I am a forty-six year old woman who has been divorced for ten years, with no children, and a good job as an accountant. I was married for twelve years and was faithful to my husband all that time. Sex with him was good, but I was only able to reach orgasm by rubbing my clit while we had sex. He was very thoughtful about my pleasure and would always hold back his orgasm until I had rubbed myself, while he fucked me, until I came. Then in a few strokes he would come and we were through. He was also an accountant and his company gave him a job offer he couldn’t refuse that was out of the country and I decided that there was not enough to the marriage for me to give up my good job and go overseas with him. I particularly didn’t want to go to Saudi Arabia, where he was going. So we parted amicably and, at thirty-six years old, I started my new life.

I am a normal woman in every way. I am five feet six inches tall and have a full B cup bra and a twenty-four inch waist and, I have been told by my male friends, a nice ass. My hair is so-so and I have a pleasant face but nothing special. When word got out around the company that I was single a few men asked me out. They were usually married. I decided that I would not date anyone who worked at the company because I wanted my privacy in the company and I could lose it with a bad companion.

I joined an internet dating service and had a nice picture taken of me (with my clothes on) and tried to be as accurate as I could about me so that I would not mislead anyone. I saw my posting and it was a week before I heard from anyone. I was surprised at the amount of responses I got. Also, I learned the hard way, that most of the men who responded were losers, ugly, poor, bad-mannered and married or combinations of these.

One night I went with a man who seemed quite nice on the surface and we went to dinner. He seemed like he was what he said he was. He was very large, six feet ten inches, thirty-two years old, good looking and I was hoping all he said was legitimate. When he asked if I would like to go to his house for a nightcap, I said yes because I thought I could case him out to see how real he was. One drink led to another and we ended up in bed. He had a cock that was in keeping with his size. It was eleven inches long and as round as my wrist. He had a little trouble getting hard but my mouth got him stiff and he took his time sliding his monster into me. I loved the full feeling when he hit bottom and he slowly started to slide in and out. He pulled me to the side of the bed so that he was standing crouched down so that he could fuck me and fondle my breasts and suck my nipples at the same time. He propped my legs on his shoulders so that I was getting the full amount of his cock up my pussy. Each time he pushed in he rubbed my clit and after about twenty minutes of this I had an earth-shattering orgasm. I had never cum with just the rubbing of a man on my clit because no man had ever fucked me continuously for twenty minutes. After I came he continued to saw into me and about ten minutes later I had another orgasm which was five times more intense than any I had ever had. He still plowed into me and about five minutes later I came again with a force that almost had me fainting. He still pumped away and I had my fourth orgasm which was even more intense than the others and now I was cumming almost all the time and I had pleasure that I had never felt. Finally I couldn’t take anymore right then and I had him pull out and I took him in my mouth. His huge cock-head would barely fit in my mouth but I managed to have him cum down my throat in about five minutes. Even his cum tasted sweet and after that we both fell on the bed exhausted and slept. He woke me in the middle of the night and started to fuck me again. He fucked me for another hour and I came and came. I had never had multiple orgasms before this wonderful night and I came more in that one night than I usually cum in a year. I was now hooked on his monster cock and his stamina. The next morning he woke me with breakfast and as I was finishing the perfect breakfast, he pushed me over a chair and started to doggie fuck me. My lips were sore but I was so wet that he slid right in and fucked me for a half-hour while he rubbed my clit to at least ten orgasms. I pulled out and took him in my mouth again until he unloaded his sweet cum. He confessed to me that he had never come in a woman s mouth before and it was a pleasure like he had never experienced. He took a long time to cum and most women did not like his taking so long. I told him his taking so long was what I loved because I took forever to cum, at least for the first time. And I loved the taste of his cum. We decided that we should see each other some more and see if the magic stayed with us.

We fucked each other for hours at a time, especially on week-ends, and both of us could not have been happier. He learned to lick my pussy and would lick for an hour while I had many orgasms and in-between, I would suck him and swallow his loads. The problem with this incredible man was that after fucking, we had nothing in common. I tried to draw him out to get some compatible things we could do and discuss but after basketball, all he wanted to think about was fucking me. After two years and the greatest sex I had ever had, we parted. I was surprised that there was more to living with a man than great sex. I know it sounds na├»ve to say that but I went from a man with whom I had many things to share to a man with one thing to share, and it wasn’t enough. Oh well, on with life.

I was very busy with work and not thinking about sex, (only about fifty times a day), when I met my next lover. He was the last person I would have picked but when he picked me, I m sure glad he did.

I decided to take a course at the local Junior-College on the new tax laws to stay on top of the subject. Part of my job is to figure the taxes for the company and this new information was very important to me. The man giving the course was not what I expected. For one thing, he was very young, about 25 by his looks. Also, he was very black and extremely handsome. He looked like he was chiseled out of an ebony tree and he was about six feet and very well built. By this time I was thirty-seven and although I thought of him sexually, I knew he would not be interested in an old bag like me. All of my life I had thought of how naughty and nice it would be to have a black man fucking me. I fantasized about how big his cock was and how long he could pound my pussy. I ended up getting very wet and not paying attention in the class.

Because I was daydreaming, I missed an important subject near the end of the third day of class. I went to him after the class and admitted I was daydreaming and missed what he covered and that it was important to me. I asked if he could meet with me separately and go over the material again. He asked what I was daydreaming about. I paused and then said to myself what the hell tell the truth. I said I was thinking about fucking him and sucking his cock! He suggested that we go to his apartment, quite close to the school and he would be happy to help me. I said yes very quickly, hoping that he would help me in more ways than one. Did he ever!

We were naked in about two minutes after we entered his place. He took my head in his two hands and pushed me down until I was facing his ten inch tool which already had a pre cum drip on his hole. I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could and then proceeded to mouth fuck him. About five minutes later, he moaned and shot a very large amount of his love juice into my willing mouth and I swallowed it all and continued to suck him. He got semi-soft for a while and then got hard again. When he was fully hard, he led me to a large sofa chair and sat me down and spread my legs on the arms of the chair and put his cock at the entrance to my cunt. I was so wet that he quickly slid into me and started to hump me slowly and deeply. After about fifteen minutes I had a huge orgasm, then ten minutes later I had an even bigger orgasm, and then five minutes later and enormous orgasm and then proceeded to have them almost continuously. I looked at this black god as he pounded me and thought of how much pleasure he was giving me until I must have passed out with pleasure. He stopped fucking me and was looking at me with some alarm as though he had hurt me. He asked if I was OK and I kissed him and sucked his tongue and told him he had given me more pleasure than I guess I could stand. I asked if there was anything I could do for him to return the favor. He said yes, that I could stay the night. He continued to fuck me for another hour until he finally came in my pussy. I offered to take him in my mouth but he said he rarely got to cum in a woman s cunt because it took so long for him to cum. I confessed my problem about needing to be fucked for a long time for me to reach satisfaction and we agreed that we were made for each other.

I have been with him for eight years but, because he is black, and the community we live in is very up-tight, we have been careful to not be seen in public. We take trips together where we can act like lovers but neither of us can afford to move to a more liberal area, no matter how much we love being out together. He is wonderful to me and thinks only of me when we have sex and he wants me to have the most pleasure I can have. His problem of taking forever to cum also causes him to not be able to have orgasms every day but more like every three days. I am more than happy with that schedule and I made it very clear that I would not be interested in any other man while I had his big dick to play with. He told me one morning after a two hour fuck, that his brother was coming to visit from New Orleans for two weeks and he would be very busy with him. I was hurt that it sounded like he didn’t want to include me in his brother s activities. He said that he thought I would not want to be seen with two black men. I said that we had the same problem around town that we always have but I hoped they would come to dinner at my house and spend a quiet evenings here. He told me that he had told his brother many of the things we do to one another and his brother thought he was a lucky man. He hesitated for a long time and then asked me if I would object to fucking him while his brother watched. That is what his brother had fantasized about. I told him I thought it would be OK if we took it slow and were not aggressive.

On the first night of his brother s visit, they came about eight for a drink. His brother looks like his twin (they are 11 months apart). We enjoyed one another for about an hour and three drinks for me. I was getting tipsy, which is what Brad, my man, had hoped and he asked if I would take off my clothes and show Gil, his brother, my body. I was very shy to do that but Brad helped me get naked and when I was nude I said that they both had to get naked also. Soon I was staring at two monster cocks in full hardness. I took Brad s cock in my mouth until he shot a big load in my mouth and then I saw Gil in what looked like pain and I said that I should also suck Gil to help him out of his misery. I knelt at Gil s feet and started sucking him. Brad came up in back of me and fingered my pussy. He said I must really like what I am doing because I was soaking wet and my juices were running down my leg. He started to lick my cunt as I sucked and when Gil blasted in my mouth, Brad sunk his cock in my pussy. Having two cocks in me at the same time was something I had always fantasized about and now it was happening. I continued to suck Gil and he got hard again and when he was about to cum, he asked if he could cum in my cunt. I was happy to oblige and Brad put his tool in my mouth as his brother slid in my pussy and started to slam me hard, which I love. I coaxed two more loads out of each man before we decided to all crash on my king size bed. I was awakened by each man twice during the night for a quick fuck, which, for them, met twenty minutes of hard fucking. I loved it, although I didn t get much sleep. In the morning they were so cute; they both got up and got me breakfast. There were two bagels in my breadbox and they pushed their cocks into them and came into the bedroom and woke me and handed me cream cheese with their two big hard-ons holding up the two bagels. What a lovely way to have breakfast. I did more sucking than bagel eating until they both came in my mouth. That was the start of my day, and the rest of Gil s visit. The two of them fucked me silly for two weeks and we only went out to shop for food that we brought home and cooked.

The liked to have me kneel on the bed with my ass up and my head resting on my pillow. They literally spent hours looking, fingering, licking and fucking my ass and pussy for as long as they could get hard. Both Brad and Gil had the same sex problem, if you want to call it that. They could not cum all the time, but when they got hard, it lasted for hours. When I was ready to cum, they would pull out of me and open my cunt and watch my pussy as it throbbed in orgasm. It was very sensual to me when they did that and so they did it a lot and we all enjoyed it. When I was cumming, one of them would open my hole very wide and they could really see my insides clamping down as if there was a cock there to hold onto. Brad got his VCR and filmed my orgasms and I enjoyed watching many times my throbbing cunt as they pleasured me.

Near the end of Gil s stay, he asked if he could make a movie with me for something to remember me by. I have to admit that I like being filmed as I suck and fuck and so I pretended to slowly give in, while at heart I was very excited about being a movie star. The three of us had a great time thinking up plots to play out in front of the VCR and after we took movies of Gil fucking me in a lot of positions where, after he cums in me we film the cum slowly oozing out of my pussy or ass, Brad got the same treatment while Gil filmed the action. They got a tripod so that they could mount the camera and the three of us could be in the movie. We tried to get every combination of what two men can do with a woman and I think we got them all. When we were done, Gil had over nine hours of sex with me in the center of the action. I loved it!

When Gil left both Brad and I were feeling a let-down because another man gave new dimensions to pleasure for both of us. He said he had two step-brothers who he knew would love to fuck me and I like the idea so much I asked him if he could arrange my meeting them. We decided that one at a time would be the way to go and, if I enjoyed it, we would see about my taking on three at a time.

The meeting happened and I loved both of his step-brothers and we got together so that I was taking on three men at the same time. I loved doing it that way, one in each hole, but I found that I was too busy and could not concentrate on my pleasure with three cocks in me. With two men in any of my three holes, I got much pleasure but with three, I was overwhelmed. The other two men lived not far away from my apartment and so we started to get together frequently. For a while, I would only have them over with Brad present, but when Brad had to go away for two weeks on a business trip, and I couldn’t join him because of my work load, my beautiful man suggested that his two step-brothers keep me happy. They were over every night and I had to send them home after four days so that I could get some sleep, but I had a fabulous time. They now come over any time and have a quick fuck or suck and Brad is happy because he knows I like to fuck every day and he cannot do that.

When Gil came for another visit, I now had four men to take care of my itches, and I loved it. I wished that I could have these four hung studs available to me anytime I wanted. I wasn’t sure that eventually I would get tired of fucking so much but I sure didn’t ever feel that I was getting too much as I was fucking the four of them. They were all very good about not minding my fucking the others and they all liked to watch me taking big black cock. It really turned me on to know that I was being watched as I fucked and it made me fuck as hard, fast, and hot as I could. I also loved the in between time with all of them there. I stayed naked and they liked to fondle me and my nipples get sucked on so much that they are now about permanently sticking out about three quarters of an inch. I love to put on a bra with cut-outs at the nipples and a light sweater or blouse when I go outside to shop or just take a walk. As the men gape at me it makes my nipples even harder than they normally are and the ache to be sucked. I quickly go home to one of my men to suck my nipples, usually with his cock buried in my cunt. It is a shame that I can t be public with my men but this town would not accept it. We all feel that way and so we live with the problem. So far I am getting all the fucking I want and loving it!

– The End –