It was very, very cold when Ben wheeled his big rig off the road and into the truck stop. It had been a very tense past two hours as the wind had risen and the roads iced up before the crews had a chance to de-ice them. The cabin heater in the truck had been functioning to maximum capacity but had been unable to keep the interior warm . . . . that meant well below zero outside! In addition, it had started to snow in biting horizontal blasts rather than falling.

Even though it was still early afternoon, it was dark and headlights had been in order for some time. He noted several of the 4-wheelers that had passed him earlier were now parked in the lot near his rig as he ran to the warmth of the restaurant only 50 yards away.

Once in the restaurant, he checked the weather and ordered dinner. The reports were not favorable and Ben remarked to the waitress that it looked like they’d be staying right where they were for a few days. The waitress laughed and said it was okay with her. . she lived there! Then she informed him that all the dorm beds were taken and he’d be sleeping in his rig. . . .

It was around 2000 hours when the restaurant closed and Ben was forced to return to his rig where the cabin heater had finally gotten it quite warm and livable. After making certain adjustments to his rig, he climbed into the sleeper and was asleep in minutes.

It was perhaps midnight, maybe later, when Ben heard a pounding on the door to his rig. He turned on the light and saw a woman facing him through the window. She was dressed in light summer clothes and looked about half frozen. . . . He opened the door.

The woman stepped into the cab quickly and slammed the door shut. “It’s cold out there. . . I’m about frozen”, she said, “I’ve no place warm to go.”

“Where’d you come from?” Ben responded and she replied, “. . . .from that Mustang convertible over there. There’s no heat and the restaurant is all closed down. . . Please! I’m so cold.” As she spoke, she began to shiver. . . . .

Since there really wasn’t any option and if there had been, Ben would not have rejected it anyway, he said, “Welcome to my rig.” Once the question of her residence was settled, the two sat in the darkness of the cab and talked. “I’m Irene but people call me Renie”, she said. “I was on my way home from Las Vegas when the storm hit.”

Further conversation revealed that Renie had just gotten a divorce from an errant husband who had finally deserted her for another woman. She told the story calmly and matter-of-factly without rancor as Ben listened politely and decided she was an interesting person. She was returning to her school teaching job when she had become stranded and found herself without winter clothing in a car with no heat.

Then, as fatigue began to set in, Ben said, “Renie, you get the sleeper. Sorry the sheets have been slept on but there’s plenty of cover. I’ll take the drivers seat.”

“Like heck you will”, Renie replied, “That sleeper’s big enough for both of us and it’ll be warmer that way.” Ben was startled by the response as he sensed that she might be rather prudish and he stammered, “I don’t know. Being that close to a woman and especially one as desirable as you are. . . . . .”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a man too, big guy!” she replied, “Back home, I m known as an iceberg!” As Ben perceived her in the total darkness, she was removing her clothing and preparing for bed. Two minutes later, Ben and Renie were together in the tight quarters on the sleeper with only bare skin between them.

As they huddled for warmth, they talked and found that neither had been with a sex partner in over a year. . . . in Renie’s case, over three years! They spoke freely and Ben told of his divorce and the bitterness he’d felt at first; then, how he’d taken up long haul driving to overcome his strong feelings and how he’d slowly regained control over his life. Renie laughed gently as she kissed him.

The agreement had been made. . . . There was no discussion needed and none offered. Ben rolled on his side and pressed himself to her bared hip and arm. . . . His hands moved freely over her breasts as he kissed her. First the kisses were gentle, on the lips; then, wild and sensual as their tongues did a firey dance as they pressed for their mutual goal.

Hands roved freely performing caresses and enhancing the erotic sensations. They moved quickly; yet, they were in no hurry. They sought only new sensations and their lust was unbridled. . . . .

Their words were confined to short, terse phrases meant only to support and encourage their partner. In minutes, their previous lengthy abstinence was driving them towards a quick conclusion even as they fought to slow the process. Then, the resistance only heightened their need and their passions assumed new dimensions.

When Ben’s fingers felt the dampness of Renie’s pussy, he was surprised at how prepared she was when he rose over her to take her in the missionary position. He settled between her legs and felt her hands grasp his steel-hard member and position it for entry into her waiting depths.

Suddenly he remembered. . . he had no condom – no protection! He stopped. “I don’t have a condom”, he said. Renie laughed her gentle laugh again and pulled his member towards her waiting hole as she said, “This is a hell of a time to think of that. Put it in here and make me a baby. . . . .”

Ben drove himself into her with a fury . . . . from the initial insertion to the steady, fast rythum he drove himself, only to be matched by the fury of the woman under him. It was only a minute before Ben said, “I can’t hold it. I’m gonna come.” Then, Renie cried out, “Give it to me. . . .aaaah! Oh my! Oh my!. . .”

It was when Renie felt the semen spurting into her waiting belly that she also peaked and the lovers drew closer in the climax. Then, they lay, still joined, and enjoyed the perfect afterglow.

“Did you like it?” Renie asked in the time honored fashion of women everywhere after really good sex. “It was the best”, Ben replied in the time honored fashion of men everywhere. This time Ben meant it. . . it really was the best!

Then, before the lovers had become bored with their caressing and fondling and playing, they felt a new rising urgency. Renie responded first and rolled, still joined, on top of Ben where she took charge of the coitus. . . . .

She slowly massaged his re-energized phallus with her well lubricated vagina as she rode it up and down. They kissed and spoke words of encouragement as they fucked steadily. As she rode him, Ben kept his hands busy fondling her breasts and allowing himself to be used. . . Occasionally, they became aware of the blizzard howling outside the sleeper cabin and it seemed to add to the intensity of their act. It was almost as though the strength of nature about them was driving them to even greater passion. Ben heard himself saying, “This is the best ever. . .” and realized it was.

Meanwhile, over him, Renie drove herself to new levels of passion, pushing herself to her limits of strength and endurance. She liked Ben. . . .she liked what he was doing to her and she wanted to make it good for him as well. She was past the counting of her peaks and climaxes. . . .somehow, it had become difficult to tell when one left off and another commenced. . . .or maybe it was only one big one. She only knew that she’d never been this involved before. . . .

Finally, her strength was exhausted and she settled on to Ben to rest. “Roll me over and take me.” she said.

The night passed slowly as the lovers played and morning came when they were driven by hunger and need for relief to leave the sleeper.

For three days, the storm continued to expend it’s fury over the area so that nothing moved. Ben and Renie made frequent trips to the restaurant and truck stop where they dined and showered and bought suitable warm clothes for Renie. The rest of the time was spent either in bed or in conversation as they grew closer.

Then, on the morning of the fourth day, the cabin of the rig was filled with light. The storm had passed and the roads were being cleared. The lovers awoke excited and eager to get about in the world again.

After breakfast, Ben helped Renie get her car started and pointed towards the road. A road that had been plowed and de-iced and safe for travel.

As he watched her drive away, he felt a sadness! Then, he realized that he didn’t even have her last name. His sadness haunted him as he moved the big rig out on to the road and continued on his way.

He was deep in thought when he noticed a car behind him in his mirror. Blinking it’s headlights! He pulled his rig over to the shoulder and ran back to meet Renie. “I don’t even know your name!” she said. In a rush of excitement, they hugged and kissed and made arrangements to continue their relationship. A few minutes later, they parted again and Ben resumed his driving with a new energy. That was four years ago.

Today, Ben and Irene are married. . . . She teaches school in South Dakota and he covers the United States in his big rig. It’s a good marriage with Ben passing through South Dakota in his travels and Renie accompanying him in the rig when ever she can. The sex in the sleeper gets better all the time.

– The End –