I did put them on her, but while I did it, I licked from her clitoris to her anus, she moaned, then giggled and pushed me away,

“Stop it you bloody sex maniac” she laughed, “Or we’ll never get to the pub”

Then she moaned in protest when I did stop!

A typical Saturday night, the pub was full, almost to bursting so after fighting our way through the throng to get to the bar, we stayed there squashed against each other

There was a gleam in her eyes as she looked round the pub, I think every single person in the place got the once over from her,

“You looking for someone mum?” she shook her head and laughed,

“No darling, I’m just soaking it all up, the atmosphere and all that, it’s brilliant”

It was only a little back street pub in a strictly working class suburb of London, but I realised that after the way she’d spent the last four years, it probably seemed like the Ritz to her!

“Yeah” I agreed, “I like it in here, they’re a friendly bunch and there’s never any trouble”

“There’s some good looking women in here too” she whispered suggestively and tried to look innocent when I raised my eyebrows.

We both had our backs to the bar, so no-one could see as I slipped a hand beneath the hem of her dress and casually caressed the silky, soft flesh of her thigh above her stocking.

She wiggled sexily as my hand moved upwards onto the almost naked curves of her bottom and a finger pressed lightly against the narrow strip of lace between her cheeks.

“You know mum?” I said softly as my finger followed the delicate material as far as I could between her legs, “You’ve got a gorgeous little bum”

She blushed prettily and my heart lurched as she looked up at me and laughed,

“Wait there a minute” she whispered and darted away through the crowd.

I ordered another drink and she was there again, pushing her delightfully soft breast into my arm.

“Look in your pocket Tommy” she whispered and without even thinking about it, I dipped a hand into my pocket and pulled out the tiny scrap of black lace.

“Very nice mate” said the barman as in my total confusion, I held out mum’s fragrantly damp g-string to him,

“But the gaffer would rather have two pounds, twenty pence in the till if you don’t mind!”

If you’ve ever seen a traditional, red London double decker bus, you’ll have seen the shade of red that mum’s face turned into as I stuffed the panties back in my pocket and paid him with the other hand, as I’d intended to in the first place.

“I’ll have ’em mate” laughed a voice beside me and someone else behind me slapped me on the shoulder,

“Lucky bugger” he said, “My missus couldn’t even get her big toe in them buggers”

Mum had her head buried in my shoulder, shaking with laughter, but she was excited too, I could tell that by her eyes when she looked up at me,

“Well at least I won’t get my knickers in a twist” she laughed and half the pub laughed with us!

We didn’t buy another drink all night, total strangers were insisting that they be allowed to buy our drinks and we rolled home in very high spirits, mum deciding to flash her stocking tops at every passing motorist and more than once even flashing her naked bottom.

I remember drunkenly holding the little g-string to my nose and inhaling the sweet, delicious odour of her pussy as we staggered up the stairs to my flat.

Once inside she took the sexy little garment from me and sniffed it teasingly,

“Hey” she purred, wrapping her arms around my neck, “I don’t know who’s pussy has been in this, but she smells horny”

I snaked my tongue in between her lips and pulled her into my arms,

“Do you think she needs fucking mum?”

“Ooh yes baby” her tongue duelled with mine, “I feel sure she needs fucking”

I eased the dress straps off her shoulders and it dropped to the floor, leaving her in just the black stockings, black suspender belt and black high heels.

She gasped and practically tore my shirt off as I licked and sucked at both hard points of her nipples.

“I think her cunt’s wet Tommy” and pulled frantically at the belt on my slacks.

I cupped her sex and slid a finger into the warm wetness of her cunt,

“I fucking know it is mum” and stepped out of my slacks.

“Lie on your back Tommy” she said and pushed me down onto the bed, “I want you to see your cock going inside me baby”

Still wearing the sexy shoes, she clambered onto the bed and straddled me, my cock ached with all the blood in it as she squatted above me and began to lower herself down slowly.

“You’re going to fuck me Tommy” she whispered, “Make it nice and slow darling”

I felt the softness of her as the dome of my cock nudged gently between the inner folds of her cunt,

“Oh baby” she breathed, “That’s it, slide into mummy’s cunt, ooh yes Tommy, fuck mummy, fuck me nicely sweetheart”

Slowly she sank down until every inch of me was inside her, sitting upright, she wiggled sexily and I felt her cunt muscles working as she squeezed me

Using both hands, she cupped her breasts and gently caressed each nipple between thumb and forefinger as I began to move with the slightest of hip movements.

I could feel her juices dripping onto my groin as she writhed like a belly dancer, bumping and grinding, back and forth, from side to side, all the time squeezing and kneading her breasts.

“Suck them mum” I let my hands wander over her stocking clad thighs, enjoying the contrast of her white, creamy flesh against the harsh blackness of the nylon,

“Suck your nipples”

“Mmm, yes” she said and lifted one lovely breast up to her mouth,

“Oh fuck yes” I gasped,

Her tongue flicked out and licked sensuously around the areole as, her eyes glistened with excitement,

“Do you like that?” and a quick thrust of my cock answered her question,

“Baby, this is so fucking sexy” she whispered and kept her eyes locked onto mine as she pursed her lips and took the nipple between them.

“Watch Tommy” she breathed and I watched in fascination as she drooled a little blob of saliva onto the swollen little bud.

My cock almost left the warm, wet sheath of her cunt as she eased forward and offered me the saliva covered nipple, I sucked lovingly and grazed her deliberately with my teeth, she gasped and moved back again, impaling herself once more on my throbbing, rock solid penis.

This time she didn’t sit upright, she left her knees on the bed and rode me, clamping her mouth onto mine, her bottom being pushed up and down in time to my slowly increasing upward thrusts.

“This is so good Tommy” she moaned, “So fucking, fucking good baby”

Her kisses were wet, her tongue even more so, she searched and discovered every corner of my mouth, even running her tongue sensuously over my teeth.

Her breasts brushed lightly across my chest and she began giving out little squeals of pleasure as my hips moved faster.

Reaching down over her back, I found her buttocks and gripped them, holding her down firmly on my upward thrusts, then releasing her as I went down again.

Gradually I lifted her higher and higher, until with each upward thrust, I held her there for a fraction of a second, allowing my cock almost to leave her cunt completely.

Then, just as it seemed as though I was about to pull out, I thrust upwards again harder than before and she whimpered with pleasure, the swollen dome of my cock forcing it’s way each time, through the quickly contracting entrance to her cunt.

“Yes Tommy” she gasped into my mouth, “Fuck me hard Tommy, make me cum”

My cock seemed to swell, or her cunt got tighter, or both, but suddenly she jerked upright and ground herself down on me savagely, I actually felt the far wall of her vagina against my cock as she writhed and squirmed in the build up to her climax.

It seemed to come slowly for us both, a gradual build up of love, lust and emotion,

I watched in awe as she mauled her breasts, pinching and squeezing the vulnerable flesh, her eyes rolled until they showed only white, her shoulders shook, the whole of her upper body trembled and she gasped for breath.

I felt my cock jerk and she screamed, her cunt squeezing me with almost impossible strength.

Spurt after spurt, she drew out of me and she spasmed with every one, she collapsed on top of me, still cumming, still milking me, still squirming and sobbing as the sheer power of an exquisite orgasm sent her almost into oblivion!

“What are you doing mum” I asked and reached out to caress her naked thighs,

She was standing beside the bed in her short denim skirt and a tee shirt, she’d obviously rolled the waistband up a couple of turns, pandering to my love of ridiculously short skirts.

From where I lay I was getting a cock stiffening view of a beautiful little slit beneath her skirt and I was decidedly uninterested in whatever was on the tray she was holding.

“Come on lazy bones” she laughed, “We’ve got croissants and coffee for breakfast”

“Crosses and what ants?” I said as my fingers found her moisture,

“Croissants you Philistine” she giggled and stepped back out of reach until I struggled to a sitting position and threw a pillow between my shoulders and the headboard.

“Never mind the bloody wotsit’s” I leered,

“Come back to bed and fuck me again, I’m still horny”

“It’s going to rain Tommy” she laughed, “We need to get the vegetables in before it starts, so come on, eat these and we’ll go and dig up some money!”

“What are they?”

“They’re French and they’re what the French people eat for breakfast”

She sat down on the bed, one foot on the floor and one on the bed, deliberately letting the skirt ride right up to her hips.

“They don’t look very appetising to me” I said suspiciously, but I’d underestimated my mother’s newly awakened sexual appetite.

Picking up a croissant she ran it up slowly between her thighs, leaving little tiny flakes of brown pastry clinging to her skin.

“Well” she said softly, “As they’re French, I suppose there’s more than one way to eat them”

I felt my cock rising yet again as she touched the warm delicacy to the bare flesh of her labia,

“You can eat them as they are”

Using her other hand, she parted her pink labia,

“Or you can add the flavour of your choice!”

“How many have you got mum?” and I reached for the lightly toasted morsel!

– To Be Continued… –