My name is Kammi and this is a story of an incident that happened to me one morning while i was waiting for my husband to come pick me up from work. I told my husband i might work till my usual time of 7:30 AM but was going to get off, (in more ways than one), a little earlier than usual, and i would call him when i was ready to come home.

A little background about myself in case you haven’t read any of my stories, i am 5’6″ 127 lbs. brown hair and brown eyes… 44D-24-34 with pierced nipples. I have a nicely trimmed pussy. I work out every chance i get at home and at the local gym so i am in very good shape. ever since the gang bang at the fire hall my husband and i have an extraordinary sex life, he just loves for me to go out and meet up with another man and have a wild time, come home and tell him all the details while he his licking my cum filled pussy. He also sets up interracial and gang bang encounters and joins in or watches.

On this particular morning when i decided i was going to go through with my latest adventure, I was standing there,acting like i was waiting for my husband to come pick me up in the morning and Roger, the man who delivers the newspapers at 5:00 AM in the morning showed up as usual to deliver the newspapers. Roger is 6’3″ about 230 lbs black hair and green eyes and he is 36 years old. After he had done that he came back outside and we started talking, just small talk of course, he asked where my husband was and thats when i remembered that i was supposed to get off of work at 7:30 AM today and not at 5. When he asked what was a matter i explained the situation to him and he said he would be more than happy to sit around with me for a while, i said ok ill be right back and went and left a message on my answering machine telling my husband to come and get me at our pre-arranged time.

When i came back outside Roger was in the van with it running so i hopped in and we continued our conversation. We were talking about all kinds of things from our private lives to our jobs then the subject turned towards sex. He was telling me how he was recently divorced and really missed all the sex but didn’t want to go and have to pay for it with some hooker on the street. Well i became a little more bold and i reached over, telling him i could help him with his little problem while rubbing his crotch but it didn’t seem like a small problem to me but a rather big one. He felt a bit uncomfortable sitting in the front of a parking lot with me rubbing his cock so i told him that maybe we should drive behind the building.

When we got to the back of the building he reached over and began kissing me deeply, sliding his tongue in my mouth, our tongues wrestling and he slid his hand up my shirt and began pulling on my nipple rings causing me to moan a little while i was unzipping his pants and pulling out the biggest cock i had ever seen on a white man, it must of been 8 inches and as fat as a can of beer and still wasn’t totally hard yet. I had to get this monster in one of my holes so i told him to sit back while i gave him a blow job. He moved over into my seat while i kneeled down in the foot area of the van and helped him out of his pants, i leaned into him holding onto his cock with both hands, slowly trying to suck the head of his cock into my mouth, running my tongue into his pee slit, running my tongue down his long hard shaft, sucking his golf ball sized balls into my mouth. I bit my way back up his cock and when i got to the top i started sliding his monster cock into my mouth, the edges of my mouth were starting to burn as they were being stretched as wide as they could go. After i got it in as far as i thought it would go i started pumping his cock with my hand, my cunt was very hot and wet now and i was going to need fucked very soon. Roger was holding on my head telling me “Kammi your hot mouth feels so good on my cock” and he started pumping his hips up into my mouth. I then told him i needed to try and get him in my cunt because i had to cum, my juices were running out of me and soaking into my panties.

I got my pants off and he reached down and rubbed my slit sliding a finger up in me causing me to moan a little bit. I climbed on top of him, straddling him. He pushed my shirt up and began nibbling on my nipples and flicking my nipple rings with his tongue, i reached down and took a hold of his huge cock and held it steady as i guided his huge dick head into my hot cunt, i rubbed it on my swollen clit sending chills through my spine. I held his cock and placed it into my wet pussy lips and started sliding it in, once the head was in my eyes rolled into the back of my head as i began to feel my cunt being stretched. I slowly slid down sliding six inches in me causing me to gasp, “oh Roger your huge cock feels so good in me” and Roger said “mmm Kammi I’m going to love fucking your tight pussy.” I kept sliding down….7, 8, 9, 10 inches in me causing me to bite my lip and dig my nails into the seat of the van. Then as i sat there getting used to the feeling of having 10 inches of Roger’s fat cock stuffed up in me he thrust the final 3 inches up in me causing a shock wave to shoot through my body as i felt his cock bottom out in my wet pussy and i felt his balls resting on my ass.

I started rising off of his cock feeling the veins in it massaging the smooth walls of my tight pussy, my cunt muscles squeezing hard as not to let it fall out. Then i started sliding back down and i could feel his cock dragging my clit inwards as i slid down his enormous cock, then my body erupted in convulsions as wave after wave of orgasms swept over me. I started grind my hips down on him as he was pumping his hips up and i cried out “OH ROGERRR SLIDE THAT HUGE COCK IN ME…I WANT TO FEEL YOU PUMP YOUR HOT LOAD DEEP IN MY CUNT”….i was riding furiously, Roger was sucking my swollen nipples in his mouth, twirling my nipple rings with his tongue and he slid his hand down my back and slid a finger in my ass causing me to go wild and slam my hips down getting him even deeper in me.

He then started thrusting up harder into my cunt telling me “KAMMI….OH MY GOD YOUR CUNT IS SO TIGHT….RIDE MY HUGE COCK YOU SLUT OH YES I’M GOING TO ENJOY FILLING YOUR HOT CUNT UP.” Then i felt his cock grow some more and felt him tense up and i felt him unload in me, i felt it splashing off the inner depths of my cunt….hot spurt after hot spurt shooting in me causing me to tense up again and have another orgasm myself mixing our cum together.

We sat there for a while in each others arms as his cock deflated and he asked me if i would like to meet some of his delivery friends some time, to which i replied hell yes i need all the cock i can get he then called me an insatiable slut to which i couldn’t disagree. He then asked about what my husband would do if he ever caught me doing this and i told him that my husband knew exactly where i was and he wouldn’t show up to get me for another hour or so which he thought was pretty cool.

Just then his cock fell out of my pussy so i kissed him on the lips and went down to clean him up, I slide his deflated cock back in my mouth sucking up all of my sweet pussy juices off of his cock and balls, tasting his salty cum mixed in with mine. I thought the mixture tasted pretty good so i reached down to my stretched out cunt and scooped out a handful of our cum and stuck it in my mouth saying “mmmmm that tastes so good”. Roger just smiled and said “damn Kammi you are one horny slut aren’t you” and i said “hmm hmm” as i licked my fingers.

I started sucking his cock again and this little show i was putting on must of excited him because his cock started growing again. I had his cock head in my mouth and was pumping his cock again just as there was a knock on the window and we heard a voice ask “hello in there” and they kept banging on the window, Roger rolled the window down a little bit and seen that it was a cop. The officer asked if there was a problem and what was the reason that he was parked back here, then he looked down and answered his own question by seeing me kneeling on the floor boards of the van with Roger’s growing cock in my hands.

The officer said that he should write Roger a citation and drag us both in to the station but his shift was just about over and he wouldn’t want to have to deal with all that paper work so he told us that if we wanted off the hook i was going to have to give him some of my sweet pussy also. Not wanting to get into trouble because this would of pissed my husband off something fierce if he had to come pick me up at a police station. So i took Roger’s cock out of my mouth causing a popping sound and asked the cop what his name was because i would at least like to know what the name of the person who that fucking me was in this case, literally fucking me. He said his name was Dave. So i said “well Officer Dave, where would you like me.” He told me to get out of the van and when i went to grab my pants he said i wouldn’t be needing those. ..i walked over to Officer Dave who was standing by the police cruiser, the morning chill causing my nipples to harden, Officer Dave stood about 6′ and looked to weigh about 210 lbs. blonde hair and brown eyes and most importantly, a sizable bulge in his pants. I walked up to him and he reached up and began rubbing my nipple rings causing me to flinch. He told me to wait a minute and he walked over to where Roger was sitting and handcuffed him in the van.

He then walked back over to me pulling his zipper down, pulled out his semi hard dick and was stroking it. He reached between my legs and cupped my cunt and slid two fingers in me causing me to moan out loud, he forced me to my knees and told me to start sucking so i opened my mouth and he slide down my throat, i started sucking vigorously right from the start, wanting to get this over as soon as possible. I grabbed at the base of his dick with one hand and pushed it skyward, running my tongue down the underneath of his now 8 inch hard cock, i was using my tongue to trace along the veins of his dick, popping his dick head in my mouth and pumping his cock hard into my mouth, i slid his whole cock down my throat, when he felt it pass my back teeth he grabbed the back of my head and said to me “damn whore you definitely can suck dick, better than my wife, i may have to keep you around and show you to the guys.”

I had started sucking real hard now as Officer Dave was pumping my face with all he had. I reached up with my long nails and started scratching and squeezing on his swollen balls. I felt his balls tighten up as he announced…”OH KAMMI HERE COMES MY CUM…..SWALLOW ALL OF MY JUICES AND ILL MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A STEADY SUPPLY OF HARD COCK” then i felt a huge spurt of hot cum shoot straight down my throat and i didnt even get to taste it, his second, third and fourth spurt of hot cum was thick and tasted salty but i didn’t miss a drop, I milked his balls and and kept sucking his sweet musky cum down my throat. I cleaned him up and pulled his cock out of my mouth and looked up and smiled and he continued to rub my head telling me what a good slut i was.

He told me to stand up and we walked back over to where Roger was sitting handcuffed in the van and he opened the van up and got me my clothes and handed them to me. He then took the handcuffs off of Roger and told him…”damn that is one hot slut you have there”…to which Roger replied “yea she is i was thinking of showing her around to some of my friends”….and Officer Dave said”that might not be a bad idea”. We then sat around talking for about 15 minutes and they were asking me what my work schedule was which i told them. I then told them that if they wanted one could have me one week and the other the next week since i usually only have one day off. I then told them my next night off would be next Saturday so i stood there as two men as they debated over who got me the next Saturday to which it was decided that Roger had me first he should get me the next Saturday then Dave would have me on my next night off.

Dave then left in the police cruiser and Roger drove me back to the storefront and dropped me off, i stood around for five minutes before my husband drove up to take me home. I got in the car and he gave me a kiss and said “i see that things went as planned?”,because of the strong musky smell of cum on my breath….i said with a smile on my face…”but of course, would you expect anything else from your slut wife!”

– The End –