He forced her down on the bed, and as she knew it would, his hand came down hard on her backside. She breathed in deeply, but said nothing, and tipped her head into the bed, waiting for the rest.

“You’ve been willful all day slave,” he said softly, leaning across her and next to her ear, stroking her hair. ” But this too much even for you!” he was snarling now, and he dropped her hair and took a step back. “Now, you have one second to come down here of your own free will, or you’ll be begging me for your knees!” She turned her head, staring insolently at him, and did not move. She was too far into her training for this kind of behavior, but she had been feeling less than submissive since he came to get her. He had been lenient thus far, and she was pushing his limits. But this time, there would be no second warning… In a few moments she found herself in a very different position. She was stretched to her full height, her wrists bound and chained to the ceiling so that she had to stand on her tip toes to avoid suspending herself. Her ankles were shackled tightly together, and her master stood in front of her, gently touching her face. “Is this comfortable, slave?” She dared not give him any more reasons to be angry with her, and she shook her head, looking down. He strode behind her quickly, and gave her a spank with such force that she almost dropped off her toes, but she regained her balance in a second. “I think you’ll be answering any questions I ask you properly, yes, slave?” “Yes master.” She said, twisting her fingers to find a comfortable support, but there was none.

“I think I’ll take this time to lecture you slave , on the importance of obedience… oh and slave?” he said softly, leaning over her. “Yes, master?” she asked quietly. “I wouldn’t get tired…after you can’t support yourself anymore, I’m going to finish what I’ve almost started twice…I think we both agree that you deserve a spanking. But the longer I talk, I’ll probably be less angry, so it would probably be best for you to stay…on your toes. I like to keep you on your toes, slave…”

She breathed slowly, trying to relax, but that was very difficult with him breathing in her ear, running his hand along her side. He pushed as he did so, not heavily, but just gently, just enough to force her constantly to check her balance. He moved around to her front, and grabbed her nipple, twisting just a little, as though to remind her that he could. Next he reached for her navel ring, and she breathed shallowly, looking nervous. He pinched it in his fingers and began pulling it towards him . She leaned forward as far as her precarious position would allow, but she looked terrified…and he let it go. “No slave, I like it too much to hurt you with it.” She relaxed, grabbing for the chains that held her extended for support, but she could barely touch them. He grabbed her thigh then, and slid his hands down to her chained ankles. “Are you sorry, slave?”

“Yes, master.” She responded immediately, breathing worriedly and moving her toes. “But slave,” he said, more forcefully, grabbing her ankle tightly. “Are you sorry because you disobeyed me, or sorry because you are being punished?” She gasped, and looked at him in amazement. “I…I’m sorry because I disobeyed you, master.” He slapped her ankle, leaving her stinging and groaning.

“Don’t lie to me, slave.” he moved his hand down and touched the sole of her foot, and she jerked. He knew how ticklish she was. As his fingers brushed it softly, her body writhed. She was not willing to drop off her toes yet, but how could she help it? He stopped then, and looked at her. “So, why are you sorry, slave?” She moved her foot a little, still feeling the tingling sensation in on the sole.

“Because I’m being punished, master.” She said finally, straining, as her legs grew tired.

“I’ve only just begun to punish you, slave.” He reached for her ankles, untied them, and ran his finger up the inside of her thigh as she parted her legs to keep from falling, reaching once more for the chains, but again, finding them hard to grab. He stopped just as he reached her opening and, stood up, brushing along her as he did. “I think we’ve been through enough training to know that you must be obedient all the time…but I understand it’s difficult for you. However…” As he spoke, he slowly moved his fingers closer and closer to her, pinching her leg with every emphasized word…”I think you know that direct disobedience like what you’ve shown me today is to be severely punished.” He smiled as he leaned into her ear. “But I guess if you didn’t know it before, you know it now, don’t you slave?” He moved over to her other ear as he began caressing her thing as he often did when he was going to pleasure her as a reward. “Tell me, are your legs tired?” “Yes, master.” she whispered, looking very distressed, thinking of nothing but his hand on her leg.

“Don’t you wish,” he said thoughtfully, pulling back and looking at her, “That you had been on your knees all this time?”

“Yes, master.” She said, fervently this time, looking wishful.

“Then perhaps…next …time…you…will.” he emphasized each word with an open palm smack…not meant to hurt, only to remind her of what was coming the minute she tired…and what would be that much more severe the sooner she did. Then his fingers slid into her, and she cried out, surprised. He looked into her eyes and smiled condescendingly. “I see this has made you wet, slave. I wonder why… What is it that you want?”…. She moaned, for his fingers rested so close to that place deep within her that only he could find, but said nothing. He grabbed her collar with a finger and stared into her face. “Answer me!” She moaned for a moment, trying to pull back from him, gasping for breath.

“I…I want you to pleasure me.” He let her go and gave her a stern look.

“You should have considered that earlier, slave! I might have let you cum had you been well behaved…” his fingers slowly began moving at this, never reaching her g-spot, but caressing so close she thought she would go insane “…but alas, you weren’t. And that’s why you’re here. Perhaps I will do this until you beg…and then for a while longer…and then…” he paused for a moment, letting his words sink in. “I’ll give you the spanking you deserve. Nothing more.” She moaned again, and then careful began letting her heels drop…perhaps just another fraction of an inch, and he would be touching her…

“I wouldn’t, slave.” he said casually, pulling his finger back just slightly.

“The moment your feet leave the ground, and I assure you slave, I’ve tied you high enough that they will, you are going to feel the results of your insolence on your backside, and I have not cooled down just yet.” She nodded and pulled herself back up straight, but he went back to his gentle caressing and she thought she would die, whether from the ache in her lower legs or from the ache deep within her she didn’t know… Suddenly, his face was close to hers again, suckling her neck, alternately biting and sucking small red and blue bruises to the skin. She looked at the ceiling thinking “How can he punish me with pleasure, and yet pleasure me with punishment?” She knew that this teasing truly was her punishment, and as his finger moved quicker and closer, so finally, with a heavy moan, lowered herself off her feet until he was touching her g-spot. She hung suspended, if only slightly, and she reached for the ground but her tired feet had given out and for one second, he skillfully drove her to greater depths of need. But then, he stopped, and she realized he had only been assuring that her torment would be great, indeed.

“Very well, slave. If that is what you want, I can accommodate.” She reached above her, and found that she could now grab the chains. She pulled herself up a little more, but found this just as precarious and exhausting as her last position; she now supported herself by her own hands… As she hung there supporting herself, she heard the swing of something through the air, and she gasped and braced her self the best she could for the blow…but it never came. He walked over in front of her. “I have five questions I need answered slave. After you answer each one you’ll get one with the paddle. That’s not many for what you’ve done…you should have expected ten times that. But, if you don’t answer, I can leave you here for a very long time…” he walked back behind her and leaned almost over her…”Tell me, who do you belong to?” That one was easy enough, and she bowed her head and said “You, master!” In a half a second, she felt the blow explode in pain across her, and swung forward helplessly, surprised…this was not the response she was used to after answering questions.

“And why are you here, slave?”

“Because…because I was bad, master. I disobeyed you.”

She gasped out, and should heard him whisper “That’s two” in her ear as he swung the paddle. Then he reached up to her legs, which were pulled up vulnerably, and teased within her as she gasped and breathed. She shuddered with such a violent force as to swing herself, and he rewarded her with a good hard swat of his hand. “That doesn’t count slave…” he told her, and leaned to her other ear as he still touched temptingly within her. “The next two are very important, slave, so think carefully about the answers…” As he spoke, she swung her feet back down, trying to get away from him, supporting herself again on her toes, but his torturous teasing drove her insane. “Who are you, and why must you obey me? And why will you learn to obey me slave?” “I am your…slave…master.” she whispered, gasping as he touched her. “I must obey because I am yours!”

“And why will you? You want to obey me, don’t you, slave?”

“Yes! Yes, master.” she cried, writhing with the agony of unfulfilled desire. As his two blows descended, she cried out, moaning and twisted and gasping all at once. In her mind, she considered that that had been three questions…but she knew better than to say anything, now.

“And where do you want to be slave?”

She gasped and moaned for a moment more but finally, she looked at him with pleading eyes and whispered “At your feet, master.” He brought the paddle across her one more time while his other finger drove a little deeper into her, and she moaned again and again, her body aching to be satisfied. Then, as swiftly as he had done it, he lifted her off her toes, unchained her so that she came away in his arms, and set her onto the floor. He looked at her expectantly and she crawled over to him, gasping as she did, knelt down as he wished, and kissed his feet…