After a month of planning, the day had finally arrived. My wife, Cathy, and I arrived at the hotel room before the other couple. The room is basically what other decent hotel rooms have; two queen size beds, a desk with rolling char, and a stationary chair. I know that we both were anxious and a little nervous.

We dropped off our bags in front of the desk while assessing the room. Not much later did we get our stuff unpacked and put into the dresser, there was a knock at the door. Excitedly my wife ran to the door and peered out the peep hole to see who it is. “They’re here, they’re here!” my wife exclaimed. Hurriedly Cathy opened the door, and with a flourish of her hand, she extended it in towards the room, motioning our friends, Jerry and Jenni in.

Cathy exchanged hugs with both of them while I just shook hands with Jerry and hugged Jenni. I could tell that they are as excited about tonight as we are. I waited with my wife, while our friends unpacked and of course, the girls took off into the bathroom to get some makeup on. Jerry and I whittled away the time with some idle chatter, talking about how work was going, and other stuff that is going to be pale in comparison to what would possibly transpire tonight.

After the girls got all done up, we headed out, the four of us, to the local family restaurant and had ourselves a nice cheap dinner, then headed out to the pool hall where we could get some drinks, and play some pool. We teamed up differently than normal. Jerry partnered up with my wife, while I was partnered with his. After a few games of pool, and quite a few drinks, we all decided to head back to the hotel.

When we finally got back to our room, I figured it would be a great idea to play some kind of game and asked if anyone else was interested. One point was made that we didn’t have anything with us to play, so I suggested that we could play an old childhood game called “Truth, dare, double dare, promise or repeat.” Since the game was pretty much explanatory, I didn’t have to get much into great detail. Of course, the girls were trying to stay conservative and only stuck with “truth” while us guys were trying to be a little daring. Some of the dares were kind of lame, until it was my turn to ask a truth question of my wife.

With a smirk on my face, I looked into my wife’s beautiful blue gray eyes and asked, “Do you want to fuck Jerry?”
Cathy’s eyes went a little wide, but she quickly caught herself, but the damage was done, I already knew the answer, and if she did lie, everyone would know.
“Actually, I have thought about it many times,” my wife said, with a sly smirk of her own. With that comment, I had already felt a pulling within the crotch of my pants. Jenni, with her brown eyes wide, blushed at the thought.

The next round was Jerry’s turn, and he picked dare. Cathy quickly responded with, “You must show us your dick, and not put it away until the next round.” My wife’s eyes went wide when Jerry pulled out the biggest thing I had ever seen. The only reason I even paid attention, was to make sure he did the dare. It was biggest thickest dick I had ever seen, I adverted my eyes, feeling very uncomfortable seeing some other dudes dick.

Next, Cathy picks dare, and Jerry was quick to return the favor, “Now that you have seen my dick, I dare you to suck me off.”
My wife gets off the bed we were sitting on, and kneels down in front of Jerry as he stands, and takes that big cock in her mouth. Slowly and gingerly at first, playing around with it using her tongue. Soon, my wife is doing her best to get the whole thing in her mouth, Jerry is moaning in ecstasy at how well my wife is sucking him off. After a little while of watching them, Jenni decides to walk over and help my wife at this monstrous task. Jenni starts licking Jerry’s balls while my wife is only getting halfway down his shaft. I watch as both girls take turns, sucking and getting undressed. I’m finally able to see Jenni’s naked body, not much smaller than my wife, but she does have smaller breasts than my wife’s. Jenni’s ass is smaller, but similarly shaped, like an upside down heart.

Only after a couple minutes, my wife’s head was bobbing back and forth a lot quicker, and she seemed to be enjoying herself, because I spotted juices dripping from her pussy. My wife moved her left hand from Jerry’s leg and started feeling Jenni’s ass, this made Jenni jump a little, but she relaxed very quickly. No sooner did Jerry see what my wife was doing to his, he loaded my wife’s mouth with his cum. Cathy stayed as long as it took to suck Jerry dry, then let him sit down on the other bed while she moved to kiss Jenni.

Jenni met my wife with her lips slightly parted, and they both seem to share in the ecstasy of sharing Jerry’s cum. Both girls lingered in a soft and beautiful kiss, while their hands roamed over each other’s bodies. I moved from the bed I was sitting on to the stationary chair and let the girls take that bed.

Jenni seemed to be a little more aggressive then my wife. She pushed my wife onto the bed, and started at Cathy’s legs, slowly working her tongue up each of them. Jenni worked her tongue around my wife’s pussy, but teasingly avoiding the spot that I know my wife wanted touched. Jenni worked her tongue farther up my wife’s body, licking on her breasts, and then giving her a rough kiss. I could hear Cathy’s muffled moans under that kiss. I noticed that Jerry was back to ready, watching both girls go at it.

Jenni turned around so that they were both in a sixty-nine position and my wife’s moans grew a little louder as Jenni buried her face in my wife’s crotch. After a little while, Jerry stands up and walks over to assist his wife in pleasing Cathy. I can stand it any more, I pull off my clothes, and walk over to where Cathy’s head is at, and start nibbling on her ear. While I’m nibbling, I whisper “Do you like eating pussy?” my wife replies with a moan, and a quick nod of her head. I smile down at her as I move towards Jenni’s nice ass. I spread her cheeks and lightly lick her little asshole. I could see Jenni tense up a little bit and jerk a little, but she finally gets into the feeling of having her ass licked while she was getting her pussy eaten by my wife.

I get close to Jenni’s ear, and notice that Jerry is the one licking my wife, and not Jenni. “Can I eat your pussy?” I ask Jenni. She nods her head as she gives me the biggest smile. I walk her over to the chair, and have her sit there while I stick my head between her legs. I wanted to make sure she could see her husband having fun with my wife. Jenni’s pussy tasted really wet, she must have came already, and this turned me on even more than just eating her pussy.

A little while later, I take Jenni over to the other bed, and have her positioned doggy-style so we could both watch our significant others go at it. Jerry had Cathy in missionary position, and suddenly hear Cathy say, “I don’t know if I can handle that big dick in my ass.” With what I hear, I stop long enough to reach into the side drawer, and toss over the ass lube to Jerry. Even though my wife doesn’t think she can handle it, I would like nothing better than watch my wife take that dick in her ass.

When I go back to Jenni, she is laying down on her back, with her legs held into the air. I notice that her ass is gleaming with lube now; I smile as I take my time slowly inserting my dick into her ass. Before too long, my wife is screaming “deeper, deeper!” and I can see that Jerry is pumping her ass fast and hard. No sooner does this happen, my wife is screaming as she cums all over Jerry. With the orgasm that my wife goes through, Jerry is pumping even harder, and all of a sudden jerks deep in my wife’s ass as he cums in her.

Now I can feel Jenni’s body tense underneath me as she starts to go into a sort of spasmodic orgasm. I am surprised at what is happening, since I wasn’t putting all my efforts into Jenni, now I was pumping furiously to keep up with her. I thrust my dick in as far as it will go, and Jenni screams in ecstasy. Not even a second later, I feel my cock throb with my own orgasm, and I push hard into Jenni, wanting to feel all of her ass on my dick.

I take a little time to kiss on Jenni, and suck on her nipples, then pull out of her. She moans a little as cum gushes out of her ass. Both Jerry and Cathy are lying beside each other, catching their breath. I walk over to my wife give her a kiss on the lips, and whisper “Did you have fun?”
She moans as she rolls her eye in that I can’t believe what happened look. I smile as I wait for Jerry to move over to his own wife’s side.

When Jerry is out of the way, I climb atop my wife, and start kissing her. Then I lick on her nipples, and notice that Jerry and Jenni are watching us. I start getting hard again, and decide that I should probably take care of this again. I start by entering my wife’s pussy, and notice that it is so wet, that I can’t feel anything else. Cathy starts getting back into the rhythm while I’m noticing that she is stretched out farther than normal. I take a little time before sticking my cock into her stretched out ass. I can feel that her ass is as wet as her pussy, with it having all that cum in her ass, it was still warm, and this made me feel weird. Even though it was weird, it was also a feeling I never have felt before, and it doesn’t take me long to cum again.

When we finished, I look over to see that Jerry and Jenni were starting to go at it. I could see very clearly how much Jerry was stretching out Jenni’s ass. I lye next to my wife and masturbate her while we both watch our friends. It doesn’t take long before Jenni is screaming from another orgasm, and within seconds, my wife is following suit by means of my fingers.
After all the sex for the night was done, the wife and I head off to the shower to clean up, and when we finished, Jerry and Jenni took their turn in the shower.

When our friends were in the shower, I asked my wife how the night worked out. She only cuddled up against me and kissed me. And I knew she was more than satisfied. I know that this will be a night we will never forget…