Crystal left her job at McDonald’s and started walking out of town. It was two and a half miles to the trailer she shared with her mother. Though it was after ten, the sky in the west was still light, and she found herself looking at her reflection in a store window, herself dark against the pink sky background. She liked what she saw, a slender young woman, not unlike some popular singers, with long bleached blonde hair. She wore canvas shoes, cut-off jeans shorts which rode so low that the waistband of her thong showed — it was the latest fashion — and a cut-off T-shirt that revealed lots of bare middle. The T-shirt was taut over her ample bust. She turned to one side and the other, so as to admire her curvy profile in the glass. Newly graduated from high school, she had no immediate prospects, but she was determined to get out of this dump and make her fortune in the city. She had no doubt she would, for while she was a poor student and a poor waitress, she knew to a certainty that her role in life was to be beautiful, and she couldn’t help but succeed in that. She wasn’t sure what she would do in the city, but it was only a matter of time: perhaps a starring role, or a multi-millionaire husband, or both. She was already adept at using her looks to her advantage. She was the most popular of the five cheer leaders; it was a small school in a very rural part of the state. She never carried money; there was always a man to buy her what she wanted. She had blackmailed her History teacher into a passing grade, threatening to complain that he was always looking at her breasts. Who would doubt that?

Her self-admiration was interrupted by the roar of a motorcycle, Bryan’s. Bryan had won the auction to take her to the senior prom, and his family had the money for a prom dress and shoes for Crystal, flowers, dinner, a limo (all the way from Brownsville) and a post-prom party that lasted until dawn. She had rewarded Bryan with a peck on the cheek when he said good-night. Of course, she hadn’t dated Bryan since. She had learned that while any boy would accept reticence on a first date, they expected her body soon after, and she was saving her virginity for that multi-millionaire. “It’s a long walk home, Crystal. Hop on the back.” She threw a leg over the saddle of the cycle and put her arms around his waist as he roared out of town. He didn’t, however, turn down the road to the trailer. Never mind. She enjoyed the ride, hugging Bryan’s back, and the vibration of the leather between her thighs was exciting. It got dark, and Bryan turned off on some side roads and then up a long driveway toward an unlighted farm house. He rode around the house, turned off his lights, and coasted into a barn behind it. She was startled that the door closed behind them. It was totally dark.

A light came on. “Surprise party, Crystal,” said a chorus of voices. She saw Bryan, of course, and Harry and Bill and Kyle and Avery, all boys she had dated once or twice. With the boys were April, Celeste, Martina, and Gayle, the other four cheer leaders. There were pizza boxes and a cooler of drinks, plus some hard stuff. “Call you mother and tell her you won’t be home tonight.” April handed her a cell phone. Crystal left a brief message on her mother’s answering machine. It wasn’t unusual for her mother to stay out all night, or even all weekend.

“You are the guest of honor,” said Avery.

“Gee, I’m flattered. Why me?”

“Because you are a prick-teasing bitch who ruined things for us, and you need to learn your lesson!” snarled Gayle. While Bryan straddled the motorcycle, the eight of them surrounded Crystal and moved closer. They dragged her off the bike and glared at her. “Strip!”

“No,” said Crystal. Without delay, Kyle snatched at the waistband of her shorts and aimed a spray can of paint remover down her belly. There was a short hiss. “Oh, God!” screamed Crystal, “it burns like fire!” The others stood back as Crystal tore off her shorts and thong underwear, then her T- shirt, which she used to try to dry off her burning vulva. She hopped and writhed and rubbed, trying to remove the irritating fluid. Then she saw a watering trough, and she wet her T-shirt and rubbed it up and down her cunt. Finally, she leaned against the wall, holding the wet cloth over her inflamed labia, crying, and she managed to say, “That was a cruel thing to do. What did I ever do to you?”

Celeste said, “Stole our boy friends. Made us look plain. Hogged the attention. Mooched off your friends. Now, take off your bra, too.” When Crystal hesitated, Kyle raised the spray can. Crystal removed her bra. “Jesus! The fucking bra is padded! It’s one of those push-up bras that gives her more cleavage than she has. Who’d have known? Did any of you guys know her tits weren’t real?” The guys shook their heads. “Hey, guys, watch this.” As if they had rehearsed it, Martina grabbed Crystal’s arms and held them behind her while April and Gayle tied her elbows together. Celeste held out a pair of iron pipes, with holes drilled in the ends and threaded rods and wing nuts holding them together, forming a rectangular frame. While Celeste held the frame around Crystal’s breasts, April and Gayle tightened the wing nuts, moving the parallel pipes closer and closer together, compressing Crystal’s still ample breasts.

“Ooow! That hurts,” she protested, as the girls tightened the nuts even more, squashing Crystal’s breasts until they looked like hamburger buns. Martina put a hook between the tied elbows. The hook was on a rope which went over a pulley on an overhead beam. She hauled on the rope until Crystal was bent from the waist, on tip-toe, with her weighted tits pointed toward the floor. “Please, you’re ruining my breasts!” The girls laughed.

“Shut up, slut.” “Look, she’s got her period.” Her puffy labia, the hair trimmed neatly, were clearly visible from behind, and a tell-tale string hung down. Martina pulled it slowly, easing the bloody Tampax out. “She says she’s a virgin. Who’s going to cure that affliction?” “It ought to be Bryan. He spent the most on her.” Bryan dropped his jeans and displayed his stiff tool, bigger than average and standing tall. He fumbled with a condom, but one of the girls said, “If she’s a virgin, she shouldn’t have STDs, and since she bleeding, she can’t get pregnant. Forget the condom. Fuck her!” Without delay, he reached out and grabbed Crystal’s hips from behind, then forced his penis against her puffy fig. She tried to press her thighs together, to wriggle her ass and spoil his aim, but he held her firmly and drove his meat into her slippery cunt.

Crystal screamed and swore, denouncing Bryan as a cock-sucking bastard, a sadistic rapist, a patriarchal prick. Bryan’s only reply was to pump harder, driving into her and stretching her as much as he could, even moving her hips in a circle while he was buried in her vagina, as if to enlarge the hole, sort of like scooping out a pumpkin at Halloween. Crystal began to gag and gurgle and pant. “Uh! Uh! Uh! Oh, God! Oh, mother-fuckin’ God!”

“She’s coming!” “She’s no virgin, or else she’s good friends with a vibrator.” “Fuck her brains out, Bryan. Make her come again.” Bryan, however, had shot his load into her and was pulling out. April was pulling Harry’s pants down. “Go to it, Lover. Fuck her brains out.” Harry, the tallest of the boys, had to bend his knees to enter her, but then he lifted her hips and bounced Crystal up and down on his penetrating penis. He came before she did, but Bill stepped up and stuck her good, even before much semen could slide down her inner thighs. She grunted and struggled and came again, twice, before Kyle took his place behind her.

“Wait,” said Gayle. “Avery has always wanted me to give head. Let Crystal suck him off while Kyle does his thing.”

“Nooo!” wailed Crystal. Celeste, the good science student, said, “I can convince her to do that.” She had a neon sign transformer, 6000 volts, and she attached one lead to the iron pipe tit-squasher and taped the end of the other wire to the end of a dry wooden stick. She flicked a switch and drew a long blue spark from the iron to the stick. Then she moved the stick over to Crystal’s left nipple and drew another glowing arc. Crystal screamed herself breathless and then gasped, “OK, OK, just stop that!” So Avery fucked her mouth while Kyle fucked her doggy style. Avery said, “Oh, great. Oh, yes! That’s it, you slut. Suck it,” while Kyle quietly did the old in and out from behind until both guys were satisfied. Bill aimed a little higher and fucked her ass, as Crystal moaned and complained. When he was done, she just hung there, with Avery’s semen on her chin and four loads of cum dribbling down her legs.

Martina said, “Ok, guys, you’ve had your fun. Now it’s our turn. Like Apache squaws with a prisoner, we’ll give her a going away present she won’t forget.” Celeste jabbed the electric stick at Crystal’s anus, and Crystal howled, “Yaahh!” Martina took a turn with the stick, running up and down Crystal’s inner thighs, which made her dance insanely, as her leg muscles spasmed. April went for the breasts, circling the nips with blue sparks. Gayle took a year-old ear of field corn, with hard kernels like pebbles, and forced it into Crystal’s rectum, until the anal muscles closed over it. “Won’t you have fun trying to shit that out,” she said into Crystal’s ear. Martina took another ear of corn and rubbed the bumpy kernels up and down Crystal’s vulva, punishing her clit before she buried half the ear in Crystal’s cum cavern. When the stick was held against Crystal’s clit, her vaginal muscles clamped down so hard that the ear of corn shot seven feet before it hit the floor. The girls took turns paddling Crystal’s rump with a board, until it was purple and Crystal was beyond screaming, perhaps somewhere in sub-space.

April’s cell phone rang, and she had a brief conversation. “He’ll be here in ten minutes.” They loosened the rope and let Crystal slump to the floor. They untied her elbows and released the tit-squasher. Then they douched the cum from her cunt, wiped her off, and helped her to dress. Fortunately, the paint remover had evaporated, and she could put on her shorts without burning her crotch. Crystal was looking pretty good when the pimp arrived in his big Mercedes. “You dreamed of a job in the city,” called Bryan, “Now your dreams have come true. Have a good time.”

– The End –