After reading nearly every story in your Gangbangs/Group Sex section, they seems to be a recurring sentiment. Most of the girls have feelings of regret after they submit to sex with multiple partners. I think a lot of girls do things when they are young that they wish they could take back. My own experience is one that left me with a lot of regrets.

I’m currently 20 years old, and I have an active, satisfying sex life. I admit I enjoy casual hook ups. Since this school year began, I’ve had 34 different partners including 4 great lays on the most recent spring break. Sexual adventures are part of college life and I although I may be a bit more sexually liberal than some other girls I know, I’m less wild than others. I know of one girl who has had over 100 sexual partners since fall.

I don’t regret anything that has happened to me since I started college. What I do regret is something I did about 5 years ago. I ruined a relationship with my boyfriend, became the target of gossip and ridicule, and humiliated my brother.

I’m a desirable brunette, kind of a Mila Kunis look alike. I had sex for the first time toward the end of my freshman year. The guy was older, he was in college and had been renting a room from a neighbor. It was everything I had hoped my first time would be. He was handsome and sexy, and he treated me like I was the winner of a beauty contest. The first penetration was a little painful, but I loved being fucked for the first time. I had the most intense orgasm I had ever had until then, and felt so proud when I felt him come. I think every girl feels a sense of accomplishment when she satisfies a guy.

I was in love with sex and I went a little wild. I had sex with 8 different guys that summer before decided I was out of control and I settled down. None of the guys I fucked were school mates and I had only told my closest friends that I was having sex. I went 5 months without sex before I started dating a sweet, caring guy. I was his first sex partner ever, and although I cared a lot for him, he wasn’t all that exciting in bed. He never managed to last more than a couple minutes, and his penis was small – just 4 ½ inches long and thin. I craved more sexual excitement than I was getting. But you know that old saying of “Be careful what you ask for .”

I asked for it and got it, plus a lot of grief later.

It was the beginning of summer vacation between sophomore and junior year. My boyfriend got whisked off on a two week trip to Europe with his grandparents. I hung out with my friends, both male and female. Like I said, I’m kind of a Mila Kunis look-alike. I have a cute, round baby face, a cute button nose, big dark alluring eyes and a dimpled smile. I’m probably more curvaceous and voluptuous than her. I know my legs are a bit thicker and more muscled and I have bigger tits. Given my pretty face and nice legs and body, I knew that it would be easy for me to get that sexual excitement I had been craving. The question was, did I want to be unfaithful to my boyfriend.

The trouble began when I went to a night time pool party. The drinks were flowing and there were plenty of hot bodies clad in bathing suits. Seeing muscular guys with tight abs and firm pecs was tempting me to stray. I know guys were admiring me in my little red bikini.

I’m a lightweight when it comes to drinking. I’m barely 100 lbs so after a couple of drinks my senses and inhibition were impaired.

That’s when they guys started really flirting with me. They knew I was getting drunk and that my boyfriend was out of town. It was like wolves circling the herd looking for a vulnerable one. One of the recently graduated seniors, a big time jock came over to talk to me. He was as hot a guy as I had ever met, you know – tall, blonde, buffed and charismatic.

He asked me if I wanted to go with him to pick another bottle of wine from the stash in the kitchen. I followed him and he grabbed a bottle of champagne. Next thing I knew we were in a small out of the way den toward the back of the house. I drank a glass of champagne wondering what was going to happen. Part of me wanted to leave but part of me really wanted to stay. We started making out and soon my top was off and he was all over my B-cup breasts with his mouth. I have almost no areola but my brownish/pinkish nipples were hard and jutting as far out as I’ve ever seen them.

He slipped my wrap around skirt off and worked his finger under my bikini bottoms and into my pussy. He then took off his shorts and showed me one of the bigger penises I have ever seen. It was probably between 7 and 7 ½ inches and it was a nice change from my boyfriends smaller than average cock. Like I said earlier, I had 8 partners before I started my monogamous relationship with my boyfriend and two of them had pretty sizable penises. Now I’m not a size freak, I’ve had plenty of good sex over the years with guys who had penises in the 5 to 6 inch range, but my boyfriend lacked both size and technique.

We didn’t spend a lot of time on foreplay, and soon I was entirely naked and his dick was in me giving me a wonderful stretched feeling I hadn’t felt in so long. I was sitting back in a big armchair while he hovered over me and gently stroked in and out. I got a thrill over watching his thick cock sliding in and out of me. My little brown labia kind of clung to his shaft each time he drew out.

He gave me a great orgasm before he shot a powerful hot load of cum into me. It felt so good. He told me my pussy was hot and tight. He just stayed inside of me and enjoyed feeling me squeeze my pussy muscles to milk the last drops out of him.

When he finally pulled out I was thirsty but I didn’t want anymore alcohol so he went to get me some ice water. When he returned I heard him saying “no way dude, I’m not sharing” in sort of a laughing voice. It was obvious that he had told, or others had guessed that he had a girl in the room. I hoped he hadn’t told them who he was banging.

He came back into the room and I downed my water. As soon as I was done he pulled me over to him and sucked my tits some more. His dick sprang up again and he turned me around for some doggie style sex. As he was gently thrusting in and out of me he said “there are some guys out there who would give anything to trade places with me.”

I said “Oh my god, did you tell them who’s in her with you?”

He slowed his pace and gently stroked in and out of me as he said it was obvious to everyone when he walked me away from the pool and into the house what we were probably going to do. Since we didn’t come back, everyone knew that we were making love. He told me to just enjoy it, I wasn’t the only girl getting banged that night.

I figured – what the hell – I was having a great time.

He came in me again and we moved back to my favorite position, missionary and he gently stroked in and out of me, again telling me how tight and soft and hot my pussy is. I asked “So who’s jealous”. He asked what I meant so I reminded him that he said there were other guys who were jealous that he got to fuck me. He grinned and named off several guys. I asked why they hadn’t come over to talk to me and he said they had all drawn cards to see who the lucky one would be. I told him I was flattered that they all wanted to be with me. He responded by saying that a hot girl like me could have her pick of any guy she wanted. Now my ego was really pumped up.

We finished fucking. Since had already cum twice, the missionary action was more for my benefit although he did have another mild orgasm.

He pulled out of me again and as he handed me another glass of cold water he asked which of the guys he had named earlier I would be interested in fucking. I named two and he said “Well, there’s no time like the present”. He slipped his swim trunks back on and started to leave. I said “Oh my God, no, not now.” He grinned and said “Believe me, you’ll love it.”

Deep down I did want to let more guys fuck me otherwise would have gotten dressed and left before he came back.

When he did, there were not two, but three guys with him. Soon I was stretched out on the couch with one guy on top of me as the other three watched. One by one, the three new guys fucked me, first in missionary then in another position of their choice.

I realized that somebody had opened a curtain and there were about a dozen faces peering inside watching me getting my little pussy pounded. There was a knock on the door and when it was opened, I saw that there was a whole line of guys hoping to dip their dicks into me.

I didn’t fight it, I just let one guy after another come into the room and penetrate me. People took turns looking through the window at the show I was putting on. There were even some other girls watching the action and cheering. Eleven guys fucked me quickly. Then a new guy came in. The first black guy I would ever let fuck me. He wasn’t the stereotypical big dicked black man, it was an average 6 inches. But the next guy was huge, at least 9 inches long and thick.

I gasped as he forced it past the tight opening to my pussy and to my surprise, it fit all the way in. I heard voices, some of them female, cheering from outside the window. Somebody yelled “look at (my name), she’s a porn star!”

The next day I started to feel regrets. Even though school was out for the summer, word got around. My brother had to hear about it from a couple of punks and he decided to try to beat the crap of them. Luckily, a couple of my guy friends came along and saw him getting shoved around and rescued him. When my boyfriend came back, he heard about it and promptly dumped me. I hurt him and I’ve regretted it ever since.

Well, live and learn.

– The End –