“There’s a haunted house,” said Jane, indicating a large brick commercial building that hadn’t housed a business in years. “Admission free with a ten dollar donation to the evacuees from Katrina. Let’s go in, Gwen.” Gwen agreed, as she always did when Jane suggested something. Jane was the dominant one, over six feet tall, barefoot, and she usually wore high heels. She favored pants suits and mannish shirts, no bra, for she didn’t need one. Jane worked out, mostly dance routines, to assure there was no spare fat on her body. Gwen, in contrast, was inches shorter and weighed a few pounds more, with a more feminine bust and hips.

The ticket taker was a young man, a member of one of the service clubs running the house, and he eyed the two young women as young men will do, seeming to dwell on Gwen’s scoop-neck peasant blouse and the long red hair which hung down over Gwen’s perky breasts. “I get off in half an hour, and it can take that long for you to see everything. When you get out, can I buy you a drink?”

Jane answered: “Not a chance, Microdick. We don’t associate with breeders.” Jane had staked her claim on Gwen back in high school, and she had zealously defended it ever since. She took Gwen’s hand and led her into the darkened building.

On an upper floor, in a dark hallway, the two women suddenly encountered two children, in costume, with masks. One was Harry Potter and the other was his pal, Ron. “Hello, Harry. Hello, Ron,” said Gwen, cheerily. “Would you please let us go past?” Harry drew his wand and pointed it at Jane. Jane saw stars and felt as if she was being bitten by a million mosquitos.

Jane woke up in some sort of strange chamber, like a hospital operating room. She was on her back, naked, and strapped to a table. There was an earphone in her left ear. Strange figures, childlike, stood watching her. They were encased in silvery cover- alls and had pear shaped heads with large eyes, just like the illustrations in the tabloids. “Don’t tell me,” she said. “I’ve been abducted by aliens, extra-terrestrials.”

“That is correct,” said the earphone.

“You speak English?”

“You have in your ear canal what Mr. Adams called a Babel fish. It translates. Would you prefer another language, Spanish, German, French, Mandarin?”

“English is fine. Where’s Gwen?”

“Your companion? She is healthy, over there.” One of the aliens gestured, and, by turning her head, Jane could see Gwen strapped on another table, quietly watching.

“How did we get here?”

“You don’t need to know. Don’t be too curious, because we will erase your memory when it suits us.”

“Let me guess. You beamed us up to your invisible saucer and whisked us away, some place like the back side of the moon, where you can’t be seen, and you will perform medical examinations and use us for breeding experiments. There must be thousands of women who claim they have had alien babies.”

“You are essentially correct. By the way, what is your name?”


“Well, Jane, it will expedite things if you will tell us a little about your medical history. Have you ever been pregnant?”


“Do you have any transmissible diseases?”

“STDs? No.”

“You are quite certain? We’ll do blood tests, of course. How do you know you have not acquired a sexually transmitted disease from one of your partners?”

“Gwen has been my only partner for years, and we’re both clean.”

“You are a woman, obviously. So is Gwen. You are not, then, sexually active?”

“What do you mean by sex?”

“Surely, a woman of your maturity… A man inserts his penis into your vagina. That’s sex.”

“Ah, the Clintonian definition. No, neither of us has ever had sex.”

“Is there any reason you could not reproduce, produce a baby?”

“I don’t choose to reproduce. I don’t like men. Gwen has said it would be nice if we had a baby, but we’d have to adopt, or maybe artificial insemination.”

“Ah. Yes. I suppose… However, you think you are fertile? You are not some sort of transsexual or something? I note short hair, small bust… You are biologically a woman?”

“Yes. But I like girls. It’s not uncommon. You must have abducted lesbians before, I suppose.” The aliens seemed to have a conference, but Jane’s earphone was off. They moved Gwen’s table next to Jane’s and placed helmets on their heads. They also slipped a small object into Jane’s vagina, which resisted the insertion.

“Please observe the sexual stimuli displayed above you, while we observe your reactions.” For hours, it seemed, the aliens showed their captives old porno videos, really old, like “Deep Throat.” Jane’s ear phone was on again, to listen to the dialog, and she sometimes heard bits of alien conversation. They seemed perplexed that Jane was not sexually aroused. Then they showed a video with two women, and Jane responded more to their liking. Her vagina relaxed and dampened, so she did not even feel the instrument inside her. When one woman put on a strap-on dildo and fucked the other from behind, Jane was on the edge of an orgasm, thinking of doing that to Gwen. They started showing some kinky BDSM videos, worse than Jane had ever seen before, but not to Jane’s taste. When the Domme whipped a crucified man, Jane must have reacted more strongly than she wanted to, as the aliens seemed agitated. She was really turned off when the roles were reversed, and a sexy chick was caned by a man dressed as a school master.

When the shows were over, Jane could not help remarking, “You have some pretty poor videos. All that effort, and I didn’t come.”

“Gwen did,” said the earphone. “Well, you must be hungry. Is food from McDonald’s satisfactory? And you will want to sleep. You don’t mind sharing a bed with Gwen?”

“Yes, and yes,” replied Jane. Alone in their cabin, hardly more than a big bed, Jane and Gwen ate and talked. “They said you came watching those disgusting videos. When was that?”

“Uh, a couple of times, I guess. I don’t remember when.”

Jane slapped Gwen’s face. “Liar. For that you get a spanking.” She pulled the naked Gwen across her lap and spanked her, hard, until her cheeks were red and her vulva wet. “You little wretch. Here!” She thrust two fingers into Gwen’s waiting vagina and used her little finger to press on Gwen’s swollen clitoris. Then Jane used three fingers, and let her thumb press on Gwen’s anus. Gwen gave a wail and came, her vaginal walls squeezing Jane’s fingers. “Now, you pay for that.” Jane lay back and spread her legs. Well trained, Gwen took her position between Jane’s knees and lapped at Jane’s inch-long clit. When Jane came, she clamped her thighs over Gwen’s ears and held on until the excitement faded. “Now, do it again.” Jane demanded multiple orgasms, and Gwen, ever subservient, gave them to her. Finally, they slept, skin to skin.

When they woke, the aliens fed them and then questioned Jane by herself. “Do you love Gwen?” Jane nodded. “You did not use oral contact to pleasure her.” Jane said nothing. “You wanted only oral contact from Gwen.” Jane said nothing. “You inserted fingers into Gwen, mimicking coition with a penis, from behind. Is that the usual way?”

“At home, I use a strap-on. She’s a born submissive, a masochist, and I give her what she wants.”

“And is that sexually satisfying for you?”

“Usually. She always does me afterwards, anyway.”

“But she does not do anything to penetrate your vagina?”

“No. Nothing goes in there but a tampon, and I haven’t had a period lately.”

“Do you masturbate?”

“No. Why should I, when Gwen is so willing?”

“Is this a suitable strap-on for you?” An alien held up a big dildo with straps on it. Jane nodded. “Would you demonstrate, on Gwen?”

Gwen bent over the bed, face down, and Jane paddled her bottom, occasionally striking Gwen’s swollen labia, until Gwen had her first orgasm. Then Jane strapped on the dildo and fucked Gwen, doggy fashion, until Jane came, which was not until Gwen had come two or three times more. Then, well trained, Gwen got down on Jane and sucked Jane’s clitoris until Jane was satisfied again.

Jane woke up in the dark. She could hear “haunted house” noises. She was dressed as she was when she entered the haunted house. “Gwen,” she said, “are you there.”


“What happened to us? I remember Harry Potter and Ron and…”

“We were abducted by aliens.”

“It wasn’t a dream, then. What did they do to us?”

“They fucked our minds and made us their sex slaves. I had a baby. You did, too.”

“No. I don’t remember that.”

“They wiped you clean, really fucked your mind. You seemed to offend their moral sensibilities, Jane. You don’t believe me? Feel your breasts.”

There in the dark, Jane sat up and felt her chest. “O. M. G.! I’ve got tits!”

“Come on,” said Gwen, “let’s get out of here.” Gwen took Jane’s hand and led her through the maze of the haunted house. They emerged on the street near the entrance. The sign said admission is free for a ten dollar donation to African famine relief. There was a middle aged man taking tickets. He looked Jane up and down and said, “I’m almost through here. It would really please me if you would join me for dinner and a drink.”

Jane looked a Gwen, then back at the man. “You mean me?”

“Yes. I just think you are so attractive, and I’d love to get to know you. You like steaks? The Golden Cow is just down the street. Will you have dinner with me? ” He handed her a business card.

Jane smiled and thrust out her new boobs. “I’d love too, Stud.”

– The End –