“Can i stop yours tonight?” asked Lauren
“Yeah sure, my parents are away” replied Jess
“Great i’ll see you about 6?” said Lauren
“Yeah but i hope you don’t mind Katies stopping the night too.” said Jess
“Thats fine, see you later” said Lauren

6 o clock came. The doorbell rang. Lauren was greeted by Jess and Katie, who were giggling and stumbling around.
“Your drunk” said Lauren, hardly shocked.
“Yeah, grab a drink” said Jess, filled with enthusiasm.

Jess’ mum had left the alcohol cupboard unlocked. A bit of a silly idea considering Jess was only 18. But for 18 she was gorgeous. She had a vast selection of men, and women, drooling over her. She had long brown hair, great features and the most fantastic body. Long legs, a tight butt and a pair of perky 34d’s. Lets face it, for a young girl she was hot.
Katie didn’t come far behind in the good looks department. She was a little bigger then Jess and only had 34b’s but they suited her body. Her short blonde hair and delicate features made her a knockout.
Lauren, however, was not nearly half as gorgeous as these two. However she had a great personality, so everybody liked her.

The three of them settled down infront of a movie. They had more alcohol and Jess and Katie were pretty wasted. Lauren on the other hand had barely touched any. She sat there laughing at the two girls who could barely stand and were slurring their words.

Katie quickly ran to the bathroom. Lauren followed her to “make sure she was okay”. Katie came out of the bathroom and Lauren pushed her into the wall. She forced her tounge into Katies terrified mouth.and began grabbing at her breats. Katie tried, but failed, to push her off. Lauren ripped open Katies top and began to rub her nipples through her bra. Soon that was unclasped and thrown aside. Katies pleads of “stop” and “don’t please Lauren” were muffled by Laurens hand. However Laurens other hand was pinching and squeezing Katies nipples, which were rock hard, despite Katie not wanting Lauren to do this. After around 2 minutes, which seemed to last forever, Lauren threw katies bra and top back at her and they both went back to the living room.
“What took you guys so long?” asked Jess
“Oooh Katie kept falling over” answered Lauren

Eventually Katie passed out on the floor. Lauren and Jess were sat on the sofa just watching movies. Jess felt a hand on her knee but didnt think anything of it. Even when the hand was making small circles, slowly stroking her she didnt notice.
“Time for bed i think” said Jess
“Okay, Katie will be alright there, we’ll get her in a bit” muttered Lauren

Jess was falling into a deep sleep when she felt her arms and legs being tied up. Using pairs of tights Lauren had tied Jess to the bed. Jess awoke to find Lauren sat on her stomach, almost laughing to herself.
“nothing i just thought it would be funny” said Lauren smiling
“Oh.. can you erm untie me then?” muttered Jess
“Of course not” chirped Lauren
“Why?” said Jess, sounding scared.
“Because then you’d be able to stop me from doing this” said Lauren
& that’s when Lauren lowered her mouth on to Jess’ and kissed her passionately. Jess spluttered shouting at Lauren to stop it. Lauren only kissed her more and more.
“Stop whining Jess! You know you want to do it.” said Lauren

Lauren undid Jess’ pyjama top and Jess’ gorgeous breasts tumbled out. Her nipples were standing up. Lauren took her right nipple in her mouth and began to lick and suck on it. Jess tried to struggle. But it was pointless. She was powerless. Lauren alternated between right and left breast. Pinching and squeezing one and licking and sucking the other.
Soon Laurens hand had worked its way down to the waistband of Jess’ pyjamas and she traced Jess’ slit with her wanting fingers. Soon she was shoving two fingers in and out. Fast and hard. All the time Jess was practically moaning the house down.
“Enjoying yourself?” asked Lauren
“YESSSSSSSSSS” screamed Jess
“You’ll like this more” She replied with.

she pull down Jess’ trousers and lowered her mouth to Jess’ pussy. She could smell that beautiful pussy smell. She began licking around her slit. Sucking on the lips and tracing her opening. Then all of a sudden she forced her tounge in. She fucked Jess with her tounge hard and eagerly. Jess was enjoying every moment of it.Then Lauren moved up to her clit and began to suck it and flick it. A huge orgasm ripped through Jess’ young body.
“Where does your mum keep that dildo you were telling me you found?” said Lauren
“in her bedside drawer” moaned Jess
Lauren found it and bought it back to the eagerly awaiting Jess. She traced round her vagina with it. Then put it on vibrate. Pushing it aginst her sopping cunt. Jess came repeatedly. She then pushed it all the way in, just leaving it there.

A slight cough came from behind the door. Katie had been watching the whole time.
“GET IN HERE BITCH” shouted Lauren
Katie turned to run, but she wasnt quick enough. Lauren pushed her down and told her to take off her clothes. Katie obeyed. Scared of what might happen if she didnt. Lauren got on top of her and began grinding her pussy into Katies.
“You dirty dyke, your wet over a girl” snarled Lauren. “You love this, you want more don’t you?”
Lauren yanked Katies hair. “Answer me”
“No! Get off me” pleaded katie.

Lauren carried on grinding. She then shoved her two forceful fingers striaight into Katies cute little pussy and pushed againts the girls protruding clit with her thumb. Katie screamed loud when she came to orgasm, only making Lauren enjoy what she was doing more.
She then remembered Jess.

She dragged Katie up by her hair and forced her over to the bed. She untied Jess and said “You two are going to make me cum, the doors locked so don’t even bother trying to escape.”
Katie and Jess got right into the swing of things. Pushing their fingers into Laurens cunt and licking and sucking her. Drinking her pussy juices as though they were water. Lauren came repeatedly. Jess grabbed the dildo from earlier and pushed it right against Laurens ginormous clit and switched it on vibrate. The orgasms this caused nearly caused Lauren to black out.
“FUCK ME” she cried. “you two are now my lesbian lovers. no fucking choice”
And for the next year they definetely obeyed.