I looked at all the possible story categories and decided this is a straight sex story even though there is some mention of my first experience pulling a train for a group of guys. I was thinking of filing my story under interracial too, but I didn’t like the idea of it being lumped in with rough sex stories. From what I’ve read, most people tend to think of interracial sex stories as involving black guys fucking white girls in a rough, almost animalistic way. I find that stereotype offensive. I’m white and I’ve had sex with two black guys since I started college last year. Both guys are friends and both times were gentle and affectionate.

Anyway, my story is not about my sex with black guys at college. I’m writing to tell everyone about a period of time in my life where I experineced tremendous growth personally and sexually.

I spent my junior year of high school as an exchange student in Japan. The family I was assigned to was wealthy, and in addition to a big, 250 year old Japanese mansion, they owned an apartment building right next door to their house.

The second day I was in Kyoto, they introduced me to one of their tenants. His name was Rick, he was American but of Japanese ancestry, and he was a college sophomore who had taken a year off from college to teach English in Japan. He had been there for 9 months already. His teaching job paid his expenses and being in Japan gave him a chance to immerse himself in the language and culture. He was an international business major with an interest in international trade law, so he thought being fluent in Japanese would be helpful to his long term career.

We both ate dinner with my sponsor family and Rick told me about his impressions of Japan. I told him I picked Japan for my year over seas because I had studied Japanese since 7th grade. When he left he offered to help tutor me.

I started visiting him at first because I needed some help with school assignments. Over time I found I liked him a lot. He was sweet, funny and cute. I didn’t expect him to have romantic feelings for me, it was just nice having a friend. In the first 4 weeks we knew each other, he never made a pass at me or made me feel uncomfortable.

I was kind of a novelty at school. I was a pretty blond in a world of black haired schoolmates. The school uniform was a mid length skirt and sweaters, and during gym we wore what I thought were very short shorts. I often found guys admiring my American legs.

One day, for some reason, I wore shorts when I went to visit Rick, and I noticed him admiring my legs. I smiled and told him I didn’t mean to be a tease, but I did enjoy showing my legs off, and I also told him that the guys at school seemed to like looking at them. He said he didn’t blame them. It was then that I realized that he might think of me as more than just a friend. I wasn’t a virgin. I had my first sexual experience in 8th grade. But I wasn’t all that experienced either. I had been with 4 guys, but the total number of time I had actually made love was less than 10. I found myself wanting to have sex with Rick.

We didn’t talk about it. I just sort of leaned into his arms and we kissed. Before long I was naked and he was gently kissing my breasts. They aren’t big, just 34 A. But he said they were beautiful. Then he kissed his way up and down my inner thighs before going down on my cute little pussy. Nobody ever ate me like that before and it was incredible.

He got completely naked and I got to see his penis for the first time. It wasn’t big but it was really beautiful, perfectly shaped and pointing toward the ceiling. I have a small pussy since I’m just barely 5 feet tall, so I actually prefer smaller penises. I once had sex with a guy in 9th grade who was about 8 inches long and it was way more than I could handle. It was the one and only time I had tried it with him.

Rick let me suck his penis and I actually deep throated all 5 inches. Then I laid back and spread my legs and he made love to me missionary style. We held each other close and cuddled and he gently moved in and out. He came really hard and my pussy was drenced with his cum.

He went down to my vagina again and collected the semen in his mouth as it ran out of me and then we French kissed and I drank his semen from his mouth. I thought it was so erotic. He told me it was called a cream pie when a guy cums in a girl. I had never heard that before.

Truthfully, it was only the third time I had ever had a real cream pie. The other times I had sex the guys either wore a condom or took their penises out before they had their orgasms.

He taught me a lot over the next 3 months. We made love almost every day in positions I had never tried before. He set up a video camera and taped us making love in various ways and played them back for me. Two months later his year in Japan was over and we said goodbye. It was hard, but I knew I would see him again since we both live in Seattle.

When he left he told me to do everything I could to make the most of my stay in Japan. He told me that I shouldn’t become celibate for the rest of my stay. He said a lot of Japanese guys would consider it huge if they could fuck a cute blond American girl.

I wasn’t sure what I would do after he left, but I never expected that I would let over a dozen guys fuck me in a row. It happened about 6 months after Rick left. I hadn’t had sex since then and I was really missing it.

I had made friends with a lot of my classmates. I was hanging out at the home of one of my male classmates with 4 other guys, all my age. I was wearing a little short cropped top and a mini skirt, and the guys were acting like gentlemen, but I know they were thinking about ungentlemanly things. I’m not sure what triggered it, but I just decided to flip my top up an show them my firm little tits. We were soon all naked. One by one, they fucked me. All five of them were virgins so getting laid was a milestone, and getting laid by a blond was an even bigger milestone.

His parents were expected to be away all day so we felt safe. What we didn’t expect was the unexpected arrival of his older brother and three of his friends. They sized up what was going on and not only joined in, they got on the phone and spread the word. Soon I had more and more guys showing up. I fucked 14 guys. The older ones had some experience so it wasn’t just a lot of guys cumming in a minute or two. The older guys really knew what to do.

I was happy and sore when it ended. I pulled train several more times for these guys before I left Japan.

When I got back to Seattle, Rick and I resumed our friendship and sexual relationship. The chance to have sex with him and my other Japanese friends opened my mind to sex with men of other races. Before that, I would have been reluctant to do it with anyone who wasn’t white.

Rick and I have remained friends, we make love often, and maybe some day we will declare ourselves a romantic couple. Until then, I’m going to enjoy an active college sex life.

– The End –