I enjoy Dark Secrets very much but I think there are many women out there who love black cock and who are able to have a good relationship with their husbands while enjoying the sex that black men offer.

I was curious about black men since I reached puberty. You hear the stories about their length and staying power and mostly because it is so taboo a white girl thinks about blacks from time to time.

When my honey married me, we quickly had two beautiful girls who are now 18 and 19 years old. We have a full sex life which has gradually included oral and anal. Joe has about a six inch cock but it is very thick which made anal sex a challenge for me but with Joe’s thoughtfulness we now enjoy it as a regular part of our sex pleasure. All of our married life, Joe has asked me, usually as we are fucking, if I would like to try a black man. I never took him too seriously until he began to bring the subject up more and more. I admitted that I would like to try just to find out if all the rumors are true about them. He got so excited that he came almost immediately and I knew that this turned him on tremendously. We talked about it for a long time. Both of us were fearful that I might like it so much that it would harm our marriage. Finally we decided to do something about it but I insisted that he make the arrangements.

He got a sex magazine and put an ad in it with a picture of me naked and my face blanked out. It was very direct. It said, “want large black men to satisfy my wife while I take pictures. A photo of your equipment is necessary”. Once the ad appeared, we started getting mail and I was surprised at how many men responded. I was glad that Joe got a PO Box because I would not want the pictures to be discovered by my girls who were then 14 and 15 years old.

I really enjoyed the mail. There was no doubt about the men being large. I had never seen so many huge cocks before. The letters were interesting. Some of them were written by men who could barely write and many were written by men who were quite eloquent. After the first month, we had sixty-one letters. Joe carefully catalogued them and made notes of his contact with them. Many were too weird to go further but 21 of the letters really turned me on and I wanted to start meeting them. All 21 had cocks that looked to be at least nine inches long. Two of the men had laid out there equipment on top of a ruler and were both 13 or 14 inches! Since Joe is about 6 inches, my pussy was obviously going to get used where it had not been used before.

The first time we saw a black man, I was so nervous that we almost quit before we got started. The man we picked, John, was a 25 year old engineer and was very careful and caring and brought me into interracial sex slowly and sweetly. He undressed himself right away and he had a full hard cock of ten inches and very thick, even thicker than I was used to. Having that swaying around got my pussy dripping and he slowly took off all my clothes and when we were completely naked, I dropped to my knees and sucked him. I knew that my sucking a black man was a special thrill for Joe and so I put on a very good show. As he came in my mouth, I opened wide so that you could see the hot cum going in my mouth and watch me swallow the load. He came so much the first time that it almost spilled out of my mouth before he was through, but I got it all and gulped it down. Joe got all of the action for the whole night on video.

John stayed hard after the BJ and put me on the bed on my back and spread my legs and laid his huge cock in my slit and rubbed my clit with it. After a few minutes I was dying to have him put his cock in me and he wanted me to tell him that I needed to be fucked. I almost shouted for him to fuck me and he slowly put his monster in my hole and I felt like I was a virgin as he entered me. He certainly got to spots that a cock had never reached before! He must have known that I wanted him to slam into me and as soon as he saw that I was handling his size he began to really pound me. I was in fuck heaven like I had never been. I now knew why women were afraid to try black cock for fear of ruining their marriages. I had never been so satisfied. He put me in all kinds of positions and finally came with me getting it from him doggie style. After he pulled out, I put my head down on a pillow but left my ass sticking up so that as his cum slowly seeped out of my cunt, Joe got it all on video.

We went through the list of 21 and also another group of 15 who were later letter writers over a period of about four months. Looking back, it seemed like I was constantly fucking a new black man and loving every one. Since they were all one night stands, Joe was always present. He has some great videos of me sucking, fucking, and ass fucking with 36 different men. I saved the biggest cock for last. He was 13 inches. I had no trouble getting him into me but he was uncomfortable to take if he went in me hard and fast. When he was done with me, my pussy ached for three days.

After the first four months, we started on several men, 2,3 & 4 at a time and I was put into a plateau of pleasure that is impossible to describe. . It is the black man s ability to fuck for a very long time, cum, and then fuck for an even longer time, that attracts me so much. It also doesn’t hurt that they usually have bigger cocks but I’ve met several who had average size but they could still fuck forever. I started going out without Joe for some good times and I could tell that Joe didn’t like it but he is such a sweetie that he didn’t say anything. One time Joe and I were at an orgy with three women and nine black men plus Joe and I was being fucked by three men, in my ass, cunt, and mouth. I looked over and saw that one of the women was sixty-nining with Joe and I got very jealous watching him. Here I am getting my three holes fucked and I am jealous of my Joe having some fun. It made me realize how I must hurt him when I go out with the black men and leave him at home. I haven’t done that very much even though I loved the times I did it. Having your man watching is inhibiting to out and out sex and the men were effected by his presence, also.

I told Joe to set up cameras in our bedroom room and run them to our “control room” in his office. Even if the girls were home we could do this without them seeing what is going on, but we will never have company when they are around. Since they frequently are away from home, this is no problem. He put in four cameras, very cleverly hidden, and all have zoom control and he also put in a system of microphones, again well hidden, where even the faintest whisper in any part of the room can be heard. I noticed, after a few times using the system, I forget he’s seeing everything and I just let go with the great fucking. Now, almost all of our fucking is done in our bedroom. The blacks, who have no inkling that Joe is watching, love to fuck me on our bed and they make remarks about how they enjoy fucking the white lady in her husband’s bed.

I still go out on rare occasions for two to four days and I don’t even admit to Joe how many men I take. I was the only girl on a large fishing boat that a professional basketball player had, and he brought twelve of his favorite friends. They fucked me in my three holes almost all day and at night, they all came in ones and twos for a blowjob or a fast fuck or an ass job. I think at night, I got about two hours sleep in between my fucking.

When my girls started puberty, I put them on the pill. I told them I was not encouraging them to have sex, but if they did, I didn’t want them to get pregnant. We are very close and so, as each girl went out, they made a point to tell me when they were having sex. Each of the girls were 18 when I let them go out on dates on the week-ends. By my latest recollection, they both have had about 20-25 different boys who are having sex with them – they seem to take after their mother. One day my husband forgot to take a video out of the VCR in the family room and my daughter discovered it. It was a six hour video that Joe took of me taking on eight black cocks in every conceivable position possible. They were both quite excited and wanted to know what was happening. I explained their father and my fantasies to have black men and when we were all done talking about it, they want to join in the interracial fun and they would like their father to film them, also! They are both quite attractive and my black men would die to get in their panties. They assured me that they both had been doing oral and anal sex for some time and the thought of those big cocks in them was getting them excited. As a matter of fact, they both were doing oral sex before they went on the pill because most of the girls in the school they went to were doing it. I volunteered to tell their father.

I told Joe about the girls finding the video in the VCR and he felt awful that he forgot it. When I said they were very excited and wanted to join me with him filming them I could see him getting hard in his pants as I was saying it! While we were fucking that night, he kept saying over and over “I’m going to see my babies get black fucked.” Now the three women in his life that he really loves are going to be black cock lovers. How and when the girls were introduced into my fuck world is another and exciting story and Joe was there to film it all.

– The End –