Jobs have become very difficult to get and I had heard that it was not rare for female employers to take advantage of male interviewees.

So it was with some trepidation that I attended for interview at the local supermarket with a Mrs. Stacy. The interview went well, I was desperate for the job and all seemed fine until Mrs. Stacy smiled and said, “you seem an ideal candidate. Are you aware that sometimes employers decide between candidates on the basis of their willingness to cooperate in, what shall we say, perks”.

“Yes” I replied.

“And do you want this job enough to consider providing such perks”.

“Well yes I said depending on what they are”.

“To get this job you would have to be amenable to doing anything asked of you, we have hundreds of applicants”.

“I see I said, then I am prepared to assist in any way”.

“Right come with me and we’ll try you out” she said smiling, “we’ll go somewhere quiet”. I followed her out of her office and up some stairs. We went through an old storeroom containing paperwork records and eventually into a large room beyond.

The room was dusty and cluttered with old chairs and display cabinets. There were numerous old advertising boards and discarded office equipment, the windows looking onto other rooms hadn’t been cleaned in months.

We picked our way through the clutter and she stopped at a slightly clearer area.

“This will do she said smiling”, she dusted off an old chair and placed it in the middle of the space. “I am looking for someone who is prepared to be smacked, I like smacking I do it, extensively and often. You will have to be prepared to oblige me at any time and anywhere I say. Also I should warn you that I like smacking and caning very hard. In return I will make sure your job is very easy, I wouldn’t want you to be too tired”.

I nodded in answer to her questioning look.

“Okay then, bend over this chair”.

I bent over the chair. “Right over, she said, hold on to the bottom of the back legs”. I draped myself further over the chair and grasped the legs.

“Right I will give you a good spanking followed by a thrashing with the cane to give you an idea of what you will have to tolerate.

If you manage to make it to the end the job is yours if you accept the conditions”. “I will warm you up to start with a good hand spanking”.

With that she raised her hand and sent it crashing into me. My skin burned immediately. She began spanking hard and fast, with each blow from her hand I was propelled forward and had to hang on to the chair.

Twenty, thirty, I thought she would never stop but eventually she rested.

“Stay there she said while I recover some stamina”.

I waited bent over the chair.

“Right let’s get down to the more serious stuff then she said smiling.

A further twenty to warm up again and then well we shall see”. She began her assault on my flesh again with renewed vigor. Twenty times her hand connected with my skin feeling like fire every time. The twenty finished, she stood back and I waited for her instructions.

“Stand up”, she said. I extricated myself from my position and stood.

“You are managing quite well so far,” she said smiling, “however we now continue with you undressed. Strip off”.

I hesitated but that look again told me I had no choice, did she mean strip off altogether? I began to get undressed, as I got down to my last items of clothing she smiled and said “all off, I want you completely naked”.

I removed the last of my clothes and stood before her in the nude. She eyed me up and down with a look of keen anticipation. She could not suppress a smile as she said “resume your position over the chair”.

I draped myself back over the chair, the wood now cold against my bare skin.

“This will hurt rather more now with no clothes to protect you. I am going to enjoy this and give you a good spanking”.

True to her word she began smacking very firmly, the pain of her hand contacting my exposed flesh was now agony.

She spanked away for five minutes and then went off to get something. She returned carrying an old wooden hairbrush with an evil smile on her face. She began thrashing me with the brush, I writhed and wriggled but her unerring aim always found its target leaving me bruised and sore. After ten minutes of this she said, “stand”.

I stood and she said, “come with me”. She led me over to a wall, I had to carefully pick my way through the debris still in the nude to follow her. “Right” she said “stand a foot from the wall, feet two feet apart and up on your toes”. I did so and she resumed with the heavy wooden brush until I was black and blue. “Right its time for some caning come back to the chair”. I followed her back trying not to let everything wobble as I went. She looked back and smiled at my attempts at dignity as I picked my way back with no clothes on.

A cane appeared in her hand, she said “bend over, touch your toes, don’t let your fingers come off of them”.

I bent over and touched my toes. The cane burst into me stinging violently. She thrashed away with the cane for ten minutes. “Okay then, I am running out of time for the moment but we will have twelve more. Six easy ones and six hard, which would you like first”.

Easy I said. She whacked me six times rapidly and then stopped. “Six hard ones then”. Whack, the first bit into my flesh, I writhed and wriggled. “Don’t let those hands come off she warned”. Whack, another swipe made me feel as though I was on fire. Whack, whack, whack, three more shattering swipes. “Now, last one” she said, “this will be very hard, ready”. I made no reply. I heard the cane cutting the air and then it tore into me viciously. I held my breath waiting for the pain to subside. “There she said I enjoyed that. Stand up”. I stood. “Turn round”. I did so facing her still naked. She walked all around me eyeing me up and down. “Put your hands on your head and keep them there”. I did so.

“I am enjoying this”, “I think I will cancel my meeting”. She got out a mobile phone and called someone briefly and then replaced the phone. She walked round behind me and said, “now I am going to cane you more sporadically so you will not know when it is coming”.

I stood there my hands on my head waiting.

Swipe the cane bit hard and I did indeed jump. She laughed out loud, “sorry she said but I love it when you jump like that”. Twenty more vicious swipes landed and each time I was unprepared. “Right ten more and you can say when they land so you can either get it over with quickly or spread them out so they are not so painful”.

“Touch your toes again”.

“Are you ready for the first”. “Yes” I said. “Say please can I have my first swipe.”

“Please can I have my first swipe”.

Her cane swished into me hard, I recoiled. “Keep your fingers on your toes. When you are ready say please can I have the next swipe”.

I waited until the pain subsided a bit, “please can I have the next swipe”. “Certainly” she said and the cane landed searing into my flesh. Thankfully the bell on her mobile phone rang, she took a message and then said the session was over and to report for work on Monday.

I had at least got the job and I went home to nurse my poor flesh.