My neighbor, Michael who lives across the street was throwing a Halloween party. Michael would always strike up a conversation with me when i was working outside my home. Michael and i had not had any sexual confrontations until the night at the fire hall when i had my first gang bang which was about 5 months ago. Since then Michael has invited me over once and a while for a little fun but not much as i would like, Michael’s big black cock takes care of my white pussy so very well. My husband, Glenn came along to the party also, he was somewhat of a wimp before the fire hall gang bang but has since changed his ways and has set up alot of encounters for me. I’m Kammi, i am 30 years old i have brown hair and brown eyes, i have a very fit body, 44D-24-34.

We arrived at Michael’s party and the place was jumping, I went as a maid dressed in a low cut black miniskirt complete with garters and high heels. Glenn went as a vampire. Michael and his wife, Sally met us at the door, they were dressed up as the Flintstones. Michael and Sally introduced us to a lot of the guests, some were from out of town, others neighbors of ours. The party was jumping as me and Glenn split up to mingle. I had a couple drinks when Michael came over and asked how I’ve been and asked me to dance, he led me into the middle of the floor. When we were dancing he would rub against me feeling my breasts and ass. He would grind his crotch against me and i could feel his large cock. He was telling me how he had missed fucking my tight white cunt. I was getting very hot, no one seemed to notice our flirting, Michael led me into the kitchen and down into his basement.

We grabbed each other and he was kissing me deeply rubbing my ass hard, he reached under my mini-skirt and ripped off my panties. He bent me over the dryer and i could feel his big black cock slide up the crack of my ass. I pushed back wanting him deep in me. I reached under me and guided his monster cock to the entrance of my dripping snatch, he plunged right in and started pumping vigorously. Thankfully the music was loud because i couldn’t hold back from screaming out, “OH YESSSS FUCK ME WITH THAT HUGE BLACK COCK”. His cock fit so nicely into my tight pussy. He wrapped an arm around my ass and he was getting deep into me, i felt his cock head enter my womb, pumping me deep. He began smacking my big round ass telling me “Kammi you have the best white pussy I’ve ever had, I’m going to enjoy pumping my cum deep in your white slut ass.”

Just then Derrick, one of Mike’s friends from out of town walked down the stairs and we froze. Once Mike saw who it was he said “come over here man and get some of this white cunt.” Derrick walked over to us rubbing his cock through his costume, i reached out and pulled his cock out of his costume and sucked it down my throat as Mike continued his assault on my inner depths. I started to cum and my cries were muffled because i had Derrick’s cock deep in my throat. My pussy muscles contracted around Michael’s cock and i reached under him and began milking his swollen balls as i felt them tense up i knew he was about to cum. He pushed deep one last time and i felt him shoot his thick black seed deep in my womb. No sooner had Mike pulled out of my pussy and Derrick pulled his cock out of my mouth. I turned around to watch him enter me and i told him, “Come on drive that black cock deep in me.” He rubbed his dickhead against my slit and slide deep in me and i pushed back, he began pumping fast and i slammed back meeting his every thrust, his cock felt so big in me. Michael came around to the front of me and i began licking my cum off of his cock. I continued crying out for Derrick to fuck me deeply with his huge cock but he unfortunately didn’t last all that long and before i knew it he was pulling his cock out of me and shooting his cum on my back. They then put their cocks away as i layed on the floor and begged them, “please fuck me with your big black cocks”, and all they did was laugh, pulled up their pants and Michael said “get your ass dressed and back up to the party,” and they left me on the floor of the basement.

After i had returned to the party i began mingling, i couldn’t see my husband around so i went to get me a drink and when a huge man dressed up as a vampire, he must of been 6’8″ and about 350 lbs. We began talking and he asked me to dance, when we danced i could feel his large cock rubbing against me, i just knew i had to have this cock in me. I led him to the garage outside where he had lifted me up and sat me on the hood of a car, he immediately pushed my skirt up and started licking my slit, rubbing my nipples through my dress. I could feel his hot tongue sliding up in my twat and i began pushing my cunt up in his face, i told him i needed to see his cock and i pulled his pants down to reveal what looked like at least a 13″ black cock. I tried to put it in my mouth but could only get about half of it in my mouth. He pushed me back and spread my legs, i needed to feel this monster inside of me, “Please fuck me with your big black cock,” i cried out. He slid its entire length up my slit, i reached down and guided his enormous cockhead into my tight hole, as he pushed forward i thought i was being split apart. My skirt was up around my waist and my tits were pulled out of the top of my dress and he began pounding deep in my white pussy.

He pulled out of me with a loud popping sound and picked me up off the car and turned me around and pushed my chest down on the hood, in no time i felt his cock entering me from behind, just as his cock bottomed out in my cunt and i felt his balls resting on my swollen clit, the door opened up and i heard a few voices as a few men walked into the garage. The man fucking me started to stroke my cunt deeply as our visitors walked over saying “damn look at that white pussy take that black cock.” I looked up at our new guests and said i needed a cock to suck and in no time i had a nice hard dick sliding down my throat. I was moaning loudly as the guy fucking my face began to tense up and i felt his hot cum shooting down my throat. The guy fucking me from behind was slamming hard into me and i came all over his beautiful black cock, “YES, YES FUCK MY CUNT WITH THAT BLACK COCK, HARDER, HARDER, YES I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HUGE COCK DEEP IN MY WHITE CUNT, OH GOD I’M CUMMINGGGGG.” I felt that monster began to twitch deep inside me and reached down and began rubbing his balls and felt them tighten up as he pumped my white cunt full of his black seed.

As soon as he pulled his cock out it was replaced by another one which had no trouble entering me, another one was put in my face and i greedily began sucking on it, deep throating him and licking his balls. The man fucking me from behind pulled his dick out of my cunt and slid it up the crack of my ass, aimed it at my tight asshole and pushed up in my ass, i began pushing back and moaning as i pumped the dick that was in my mouth.”OH YES FUCK MY TIGHT ASSHOLE…”, i looked around behind me and it was my husband, Glenn that was fucking me in the ass, i began slamming back meeting his thrusts as he was jamming me deep in my ass, the dick in my mouth started tensing up and he pulled out and shot his load all over my face and hair. Another cock was offered to my mouth as i began sucking on this fat white dick, running my tongue up and down the sides, using my teeth up the bottom of it, running my tongue into his little pee slit, pumping him with my hand as i deep throat him. Glenn was frantically pumping my ass as he pumped my ass full of his cum and slid out of me.

The guy i was sucking laid down on the floor and i straddled him, i slide my cunt down on his dick and began grinding my hips down on him when i felt someone hold my ass and i felt a huge cock, the man who brought me out here in the first place. He began rubbing his cock in my asshole and started pushing into me and i began to moan loudly, “OH GOD PUT THAT HUGE BLACK COCK DEEP IN MY ASS.” It took a few minutes to get him all the way in me but when i felt his huge balls hit my cunt i knew he was in and i began riding the cock in my cunt, it felt like i was being torn apart, like i had one hole with two cocks in it. I couldn’t stop cumming, wave after wave of orgasm swept over me. The guy i was riding began moaning out, “I’m going to fill your white pussy up slut.” He pushed his hips up and shot his load up in me, the cock in my ass felt so good sliding deep in me. The guy beneath me started to slide up from under me and when his dick got to my face i stopped him and swallowed his dick in my mouth, licking my sweet juices off of his dick, the guy behind me grabbed my hips and began driving hard into my ass, “FUCK MY TIGHT WHITE ASS WITH THAT HUGE BLACK COCK, PUMP YOUR BLACK SEED DEEP IN MY ASS.”…..”OH YESSSSSS FUCK ME, JAM THAT BLACK COCK DEEP IN ME….YES YESSSSS HARDER.” He drove deep one last time and dumped another huge load of his cum deep in me, he kept stroking my ass slowly until his cock became limp and fell out of my well used asshole.

I was then picked up and laid on my back, the next guy got on top of me, pushed my legs behind my head and slid his dick into me, i could feel all the cum in my twat oozing out and running down the crack of my ass mixing with the cum that was coming out of my ass forming a puddle on the floor, the guy on top of me pounded me hard but not long and in no time he was adding his load to the many that were already in me, after he got off of me i sat up and looked down at the puddle of cum that was on the floor, i put my hand in it and scooped some of it up and placed my fingers in my mouth licking them clean, i then kneeled down and put my face in the puddle of cum and started licking it up, it tasted so good and i was so horny at this point as i was licking it up i kept saying, “I NEED FUCKED AGAIN, SOMEONE BURY THEIR DICK IN MY HOT CUNT.”

Some guy came up behind me and slid a decent sized cock up in my hot snatch and began stroking me nice and deep, i could feel his cock reaching my uterus, pounding me deeply and slowly, it was driving me crazy, making me hotter. My cum was gushing out and running down my thighs. His cock felt so fat as he slowly was grinding his hips into me. I arched my hips some more to allow him to get deeper in me. I could hear some of the guys standing around watching, “damn look at Kammi go, that is one hot piece of ass.” The guy in my cunt said he was about to cum so i turned around and slid what i could of his cock in my mouth and began pumping his cock hard and rubbing up on his balls, he grabbed the back of my head and pumped his cum deep down my throat. I sat there licking his cock clean of our mixed juices.

He walked away and i leaned back and started rubbing my cunt, sliding two fingers deep in my pussy and licking them clean. I would spread my labia and scoop the cum out of me and lick it off of my fingers. I then began rubbing my clit, grinding my hips up in the air, begging for more cock. One guy lifted me off of the ground and he leaned back against the wall, he had my back to him and he slid his huge cock deep in my cunt and started stroking me from behind, i leaned back against him as he rubbed my clit and i rode back on his cock. “Ride my black cock Kammi, ride my black cock with your tight white cunt,” he said. I was riding back on his cock when another guy came up and started sucking of my tits, taking my nipple rings in his mouth and he was pulling gently on them. He then grabbed his dick and started to try to nudge his dick in me also. I stopped riding the cock behind me, the guy in front of me lifted my legs up off the ground and worked his dick in me, finally he got in and i felt so full, one cock would pump in me as the other would pull out. All i could do was moan as two cocks at once were pounding deep in me. My cunt was stretched to the limit, “OHHHHH YESSSSS I WANT TO FEEL YOU BOTH PUMP ME FULL OF YOUR HOT CUM.” As if they were trying to do it, the guy in the front of me started cumming and it must of made the guy behind me cum at the same time and they both filled me up. The guy in the front pulled his dick out and i rode back on the cock behind me cumming once more. I started grinding down hard but his cock went limp and just fell out of me.

I stepped away from him and a guy came over to me and bent me over and just slid his dick up in me and a guy stepped in front of me and offered his dick to my mouth….this went on for what seemed like a few hours, i was being gang banged and i was having the time of my life. As soon as a cock was taken out of one of my holes it was replaced with a new hard one. Finally it was over and all the guys left me alone in the garage. I regained my composure, got dressed and returned to the party as it was just winding down and people were beginning to leave.Glenn, Michael and Derrick came over and Michael said, “damn your one hot white piece of ass you know what Kammi, Glenn you should be lucky to have a sexy, horny wife like Kammi here.” He said he knows he is lucky, Derrick ran his hand up into my wet, well used cunt and slid his fingers up in me and i just moaned a little bit, he quickly pulled away as Michaels wife Sally came over and asked if i had a good time, and escorted Glenn and I to the door. I cant wait for the next holiday party.

– The End –