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Tara and I had been together for about three months when she suggested that we involve another couple for intimate get-togethers. We went out and got a stack of swinger magazines and after pouring over dozens of ads, we decided the most discrete and safest ways to start out was a swingers club. That following Saturday night we went to the club. She was wearing a Tiger skin print dress, black thong panties and black bra. We met a couple and struck up a conversation. As the four of us became more comfortable with each other, his wife snuggled next to me while he started rubbing Tara’s back. Tara heard a song she liked and got on the dance floor alone, dancing very seductively and showing her pussy to the crowd and her new girlfriend. Somewhere during the talking, she had slipped into the restroom and removed her underwear. We were in a bar setting and waiting on a room to open up so the four of us could be alone. When Dan and I heard a room had opened up, the two of us went to check it out. I went back to get the girls, but Tara had stepped out into the parking lot. I followed her out there and she said she wanted to go home. On the way home, she said she didn’t feel comfortable about me watching another man fuck her.

The next day I suggested we try a three way and she agreed. We advertised for a man, and after numerous offers, we elected to meet one in a bar in the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago. We sat in a booth opposite each other. I had her wear a short black cotton skirt and a white blouse. Moments later, our guest appeared. After introductions Frank sat next to Tara. She was between Frank and the wall and from the waist down was out of sight from the rest of the bar. Three rounds of beer later, she started getting a funny look on her face. I knew Frank was finger fucking her. I looked over the top of the table and saw that she had pulled her skirt up and her bare ass was touching the vinyl of the seat. She had one leg draped over Frank’s and he had three fingers in her. We agreed it was time to leave and headed for Frank’s car. Tara insisted on sitting in the back. It was a short ride to the apartment and Tara boldly asked who would fuck her first.

When we got to the apartment, Tara got three more beers and sat between us. As we talked I pulled Tara’s left leg over my lap. Frank did the same. They started kissing and I pulled her top down. I could always tell how a fuck was going to go by how wet she got and how hard she liked her nipples played with. She got extremely wet that night. Slapping her pussy turned Frank on and he asked if he could slap her as well. She had never been disciplined by another man, but immediately submitted to two masters. I pulled and twisted her nipples until she would squirm with pain. I ordered her to go get her box of toys. When she returned I ordered her to strip. Now nude, I shackled her hands behind her and bent her forward, forcing her legs apart at the same time. I inserted a beer bottle in her pussy and worked another in her ass. Once she loosened up, I started fucking both holes with a vengeance. Frank wasn’t expecting any of this. I told him to go in front and give her mouth something to do. I removed both bottles and put the nipple clamps on as I whipped her ass and told her to take all of Frank into her mouth. He grabbed her hair and shoved his dick further down her throat. It wasn’t long til we retired to the bedroom. She put condoms on both of us with her mouth and Frank couldn’t contain himself any longer. Rolling her on her back, he grabbed both ankles and pulled them into the air. He started fucking her so hard, she couldn’t keep sucking me. She stopped him and asked him to lay on his back. Once prone, she mounted him and grabbed my hand. It was my signal to enter her ass. Frank and I took turns fucking every hole and in every position. Finally exhausted, we bid goodbye to Frank and called it a night.

The next encounter involved answering an ad from a guy, Ron, in the same apartment complex. We met him at a party thrown by the complex and he was eager to fuck Tara as soon as possible. She was less enthusiastic about him and we said we’d let him know. As the party wore on, Tara got more relaxed. Ron kept approaching her and telling her how much he wanted to put his dick in her. Every time she said she’d think about it, he walked over to his friends. I could tell the way they laughed and looked at her, he was telling them about her.

I finally asked Tara if she was ready to get gangbanged. She was apprehensive at first, she was still worried about how I would feel about her fucking others in my presence. I told her to relax and pick Ron and three of his friends. When we got back to the apartment we had a few more rounds of beer. I ordered Tara to strip again and lay on the coffee table. Immediately her cunt and mouth were filled with new cocks. After everyone had fucked her a couple of times, she wanted to be disciplined. I told her to put on her cuffs and collar. When she was ready, I sent Ron to lead her into the room on her hands and knees by the collar. We had rings in the living room wall. I secured her spread eagle facing us. Two sets on nipple clips on each nipple and a third on her cunt lips completed the start of the session. Two full beer bottles were attached to the clips on her pussy. I whipped her all over, but she especially having her nipples and pussy thrashed. She eventually was released and fucked a few more times. Soon after I was transferred from Chicago. We are looking for a new party in Phoenix.