Zoey Spears had just finished doing a concert and she just wanted to go home. She was wearing a little prick tease outfit, a purple cat suit which hugs her perfect figure nicely. Zoey got in the limo and said, “Take me home please, driver.”

My mates and I had other ideas. Zoey was so tired, she fell asleep on the back seat. I stopped by my house and picked up my mates and took Zoey to a secret location where we were going to have our wicked way with this pop slut.

On the way there, my mates couldn’t keep their hands off the sexy singer. Marcus and Jamal were both tall black men. I, too, was a tall black man who had craved to fuck Mrs. Spears since she burst onto the scene.

“Let me feel her peach of an ass” Jamal moaned.

“No, not until we get to the house”

“Man, I can’t wait to smash this young whore’s holes.” added marcus.

“Yeah, well you haven’t got to wait much longer, Marcus. We’re almost there now. Soon we will all being enjoying Zoey’s sweet body.

We finally arrived at the safe house. We had drugged Zoey so she wouldn’t wake up. We carried her to the house and took her into a plain room, which had nothing but a few mats on the floor. Zoey was still knocked out. But we couldn’t wait any longer. We had laid Zoey out on her stomach. Her beautiful rump was gently sticking up in the air.

“Jamal, go get some scissors.”

Jamal came back with the tool. I bent down and pinched a piece of Zoe’s cat suit up and cut it. This left a circle spot of bare flesh. I grabbed the hole and ripped it open forcefully.

“Dammnn!” shrieked Marcus, marveling at the pop star’s stunning ass, which was now on full view. It was gorgeous, two perfect tanned buns protecting the prize possession.

Suddenly Zoey started to wake up, but we didn’t panic. We had prepared for this.

“Whoa, where the fuck am I?” she shouted.

“Quiet, bitch. You just do as we say and I promise you will get out alive.” I said, holding a knife to her throat.

Zoey now realized what was going to happen.

“Please, let me go. I will give you guys anything.”

“Shut and fuck up, bitch. There’s only three things we want from you. That’s your pussy, ass and mouth.” With that said, Marcus promptly slapped Mrs. Spears across her face.

Zoey had started crying, but it was no use.

“Let the raping begin!” I stated.

“Yessssss!” Jamal grabbed Zoey by the hair and pulled her towards him, ordering her to pull out his black cock.


“crack” the sound of another hard pimp slap across her face. “Don’t make me mad, bitch! I swear to God I will make life hell for you!”

Zoey, looking as she had finally resigned to the fact that she was going to be our gimp from now on, sobbingly took off Jamal’s pants and slowly pulled down his underwear.

“That’s it, you sexy bitch!”

Zoey tugged at Jamal’s boxers and eventually it came down. Jamal’s massive black cock jumped out and hit Zoey in her head.

“What’s wrong, Zoey? Never seen a black man’s dick before?” Jamal was huge, fat in girth and about 9 inches long.

“Suck it, you dog.” Jamal stated.

Zoey grabbed Jamal’s huge cock and slowly started to lick the tip of it.

What a mind-boggling sight! Marcus and I were sitting down gladly, watching.

Zoey Spears on her knees sucking on a cock, her great butt was still on show.

Zoey looked as if she was getting into it now. She was starting to lick and suck his dick like a lollypop.

“She’s a pro.” I said, ribbing Marcus. “Yeah, you know that. This white tart knows how to give some serious head!”

Jamal now grabbed Zoey’s head and started to face fuck the star.

“Come on, you bitch, get my cock down there.”

“ummmmmmmm, ahhghh” the moans coming from Zoey. Her spit and saliva was hanging from her chin from the severe face fucking she was getting. Jamal had now managed to force 7 inches of his cock down the stars throat. He had both his hands on the sides of her head and was forcing his cock down Zoey’s mouth.

“Take the final inches, you fucking whore!!” screamed Jamal, and with that he forced his whole member down the pop stars throat, his balls slapping against Zoe’s chin.

“Hum for me, slut.” Jamal wanted Zoey to hum so her vocal chords would massage his tool.

“Whoa. This whore really does have a good voice” joked Jamal, making Zoey suffer now, his massive cock sliding in and out of the star’s cute little mouth, his balls slapping against her face.

“Oh, shit, I’m gonna cum! Open wide, bitch!” Zoey’s eyes widened as she tried to protest but she was going to get a gigantic load of cream down her throat and she knew it and maybe even wanted it.

“Here it comes!” She had her nose buried in his pubic hair as the first surge of cum drained out of his balls, which were tucked up against Zoey’s lovely chin.. Zoey’s mouth visibly blew out, but she knew she would have to swallow it in order not drown. I heard her gulp as she swallowed my mate’s seed. This pop idol was having to gulp down load after load of semen as her hands grasped Jamal’s muscular butt cheeks.

“Ahh, yess, Zoey! You love the taste of my little boys, don’t you?” Jamal pulled his limp cock out of the megastars mouth. A long string of semen mixed with saliva was attached to his member. Zoey looked flustered, she was tired and looked as if she was going to collapse to the ground but couldn’t because Jamal still had a firm grip on her hair.

“Kiss it, bitch. Thank my cock for giving you all that lovely cum.”

She resisted.

Another slap across Zoey’s face.

“Kiss it!” Jamal was more insistant this time. Zoey slowly pulled herself together and pouted her lips to gently kiss the tip of Jamal’s tired cock.

“Say thank you, then.” Jamal angrily stated.

Zoey, with tears running down her face, quietly said thank you.

Then Jamal twisted his hips away from the pop star and swung his large limp black cock back with force, cock slapping Zoey . It smacked her face with such force it knocked her to the ground.

“Man, the things you have to do, just to get a thank you.” Jamal joked as he walked away from Zoey, leaving her on the floor with cum leaking from her lips.

“Dammnn, Jamal, you showed that bitch no mercy.” said Marcus.

“And we’re only getting started.” I laughed.

Zoey was lying on the floor with her purple skintight cat suit still on, except for where I had ripped through to access her golden rear end. Her pretty blonde hair was matted with sweat. Little did she know of the hardcore fuckfest I had in mind for her.

To Be Continued?…