If anything, his sister was even more beautiful than before. Mike could hardly believe that it had been six months since he had held her in his arms and made love to her. Kimmy was cuddled in his lap, kissing his neck while whispering how much she had missed him and that she didn’t want him to leave again, but Mike’s thoughts were elsewhere.

Absently caressing her thigh as he thought about what he had been asked to do almost brought tears to his eyes. That fucker Thomas had him and he knew it, he had to go through with it or destroy his whole family. His own safety or reputation he didn’t give a shit about, but his parents were another matter. They would be put through hell by their so called friends and the rest of the town’s people if he was arrested for child pornography. But worst of all was what Kimmy, sweet Kimmy would go through after the cops got the pictures. And it was his fault, his own stupid fault for letting someone catch him beating his pud while looking at her pictures. He couldn’t believe that he hadn’t locked the door to his room before he had taken the pictures from hiding. That asshole’s words still rang in his hears as if he was now speaking them.

“Well what have we got here Mikie, spanking the monkey, and what’s this your looking at. Child pornography. Shit, this young cunt looks good enough to eat, Mikie. Did you just take take these pictures or did you fuck this under-age slut too. Boy oh boy, could I have fun with something like that. She looks like she’s just begging for a big hard cock in that little snatch of hers.”

If he had just let the asshole talk and shut his mouth things probably wouldn’t have gone beyond some razzing about his beating his pud, but no, he had screamed at the fucker that it was his sister he was talking about. Feeling her brother’s chest heave raggedly she looked up and saw him crying, and kissing his eyes softly asked what was wrong. Between sobs he told her what had happened, how Thomas had caught him and what he had said about her, and how he had blurted out for him to shut his mouth about his sister. Kimmy squirmed in her brothers arms when he told her he beat his meat while looking at her pictures, and how the other boy had talked nasty; calling her a under age slut and that she was just begging for a cock in her pussy. She couldn’t help it, something was happening a warm glow started between her legs spreading upward causing her nipples to harden. She was becoming excited, but then, when he told her that the boy had threatened to give her pictures to the cops and have her brother arrested Kim’s body shivered as if someone had poured ice water over her.

As she clung desperately to her brother thinking that nothing worse could happen, Mike told her that Thomas had promised to give the pictures back if she would spend the night with him. He was to call tomorrow with the location where she was to go and if she refused the pictures would be in police hands within an hour. That evening after their parents had gone to bed Kimmy slipped into his room, removing her negligee as she crawled into her brothers bed. In a small voice she told him not to worry and as she kissed his eyes and face she told him that she would tell her mother that she was spending the night with Gloria. She couldn’t let him go to jail and if spending a night with this Thomas would get the pictures back then she would do it.

His hands caressed her body softly as her lips worked from his throat and across his chest, nipping at his nipples and then down his stomach until finally closing around the head of his cock. Slowly her lips glided along her brothers cock as she sucked him into her mouth. Her tongue swirling around the lust engorged knob of his dick and down its length, her head bobbing slowly as she engulfed inch after inch until all seven inches of his cock was in her mouth and throat. Grasping her brothers buttocks she rolled off him pulling him with her until his body covered hers. His hips moved slowly up and down as he fucked into his sisters hot sucking mouth and fighting back the building need to cum as his testicles quivered he thought about football, baseball, school. As Kim’s lips locked around her brothers hard dick and began sucking him, flashes went off before her eyes giving a strobe light effect to her visions.

She saw herself standing scantily clad before a dark faceless stranger and then his hands reached out, grasping her breast pulling her toward him. The scene changed, her clothes were gone and she was on her knees sucking what looked like a baseball bat. Again and again the scenes shifted and Kim’s body began vibrating as the strobe lights flashed faster and faster, going by so fast that they were only a blur, but somehow she knew that each scene was more depraved then the one before. Why was she seeing these depraved scenes, and not her brother, as she always had before, what was happening? Was the knowledge that some stranger was going to stick his dick in her, exciting her, causing her to dream of what was ahead? With chest heaving she tried desperately to breathe as moans of pleasure rippled from her throat and she felt Mike slip from her slack gasping mouth. His body slide down hers and then his cock plunged deep into the smoldering cauldron of her pussy and with a muffled scream she reached the first of many orgasms.

Slipping from his bed as the first rays of dawn entered the window she looked down at his sleeping face and then brushed her lips over his and whispered “I love you”. Dully as if from far away Mike heard ringing and then his mother’s voice yelling that the phone was for him. Picking up the phone he grumbled into it and then burst awake as he recognized the voice at the other end.

” Hey child molester how’s it hanging boy.I hope you talked to your little sister last night so she knows what’s going on. I don’t want no crying and shit when you two show up for her fucking lesson.HA, HA, HA, Get it boy, her fucking lesson.I want that little slut wearing the micro mini with the slits up the sides and that lacy see through blouse and nothing else, you understand. And I want you should bring her to the Marriott room 309 at 8:00 PM sharp, cause if you don’t your ass is grass.

And after they send you to jail I’ll fuck her anyway and when I’m through with her, I’ll pass her around to everybody in school.” As the phone went dead it slipped from his numb fingers and he raced to the bathroom and threw up. That afternoon he couldn’t do anything but think of what his sister was being forced to do and when she finely came down stairs they sat talking softly as he told her what she was to wear and where they were to meet Thomas.

Listening to her brother she felt her pussy becoming wet and she realized that she was looking forward to being with Thomas. Telling her mother she was spending the night at Gloria’s she packed the clothes she was to wear into a small bag adding lipstick and a bottle of perfume and then asked if someone would take her to Gloria’s. Pretending to be annoyed Mike said he would take her and then told his parents he was going to stay out for awhile and to not worry.

Kimmy changed into her skimpy outfit at the gas station and drew open mouthed stares from the two attendants, but that was nothing compared to the lecherous glances that she received when they walked through the lobby of the Marriott. As the door opened to room 309 Kim’s eyes flew open in shock and then looked at her brother, as if to ask why he hadn’t told her the boy was black. Stepping into the room the boy gathered her into his arms while looking at her brother thanking him for bringing his cock hungry little sister. Kimmy shivered as the boys dark hands slid along her slim waist and over her hips before cupping her buttocks and grinding his crotch against hers.

“Those were sure some hot pictures your brother showed me Kimmy. I don’t blame him a bit for spanking the monkey. You’re one hot looking piece of ass. Hey Mikie, I’ll bet your little sister can hardly wait to get this big old black cock of mine. Why don’t you just sit down there while Kimmy and I sit on the couch and get acquainted.” As Mike sat down he mumbled that he should leave but Thomas told him to sit and watch as his cock hungry slut sister got fucked by a real man’s cock.

Pulling her onto his lap his hand slid up and down her thigh and as she watched the dark hand against her pale skin her shoulders shivered as if from a chill. His hand slid to her inner thigh and seemed to float toward her pussy as he talked about how he knew that she wanted his large black cock because her brother had told him she wanted to fuck him. Kimmy looked pleadingly at her brother, she knew that he would never say those things about her and as she tried to slip from Thomas’s lap his fingers brushed over the dew glistened lips of her pussy and then touched her clit sending a hot flash through out her body.

With his hand under her chin he turned her face to his pressing his full lips against hers, smashing them almost cruelly as his tongue pushed against them trying to gain entrance. Kimmy did not give him the pleasure of a response as she clamped her lips tight, but when his fingers rolled the pearl like knob of her clit several times and then sink between her pussy lips and begin working slowly in and out she gasped involuntarily. His tongue slipped into her open mouth pushing against hers as his fingers worked back and forth inside her. Kimmy fought against the wonderful feelings that had started to spread from her pussy.

Her only purpose had been to let this boy fuck her and get the pictures back so Mikie wouldn’t go to jail. She had told herself that only her love for her brother mattered and nothing else. She wouldn’t give this boy the satisfaction of knowing that his fingers were turning her on, but at the same time her legs parted allowing him greater access to her. Mike watched as Thomas’s dark hands floated over his kid sisters body and then slipped between her legs. He watched as slowly, ever so slowly her will to fight Thomas faded and her legs parted and her pelvis began a slow dance of arousal grinding into his lap and then up into his fingers as the minutes slipped by.

Breaking the kiss Thomas pushed her from his lap and turned her face to Mike as his dark fingers worked untiringly between her widely splayed legs and into her snatch, sinking deeper with each forward stroke. Her eyes were unseeing slits as moans of pleasure issued from her throat and her pelvis slowly bucked against his hand. Kimmy fought for control but she knew she was losing the fight and in desperation she thought of her brother only feet away and what he would think if she allowed her body to respond to Thomas.

“Your kid sister sure is a hot little bitch Mikie. Look at her snatch gobble up my fingers. She sure likes my black fingers in that hot little cunt of hers, and I’ll bet she can’t wait to see the cock she’ll be getting.” Kimmy heard him talking to her brother and for an instant her mind cleared and she quit moving but when he told her to pull his cock out and see what she would be fucking her hand reached for his belt undoing it and then opening his pants as if her hand had a mind of its own.

Reaching into his pants her fingers wrapped around his large pulsing dick, pulling it free of his shorts and despite her vow to fight the raising lust she felt her curiosity to see this boy’s black cock was greater and she turned her face to his crotch looking at his cock. To her lust fogged brain it looked bigger then her brothers and as her fingers slide up and down it’s hard pulsing length she knew that it was at least another inch longer and a half inch bigger around. Skin covered the head of his cock unlike her brothers and as she watched her small white hand travel up and down the dark black cock pearl like drops issued from the head glistening in the bright lights of the room.

“Look at that Mikie. Your kid sister is milking my dick. Look, come on, the little slut wants you to see the cum coating the head of my cock. Get over here Mikie.”

On wooden legs he walked the eight feet or so and stood looking down at his kid sister working her hand along the length of black cock she gripped tightly. He heard Thomas tell him to unbutton her blouse so he could see her titties. He saw his hands reach out ,unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it apart till it almost fell from her shoulders and then Thomas lowered his head and took a breast into his mouth almost engulfing it and then pulled back and gripped her nipple between his teeth and stretched it almost two inches. Her cries of pleasure mixed with hurt assaulted his ears as her hands flew up and grabbed his head while arching her back from the couch, and then he shifted to her other breast and did the same thing.

Suddenly the hands and lips left her body and as she opened her eyes she heard Thomas tell Mike to remove his clothes. Kimmy watched with both fear and excitment as her brother removed Thomas’s clothes and then he was standing stark naked before her, his dark muscular body glistening in the glare of the lights. Laying back she spread her legs, causing her micro mini to bunch around her waist exposing her self to the boy who was going to fuck her, but to her brother as well. Her head hung over the arm of the couch letting her long black hair almost touch the floor while moans of her passion filled the room.

Her left leg hung from the couch as she spread her legs. She felt the couch sag as he climbed between her legs and then Thomas was telling her brother to guide his cock to her hot little snatch so the white slut would know what it felt like to fuck a real man, a black man. She felt the cock rub over her pussy lips and then press against the wet opening of her pussy and then it pushed forward into her spreading her lips aside as at least six inches of hard fat black cock burrowed into her. Hands gripped her small tits tightly squeezing them till they hurt and then she felt his hips began to move up and down working more and more of the fat hard cock into her pussy until his belly slapped against hers and his testicle’s slapped against her up thrust buttocks.

Her leg rose from the floor her foot twisting between his legs locking itself around his bucking hips as she ground her pelvis upward to met him. “That’s it white girl, fuck this nigger, show your brother how much you like having my black cock in that hot little pussy of yours. Show him you little slut. Show him just how much of a slut you are.”

With her body writhing under the black boy as his fat dark cock pounded into petite white body, gargling moans of pleasure came from deep in her chest and hoarse pleas for him to fuck her filled the room. Mike’s cock was like a poker fighting to escape from his pants as he stood beside the couch looking down at the dark body of Thomas fucking his kid sister. Her moans filling the air as she arched her back and ground her pelvis against him each time he lunged into her. And then he heard Thomas tell him to take his cock out and let his slut of a sister suck his dick while she fucked his black cock. Mike couldn’t help himself as he stepped around to her head hanging from the arm of the couch. Her head hung perfectly allowing him a straight path into her throat and with one smooth motion he buried his cock between her lips until his testicles hit her forehead and her lips clung like a rubber band around the base of his cock.

Kim’s body quivered as the first unbidden orgasm shook her frame but when she heard Thomas’s command to her brother and felt his cock slide into her throat she almost passed out in ecstasy. As the evening wore on Kimmy sucked and fucked the black boy and her brother begging them for their cocks when ever they stopped and rested to regain their strength. Neither Mike or Kimmy knew that Thomas had hidden video cameras in the room and that every degrading thing that was said and done both to Kimmy as well as by her was captured on film. She was like a nymphomaniac, and the dirty things that not only Thomas, but her brother as well, said about her only heightened her need for their dick’s. And then just as the first rays of dawn entered the window Thomas shoved his hard fat black cock into her anus as she lay across the arm of the couch. He had rested for over an hour as she had fucked her brother and then fell exhausted mumbling of her love for their cocks. This was the last part of his plan and it seemed only fitting that his black cock should be the one to pop her virgin ass hole. Laying her face down across the arm of the couch he pulled her ass into the air and spread her legs and then pushed his fingers into her cum filled cunt coating his cock as he told her that he was going to shove his black cock into her ass and fuck like she had never been fucked before.

When the cum covered cock pushed aside her tight crinkley anus lips and burrowed two inches into her the pain almost caused her to black out. His hands squeezed her pert little breasts tightly almost like he was trying to milk them and then he pinched her nipples between his thumb and forefinger pulling and stretching them cruelly as his hips began rocking back and forth sinking inch after inch into the tight clinging heat of her asshole until she felt his testicles slap against her cunt lips.

Somewhere along the way her hips had began a slow sensuous movement around the hard impaling black cock and by the time his balls hit her cunt lips she was writhing almost uncontrollably beneath his assault. Calling her a nigger loving white whore and slut that liked having her ass filled with black cock he pounded cruelly between her widely splayed ass cheeks. Her own screams telling him she loved his black cock in her ass echoed his as she groveled and begged him to fuck her white ass harder with his black cock and then she passed out as her mind seemed to burst from her head. Shooting his cum into her limp body Thomas sighed heavily and then pulled his cock from her tightly clinging anus lips with an audible pop. Smiling to himself as he recovered the two video cameras from hiding, he placed the pictures he had taken from Mike into Kim’s small hand and then whispered in her ear that this was only the beginning.

– The End –