Kneeling on a bed naked except for my garter belt and stockings with my lips around a young boy’s cock as another boy knelt behind me, pumping his dick into my cunt, was not how I had planned on spending this weekend. As my lips moved down the five inch length of the young boy’s dick, I thought back to how this had all started. Damn Jim anyway, just because he was having problems with my sister didn’t mean that he could do what he had done. The son-of-a-bitch had given me to a dope dealer, just so the guy would forget about the money Jim owed him. I could still hear that fucker’s words as we were in the car.

“You and your fucking sister are two of a kind. You fucking bitches walk around dressed like a couple of whores, making everyone think you would fuck anything with a dick. Just look at the way you’re dressed, miniskirt and heels. I’ll bet you’re wearing a garter belt and nothing else, just like your whore of a sister. Well you fucking cunt, you’re going to do me a big favor tonight, so I don’t really care how you dress. In fact it may help me score more.”

And then he had pushed his hand under my skirt and pushed a finger into my pussy and started laughing as he kept saying he had known I wasn’t wearing any panties. Pushing at his hand and yelling at him to stop the car did little good.

“Shut the fuck up slut, I think it’s about time we found out if you’re just a tease, or the fucking cock hungry slut I think you are. We’re almost there, sweet cheeks, it’s party time.”

Turning the car into the drive of a house that looked like it was deserted with three half-burned houses around it, I suddenly knew that Jim was here to buy dope. But what the hell did he mean that it was party time. Pulling me from the car he dragged me toward the house. I was trying to hit at him and pull away at the same time but it did little good.

“Party time bitch, I think you ought to just go with the flow. Shit, if you’re half the whore I think you are, I won’t be able to drag you back to your sister and mommy. I think once they start playing with that body of yours, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to cock heaven.”

Stumbling up the steps as he pulled me along I continued to fight until he twisted my arm and told me if I didn’t stop he would break it. Reaching the door Jim knocked and a lanky kid of 17 or 18 asked what we wanted. Jim told him that he needed to see about paying him. Glancing at me, the boy asked if we had his money. “Well not really, but I thought maybe we could talk about a trade. I give you something nice and soft and you forget about what I owe you and maybe give me something extra.”

And then he winked at the boy and nodded his head at me. Reaching out the boy cupped my breast and in spite of myself, I shivered. Not from the cold, because it was a warm summer night, but from excitement as his dark hand fondled my breast and lightly pinched my nipple. Telling Jim that maybe he could work something out, he continued to rub my nipple through my blouse. I felt them harden and my legs grow weak.. I was so scared. I just stood there trembling and moaning softly as the boy smiled and then stepped aside. “Please, don’t do this Jim. It’s wrong. I don’t want to do this, please.” As we walked into the house, the boys arm went around my slim waist and his hand slid down to cup my ass, squeezing gently he pulled me toward him and then he was kissing me.

I couldn’t move. I knew I should run but my legs wouldn’t move. And despite my fear, when his tongue slipped between my lips, I responded. Breaking the kiss he asked Jim my name and age. “She’s 22, man and her name is Mandy, and before you ask, the answer is yes, she’s my sister-in-law and it was her idea to do this. She wanted to help me out. I mean, if she didn’t want to be here or anything do you think she would have kissed you back and let you feel her up? She just thought she could help and that if you and her partied for a couple of days you’d forget about what I owed you and even throw in a couple of dime bags.”

Running his hands over my buttocks as he held me against his body while listening to that piece of shit brother-in-law of mine brought a smile to his face. I was too stunned to move. Looking into my eyes he told me his name was George and to go into the living room and wait while he took care of some business. Walking on wooden legs, I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I mean instead of running like hell from this house I was walking into it. A house occupied by a negro and not just any negro, but a drug dealer. What the hell was wrong with me anyway? And to top it off I had not only let him feel me up, but had responded to his kiss. I had never thought about kissing a black man before and yet I had not fought or resisted when one did fondle and kiss me.

Entering the living room I was surprised to see three more negros. Why, I don’t know. I mean a drug dealer always had some of his friends around him, or at least that’s what I had heard, so why should I be surprised. Telling them I was Mandy and that George had told me to wait here, they told me their names as they gathered around me. Then, asking if I had come to party, the boy named Fred put an arm around my waist and led me toward the couch. Darrell handed me a beer, telling me to drink up and then sat to my left, squeezing me between him and Fred. Fred offered me his cigarette. As I took a puff, I started coughing. They all laughed and told me to take another hit. Drinking the half warm beer and puffing on the cigarette, I wondered what Jim and George were doing. I asked if George would be here soon, but they just laughed saying “Sure, Sure.”

They started talking about how good I looked for a white girl like I wasn’t there, but as they talked they passed me another beer and gave me another cigarette. Before I knew it I had drunk 4 beers and smoked 3 of their horrible cigarettes. My head felt light and as my eyes closed my head dropped to the shoulder of the boy on my right. Dimly I wondered why George had not come. Turning my face to his, Fred started kissing me, pushing his tongue into my mouth as his hand slid into my blouse and groped my breast. I felt hands softly caress my left thigh and God help me I found myself again responding to the kiss of a negro as his hands fondled my breast and his tongue worked between my lips. The fingers tracing patterns up my left thigh now slipped under my miniskirt and between my legs and with just the slightest pressure on their part, my legs parted and I sighed into Fred’s mouth as we kissed.

My mind tried to cope with the different things that were happening all at once. But, like in slow motion, first I felt my blouse being unbuttoned and my bra pushed up and lips close over one of my nipples sucking and ever so lightly teeth nibbling them into hardness. Second, I felt the fingers slide over the inside of my thigh and then my hips jumped slightly from the couch as the fingers lightly glided over my pussy lips. All the while these two thing were going on I continued to kiss Fred. As my body heated up our tongues were dueling like two swordmen. For a second the lips left my breast and I squirmed and then I felt my bra being unhooked and pulled from me and as the fingers between my thighs made contact again with my pussy. I felt lips on both of my tits and I almost fainted from the feeling. My hips moved in tight little circles as the fingers brushed lightly over my pussy lips and every time they rolled over the hot knob of my clit my ass would lift from the couch. I felt more then heard someone come into the living room and then I heard George’s voice.

“I see you boys have met Mandy. I guess that white fucker was telling the truth after all when he told me his sister-in-law was a party animal and liked nothing better than fucking a young boy or sucking dick. He told me it was her idea when he told her I was young.”

Then they were talking and laughing as he told them that my dumb brother-in-law had given me to him for the whole weekend for the fifty bucks he owed and a nickel bag. The fingers between my thighs now slipped between my pussy lips and began a slow pleasurable movement while at the same time other fingers rolled and teased my nipples to ramped hardness. My hips moved against the fingers buried in me and gasps and moans of pleasure slipped from my throat. I couldn’t concentrate, the feeling spreading through my body burst into a hot roaring flame. I felt myself falling and as I opened my eyes, a dark figure moved over me.

My legs were pulled apart, one foot dangled over the back of the couch as the other hit the floor. Raising my head slightly to look down my body one of the boys crawled between my opened legs and as I watched he gripped his cock and guided it to my pussy. Turning my head to the side I found myself facing George. For some reason I was not scared. My hips lifted from the couch as the boy between my legs sank his dick into my pussy. Through lust fogged eyes I watched as he dropped his pants and took out his dick. He ran his fingers through my hair. Twisting his fingers into my blond hair he lifted my head and pulled it toward his hard black cock and as my lips closed around the head of his cock I dimly heard something about pictures. My hands reached up to touch him and as my fingers closed around his dick I noticed how dark it was against my pale skin.

My mind raced with lurid thoughts of these young boys cock’s pushing into my body and shooting their cum deep into me as I twisted and bounced between them. I was trapped, more than likely, for the whole weekend. My leg raised from the floor curling around the boys hips as he grunted above me. I could feel the cock in my mouth grow and swell as blood coursed through the veins. I knew that there was nothing I could do to escape what was happening. My mind blocked out everything around me except the two boys hard black dicks, reasoning that if I didn’t do this willingly I probably would be hurt or worse.

And so I surrendered, letting my body take control. A bright light went off as my pelvis ground up into the youth between my legs while I sucked on George’s cock like a baby feeding at her mothers breast. “Oh,that’s nice Mandy. Your brother-in-law was right. You do like young cock. Suck it Mandy. Suck this young black boys cock and make me cum in that sweet mouth of yours. Would you like that Mandy? Would you like having my cock buried in your throat filling you with cum.”

With moans of pleasure issuing around the cock stuffed between my lips my hands clasped his buttocks pulling him against my face and deep into my throat.

“Look at me, you fucking blonde cunt. I want to see your eyes as you suck my cock down your throat. I want to see just how much you like sucking young boy’s cocks. Show me how much you enjoy making young boy’s cum in your mouth or you’re going to regret the day you were born.”

And then he shoved his hips forward and I started to gag. I heard him laughing as he told the others that he was going to shove his dick down my throat and choke me. As I tried to breathe around his dick I swallowed saliva, gulping in air as he shoved forward again and this time I felt my throat muscles relax as his dick slid past my tonsils into my throat. He kept pushing forward till my lips were against the kinky hair around the base of his dick and my nose was against his belly.

“That’s a good girl Mandy. Now let’s do this again, ’cause I know you want to show me how much you like having a young boy feed you his dick and shoot his cum down your throat. Show me you like sucking a cock and having it fill your mouth with cum.”

I felt his dick slide down my throat again as I swallowed my saliva and the cum that was dripping from his dick. Then my lips were pressed into his kinky pubic hair as his balls slapped against my chin. Through half-closed eyes I saw the bright light again for the second or third time since the two boys had shoved their cocks into my mouth and pussy. They would almost withdraw their cocks from my mouth and pussy, leaving just the head buried in me and then their hips would lunge against me, burying their eight or nine inches into my throat and hot seething cunt.

” Your brother-in-law said you were good bitch. He was for damn sure telling the truth. You’re a cock hungry white slut. So now I’m going to shoot my cum down your throat and give you what you want. Get ready to drink my cum. Mandy, I don’t want you to lose a drop of it so you better swallow fast.”

As he pushed forward his ass tightened and grabbing the back of my head, he pulled my face against his body. Holding my face tightly against his stomach I felt the veins along his dick swell and his dick grow even larger. As my tongue rubbed the underside of his dick I felt the first blast of cum shoot into my throat as he shivered. As fast as I swallowed he would shoot more cum down my throat until finally he let my head fall to the cushions. As I continued to suck the last of his cum from his dick, I knew that I had saved myself and maybe even that fucking shit head brother-in-law of mine. Looking into his eyes as he slowly pulled his now soft dick from my mouth I ran my tongue over my lips and I saw a smile cross his face.

Then the boy above me shivered and with a last mighty push between my legs he shot his sperm into me. But then, in the next instant, I knew I would never leave till he wanted me to. I felt as if I was in a strange weird dream. Then I felt something brushing against my lips and reaching up to push it away my fingers closed around something soft, yet hard and pulsing. And through the soft mist surrounding my mind I heard one of the boy’s tell me to open my mouth and suck his dick. I heard their laughter as I opened my mouth and began sucking on his dick making little sounds of pleasure in my throat another boy crawled over my body sinking his cock into my cunt. Time seemed to stand still and the bright lights I had seen earlier kept blinking on and off. Ignoring me as they walked from the room and not knowing what to do, I slowly got to my feet and looked around for my blouse, thinking that they were through with me and would now let me go.

Picking up my blouse and turning to leave, I ran into George and the grin on his face told me that I had done even more then he had expected. As I looked into his eyes he put his arm around me and walked me down the hallway and then pushed me into the bathroom.

“Mandy, my little cock hungry bitch, I want you to clean up, and then go into the bedroom across the hall and pick yourself out something to wear. Don’t bother looking for a bra or panties because from now on you’re not going to need any.”

As I stood under the shower washing the cum from my hair and body I knew that George was not going to let me go yet. Drying off, I walked into the bedroom and noticed the large king size bed and though I felt like collapsing onto it, I knew that George wanted me. Looking in the closet for something to wear. I found four miniskirts as well as a long black silk dress in size 5. The full length dress had a split up the right side that looked as if it went to the hip. Holding it up I thought maybe it would cover my body enough that they wouldn’t think of me, just their dope and customers. Laying the dress on the bed I looked in the dresser and found several pairs of stockings and garter belts.

Putting on the clothes and looking in the mirror I could see that I had been wrong. The dress showed off every curve of my slim 22 year old body and under different circumstances and in other surroundings my 34-21-35 figure would have looked fantastic in this dress, not that it didn’t now, but I wanted to keep their minds off sex. As I reached behind me to undo the zipper and remove the dress, someone started yelling for me to hurry up. The door was pushed open and I turned to see Greg walk in and then stop as if he had run into a wall. As we stood looking at each other, my arms dropped to my sides and I heard him gulp as he drew a breath and then let a soft whistle escape his lips. And despite what I had just gone through, I smiled. Walking toward him I noticed that a bulge was growing between his legs and then I was standing in front of him reaching up, brushing my fingers across his cheek and asked him if he liked what he saw.

“Holy shit. I thought you looked sexy before but now I think you’re beautiful. Damn you’re hot. I ain’t never seen anyone black or white with a body as sexy as yours, never.”

Smiling at him again as he placed his arm around my waist and walked me to George and whatever fate had been decided for me. Entering the living room, Greg coughed to get attention. Everyone’s head turned and in the silence that followed you could hear a pin drop. Looking at the dozen or so boys standing around with their mouths open, I smiled and then walked slowly across the room to the young black boy that held my fate in his hands. As I walked past the boys I noticed that they all had pictures in their hands and as I reached George everyone started talking at once.

“Shut up. Shut the fuck up. You’ve all seen the pictures of the little lady and heard of what a great piece of ass she is as well as how good she is at sucking dicks. Now the pictures are good, yes they are. But here she is in the flesh and now you know why I’m charging you fucking pot heads a hundred bucks apiece for a crack at her fine body. This 22 year old blond sex kitten likes boys and she don’t give a shit what color you are as long as that thing between your legs is hard.”

Even though I stood there and showed no sign of collapsing, I felt, no, I knew that my world had come crashing down. As George grabbed my arm and led me back through the door he grabbed several pictures from the boys hands and then shoved them at me. Though I didn’t want to look, I found myself staring at pictures of me sucking and fucking the cocks of him and his friends. And now I knew what the bright flashes had been.

“Mandy you’re mine now. I own you. Your stupid fucking brother-in-law doesn’t give a shit about you, and your sister doesn’t know you’re here. For that matter, neither does anyone else. I can do what I want to you and even though I’d hate to kill a fine looking piece of ass like you, I will unless you do what I say.”

Collapsing backwards I began mumbling “NO” over and over softly as I hit the wall and started to slide down to the floor. He grabbed my arms and pulled me back upright as he brought his face close to mine telling me how I would fuck and suck any and all cocks of these or any other boy that paid him. Or he was going to kill me and make it look like I had overdosed on heroin. Not fast and in one shot, but over several days, maybe weeks as he gave me just enough to make me do what he wanted. Just enough so that I would be aware of what was happening to me. How I would lay on my back, not on a nice king size bed, but on a dirty mattress in the hallway. And above the mattress would be a sign that said, “I will fuck or suck dick for 25 cents.” Even as I kill you I’ll have you fucking for money. You’ll be an honest to god two bit whore, and because you’re so cheap everyone who passes will stick their dicks into your mouth or cunt and even your ass hole. And when they quit giving you quarters, I’ll bring in some dogs to fuck. And after I had sucked and fucked their doggy dicks he would give me the last shot of heroin and then dump my body in a deserted rat infested ally in the worst part of town where no one would find my body for several weeks.

“The only thing you might find any comfort in Mandy after you become a two bit whore is that I am going to kill your worthless brother-in-law first. Not with drugs, but with a knife. I’m going to slit his worthless throat and let him bleed to death after he watches you get your first shot of heroin and fuck and suck everyone who is here. The choice is yours cunt. Do everything I say without question and willingly, or not, it’s up to you. CHOOSE!”

As his description of the way he would kill me burned into my brain, I told him that I would do whatever he wanted and that I would beg the boys just like I had done his friends. Then to show him I meant it, I dropped to my knees and started to undo his pants, but he pushed my hands away and told me to stand up. Pushing me back toward the living room he told me to make sure that all those boys would come back. Walking slowly I pulled myself together and as I stepped through the door to once again face the boys gathered there, I smiled. Doing and saying everything that George expected of me, I even carried it a step further by kissing a few and grabbing their crotches, telling them to make sure they came and to bring their money. As I walked from the room I wiggled my ass a little more then usual and then looking back over my shoulder I told the boys that when they came back they would see a lot more of me.

Walking down the hall I passed George where he still stood. Patting my ass he told me he was very happy with me and that he wanted me to get some sleep because I was going to have a busy day tomorrow. Late the next day I was awakened by the smell of food. Walking into the kitchen in only my garter belt and stockings I was greeted by six boys wearing only their underwear. One of them jumped up, telling me to sit and he would get me something to eat. After eating and returning to my room and what awaited me that day, I pulled out the dozen or so miniskirts and put on each, posing in the mirror before picking the red and black pleated miniskirt that made me look like one of the cheerleaders at school only a hell of a lot sexier. To stay alive I would do anything. I didn’t give a shit if George cut Jim’s throat. I just wanted to stay alive and drug free, and if it meant sucking and fucking every boy’s dick in town then I would, and I would like it. After my bath I fixed my hair and applied fresh lipstick and perfume and put on the pleated miniskirt. As I tucked the silk blouse into my skirt, I looked at the clock and noticed that it was 9:30.

Knowing the boys would be waiting for me I walked toward the door unbuttoning the first three buttons allowing a better view of me tits. I began to feel as if I would have done this even if I had not been threatened. I was beginning to like the feel of their dicks in my mouth and the sweet taste of their cum as they shot it down my throat. Just thinking of their dicks I began to shiver with anticipation and then I was among them. Hands reached out to feel my breasts and rub over my ass. I was the center of attention and I loved it. I felt like a prom queen, and nothing else mattered but these young boys.

“Hello everyone I’m glad that you liked me enough last night to come back. I promised you a party, so how about it.”

Shouts of excitement greeted my words as some said how hot I looked dressed like a cheerleader, while others shouted they could hardly wait to fuck me or shove their cocks in my mouth. George was shouting at them to shut up.

“Sounds like you want to see more of this 22 year old cheerleader. Then let’s get started. How about it? Is everyone game, because this blond cunt loves young boys and it looks like she can hardly wait to get fucked.”

George stood there as boys filed up handing him hundred dollar bills just for the pleasure to party with me. As the boys filed up and handed him the money, he motioned for me to join him.

“Get on your knees and take my dick out and show these boys what they have to look forward to. there are some who haven’t paid yet and they may want to see if you’re worth what I say you’re worth.”

As I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants two more boys gave him their money. Looking up into his face I asked him if I could suck his black dick and swallow his cum and then puckering my lips I kissed the knob of his dick before opening my lips and sucking half of his dick into my mouth. My arms encircled his hips and pulled him toward me as I pushed my head forward, taking all nine inches into my throat and sucking him like I had done the night before. I heard someone say they couldn’t believe I had swallowed his dick so fast and they could hardly wait to have my lips around their cock and fill my mouth and throat with cum.

As I sucked on George’s dick my lips began to tingle and I found myself loving it more each minute. Hands gripped my waist shifting my body, raising my ass up as my miniskirt was pushed up around my waist, allowing them easy access to my cunt. Someone was going to shove their cock in my cunt and I didn’t care who as long as they hurried. I was so wet from teasing these boys and sucking on George’s black cock that the dick went into me in one stroke. The feeling of his dick sinking into my pussy was pure heaven. Pushing my ass back into the boy between my legs I rotated my hips while moaning continuously around the cock in my mouth. As I pushed forward and then backward all the while rotating my hips I wondered how the boys liked the show I was putting on. My skin was misted with sweat but felt as if it was on fire. Suddenly George’s ass muscles tightened as he began to shot his cum down my throat. Swallowing his cum as it spurted again and again into my throat, my body twitched and vibrated as I moved back and forth between the two cocks. Over the pounding of my heart in my ears I heard George ask someone if the video cameras had been set up to film me. Moaning as I pushed back against the boy’s glorious cock. George told me that eighteen boys had paid to stick their dicks in me. Suddenly the hands on my hips tightened as the boy ground his pelvis between my ass cheeks pushing at least an eight inch dick deep into my cunt. His balls rubbed against my clit sending a fire storm through out my body as he began to fill my pussy with cum. As my body shook from head to toe with the power of my climax I moaned soulfully gasping for air as wave after wave of my orgasm shot through my body. In my ecstasy I heard myself hoarsely thank them for letting me show them how much I loved young boy’s cocks and have them shot their cum into me. I continued to shake as smaller and smaller climaxes shot through my body.

I felt I was in heaven. I had never had a climax as great as I had just had. I knew that with eighteen young boys waiting eagerly to shove their dicks into me I would have many more. As I slowly stood and then turned to face my young audience, I smiled at them and on trembling legs walked toward my bedroom. Smiling to myself as I realized I was calling everything mine, the dress, the miniskirts and even the bedroom. I became a little afraid. I was accepting my role and even looking forward to being used by these boys. It was one thing to have my mouth and cunt filled with boys cocks as others watched. But cameras were something else. What if the police got the movie, I would be sent to jail not only for making the movie but for having sex with young boys. And then I was in my bedroom.

Two boys began kissing and fondling me as they slowly removed my blouse and miniskirt, leaving me with just my garter belt and stockings. Sitting on the bed as they dropped their pants, exposing their already hard dicks to me, I forgot about the cameras. Jumping onto the bed to either side of me they began to once more run their lips and hands over my body. My legs parted and I reached out encircling my fingers around a cock and pulled it to my mouth with a smile on my face. As I sucked him into my mouth, I felt the second boy’s head between my thighs and as his tongue swiped across my cunt lips, my body vibrated as the first wave of an orgasm started. As he lapped the cum from my cunt lips my orgasm grew and then his tongue entered my cunt and his hands slid under my ass. Pulling me toward his face he sucked the cum from the cunt that Fred had just filled. Moaning around the cock in my mouth, I twisted my hips from the bed and opened my legs wider as he continued to lap at my cunt like a kitten at a bowl of milk. My hips bounced up and down pushing my cunt into the boys face while I sucked the dick in my mouth like a nympho. I knew these eighteen boys would make me climax many times. As I lay in my king size bed fucking and sucking boy after boy while other boys waited to fuck me or shove their dicks down my throat, I begged each of them to fill me with their sweet cum as I continued to climax over and over until I thought I would die from an overdose of passion and lust.

My body was covered with sweat and my jaws and cunt were sore from the many young boys that had filled me with their cocks and still I begged them to fuck me or let me suck their dicks. As I lay on my rumpled bed alone smiling and rubbing their cum over my sweat soaked body it was then that I noticed my brother-in-law Jim sitting in a chair by the door with a shit eating grin on his face. I hated him more then ever for what he had done to me and for what he had turned me into. As I looked at him he said that he had known that I was nothing but a cock hungry stupid bitch and that I would fuck and suck these young boys cocks, both black and white and beg them to shoot their cum into my mouth and cunt.

And then my heart fluttered almost stopping as he told me that he had just sold me to George to do whatever he wanted with. As his voice droned on about coming to watch the next time I made a video, he said he hoped it was with dogs, so he could get a copy and show my sister, three huge black men walked in the door with George and I panicked as they stood in the door way and took their dicks out. As they held their dicks in their hands I could see that they were all about the same size. They must have been twelve or fourteen inches long and at least three inches round. Even as wet and stretched as my cunt was, I feared they would split me in two or choke me to death if they forced them into my mouth. As I stared at them in horror they suddenly turned to Jim and began slapping their semi-hard cocks against his face. As he twisted his head and tried, as if in slow motion, to push them away. I laughed as he screamed at them to get away from him. And then he was begging George to make them stop, but he ignored him as he turned toward me laughing.

“Mandy, I want you to get cleaned up and then Dale will take you home. I know you’ll be back cause you love cock too much to be satisfied or settle for just one man. So you go on while my brothers and I finish a little business with Jim here. He’s fucked with me just one time too many and now it’s his turn to get fucked. Who knows, maybe he’ll like having cocks shoved up his ass and sucking them so much that he won’t go home to his wife.”

Laughing again he bent down and kissed me telling me to come back soon as he would love to fuck my nice firm ass. Smiling, I got up and walked past Jim’s cringing form on trembling legs. Reaching out, I tried to close my fingers around one of the brother’s cocks but it was too large, and with my hand still on the cock I pushed it to Jim’s lips. Holding the large cock to Jim’s lips and laughing I looked up into the faces of the three huge brothers telling them to have fun.

As Dale drove me home he ran his hand up and down my thigh and made small talk and as I slipped closer to him my miniskirt rode up exposing my cunt and glancing at me he put his hand between me legs and then pushed two fingers into my cunt. Putting my head on his shoulder I began kissing his neck and nibbling his ear. I began to moan softly and move my hips as his fingers sawed in and out of my cunt and my hand reached out feeling the bulge in his pants. As he removed his fingers from my cunt I pulled his dick free. I lowered my head to his lap and slid my lips down the length of his beautiful cock.

With one hand on the steering wheel and the other on my head with his fingers running through my hair as my head bobbed up and down I listened to his soft voice as he told me how great I was at sucking cock and that he had never known anyone who loved to fuck or suck as much as I did. And then he told me that George had deposited $10,000 in my bank account and that every week $1,000 more would be put in as long as when some of the boys showed up at my sister’s house I showed them a good time just as I had done this weekend.

As I continued to suck his dick he fell silent. I worked my throat muscles and lips on his cock in order to have him fill my mouth with cum which I had grown to love. And then he pushed his hips up and started shooting big globs of cum down my throat. Tightening my lips around the shaft of his cock I drew the cum from his cock like I was drinking through a straw. Sitting up I held his dick and softly squeezed it as I licked my lips and told him how much I enjoyed sucking his cock and drinking his cum. And then I noticed that we were pulling into my sister’s driveway. Straightening my blouse and miniskirt, I kissed him as I reached for the car door. And then I felt his hand on my arm pulling me back, turning to look at him he handed me a small packet.

“Mandy, you do know that I’m Georges right hand man, and that he doesn’t do anything without telling me. So what I say now should come as no surprise to you. What he told you about how he would kill you and your brother-in-law hasn’t changed. We’ve decided that your sister will die the same way as you. Only she will die first as you watch, and then after she dies, you will go through the same ordeal. Of course you have nothing to worry about as long as you continue to go with the flow. ”

“In the morning you’re to quit your job, you won’t need it, and then you’re to buy new clothes, clothes like a girl going to school would wear. No jeans or pants, just skirts like you’re wearing now because you’ll be with teenagers. You’re the same size as some of the girls, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Just keep doing what we both know you like and the money will always be there and you and your sister will stay alive.”

Getting out of the car I stood there in the driveway long after he had left with a million thoughts racing through my head. Could I pass for a teenager? Maybe, I had the same slim figure that I had seen on some of the girls going to school. But I was 22 years old and if they got tired of me would they kill me and my sister then, or would they keep me just to have an older woman around to show everyone they could do what they wanted.

As I turned toward the house I vowed that somehow my sister and I would live and that everything would work out. Over the next few days I did what George had said. Calling my boss, I quit my job. Then I had gone shopping with the credit card that had been in the packet that Dale had given me. I also checked my bank account and there was $10,000 in checking as well as savings, maybe I had misunderstood.

My sister was thrilled when I told her that I was staying longer. On Wednesday Jim came home and never said a word. In fact he started treating my sister and I better and even asked if he could do anything for us. Each night in my room I would take out the packet Dale had given me, looking at the pictures. I thought of viewing the video tape but never did. Each day I would go out to the mall dressed in my miniskirt and hang around like the highschool girls did. One day, two weeks after I had been home, a group of black boys about fourteen years old approached me asking if I wanted to have a little fun.

One of them put his arm around me drawing stares from the white men walking by. Smiling at them, I was about to tell them no when he reached in his pocket and pulled out a picture of me sucking one boys dick as another was fucking me. Looking at the four boys eager faces I smiled, and right there in the mall with white men walking by the boy with his arm around me pressed his lips to mine while feeling my ass, and then fondling my breast. He took my hand, placing it over the bulge in his pants saying that a fine looking white girl like me could use a big black cock, loud enough for the men to hear. I couldn’t believe how hot I was getting as he fondled me right there in the mall in front of everyone. When, out of the corner of my eye, I saw two white men approach as if to rescue a white girl from a gang of blacks. I squeezed his crotch telling him that I would like it better if all four of them would fuck me. As the four black boys walked me through the mall they laughed and joked about fucking me so that everybody we passed could hear.

I sat in the back with two of them running their hands over me. They told me their names and how much they had looked forward to meeting me and getting a chance to show me their cocks and to have me suck them. I told them that I was happy to meet them and that I looked forward to sucking their dicks and drinking their cum because I loved to make young boys happy. When we got to the park they pulled into a secluded area. As they stood around the car I sucked each boys cock and swallowed their cum as they shot in my mouth.

I thanked each of them for letting me suck their cocks and letting me swallow their cum. A couple of the boys wanted to fuck me, so I crawled into the back seat and pulled up my miniskirt and spread my legs. As the first one crawled between my legs, I reached for his dick and guided it to my cunt and then wrapped one leg around his hips as my other was over the back cushion. As he buried his dick in my pussy I humped against him. As the boy and I humped in the back seat I smiled up at the other boys looking through the open door. They were saying that they wanted to fuck me too because I was really moving and they didn’t think that just two cocks in my cunt would satisfy me.

So I fucked each of them as well as sucked their dicks a second time and then they drove me back to the mall. Getting out of the car I kissed each boy and thanked him for fucking me and letting me suck his dick and swallow his cum. A few days later, arriving home after I had gone to a movie and supper, I noticed a van parked in front. As I entered the house, Jim came from the kitchen and told me that a car dealer had dropped it off; saying that I had ordered it several weeks ago and that all the extras I had wanted were on it and he hoped I enjoyed it.

Handing me the keys, he went back to the kitchen. I had not ordered a van. Taking the keys, I went out to the van and unlocked the door. There, on the front seat, was a note from George telling me he was glad that I had made Greg’s little brother and friends happy, but that I was to never do something like that again unless told to.

As I continued to read my heart sank as I read that as punishment they were going to fuck my sister. But that I could prevent it by coming to the house tomorrow at 9:00pm. There was a p.s. that read “you’re a star… the film is selling well and the stills are doing great”. Rushing back to the house, I ran into Jim and asked if Mary was home yet. He told me her boss had called this morning and said that she had to fly to Chicago on business and that she would be home in a day or two. I felt relieved she was out of their reach in Chicago. The next day I went to the hair dresser and had a complete makeover to make myself look even sexier. As I left the house at 8:30 I had to admit that I looked good. Wearing the black silk dress that I had worn that first night and I radiated sex with a capitol S.

Pulling up to the house, I looked around and noticed a couple of cars around the side but nothing else. Walking to the door I knocked and Fred opened the door and giving a little whistle ushered me inside while telling me I looked fantastic.

“Thank you Fred. Where is everyone? The house seems empty. I thought I was asked to come over to entertain a few people.”

Walking me to the living room I noticed that a large screen tv had been set up and that George and six of his boys were siting around drinking and smoking marijuana. Walking to each of the six boys I gave them a kiss and then walking to George I started to kiss him but he pushed me away.

“You stupid fucking cunt, I gave you money, a gold credit card and anything else you wanted. All you had to do was come here and fuck me and the boys, but you never came back. No, instead you pick up four little niggers at the mall when you get horny and fuck and suck their little dicks.”

I tried telling him that I would have come if I had known that he or any of the others had wanted me, but he slapped me, calling me a stupid cunt. Telling him that when I had not heard from him I thought that maybe he was tired of me and that he had just wanted to use me to fuck his customers and make a video so he could show everyone how he could treat a white woman.

Slapping my face and knocking me to the floor he towered over me and as he raised his hand to strike me again, I cringed and tried to get away. Grabbing my hair he pulled me up and then threw me into a chair.

“You brought this on yourself and Mary too. As you watch this I want you to remember that. Watch as she begs these guys to stick their dicks in her mouth and cunt as well as up her ass. I think this video will sell better then yours. I lied when I told you that you could save her. I had her brought here yesterday morning after I found out you had fucked those little boys. At only 20 she doesn’t have your body but she does have a better than average one. So now sit your ass down and watch your sister as she gets all the cock she wants.”

As the lights dimmed and the T.V. came on I saw my sister siting on a couch with Tim. Bob was standing over her, giving her a shot. Her hands slowly reached out to them as she softly moaned deep in her throat. Pushing her onto her back Bob straddled her chest, his knees on each side of her head. Twisting his fingers into her red hair he lifted her head and pushed his dick into her mouth. As he pulled back slightly her lips closed around the head of his dick and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked on the tip of his dick. Pushing deeper into her mouth, he pulled her head toward his rocking crotch.

“That’s a girl Becky, suck on that black dick. Suck it white girl. Doesn’t it taste so much better then your husbands little white pecker? Well, from now on you don’t have to fuck that white boy no more. ‘Cause just like you asked, I’ll get plenty of big hard black cocks for you. From now on only black men are going to fuck you.”

As he talked, they were joined by Greg. Pulling his dick from her sucking mouth and standing up he told her to get on her hands and knees. As she reached for them, they pulled away and then she was asking for someone to stick a black dick in her mouth and shoot their cum down her throat, saying she would do anything for them as long as they would give her a dick to suck. Greg told her to straddle Bob and that since she had asked so nice she would also get a black cock in her mouth. Straddling Bob as he lay there with his dick pointing up, she grasped it, guiding it to her cunt lips as she slowly lowered her body.

Reaching out and closing her fingers around Greg’s cock she moved her head forward and took him into her mouth, and then shuddering from head to toe she started bouncing up and down on the dick buried in her cunt. Tim kneeled behind her and began rubbing his cock up and down the crack of her bouncing ass rubbing it up and down between her buttocks as he pulled them apart telling her he was going to shove his hard black cock in her ass hole.

She started rotating her hips in small circles and then as he put his dick against her bung hole she pushed backwards as he pushed forward and he didn’t stop until his balls slapped against Bob’s cock, pushing up into her from below. Pumping their cocks into her as her body bounced back and forth they told her that for a redheaded white girl she sure knew how to take care of a black man and that since she loved black cock so much they were going to fill her full of cum and give her a black baby.

As they pushed their cocks into her, she mumbled around the cock in her mouth, bouncing harder and faster trying to make them cum. Soon they all three shot their sperm into her and then pushed her from them saying that she was a cock hungry white slut. George’s three brothers walked into the room and as she saw them a gleam came into my sister’s eyes as they stripped, exposing their monstrous horse size black cocks. She reached out her arms and begged them to fuck her mumbling about how beautiful and how large they were as she licked her lips over and over saying that they were hers and she loved them.

Her fingers encircled two of their dicks, working up and down their length, and you could see them grow to full rigid hardness. And then as the third one was pressed to her lips her tongue came out and licked it like a child licks an ice cream cone. As she continued to stroke the two dicks in her hands she tried to open her mouth and suck the large knob she was licking into her mouth but he would only let her lick it.

Reaching out she tried to grasp the large cock and pull it into her mouth. He pulled away as the other two removed her hands from their semi-hard cocks and then stood just out of reach in front of her, running their hands slowly up and down their dicks. The three boys approached and two of them knelt beside her as the third stepped behind her.

“Becky, would you like those big hard cocks? Would you like that?” Shaking her head yes and mumbling she once more reached out. “I thought so Becky รท But first I have something else for that nice ass of yours” And then he pushed his fist against the tight puckered ring of her anus and began pushing. The angle of the camera was perfect and caught her debasement as the fist slowly pushed aside any resistance and entered her ass hole. Laughing sadistically the boy worked his fist in past his wrist after a few tries and then began working in and out sinking into her a little deeper each time until his arm was buried halfway to his elbow.

She was grunting like a pig and yelling at him to fuck her harder and deeper as her ass pushed back as if trying to impale herself on a spit. Her eyes never left the three large cocks just out of reach in front of her. All six of them laughed as she writhed and twisted her ass against the boy’s fist saying that the white trash slut was really getting off as she kept yelling for more. Pulling his fist from her ass the boy shoved it into her pussy sinking half way to his elbow in just two strokes. There was no mistaking her orgasm as her body shuddered and she collapsed face down. They stood around her as she lay face down on the floor moving her ass in small circles humping into the air as she begged them to shove their dicks in her ass and fuck her deep and hard and shoot their cum into her.

As she lay begging for cock the three brothers came forward, one of them grabbed her hips, raising her ass higher into the air. “Yes, oh yeeessss cock…fuck this whitttt…beautiful black cock…big cock… yeeessss…give it to meeeeee.” She was bouncing up and down as more and more of the twelve inch monster went into her ass. She was grunting and humping on the cock that was now almost buried in her ass hole. One of them moved around to her head and picking the front of her body up he held her face upward bending her head backwards allowing him to push his large cock into her mouth and throat in almost a straight line. As her vision cleared her eyes focused and then shaking her head back and forth she croaked in a horse whisper that it was too big, he would choke her.

Pushing his dick to her lips as he held her head, he forced the knob between her lips pushing them inward as he started feeding her his twelve inch dick. As the knob forced its way into her mouth her mouth was forced open stretching around the huge black shaft holding him like a glove-clad hand. As her lower body moved up and down on the cock that was now buried fully inside her ass ,he forced a little more of his cock into her mouth. With horror and hatred I sat there watching as these men humiliated my kid sister. Drugging her and then forcing their cocks into her body making her beg and grovel like a retarded person that knew no better. And now worst of all it seemed as if they were trying to kill her or break her mind and soul. Her jaws seemed to become dislocated as with great effort the man pushing into her face sank another two inches into her mouth. Pushing her petite white body back and forth between them they smiled down at her calling her white trash cock loving whore. The cock in her mouth was at least half way in, and her eyes fluttered and she started to gag. Her nostrils flared and you could see her trying to breathe as he pulled back until just the knob was between her lips, and then she was pulled forward again and her throat swelled as his cock slide past her tonsils into her throat.

Her eyes opened wide in horror, and raising her arms she pushed against his hips trying to force the huge monster from her throat. Laughing as he pulled back until only the head of his dick was still in her mouth, she tried to swallow and gulp in air to her tortured lungs. Tears were streaming from her eyes as she kept pushing against his hips trying in vain to stop him from once more shoving his dick into her throat. Pushing his hips forward he marveled at the feel of her soft red lips sliding up his black shaft. As his cock slid into her mouth and once again down her throat he watched as ten inches disappeared between her lips and the feel of her velvety throat encasing his dick almost made him shoot his cum into her.

Pulling back he watched his saliva coated dick and the tortured look in her eyes. She had stopped fighting as if she knew it was hopeless. Looking into her eyes, he called her a cum bucket piece of white trash. He lunged forward while twisting his fingers into her red hair and, pulling her head savagely into his groin, he buried all twelve inches down her throat. As her lips clamped around the base of his cock and his large balls slapped her chin he gave a huge shudder, throwing his head back yelling at her to drink cum and then began shooting his cum into her throat as he held her head tightly to his body.

As his large balls emptied their load of cum it dribbled from around his dick and her lips and some even came from her distended nostrils, but still he held her tightly to him. As her body slowly went limp the cock in her ass began pumping load after load deep inside her and like her soft red mouth, cum dribbled from her ass as his balls also emptied their load of cum. Pulling their cocks from her mouth and ass they simply let her fall. She lay on the floor; her body twitching and cum dribbling from her ass and mouth. She slowly lifted her head and then ran her tongue over her cum smeared lips licking the cum from them. Picking her up they carried her to their brother sitting on the couch and spreading her legs, they lowered her onto the largest cock I had ever seen. They pushed her down, sinking the huge black cock deep into her ass. Shuddering uncontrollably she arched her back and began to slowly move up and down with a smile on her face and a faraway look in her eyes.

“I think your little sister likes to have a big black dick in her ass. In fact I’ll bet if I ask her if she wanted to go home she would beg me to stay. What do you think Mandy? Do you think your little sister would go home to her little dick white husband or stay with my brothers? Of course if she stays I’ll have a troop of black guys through here every day poking their dicks in her ass and cunt. What you just saw happened yesterday and yes I have already sold the video just as you saw it. I think the look on her face said just how much she likes having a big cock buried in her ass. Come on why don’t we go ask your little sister right now what she wants to do.”

Pulling me up, he pushed me toward the back of the house and out the back door. What I had thought were two cars were five as three were parked between the house and garage. Walking toward the garage I could hear voices and laughter and then Dale was opening the door and pushing me inside. There were about fifteen or so black men standing around, almost naked, stroking their dicks and looking at something in the middle of the garage. Dale pushed his way through, dragging me behind him. I was afraid of what I would see and tried to pull away. He slapped me across the face and told me to look.

There in the middle of the room was a king size bed with huge lights shining down on it from the rafters with three men walking around the bed taping what was happening. Shoving me forward till I had a clear unhampered view of my beautiful petite redheaded sister being fucked in the ass by a black man as she gave two others a hand job. As I watched, the one fucking her ass shot his cum into her, and as he pulled out his dick that was still leaking cum he was replaced by another. And then crawling from the bed he walked around to her face and placed his cum covered dick to my sisters lips. Opening her mouth she sucked his dick deep into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down the length of his cock, sucking his dick clean.

Standing there watching my little sister being used by four black men, with almost four feet of dick between them she began shuddering and I knew she was having a tremendous climax and then all four men were shooting their cum into and on her body. Dale held me there and forced me to watch as the other fifteen black men shoved their dicks into her ass and cunt and then she would suck their cum covered dicks clean. As the lights dimmed and the men put their clothes on and began to leave I heard my sister begging for more cock.

“Becky your sister is here. Becky your sister has come to take you home. You do want to go home with your sister, don’t you? I know she wants to take you home, away from all these black men and their large dicks. Come on Becky. Let’s get you cleaned up and then you can go home with your sister away from the large black dicks that were fucking your ass and cunt and making you do bad things.”

Slowly through dull, drugged eyes my sister looked at us. She tried to lay back down but George held her up, shaking her. Looking past us with dull, unseeing eyes she was saying that she loved to have them shove their big dicks in her ass and cunt and shoot their cum in her because it made them happy to fuck a white woman, and she loved making them happy. Letting her fall back onto the bed. Looking down at her with cruelty and loathing, he told me that my little drug addict sister would never leave, and that the only reason he didn’t kill her was because his black brothers liked sticking their dicks into a redheaded piece of white trash that begged for their black cocks.

With pure hate flowing from him he twisted his fingers into my hair and shoved my face down besides my sisters telling me that this was only the beginning, because everybody, blacks and whites would buy a video of a beautiful petite 20 year old redhead getting her brains fucked out by black men with huge dicks. And hell, who knows maybe after a while when her cunt and ass get sloppy I’ll make movies of her with animals.

“You can keep the money, clothes and van I think your little sister is worth at least that much, but from today on you’re getting nothing. So get your dumb blonde ass out of my sight. I have to start lining up the guys for her next video taping in a couple of days and I want to make sure she gets plenty of rest, because she’ll need it.” Two days later the police raided a house where a petite white woman was being held captive, rescuing her just as a group of black men were going to rape her and film it. The men involved were charged with attempted rape and pornography, while the six people who owned and lived in the house had additional charges of kidnaping as well as selling controlled substance. The trial was short as far as some trials go but in the end they were all found guilty and received ten to fifteen years for the attempted rape and pornography. On the charges of rape, kidnaping, and selling a controlled substance they were given two life sentences plus 40 years with no hope of parole. After the sentencing George’s lawyer handed him a note that simply said “NEVER PISS A WOMAN OFF.”

– The End –