“Will these do?”

“Jesus Christ mum, where the hell did you get them from?”

She giggled and turned round letting me see how the shorts seemed to cup each sweet cheek of her bottom and separate it slightly from it’s twin. What there was of the narrow gusset between her thighs only accentuated the soft inner flesh at their juncture.

If there were any doubt when viewing from the rear, that the wearer was a woman, the doubt would be dispelled when seen from the front, the shape of her sexy hairless slit was not just visible, it was actually emphasised by the tight, clinging material and even more than that, the swelling of each pink labia peeked out temptingly from beneath it’s hopelessly inadequate covering.

An old, but freshly washed shirt of mine was knotted beneath her breasts leaving her stomach bare and the way they bounced as she moved left me in no doubt that she’d decided on “braless is best” again!

“Do we put the damsons in there?” she asked as she stood smiling at me,

“In where?”

“In that great big hole under your nose” she giggled and I realised my mouth was hanging open!

“Where the hell did you get them from?” I spluttered, “They look like they’re for a bloody twelve year old!”

“They are” she laughed, “I nipped over to the discount store for some denim shorts and saw these, I thought you might like them”

“I do mum” I leered, “Oh believe me I do, but how am I supposed to climb trees with an erection like this?”

She reached up and kissed me lingeringly,

“Just keep thinking about where you’re going to put it when we’ve finished” she said softly, “How’s this for a scenario? A warm bath, some cold champagne and a hot, horny woman”


“Well cider then, oh and a couple of joints just for good measure!”

I nearly broke my neck in my haste to get out and get on with it!

It took six hours of climbing up the ladder, climbing trees, balancing precariously on branches, reaching, stretching, but I can say honestly that we enjoyed every minute of it.

We stole kisses at every opportunity, sexy little gropes made us giggle like kids behind the bike shed at school, once as she reached up for a high branch, I unfastened her shirt and swinging round like a latter day Tarzan, sucked each delicious little nipple as her breasts hung free and she squealed with laughter, unable to do anything else but hang on while I feasted!

“Three hundred and fifteen pounds!” she yelled as we came out of the wholesaler’s office where we’d delivered the fruit looking like two old tramps who’d slept rough.

“And just for a day’s work too, bloody hell Tommy!” she hugged and kissed me and I had to admit that I was pretty pleased too.

Although they only appeared every two years, it was a nice little bonus, but at that moment in time, all I could think about was the promised pleasures of the night to come!

I had to put up with the tears again when I handed her a hundred and seven pounds and fifty pence, but she’d more than earned it and as I said earlier, I got a hell of a lot of pleasure from watching her put it into her pocket.

(thankfully, she’d changed into a pair of jeans before going to the wholesalers with me)

We ate a quick meal in the car at a Macdonald’s drive through and called in at Mr Patel’s for some more lager and the cheapest champagne he’d got (mum’s treat) then as she closed the door to the flat, she leaned back against it and sighed.

“Wow, point me to the bath Tommy, I loved every minute of it, but now I’m knackered”

Easing my shirt off her shoulders, I let it drop to the floor, her nipples swelled under my lips and she gasped with pleasure as I nibbled them gently.

She giggled as I slid the tight jeans down over her hips and kissed her stomach, she protested unconvincingly as I licked downwards, leaving a wet trail on her naked flesh,

“No Tommy, I’m all sweaty and yukky!”

“You taste gorgeous mum” I whispered and licked at a little bead of sweat before it disappeared forever into the delectable little cleft of her cunt.

“Oh Christ Tommy” she moaned as I parted her legs, “This is, ooh yes, this is so fucking horny”

Then my tongue flicked lightly over her clitoris and she gasped, “Fuck Tommy, oh…” and she convulsed.

She shuddered and jerked uncontrollably as I licked slowly and deliberately between her legs, in the crease between her thighs and her labia, not once did my lips or tongue even touch her sex, but still she came over and over again.

Her juices literally poured from her cunt but every time she tried to push my face to her cunt, I pilled away and laughed softly until her legs gave way and she started to sag.

Then I clamped my mouth onto her cunt and jabbed my tongue between her dripping folds,

She screamed and her whole body went into a spasm, her hands balled into fists, even her toes curled as I lifted her legs up over my shoulders, forcing her to hold onto my head and bend almost double as I walked somewhat unsteadily into the bedroom, still with my tongue licking and sucking at the tangy moisture in her cunt, I lay her down on the bed and unfastened my jeans.

Almost out of control myself, I eased my cock into the river between her legs, she screamed again and sobbed, wrapping her legs around my waist and heaving herself back at me.

“Yes Tommy, fucking yes baby” she hissed and clung to me as I let myself go, pumping jet after jet of my cream, deep into her womb!

We must have slept, because the next thing I knew was waking up in semi darkness and feeling her stirring next to me.

“I love you Tommy”

I kissed her softly and felt the sticky wetness where we were still joined together in our incestuous embrace.

“I love you mum” and then the moment was lost as with a “plop” we came apart.

It was tight in the bath, but we managed rather well, two candles cast an eerie glow around the room and every little scraping of ice from the fridge freezer kept the champagne chilled as we washed each other sensuously all over, neither of us missed a single inch of our bodies, I sat on the edge of the bath, sharing a joint with her as she carefully shaved off all my pubic hair.

We were getting drunk and horny again, as she rinsed off the last of the foam from my groin, she bent her head and took my penis into her mouth

I knew I wasn’t ready to cum again, but the feeling of her lips closing over my cock was exquisite, she looked up at me and winked and I thought it was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen in my life before.

“Mum, let’s go to the pub”

She took my cock out of my mouth and looked at me quizzically,

“I can’t believe you just said that!”

I couldn’t help laughing in agreement with her, it was bloody ludicrous, I was sitting on the edge of my bath with my naked, horny mother fellating me and I wanted to go to the pub!

“I want to show you off mum.”


“Why? Because you’re fucking gorgeous mum, that’s why!”

“What rubbish” she giggled, but she obviously enjoyed the flattery,

“Well, we’ve slept for about four hours and I don’t suppose we’d sleep if we went to bed now would we?”

That clinched it and we dried off hurriedly and got dressed.

I put on my best (and only) pair of slacks with a white open necked shirt and I felt myself blushing when she told me I was gorgeous.

“Men aren’t gorgeous mum” but she hushed me with a kiss,

“Mine is” she said simply.

She slipped into a simple black dress that on her, looked as if it came from an exclusive salon instead of the discount store across the road, but it was the undergarments that held my interest, I watched avidly as she rolled the black stockings up over her thighs and fastened them teasingly to the delicate little straps of her suspender belt.

“Panties?” she said as she held the dress up, for me to drool over the way the stockings and suspender belt made a mind blowingly sexy frame for her beautiful little slit

“Oh yes, I think so” I whispered hoarsely, “I want to have the pleasure of taking them off mum”

Reaching into a drawer, she pulled out a tiny black g-string and dangled it from her little finger

“In that case, you’ve got to earn that pleasure” she smiled, “You’ve got to put them on me first!”

– To Be Continued… –