Chapter 16

Mark and Randy made it back to town in near record time. Mark barely had enough time to explain the whole story to him before they pulled into his driveway. They both jumped out and went down into the basement. Mark fired up his computer and inserted a blank cd into the drive. He began to copy all of the pictures he had saved without the girls’ knowledge. As they were being burned onto the cd, he decided to call each of their houses, just to make sure. There was no answer at Sheri’s, Tanya’s mother said that she had gone camping with Sheri and Amy and wouldn’t be back until Sunday. He got the same story from Amy’s mother. He hung up the phone and looked up at Randy.

“Fuck! Those bastards have them, all right.” The door opened on his cd burner and he retrieved the disc from it, then shut down his computer. They ran back upstairs and jumped back into the minivan.

As they drove in silence toward the police station, Randy spoke up. “Shit! I just remembered where I’ve seen that van! The black one!” Mark looked expectantly at him. He continued. “It’s that guy who works at the plant . . . uh, Rick or maybe . . .” His face suddenly lit up. “Ralph! Ralph Hodgkins! He lives on Dunbar Street!” He banged his hand on the steering wheel and looked at Mark. “I knew I’d remember eventually!”

Mark nodded. “Yeah! That’s it! I know who he is! He works at the paper plant! And he hangs out with John and Bill! I’ve seen them together quite a bit!” Suddenly, it all made sense. His stomach knotted when he thought of how close they had been to the girls. If they had only arrived a few minutes earlier. Then he reconsidered. No. Then he and Randy would have been taken, too. They couldn’t leave any witnesses. At least with what he and Randy had figured out, there was a chance of rescuing them. If it wasn’t already too late.

They made the final turn and they could see the sign ahead for the police station. Now came the hard part. There were sure to be a lot of questions that he would rather not have to answer, but it was the only way to save his friends – his girlfriend. Because that was how he thought of Tanya. And he would do whatever he could to save her.

Chapter 17

Tanya sat down on the closed toilet lid and began to cry, her head in her hands. Sheri and Amy stood at the sink, each wetting a washcloth. They looked at each other sadly, then Amy went over and knelt next to Tanya. “Hey, come on. We’ll get through this!” Tanya looked up at her, her face stained with tears and cum. Amy smiled and began to wipe her face clean. “Try to be strong, Tanya.” Tanya sniffed and nodded, then took the washcloth Amy offered her. She scrubbed the cum from her face and checked her hair. She found a few sticky gobs of it there and started to clean it, looking up at her friends. Sheri had already washed her face and was now gingerly wiping it between her legs, wincing as the cloth touched her sore labia. Amy had found another washcloth and was leaning over the sink, cleaning her own face.

“What are we going to do?” Tanya cried, her voice wavering as she fought back tears. “I can’t take much more of this!”

Sheri dropped her washcloth into the sink and went over to her, kneeling down. “We have to escape.” She motioned for Amy to turn on the water, then beckoned her over. In a hushed voice, she said, “There are only four now, and they’re all starting to drink quite a bit.” She paused, cocking her head toward the door, then satisfied no one was listening, continued. “What we need to do is play them off against one another. Get them fighting among themselves. Hopefully, we can get them worked up enough that we’ll be able to make a break for it. We may have a chance in the woods in the dark.” The others looked dubious and she shrugged. “Unless one of you has a better plan.” They sat in silence for a moment and Amy shook her head.

“No. I’ve got nothing. What do you think, Tanya? Can you do this?” Tanya closed her eyes and nodded.

“I think so.”

Sheri took their hands in each of hers. “Ok. Follow my lead.” She squeezed Tanya’s hand. “If you don’t want to do anything to antagonize them, just watch for a signal from myself or Amy to make a run for it, ok?” There was a loud banging on the door and it burst open just as Sheri and Amy stood up. Bill loomed in the doorway, his eyes dark.

“What the fuck are you up to?” he growled, turning off the water. They didn’t reply. He glared at them for a long moment, then stood aside. “Get to your room. We’ll bring in your supper.”

“Can’t we at least take a shower?” Sheri asked, her eyes meeting his as she went past him.

“Maybe later,” he growled, sneering. “We’re not finished with you yet!” They all filed out of the bathroom and into the room they had been put into when they were first brought there. Three t-shirts from their packs were lying on the bed. “You can put those on to eat,” Bill said, “but don’t get too comfortable in them!” With that, he pulled the door closed and left them alone in the small room. Tanya quickly grabbed up and sorted the shirts, keeping one she recognized as hers and passing the other two to Sheri and Amy. They slipped into them and although they had no underwear, the shirts were just long enough to cover their hips. It felt good to have anything on, Amy thought. Sheri immediately went over to the small window, but there were several boards nailed on from the outside, leaving just enough space between them for light to filter in. They weren’t going to get out that way.

“Shit,” she whispered, turning to them, “They’ve been planning this for a while!” They all sat down on the double bed and leaned against the wall, listening to the murmur of voices from the other room, punctuated by the occasional laugh and shout. They also heard the clinking of beer bottles. That could be good or it could be very bad. If they were drunk enough, it would make escape easier. But drunks tended to get mean, and Bill had already warned them that they planned to have some more fun at their expense after supper. And these cocksuckers were already mean enough!

Half an hour passed before the door opened again. Jerry came in with a big plate of hot dogs, six in all. He set it on the tiny dresser under the window and eyed the three, who watched him silently without moving a muscle, only their eyes following his every move. He began to feel uncomfortable under their expressionless gaze and quickly left the room, closing the door behind him. As soon as he did, Sheri grinned and got up to get the food. “I think we spooked him,” she whispered as she sat back down between them. They all smiled and began to eat. They would need their strength later.

Fifteen minutes later, they had eaten all the hot dogs and set the plate back on the dresser. A few minutes later, the door opened again and Bill came in. They tried sitting perfectly still as they had for Jerry, but Bill wasn’t buying it. “Don’t try pulling that shit on me!” he snarled. “Now, get out here! We got dishes that need washed!” He went back out into the main room and the three girls exchanged looks. Sheri stood up.

“So now we’re the fucking maids, too!” she said in a voice loud enough to carry into the other room. Amy and Sheri got up and they heard Bill call out.

“That’s right! You’re not just the maids, you’re the fucking maids. You clean and fuck!” This was greeted by a loud round of laughter and Sheri rolled her eyes.

“I guess I could have worded that a little better,” she said under her breath as they all went out into the main room.

Bill pointed to the pile of dirty dishes in the sink and they went over and got started. They could feel the eyes on them as they worked and even though they were at least partially covered, they all felt naked under their leering stares.

They finished the chore and turned to face their tormentors. They were all sitting around that table, drinking beer and chatting amiably, as if they were just a group of friends at the cabin for the weekend. John noticed they were done with the dishes and nudged Bill, gesturing toward the girls with his head.

“Ah, all done? Good! Now we can get back to the party!” Bill said with an evil grin. The others sat back and looked over at them. Amy stood in the middle and she reached out, grasping Tanya’s hand and Sheri’s and giving them a reassuring squeeze. Bill stood up and came over to them. The others got up as well, but stayed near the table. Bill stood before them, looking them over with that same annoying grin. Suddenly, he reached out and grabbed Sheri by the arm, pulling her toward him with such force that she stumbled, nearly crashing into him. She caught her balance at the last minute and looked up into his leering face. He was close enough that she could smell the sour odor of beer on his breath. He leaned in closer. “I believe I promised you a special treat in the woods, but we were interrupted before we could do it!” he hissed. Sheri gave him a puzzled look, but he only grinned wider. “Don’t remember? That doesn’t matter.” He hauled her over to the table while Steve took Amy and Tanya by the arms and led them over to a couple of chairs that were sitting next to it. He yanked off their shirts and sat them down on the chairs facing the table. Bill looked over at them. “I thought you two would like a front row seat for this!” he said, then pulled Sheri’s shirt off. He bent her over the table as he had earlier, but this time, Jerry and John each pulled an arm straight out to the side and held her in place. Sheri struggled in vain as Bill produced two short lengths of rope and knelt down to tie one to each of her ankles.

“What’s the matter?” Sheri said in a mocking tone. “Afraid I’m too strong for you?”

He didn’t reply, just wrapped the other ends around the legs of the table and pulled them so that Sheri’s legs were spread wide, then secured them with a strong knot. Next, he went over to the cupboard and got something from a drawer. He came back over to her, leaning down so that his lips were touching her ear. “This is for fucking with me, bitch!”

He went around behind her and unzipped his pants, dropping them to his ankles. Amy and Tanya watched as he opened a tube and squeezed some kind of gel onto his hand. He grinned at them, them began to spread it over his hard cock, making it glisten in the bright light of the overhead lamp. Then he squeezed out a little more and began to spread it over Sheri’s asshole. Her eyes grew wide as she realized what he had planned and she renewed her struggle. “No!” she screamed. But her legs were held tight and John and Jerry were much too strong for her. She let out a cry of anguish as he pushed his greasy finger into her tiny asshole, pushing a good amount of KY in as well. Despite her best efforts to be brave, Sheri wasn’t ready for this.

“Please,” she whimpered. “Please, no! I’m begging you!” Bill grinned over at Amy and Tanya, whose mouths had dropped open as they watched their friend pleading for him not to fuck her anally. Amy made a move to get up, but Steve pushed her back down and held her firmly, his fingers digging painfully into the flesh of her shoulder.

Bill just laughed and jabbed his finger up her asshole as far as he could. Sheri cried out, then sobbed, “Please, no . . .” Bill really seemed to be enjoying her pain. He stepped up behind her and placed his cock at her little rosebud, and pushed. Sheri shrieked, her body tensing and tears of fear and pain flowing across her face as her anus was slowly stretched to accommodate the thick penis. Amy and Tanya closed their eyes and Tanya covered her ears, trying in desperation to block out Sheri’s cries. But Steve pulled her hands away from her ears and pulled back on their hair, forcing them to watch. Sheri felt her ass opening, being stretched so bad that she was certain he was tearing her flesh. She screamed and twisted, trying to get away, to no avail. Bill grimaced as his head finally slipped inside her tight ass, then took a moment to catch his breath.

“Whew!” he said, grinning at the others. “You guys have got to try this! She is so fucking tight!” They all agreed, nodding their heads. Amy and Tanya’s hearts thudded in their chests, knowing it would only be a matter of time before they would be suffering the same fate.

Sheri was in a lot of pain. Bill’s cock was stretching her more than she thought was possible. She looked up to see Amy and Tanya watching her, tears running down both of their faces. She was trying to be strong, but this was more than she could handle and she was ashamed for behaving like this in front of them. She while he paused to catch his breath, she felt her anus relax a little and the pain eased slightly.

Suddenly, Bill thrust forward, pushing the entire length of his thick cock into her ass in one slow, but steady thrust. Sheri’s eyes widened and she screamed louder than she ever had before, her cries almost deafening in the small cabin, before turning into great heaving sobs. Her ass felt like it was on fire and the pain was so intense she could see black spots before her eyes. Bill leaned over her, his breath hot in her ear. “If you think it hurts now, wait until we fuck for a while!” He pulled out, the pain flaring up again, then drove back in. She screamed again, but her cries were becoming weaker, her voice cracking. Bill reamed his tool in and out of her burning asshole mercilessly, seeming to enjoy the pain he was inflicting on her. Finally, he pulled his cock out and stepped around to her face.

He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head up, pushing his smelly cock in her face. “Clean it, bitch!” he growled. Sheri, barely conscious, automatically opened her mouth and took the shitty smelling cock into it. Bill grinned, gripped her head, and shoved it all the way in, gagging her. He pulled back out and Sheri coughed for a moment, then spit, trying to get the disgusting taste from her mouth. But Bill pushed back in and began to fuck her mouth, moving faster and faster until he pushed it in and held it, groaning loudly as he came, filling her mouth with his seed. Sheri was too dazed to swallow it and most just drooled over her lower lip and onto the table.

He finished up and withdrew his cock, dropping her face into the puddle of cum. He looked around. “Ok, who’s next?” John raised his hand, and looked over at Amy, an evil smile on his face. Amy shuddered and closed her eyes, wishing they would just kill them and get it over with.

Chapter 18

Mark sat across the desk from the duty officer at the police station, who was examining the cd he had brought in with the pictures on it. The nameplate on the desk said his name was Sargent Wilkes, a tall, balding man in his early forties with clear blue eyes that seemed to look straight into Mark’s mind. He eyed him suspiciously and set the cd down on his desk.

“Now, let me get this straight. You’re telling me that this disc contains actual pictures of two men brutally raping two eighteen year old girls?” Mark nodded. Wilkes pursed his lips and fixed his eyes on Mark’s. “And tell me again how you came to be in possession of these pictures.” Mark sighed and repeated the story he had already told twice before to him.

“If you’ll just look at them, you’ll see I’m telling the truth!” he added in a pleading voice when he had finished recounting the story. “My friends are in a lot of trouble!” Wilkes seemed unimpressed, but he inserted the cd into the disc drive of his computer and brought up the pictures. His eyes widened as he scanned through them, then glanced over at the boy sitting across from him.

“Well, I’m no expert, but they certainly look real,” he said, going back to the screen. “Why wouldn’t these girls . . .uh, Sheri Bonham and Amy McKnight . . .”

“And Tanya Marshall. She’s the one who took them,” Mark interrupted. Wilkes shot him a stern look, then continued.

“Ok, and Tanya Marshall,” he said, jotting her name down with Amy and Sheri’s. He looked back up at Mark. “Why didn’t they bring these pictures to us right away? You said this happened a week ago.” His eyes narrowed. “And you had knowledge of it. Are you aware that by not reporting a felony, especially something as serious as rape, you could be charged as an accessory?”

Mark swallowed hard. “N . . .no, sir, I didn’t know that. They swore me to secrecy. They said they wanted to handle it on their own. They were afraid that if their . . .if . .” He took a deep breath. “They didn’t want people to find out that they were . . . lovers.” He lowered his head. Once again he felt guilty for betraying Sheri and Amy, but there was no other way.

Wilkes considered his words, then nodded. “I see. And these two guys in the pictures . . . Bill Carson and John Williams, have proof of their . . . relationship?”

Mark nodded. “They took some pictures and blackmailed them, forcing them to . . . have sex with them.”

Wilkes studied his notes for a moment, then looked back up to Mark. “This really isn’t much to go on,” he said. Mark opened his mouth to protest, but Wilkes held up a hand, silencing him. “I know what you’re going to say, and I will look into it. I’ll track these two guys down and question them. But first I’ll have to call the girls’ parents and make sure that they’re not off somewhere else.” He stood up and held out his hand to Mark, who shook it. “In the meantime, stay close to home and if you can think of anything else, call me.” He passed him his card. Mark sighed and turned to leave. “Oh, and don’t try to find these guys on your own. If what you’ve told me is true, then they are very dangerous. These are serious charges with some very lengthy prison terms. If you push them, there’s no telling what they might do.” He stared intently at Mark, who nodded and left the office.

Once outside, Mark got into the passenger seat of Randy’s minivan, a sullen look on his face.

“What happened?” Randy asked. “Are they going to arrest them?”

Mark shook his head. “He said they would question them, for all the good that’s going to do. They’ll just claim it was consensual and if they have the girls locked up somewhere, they won’t be able to file a complaint.” He looked over at Randy. “I have to find them. And fast.”

Randy started the van. “Just tell me what I can do to help.” They left the police parking lot, heading toward the plant to see if Ralph’s van was there.

Chapter 19

Tanya gripped Amy’s arm as John moved toward them. Bill hauled Sheri’s limp body from the table and half carried, half dragged her over to one of the couches and dropped her onto it. She was breathing heavily and her ass burned like a hot poker had been shoved into it. Beads of perspiration coated her face and body and she was whimpering and sobbing softly. Her hair was a messy tangle, damp from sweat and clinging to her skin, with streaks of drying cum splattered here and there in it. She watched with vacant eyes as John advanced toward Amy and Tanya. Steve relaxed his grip on their shoulders as John got closer.

“Grab me a blanket from the bedroom, would you, Steve?” John asked, not taking his eyes off the two girls. Steve grinned and went into the bedroom, returning a second later with a large quilt. “Just spread it out on the floor,” John said, gesturing to a spot in front of the couch Sheri was on. As Steve began laying the thick quilt on the floor, John turned back to them, his eyes flicking over their naked flesh before locking on Amy’s. “This is going to be sweet, you fucking whore,” he snarled as he grabbed her wrist and yanked her from the chair. Tanya lost her grip on her arm as Amy stumbled to her feet. John pushed her toward the quilt and gave Tanya an evil sneer. “Don’t worry . . . we have something special planned for you!” Tanya shrank back into the chair, her heart thumping. She stole a quick glance at the front door, but Jerry saw her and stepped between her and freedom, folding his arms over his chest.

“Don’t even think about it!” he said with a shake of his head.

Amy was pushed over to the quilt, then John shoved her to her knees. She was facing Sheri and she could see the tears welling up in Sheri’s eyes. She tried to give her a brave smile, but Sheri knew all too well what she was about to go through and her heart was breaking.

“On your hands and knees!” John demanded, pushing her head forward. Amy fell forward, putting her arms out at the last second to stop her face from slamming into the floor. She felt hands grab her waist and hoist her up so that her ass was pointing up. She heard Tanya begin to cry again somewhere behind her, but she kept her head down, not wanting Sheri to see the fear in her eyes. She heard the sound of a fly opening and the shuffle of John taking off his pants. She tried to prepare herself for what was coming, and hoped she could take it. She couldn’t forget Sheri’s anguished screams and the look of pain on her face. Despite her small size, Sheri was a strong willed person and the pain must have been very intense for her to break down the way she did.

She felt a finger on her ass and a cold sensation as John spread the KY lotion over her virgin back door. She grit her teeth and only grunted as his finger slipped in and pushed more of the slippery gel inside her. All this time, she kept her face buried in her arms.

John finished lubing up her ass and his hard shaft and wiped his hands on a piece of paper towel. He tossed it aside, then straddled her hips, pushing his cock against her tiny, puckered asshole. Amy braced herself as he started to apply pressure. She squeezed her cheeks together as hard as she could. There was no way she was going to make this easy for him. After a few frustrating seconds of getting nowhere, John leaned over and whispered, “Look, bitch. I am going to fuck your ass. We can do the easy way or the hard way, but it will happen!” He tried again, but Amy wouldn’t let up. “Ok, if that’s the way you want it!” he said, and slapped her hard on the ass. She yelped and jumped a little, more startled than hurt. Then he reached between her legs and located her clit. He pinched it between his fingers, digging his nails into the sensitive sex organ. Amy cried out in pain.

“Owww!! All right!! All right!!” John grinned and released her clit, then positioned his cock at her ass again. This time Amy didn’t resist, but it still took a few attempts before he stretched her enough to push the head of his hard cock in. Despite her best efforts, Amy cried out, putting her mouth on her arm to muffle her scream. John ignored her cries. As soon as he had the tip inside her, he pushed steadily in until his entire length was buried in her bowels. Then he began to move, fucking her tight ass slowly.

Amy couldn’t stop the tears. The pain was so bad that she thought she was going to pass out. Her body felt like he was tearing her in half as his big cock slid deep into her bowels over and over. She knew it was going to hurt, but this was much worse than she had imagined. As John began to move faster, she felt herself getting weaker and was having a hard time maintaining her balance. Her knees wobbled and she almost fell to the floor, but John reached around her waist and held her up, then kept fucking her aching ass.

She completely lost track of time. He may have raped her for a few minutes, or a few hours. All she knew was the deep throbbing in her ass and the burning pain every time his cock slid in or out. With a groan, John pulled his cock from her tortured ass. It remained a huge, gaping hole when he withdrew, looking nothing like the small puckered pink opening it had once been. He quickly moved around to her head. He dropped to his knees, stroking his cock with one hand. He grabbed a handful of her once sleek, silky hair and pulled her face up, pointing his cock at it.

“Open up, slut!” he commanded, giving her hair a good yank. Amy cried out, opening her mouth. He pushed his filthy penis into her mouth and pumped it back and forth a few times. “Suck it!” he hissed. Amy tried to close her lips around the smelly shaft and suck, but her strength was sapped. Finally, he gave up and pulled it from her mouth. He pumped it, still aiming it at her open mouth, until he erupted in her face, covering her pretty cheeks and small nose with gobs of sticky white jism. He shot again, this time hitting her lips and open mouth. Then he pushed it back in and pumped a few times before letting her head drop back to her arms. He stood up, then picked up his pants and looked down at her abused body. “Remember that the next time you think about fucking with me, bitch!” He went into the bathroom to get cleaned up while Amy collapsed to the floor and curled into the fetal position, huge sobs wracking her tortured body.

Bill was sitting on the other couch, watching this with a little smile on his lips. He glanced over at Sheri, who had her face buried in her hands. Tanya was watching, and openly weeping. He wondered with amusement if the tears were for her friend or because she knew she was next.

While all this was going on, Steve had stood behind Tanya, ready to move quickly if she tried to get up. But she didn’t and he watched as John fucked the pretty brunette nearly unconscious and wondered when his turn would come. Jerry stood watching from his position in front of the door. He glanced over at Sheri once in a while, but she was in no condition to try an escape. As he watched John shoot his load into Amy’s face, he knew she was in the same shape as her friend and also posed no risk. John emerged from the bathroom a moment later, zipping up his fly.

Bill stood up and went over to the fridge. “Why don’t we take a little break while John and I recover. Then you two can do whatever you want with these two . . .” He gestured to Amy and Sheri, “. . . while John and I take care of Red.” He grinned and winked at Tanya as he passed out beers to the others. They all mumbled in agreement, then they went outside to the porch to drink their beer, leaving the three girls alone inside.

Sheri and Tanya exchanged a look, then at the same time they both got up and went over to Amy’s crumpled form on the floor. Sheri was on the couch only a couple of feet from her, but Tanya was the first one there. Sheri found it hard to move. The entire lower portion of her body throbbed with pain and it hurt even to crawl the two feet to where Amy lay.

“Amy?” Tanya said softly, stroking her hair. Sheri crawled over and lifted her face gently. Amy’s eyes fluttered open and tears welled up in her eyes again. Her pretty face was cum-streaked and twisted into a grimace of pain and hurt. She began to cry again and Sheri pulled her head to her shoulder, feeling her own throat constrict as tears ran down her cheeks.

They stayed like that for a few moments until Amy pulled her head up and looked at Sheri. “Why? Why did they do that?” she blurted between sobs. Sheri shook her head sadly. “We did everything they wanted us to!” Amy continued. “Why? . . .”

Sheri helped her to her feet and she and Tanya struggled to get her to the couch. Amy looked at Tanya. “Oh, Tanya! I’m so sorry we got you into this!” Tanya shook her head and brushed the hair from Amy’s face.

“It’s not your fault, Amy. I offered to help, remember? There was no way I could let them keep doing that to you! I love you guys!” They embraced, and wiped their tears, sniffling.

“We should have went straight to the police,” Sheri said, glancing outside to make sure no one was eavesdropping. All four of them were out in the yard, looking under the hood of Steve’s car. She turned away from the window. “That was our mistake. But if we can get out of here, we can still nail these fuckers to the wall! Then they’ll get a taste of their own medicine in prison!” Amy smiled at the idea of their captors being forced to give head and then being bent over in the shower by a big, dirty con.

“We have to escape,” she said. “If for no other reason than that!”

Tanya nodded. “Maybe after they all go to sleep we can do something.” Sheri shook her head, then Amy sighed.

“No,” Amy said resignedly. “They’ll be watching us, or locking us in. Besides, you heard Bill. They still haven’t finished with us.” She looked at Tanya, the hurt plain in her eyes. Tanya shuddered at what awaited her when they came back in. “Who knows what kind of shape we’ll be in when they finally do finish. I don’t think I could walk across the room right now, let alone escape!” she added. Tanya sighed resignedly and looked out the window. They were coming back in.

“Oh, shit,” she whispered.

– To Be Continued… –