Sleen spent a hand, recuperating. Her lips and throat hurt. Worse yet, her ego had been bruised. The place she had in the world seemed tenuous. No longer an Amazonian warrior, she was reduced to kneeling before men and begging their favor. She still had enough pride to wear it around her in a dignified cloak, though she had no clothing.

Her Master came for her. Sleen had been sleeping in her kennel. He said very little as he had her removed from the cage. Being a tall girl, she naturally enjoyed looking about when she was moved. But he stifled her instinct to know where she was. The uncertainty would be a useful training device; a slave hood was placed over her head and laced in place.

Fear swept through her as darkness descended upon her. Two burly guards grabbed her arms and bound them behind her back as she struggled to free herself from the blinding darkness. Laughter, cold and ugly, chilled her heart as she sought freedom with a twist of her hips. A sharp slap landed on the side of her hooded face forcing her into a state of wary unrest. “Be still, cunt.” came the growl.

Sleen’s heart hammered in her chest as the blood rushed in her ears, deafening her. She shrank between the two large men. She shuffled on bare feet and gasped as a hand pinched a nipple cruelly. The nipple throbbed from the unexpected attack but she only heard laughter as she turned her head from side to side as she tried to hear through the muffling slave hood. For that, she received another cuff to the side of her head. “Slut.” The word was growled.

Tingles raced over her skin, making her overly aware of the air currents as they played across her skin. Every sense was painfully heightened as she fought to control that which she could not.

Her walk was not a long one and ended with her feet climbing a short set of stairs. Her hands were unbound and raised above her head and rebound to a thick wooden pole. It was smooth and smelled faintly of leather and feminine sex. Rough hands stroked her flesh. One cupped her breast and squeezed it painfully before rolling the nipple between thick callused fingers. The hood muffled her cries.

Her body squirmed as she felt the harsh fingers explore her flesh roughly. She was pushed and forced to kneel at the post until her back was stretched and her hips were displayed, pulled back until she was stretched out with her thighs spread and her ass in the air.

A boot nudged her knees farther apart until her thighs were splayed widely and her wet slit and asshole were exposed for view. Hard rough fingers stroked her cunt and rolled in the slick wetness; then pressed up against her ass, opening the virgin hole. “You are to be trained to take a mans shaft inside your ass. It will hurt.” He said with a chuckle. “Struggling will only make it hurt worse, slut.” Her body tightened at his cold words.

He withdrew his fingers and a moment later she felt a cold jelly smeared on her tight little hole. His finger followed and slid into her ass up to the knuckle. “Ahhh, there’s a girl, take it all. It’s not much, a small kindness really. This is likely all the warm up you are going to get.” He said, as he twisted that finger inside her ass, and stroked the inner walls of her rectum.

She tried to pull her knees together and found he’d placed a block of wood between them. She moaned her dismay and heard his chuckle in response. His thick finger entered her rectum and was followed by a second. He took his time in reaming out her ass and as she moaned, squirming to the new sensations, his fingers pumped in and out of her body.

The first thrust had made her tighten to reject the foreign object but he paid no attention to her soon to be used orifice and continued working on her asshole. He dug his finger in the lubricating jelly and pushed a cold dollop of it inside her ass and she squirmed again.

“Stupid slut.” He said with a snort. “Doesn’t even know what’s good for her.” He pulled his fingers out and wiped them on her cunt. He took perverse pleasure in circling her clit but was careful never to touch it. He was enjoying the view and the sinuous slide of her hips as she tried to capture his fingers. He slapped her cunt and then got up.

“Well whore, it’s up to you now. Lets see if your asshole will make me some coin.” He chuckled darkly. “Did I mention that you are on display in the courtyard? Any stranger, with the coin, can have at your ass. If you earn me less than a days wages, you of course, will regret it.”

With that said and a friendly slap to her ass he walked off. She was left alone to think on her predicament. She pulled on her arms, trying to gain her freedom when a dark voice, only half remembered, spoke to her.

“Well, well, well, little slut. We meet again, and you offer me your ass this time? How inviting!”

The tone was unmistakable and she could see the glittering blade in her minds eye. Her body trembled in fear as she listened to him as best as she could through the slave hood. She was hot, her face was sweaty and made her hair stick to her face beneath the hood. She was certain she would pass out.

“The sign above you says, “Train My Asshole, Please. Two copper pennies.” He read, amused. Coins jangled and were dropped in a box above her head. She shivered as both coins were lost in the box above her. She was about to be raped by the man she feared the most. The killer.

It could have been the fear, or even the slave hood; but her pussy was wet and it glistened, eager for use. She could vaguely hear him behind her and try as she might, her helpless body was his for the taking, the only thing she could hope for was mercy from this man.

Sleen felt him test her lubricated asshole with his fingers and then, what she assumed was the head of his cock, pressed into her ass. She moaned softly as the pressure increased and it was forced in. It was hard, rigid, and weighted.

He moved and when next she heard him, he was at her ear and he murmured. “Tell me slut, do you like knives in your ass? How does mine feel?” The knife handle pumped in and out of her ass slowly. She squirmed helplessly, a whore bound for the pleasures of men; in whatever form they wanted.

“That’s it slut.” He said. “Fuck my blade well. Or I will be forced to slit you open and make your asshole ready for my cock.”

She believed every word he uttered and as the threat spilled from his lips, her bladder released, splattering the wooden block between her knees and the block she was set up on with golden fluid.

Her fear was met with laughter and the hilt was removed. Sleen could only tremble as her mind was brutally raped. Her descent into complete submission sank to a new low as she waited for her what she thought would be her certain death.

The silence stretched on for so long she began to wonder if he had simply left her, content to terrify her and make her wet herself. As she moved to find a more comfortable position, she felt the bite of the blade on an inner thigh and she screamed a terrified wail into the hood that blinded her. Dark laughter swallowed her as she gave in to the fear and humiliation.

Gloved hands parted her already opened ass-cheeks and the soft rounded head of his warm cock was felt at her back door. She moaned into her hood as the relentless pressure continued to push into her. She was helpless to retreat from the assault.

When the head finally pushed thru the first two rings of her sphincter she gasped in pain. Her brown-eye throbbed with the forced entry. Every muscle in her body was tightened and she could hardly breathe. He was enormous. His cock felt like it was splitting her asunder and she had no choice in the matter.

He grunted once after entering her and then sighed as the overwhelming tightness of her ass closed about his fuck pole. He turned his palms down on her ass to support himself and lifted some as he leaned on his cock and it began its inevitable descent into her virgin body cavity.

Each fat inch of his cock sank into her bowels and she moaned in agony. The pain was nearly overwhelming. Once the full length of his cock was sheathed in her ass he stopped. She was gasping for air and a way to manage the pain. He shifted behind her and a biting pain was felt on her right nipple. With a scream and a lunge back she sought to be freed of the pain.

Her nipple was clamped and a weight dangled from it to sway with each sharp movement of hers. The lunge itself completed the depth of his thrust and he pulled himself almost out of her ass before she screamed with his next thrust. The pain of her nipple outweighed the pain that was receding in her ass, and when he thrust in again she moaned.

His hands braced on her ass as he lifted himself up and pistoned into her ass with quick short thrusts. The pain had slowly turned to pleasure and when he began to slam-fuck her asshole, her moans turned to heated cries of pleasure.

The speed of his slamming thrusts increased until the smack of sweaty skin could be heard halfway across the courtyard. His grunts matched her moans. He looked down to watch the thick length of his cock disappear into her tight asshole.

She groaned as she felt his cock thicken and the thrusts become more savage. Sleen’s body was no longer her own and it jerked with each thrust. He took a moment to wrap his enormous hands around her waist and then jerked her body onto his. The feel of his complete dominion over the very flesh she lived in made her relax into his grip and she became the fuck toy of men. Wholly helpless in her desire to be owned she yielded to her own needs and began to cum.

Her abused asshole clenched on his cock as she suffered the first of several small orgasms. The thick feel of his cock in her ass intensified and then without warning, he exploded in her rectum. She could feel each pulsing throb as he jerked into her body, depositing the slick seed deep within her waiting orifice.

She hung limply from her bonds as she languished in the thrilling ride of her orgasm. It didn’t last long. The clip was removed and her nipple freed from its forgotten restraint. She jumped and he thrust into her one last time.

Spent, he left the newly awakened whore to her destiny. Men were already lined up to be the next to use the freshly opened animal and as he walked away he heard her saying; “Thank you Master. Thank you for teaching this girl.”

By the end of the afternoon, Sleen’s ass was filled with more than a dozen deposits and cum ran from her ass between her legs to splatter on the ground between them.

Sleen was learning.

– To Be Continued –