This is a simple stiry about a man who came away from a bad marriage and joined a sex club to satisfy his need for revenge.

I had waited nearly a year for the opportunity tp join the Casperian Club. The club was a select group and since the number of men applying for membership usually exceeded the number of women applicants men usually had a long wait. Tonight the wait would be over and I would be on my initial trial visit with my escort for the evening – Helen.

I did no know Helen – I’d never met her. It was coincidence that her name and mine came up at the same moment for possible membership. It was my wish that Helen be fun and compatible and that we went well together. Of course, if we didn’t, there would be a room full of eligible women for me to meet.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the Casperian Club was a what some may call a swap club. It was a place of uninhibited sexual adventure and pleasure with rules to insure the safety and security of the participants. Names of the members were known only to the other members. Condoms were requires for all coitus or sexual contacts. A plan was in place for any unruly or violent activities.

Of course, having never been to such a club, I had only heresay to guide me. My only contact had been through a contact which I found on the internet. Then, the contact, a woman of perhaps 40 and quite attractive, met me in a local cafe and we had talked. The talk was general and covered a wide range of subjects. A few days later, I received a telephone call at work and it was the un-named woman who I had met at the café.

The woman’s voice asked, “Can you talk?” and I responded that I could. Then, she began talking seriously about the club. Her words were carefully chosen as she described the club for open minded people with a desire for recreational sex. She explained the safety features and the security provided the members and failed to disclose the location of the club or even a general description. Months passed and once each month the sexy woman’s voice reported that I was still on the waiting list.

A couple of months ago, I was advised to get a physical exam and a report that I was free of AIDS or social disease to send as an attachment to an e-mail to an unfamiliar address.

Then, two weeks ago, my sexy woman contact called to report that I was now eligible for an initial trial prior to acceptance. My escort for the evening would be Helen and she provided the name, address and phone number of woman I would accompany. When asked the date and time of the meeting she said simply, You’ll be given that later after you’ve met Helen.

As I hung up the telephone, I eagerly dialed Helen’s number and used the code I had been given to describe who I was. Hearing the code, her voice grew hushed and she responded, “I’ve been waiting for your call. . . Where?. . .When?. . . What time? and I was faced with many unanswered questions. “We’ll call you.” was all I could say.

That evening, the sexy woman’s voice that was my contact called again. This time she provided the time, date, place and all the pertinent information. I was advised to bring a dopp kit with personal items, i.e., condoms, lubricant, personal hygiene stuff. It was customary to carry a small bag.

Finally, all was arranged and I became concerned. I’d still not met Helen and she had begun to sound a bit overbearing and selfish on the telephone.

When the night arrived, I dressed in gray slacks and a dress shirt, open at the neck with leather casual shoes. After a final check in the mirror, In was assured that I was a fairly attractive male -not overweight or flabby or acne covered; then, I drove to Helen’s address and went to the door to call for her.

As the door opened, I saw a plumpish, blond woman in a short mini-skirt. Her cheeks were painted with too much rouge and she wore too much eyebrow pencil. Her first words to me were, “You’re late.” We returned to the car in silence and I drove the twenty some miles to the old motel complex responding only when spoken to. My worst fears had become reality as I drove in and went to the motel desk for directions. The clerk asked my name and Helen’s name and handed me a key as he said, “This is your lady, Helen’s key.” and as I gave a questioning look, he said, “You don’t need one.”

We drove to the room and Helen left me to explore her lodging. I, left to my own devices and wishing to distance myself from Helen, walked towards the meeting complex where I found a dining room with seating for perhaps forty people and a bar which had already attracted a number of people. I joined them.

I was midway into my second G & T when the dinner bell rang and formally attired waiters directed us to our assigned seating. Of course, my seat was beside Helen. Another time to grin and bear it! Dinner was tasty and well prepared, served by attentive waiters and I heard the sexy voice that I remembered from the telephone across the table from me. Things were looking up as I engaged the woman in conversation.

She said her name was Elvyra but she liked to be called Vi and introduced me to a rather dashing, handsome man on her right as Tom, her husband. Things appeared to be going to hell in a handcart.

To my left, a young woman, barely old enough to be there was busily engaged in conversation with the young man to her left. It was obvious that they wanted no interruptions. . .This lean, lanky gal might have been fun had I gotten the chance to engage her.

And so dinner was over and I retired to the bar where I ordered a club soda. . . just in case something came up. I sat on my bar stool, noticing two men who were obviously interested in each other – queer as a three-dollar bill! To my left, in a darker corner, two more men were already getting it on. This left four women somewhere.

In a few minutes, Tom, from dinner, passed by with Helen in tow. That meant that Vi was away from her husband. . . . So, Where the hell were the wild women I was seeking?

As I sat, contemplating my next move, I sensed, rather that felt a presence behind me. The presence whispered in my ear and it was Vi’s sexy voice saying, “Wanta’ play?” Of course, this was exactly what I had hoped for. . .

I turned and found her face inches from mine; then, I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. She returned the kiss with a vehemence that could only lead to more. In return, I began to explore her mouth and to kiss her neck and make love to her.

As suddenly as we started Vi moved back and said, “This’s no love match Sweetie. We’re here to get it on and nothing more. Having said it she moved back to where I was now standing and I felt her rub her body against my aroused man-meat in a tight embrace. “Rules are rules,” I said and proceeded to lead her into the red room when the dim red light provided sufficient illumination for our activity on the floor mats. Several other couples were already making out on the mats as I sought an open corner.

A few minutes later and Vi was removing my shirt and trousers as I had reduced her clothing to a bra and panties. It had been nearly three years since my divorce and I relished the thought of what I was about to do. . . I was about to fuck another man’s wife just as other men had fucked my ex-wife. I needed that.

Then, laying on the mat, I felt Vi next to me. With her bra now gone, I toyed with her breasts and laved her bared nipples. “I like that,” Vi said as she allowed the pleasure to overtake her. Then, as I moved to kiss and caress and fondle her belly on my mouth’s journey to the goal that lay between her legs, she moved and moments later we were engaged in a passionate sixty-nine.

In only a few moments, Vi said, “Don’t come in my mouth. I want you inside me when you do that. I stopped and Vi installed the condom with her mouth and lay back on her back to receive me. I climbed over her into the coital position and felt her hands on my cock as she directed it into her waiting pussy. We joined to the hilt.

“Oh, that’s so good,” she said, “I didn’t even need any additional lubrication.” Then we began to move and our rhythm brought renewed pleasure. “I’ve needed this for a long time,” I said as I neglected to tell her it was fucking another man’s wife that I needed.

But, my needs were soon overshadowed by those of my partner, Vi, who rolled on top of mer and rode me, wild, uninhibited and more powerful than I’d ever experienced before. Only a dozen strokes later, she blasted out an orgasm and rolled off me . . .totally disengaged.

I was puzzled. She had left me cold as she said, “Damn, you were good.” and moved over to embrace a man some distance away on the mat. I lay momentarily with my arousal on the mat when I felt a presence crawling over me. It was the young woman on my left at dinner.

She moved carefully, positioned herself over my cock and lowered herself until we were fully engaged. As we began to Fuck, I tried to remember her name. “Are you married?” I asked. “Divorced!” she replied, “The Son of a bitch cheated on me.” As she said it, I felt her passions grow and our coitus became more violent.

“So, What brings you here?” I asked. “I want to fuck married men just as my husband did their wives.” “Oh my God!” I said as I realized that we were both motivated by the same circumstances. The next minute became the wildest, most violent sex of my life. I felt her fingernails scratch my back as I put her legs over my shoulders and drove myself into her .

The end came suddenly and it was over as quickly as it had started. The lean, lanky woman was gone.

Temporarily sated, I went to the men’s room and showered and cleaned myself before returning to the bar where I ordered another G & T. And surveyed the action there. At the end of the bar sat a nice looking, well proportioned woman perhaps twenty years older than me. She looked at me and smiled.

In my current state, I did not accept what was obviously an invitation to meet. Perhaps in a few minutes when my arousal might return I would seek her out.

Then, like it or not, she was at my side. “I saw you out there with Vi. You were good. Then I saw you with Annie mounted and riding you and I was sure. You’re a man with a mission. . .a vendetta perhaps! I was like that once and I was better than either of those women!”

As she talked, I felt my arousal returning and I suggested that perhaps she would like to go a round with me. She laughed. “Young man, It’d be my pleasure,” and with that she took my hand and led be out of the complex and to one of the motel rooms. “It’ll be more private in here,” she said and she kised me discretely on the lips.

“I thought there was a rule.” I said and she responded, “There is but we don’t have to tell now do we.” Then she kissed me again. I moved towards her and she resisted, “There’s lots of time. Let’s just enjoy each other for a while as I tell you a story.”

She told of being married and being betrayed by as cheating husband and of her revenge which she took out on him by screwing men. . . any men, as long as she could cuckold her bastard of a husband. She told growing old, hate filled, seeking revenge, as life passed her by. Then, she told of ridding herself of her hate and need for revenge and began to enjoy life for all it offered. She regretted having squandered a good portion of her life on hate and now sought pleasure wherever she could find it. Finally, she said, “I want to enjoy the rest of the night with you for the sake of the pleasure we can give each other. If you can forget your hate, we can have a beautiful time together. If not, you may as well leave now.”

I thought about what she said. She understood me better than I understood myself. There was no question about that. She had walked the walk and the moral of her story did not go unheeded. “I think I’d like to stay,” I said.

“Good,” she said, “I thought you would. Let’s talk a little first.” So we talked . . . small talk about life and feelings and as we talked I became aware of my arousal growing. It was something about this woman who I had just met. Something so erotic that I was rapidly being seduced by her and something that brought pleasure such as I had not known in a long time.

I sought the source of her power and searched her eyes which had a very pleasant twinkle. It didn’t appear to be her body language as she sat nearly motionless and it wasn’t the talk we were exchanging which was anything but erotic; yet the power could not be denied. I relaxed and allowed the pleasure to take me.

As we continued to talk, our eyes met and this time I saw fire and passion. Now, there was no question that I wanted this woman – not for revenge but for the pleasures she could afford me. This time, I let myself go, unrestrained! I moved beside her on the bed and embraced her as we kissed, a long, deep, soulfull kiss, full of meaning and anticipation. We melded to each other as we fumbled with clothing and coming together.

Moments later, we lay nude on the bed, in each other’s arms, moths open and pressed together as our tongues duels in our throats. “Rules be damned,” I thought briefly. Then my lady moved on the bed and I felt the beginning of the best fellatio I had ever received. She was good and she seemed to enjoy it more as much as I did.

Then, as I moved to return the favor she stopped and said, “No, I want you in me now.” I, driven by forces more powerful than demons, moved over her and prepared to enter her. She lay quietly, waiting as I positioned myself and forced an entrance into her well lubricated pussy. “That’s so good!” she said as my cock slid slowly into her.

It was sexual intercourse at it’s very best. It was fucking! It was fantastic. My lady moved slowly, setting a leisurely pace which I followed. Each new move brought renewed pleasure. Soon, we were in perfect harmony and our union was perfect. Minutes passed, maybe hours, time had no meaning with us, and we reveled in a kind of euphoria of pleasure.

As we fucked, we talked. . . little words of encouragement and caring. We told each other of those special sensations the they had brought us. My earlier ejaculations with Vi and Annie had left me devoid of spunk and this served to prolong this third union of the night.

We slept, still joined in each other’s arms. It was morning twilight when I awoke to find my lady slowly riding my aroused cock. She rode slowly, relishing each nuance of our coupling, as I feigned sleep. Soon, the tempo of her action increased and she rode me with gusto. I could no longer feign sleep . . .

I rose up so she was sitting in my lap, my cock fully embedded in her pussy. We kissed and the tempo of our actions increased more rapidly. I pushed her on to her back and pulled her legs up against my chest as I pounded her. “My God! You’re a young bull.” she cried, “Give it to me.”

In a blind rush of passion I felt the semen rise up and spirt into her belly. “Oh my Gosh! I forgot about the rubber,” I cried. The woman replied, “It’s alright, I haven’t had unprotected sex in ten years. It feels so good!”

The afterglow was fantastic. . . better than I had ever known! My need for revenge had abated and I was at peace with the world. “When can I see you again?” I asked.

The woman, whose name I never got, said, “Can’t meet outside the club. It’s the rules you know.” “So, since when were you one to follow the rules.” I countered.

“We had a pleasant interlude in a sex club. You’re a young man in a world full of beautiful women. Go out and find you a woman that’s as hungry as you and forget the Casperian Club.” She said and I prepared to argue. “Get a life before it’s too late. Take a good look at me before you go. It’s not a pleasant site.”

As I departed the old motel that was the Casperian Club I wondered what the wise woman’s name was . . .

– The End –