs once when they had been stuck together. Finally his cock pulled free, but her relief was short lived as another dog mounted her and this time with hardly any trouble pushed his dick into her cunt as with short stabbing strokes that seemed to last an eternity he pounded her cunt walls before shooting his dog cum into her cunt to mix with that of the first dog. With the dogs all around her sniffing and licking her body, she rubbed her thighs together trying to relieve the itching feeling that seemed to be centered between her shapely legs. The burning itch had increased with the second dog and as a dog poked his wet nose between her thighs and lapped at her cunt and the dick of the dog lodged inside of her she rotated her pelvis hoping that would help, as the dogs tongue lapped greedily over her burning cunt lips it seemed to help momentarily. The third dog performed just as the first two had and by now Lillian’s mind was almost gone. Her very soul had been ripped from her body, and she felt empty and hollow inside. She could never go home again, she would be unable to face her father or mother, the rich spoiled life she had led was gone.

A strange wonderful feeling shot upward from her defiled cunt again as the dog made one final thrust, and then he too emptied his cum into her cunt. This time the warm glow was stronger and thinking to increase the feeling she pushed back against the dog, and rotated her hips. It felt good and without thinking she rotated her hips again sending the feeling shooting up her spine. When the forth dog mounted her she began moving her hips in tight little circles both to relieve the burning itch as well as to make the wonderful feeling return. The dog growled and nipped at her shoulder as he tried to bury his cock between her rotating hips and more to make the wonderful feeling return then to help the dog, she reached back between her legs and grasped the dog cock guiding it to her yearning cunt, rubbing it over her cunt lips and against her clit before centering it over the entrance to her cum filled cunt. As the dogs cock slithered deep into her cunt, her body twitched and goose bumps traveled up her spine and throughout her tender body. Lillian Richards was having the first orgasm of her life, and even though she didn’t know what was happening, she knew that she loved the feeling and wanted it to go on forever. Her hips moved in a timeless dance of desire as she pushed back into the animal fucking her and wave after wave of ecstasy traveled from her hot leaking cunt up her spine to explode in her brain. Her body controlled her mind as it sought the glorious feeling of pleasure that she had never known before. “Holy shit!! That fucking cunt is going nuts for those dogs cocks. Look at that cute little ass of hers grinding back at that dog. Damn maybe we should have fucked her first.”

Lillian’s full curvaceous nakedness quivered and squirmed under the thrusting dog cock as plaintive moans of wanton passion escaped from her gasping mouth. She had no semblance of rational thought left now … she had to have satisfaction now or die! She lifted her head and shook it wildly from side to side, hissing savagely through her teeth. Through lust fogged eyes she saw one of the dogs standing in front of her, his cock half out of its sheath and dark pinkish red still dripping cum and she wondered if this dog had been the one that had been the first to fuck her. The dog pounding into her howled as he emptied his cum deep into her clasping cunt, and kicking back he pulled free with a sound not unlike a wine bottle as the cork was removed. As the fifth and last dog mounted her from behind shoving his cock deep into her ravaged cunt, her face pressed into the belly of the dog in front of her and her lips brushed the head of his cock. Her lips felt wet and slightly sticky, licking her lips her lust drugged brain found the taste unusual but not all together unpleasant. As she pushed back against the dog fucking her she licked her lips again. She looked at the dogs belly and now fully exposed cock as he moved forward against her. His cock brushed over her pretty face smearing cum onto her nose, cheeks and lips. Without conscious thought she licked her lips again as she humped back against the dog pounding into her cunt and her mouth opened and a moan of deep animalistic lust escaped. The men stared in disbelief as they saw her mouth open and then close tightly around the dogs cock when the animal lunged against her face. They watched as with each shove forward more of the dogs cock slide into her mouth until her lips were pressed against the dogs belly and they knew that the dogs cock was now buried in her throat. She was now servicing two dogs at once. The men looked at each other and then began to all talk at once. They knew that this beautiful young girl was going to make them a lot of money with just this one video, and they began planing on how to make more just like this or better. As the two dogs shoved their cocks deep into her throat and cunt she bucked and twitched between them with complete abandon. As the two dogs emptied their cum into her almost simultaneously the camera’s focused on the dog cum flowing from her cunt and lips.

When the two dogs pulled away the others tried to get to her body again. Cum dribbled from her gasping mouth and her well fucked cunt as Lillian continued to move her ass in circles as if she were a bitch in heat attracting male dogs. But the men grabbed the dogs and led them away leaving her with an empty feeling and a desire to once more feel their cocks inside her hot burning snatch. Her hands were once more put in cuffs and her arms pulled over her head raising her from the floor, dangling in the air as before. That night she slept the sleep of the damned as the men sat and talked about different videos they could make with their captive. Videos with a plot not just of her fucking, but something with spice, something that would ensure that they made a lot of money from this rich girl’s body. They would have to clean her up and feed her but that would be a small price to pay if they could get a few more videos before she died or they snuffed her, and they all knew that snuff videos brought big bucks. Over the next few days the men rented a fully furnished farm house and moved her into it telling her that as soon as the money came from her father they would release her. As they called on friends for her next movie they decided to make it outdoors in a picnic setting, with one of them acting as her husband and then being confronted by a group of men. She would be made to suck their dicks, and fuck them as her “husband” was made to watch.

On the day of the shoot they told her that she was going on a picnic, and then to her surprise and delight they gave her a short, thin Summer Frock that they’d bought. She fixed her hair and face after putting on her new clothes and was a bubbling young beautiful girl again without a care in the world as she left with one of the men. She didn’t know that this had all been planed and because of this, things went better then they had hoped. As they were eating six men came upon them and told them they were on private property and they would have to pay. Tying her “husband” up they told him they were going to fuck her and that he would have to watch while they all fucked his pretty young wife. As she fought and screamed the buttons on the front of her Summer Frock were ripped away and she was pushed to the ground. Laying on her back with her summer frock ripped open exposing her bra and panties she cringed as a knife cut them away, fully exposing her beautiful body to the lustful eyes of the strange men, and then one after the other the six men climbed between her legs and fucked her. As each one shoot his cum into her cunt and pulled out he was replaced by another as they told her they would kill her and her “husband” if she didn’t do everything they said. Shoving their cum smeared dick’s between her lips she was forced to lick them clean, but that was not enough because as she lay crying one of them pushed his ass against her face telling her to lick his ass hole, and as her tongue licked over his crinkley hole he told her to shove her tongue into his ass hole and tongue him. Thinking that these men would kill her if she didn’t do what they said her tongue probed into his butt hole. As Lillian did what the men directed she wondered what she had done to deserve this. Now just as her freedom was about to be bought by her father, she was being gang raped by these men.

Suddenly she felt her ass cheeks being pulled apart and a cock shoved savagely into her ass hole. Her screams only made the men laugh and then fingers twisted cruelly into her hair and her face was once more shoved into the man’s ass muffling her screams. Her body grew hotter as a familiar feeling returned and she bucked and moaned as the men assaulted her. As each man fucked her ass they told her “husband” what a sweet ass she had and that she was one hell of a fuck. When the last of the men had emptied his cum into her bowels she collapsed sobbing softly, not from pain or shame, but from hunger, hunger to have a dick inside the seething cauldron between her legs. But the men were not yet finished and pulling her up one of them shoved his cock into her pussy as her mouth was stuffed with another cock, and as they buffeted her slim small body between them she felt a cock being shoved into her ass hole. She lost track of how many times the men used her as wave after wave swept through her body. The constant orgasm’s racking through her body till in complete exhaustion she collapsed. Watching the video that night as she slept, the men were thrilled, the movie as well as the sound was excellent, every detail was sharp and anyone viewing the tape could see that she was not acting. The next day they slipped an old aphrodisiac called “Spanish fly” to her, not much, but some with each meal and by the end of the fourth day they could see that she was about to explode she was so horny. They had planed on shooting the third video in a black bar with the hope that it would be as good as her first two, but even they were not prepared for what happened. Telling her they were going into town for dinner and they gave her in a tight red leather miniskirt and a see through blouse. Arriving at the bar they saw that there were about twenty black men drinking and as they took a table in the back, one of them talked to the bartender.

Soon black men were coming to the table asking if she wanted to dance, and as she danced they ran their hands over her firm ass and ground their pelvis’s against her. Men kissed her and ran their hands over her body sending small waves of ecstasy up her spine. The fire between her legs felt like it would consume her body, and the lurid sex image that floated before her minds eye of her small white body being kissed and fondled by these black men only intensified the feeling. As the fifth one ground his body against her and ran his hands over her body she felt like she was going to explode, and then he whispered in her ear to get on her knees and suck his big black dick. Dropping to her knees she tore at his pants letting them fall around his feet, and as she opened her mouth, she pulled his hips toward her face and sucked his eight inch cock into her mouth as men gathered around her kneeling form. Her hands were pulled from the man’s hips that she was sucking and cocks were placed in her small white hands. Her fingers closed around them and began sliding up and down their length as her body trembled with lust and excitement. She moaned with passion knowing that these men wanted her. As the cock she was sucking shot a load of cum into her mouth and throat, hands lifted her from the floor guiding her to a table that was shoved onto the dance floor and as she was draped across it her miniskirt was pushed around her waist and her panties were pushed down her hips and left to dangle from one ankle as her legs were pulled apart and someone shoved his cock into her cunt. Her head hung over the edge and as she raised her legs and locked them around the grinding hips of the Negro above her, a cock was pressed to her lips. That night Lillian Richards, a rich little white girl, gave her body to twenty one black men, sucking their cocks and ass holes, as other cocks were shoved into her cunt and ass. She never left the dance floor till all of them had emptied their hot creamy spunk into her at least once as she screamed at them to fuck her with their large black cocks. When the last two cocks slipped from her stretched, cum filled holes she lay moaning her body covered with their cum. And then the men gathered around her and began pissing on her body, covering her from head to toe with hot yellow liquid. Smiling as their piss splashed over her face and body she lay running her hands over herself, and when one of them pushed his cock into her mouth as he began pissing her lips clamped around the pulsing shaft and swallowed his offering. As she was being pulled to her feet the bartender handed them a large stack of money telling them that if their sister ever needed any more black dicks to let him know..

She slept throughout the next day and when she awoke she took a bath and then put a negligee on and crawled back in bed. She dreamed that she was being kissed and that someone was licking her cunt and as she bucked and twisted on the bed she reached between her legs gripping the head of her lover and then woke with a start. It was a dog that was between her wide splayed legs. And others were running their tongues over her tits and face giving her the sensation that she was being kissed. As she lay there with her hips grinding into the bed while the dog continued to lap at her cunt she never saw the video cameras. Rolling over she stuck her ass in the air allowing the dogs easy access and in a dream like state of depravity she opened her legs and let the dogs mount her as she guided their cocks one after the other into her cunt. Her captors knew that there was no longer a need to give her anything to stimulate her sex drive, she had become a cock hungry slut that only looked forward to her next cock. Four more videos were shoot of her and the dogs but just fucking them was no longer enough she now sucked their cocks as well. She found that she loved the feeling of a cock between her lips and it no longer mattered if it was a man’s or an animal’s. She no longer asked about going home, in her mind she was home, these men were her brothers they feed her and protected her and saw to it that she got all the cock she wanted.

The ninth video was shot outdoors with her as a hiker being gang fucked by seven hunters and then when they got tired of fucking her and having her lick their ass holes and sucking their cocks they let their five dogs fuck her. She was like a dope addict, only instead of heron it was cock. The tenth video found her once more dressed in a micro mini but this time with only a garter belt and stockings and three inch high heels as they once more took her to a black bar, but this time she had to ask the bartender to get black men for her, not just any black man though, only ones with at least eight inch or bigger dicks. Only seven men could be found for her among the twenty odd patrons that night, but the size of their cocks and the multiple entries were more then enough to satisfy her cock hunger. Several times she had three eight to fourteen inch cocks pounding into her simultaneously as the customers watched her beautiful white body buck and writhe frenziedly between the hulking dark men. They could hardly believe that this beautiful petite white girl was able to take one eight inch cock let alone three but there she was laying on the bar with three huge black cocks buried deep into her three holes. And what was even more fantastic was that she had come into the bar almost naked and asked for these large cocks, and to top it off there were white men video taping her. They watched as time after time thick globs of cum spurted into her as the men climaxed, and with each hot creamy load, her body quivered in unbelievable arousal. As the last of the men pulled away tired and exhausted, the bartender climbed onto the bar between her lewdly splayed thighs and making a fist pushed it against the pink pouting fissure of her steaming pussy. Drawing back his fist he then lunged it forward burying it to his wrist and then pushing harder he buried another three inches in her steaming cunt as her eyelids trembled and fluttered and her hips bucked upward from the bar and an almost inhuman groan wafted up from her lungs. With both small hands she grabbed his arm and held him as her hips bucked and writhe riding his lunging fist. With open mouths forty pairs of eyes watched the lurid tableau as she frenziedly squirmed , bouncing her small hips and pert little ass from the bar against the large fist crudely plugging her cunt. Gurgling whimpers of animalish arousal whinnied in her throat as she rode ecstatically the cresting wave of a mind numbing orgasm. Collapsing to the bar unconscious she didn’t feel the fist withdrawing from her cum filled cunt nor did she hear the men’s excited voices as they asked the white men to bring her back another day. As her body was lifted and carried from the bar a smile of complete and utter satisfaction was on her lips.

Two more times videos were shot at the bar, and with each visit there were more black men with hard meaty cocks waiting for her. She could now deep throat a cock fourteen inches long and as big around as her wrist, and did so with great pleasure and to the complete and utter satisfaction of the black man whose cock she was sucking. Lillian Richards loved the taste of their cum and drank it like a man dying of thrust. By the end of the thirteenth video her captors knew she was ready for the horse. She had not only taken fourteen inch cocks in every hole but she had been fist fucked in her cunt and ass also, and now as she lay in a semiconscious sex stupor they told the black men to drape her over a bar stool and for two of them to fist fuck her at the same time. As the first fist was shoved into her cunt she unconsciously rotated her hips and then the second fist was plunged into her ass hole. Moaning softly through her cum coated lips she worked back against the two fist simultaneously fucking her. When they got tired and before she passed out from her constant orgasm two more men shoved their fist into her. Taking her to the car and dumping her cum drenched naked body into the back seat they returned to the bar for a last drink and to ask the Negros if they would like to come out to the farm and watch her fuck a horse They had decided that now would be the time for the horse to fuck her, not only in her ass and cunt which could now take a mans arm up to his elbow but in her mouth as well. If she was still alive after the animal had fucked her, they would make one more video, a snuff film, they were pretty sure that the horse would kill her but in case he didn’t her next one would be her last, besides after all the large cocks she had fucked, and the animals, first the dogs and last of all the horse, no self respecting man would want her. Lillian awoke and raising up opened the door. Three men had just stumbled from the bar and when they saw her naked body they couldn’t believe their luck. Asking her if she wanted to fuck they led her back down the alley and then told her to lay down and spread her legs. Just as she spread her legs a cop car approached, shining its spotlight into the ally. In panic the men took off. The cops took her to the hospital as a rape victim. She never knew how lucky she was, because if she had not been rescued she would have been dead in twenty-four hours, the star of a snuff video. Her parents took her home and with the help of doctors and psychologists she slowly returned to a normal life.

The men who had tortured and led her down the path of depravity were never caught. Thirteen videos of a beautiful young girl with blond hair were released over the next couple of years and became porno classics. But that’s another story. A story of a young rich girl who gets married and whose husband is transferred overseas as his bosses plot to have her for their own sex toy to satisfy their sick lust after they see a video of her with the hunters and their dogs.

– The End –