Chapter 12

Sheri finished packing her knapsack and was fastening the clips when her bedroom door opened and Amy and Tanya came in. She grinned at them and picked up her pack. “All set!” They went up into the kitchen and out the back door. Tanya and Amy’s backpacks were leaning against the house. They had agreed to meet Mark out on White Oak Road at noon. It was ten o’clock and although it was normally an hour hike, they allowed some extra time because of the already hot day and the weight of their packs. Mark had told his parents he was going camping with his friend Randy, who agreed to cover for him, and was going to drive him and their cooler to the meeting place.

They made their way through the school yard and onto the trail that led past the lake. They were chatting amiably. The day was turning into another hot one and they had all dressed accordingly. Sheri was wearing cut-off jeans and a plain white t-shirt with a sport bra under it. She had hiking boots on her feet with socks pushed down to their tops. Amy was wearing tan shorts and a bikini top with a thin light blue cotton shirt over it. She also wore hiking boots. Tanya wore a pair of khaki hiking shorts and a pink tube top in lieu of a bra. She wore a white, sleeveless blouse over the tube top and hiking boots on her feet as well. She seemed to have gotten over her initial reluctance about the foursome and was in good spirits. When they passed the turn-off to the lake, however, all three stopped talking, each remembering the horrible events that had taken place there just a week ago. Bill and John had made themselves scarce in the meantime, much to the girls’ relief. The less they saw of them, the better.

They arrived at the meeting place at about eleven-fifteen. The trail was flat and dry and they had made better time than they thought they would. There was a large sandstone slab near the end of the trail just off the shoulder of the chip-sealed road. They leaned their packs against it and stretched out on its’ wide, flat surface to wait for Mark. The campsite was only another half hour hike, but they would have to carry the heavy cooler and they wanted to rest up. After ten minutes, they heard a car coming from the direction of town. There was a curve in the road so they couldn’t see it right away.

“Mark’s early,” Tanya said, standing up. Before Amy or Sheri could reply, an old flat-black Chevy van rounded the corner. “Oh, it’s not them,” Tanya said with a sigh and leaned back against the rock. The van slowed down and Sheri could see someone’s arm pointing at them from the passenger window. She sat up as the van pulled to a stop next to them. She didn’t recognize the driver and passenger. ‘Must be lost,’ she thought as her and Amy got up and went over to it, followed by Tanya.

“Hey!” Jerry called from the passenger seat with a big, friendly smile. “Can you girls tell us how to get to West Lake? It’s supposed to be around here somewhere!” He held up a map. All three girls moved closer to see where he was pointing on the map.

As they reached the side of the van, the side door suddenly slid open with a loud bang. John and Bill leapt out and grabbed Amy and Tanya by the arm. Sheri turned to run, but Jerry threw open his door and grabbed her around the waist before she took two steps. As he picked her up, she began screaming and kicking.

“Let me go! Let me go, you fucking bastard!!” He threw her into the van where John and Bill were already holding the squirming bodies of Amy and Tanya to the floor. Bill grabbed Sheri and threw her down next to Amy, sitting on both of their backs.

“Get their stuff! Hurry!” he yelled, gesturing toward the back packs. Jerry ran over and threw each pack into the van as John and Bill secured the girls’ hands with big tie wraps. He pulled the door closed and Steve did a quick u-turn, heading back the way they had come.

After wrapping their ankles in duct tape, John and Bill pushed the three terrified teens to the back of the van. They sat looking at them, wide grins on their faces. “So, you thought you could fuck with us!” Bill said, bracing himself as the van took a corner. “Look who’s being fucked with now!” The girls struggled vainly against their bonds.

“Let us go! Right now!” Sheri growled through clenched teeth. “Or that tape goes to the cops!”

Bill smiled and reached toward the front seats. Jerry passed him the tape. “You mean . . .” He held it up, a reptilian grin on his face, ” . . .this tape?” Sheri and Amy stopped struggling and stared at it. Tanya squirmed for a few seconds longer, then she looked, too.

“How did you . . .” Sheri began, then she smirked and shook her head. “That’s not the real tape. It’s hidden where you’ll never find it!”

Bill and John chuckled as the van bounced down the road. “I wouldn’t call a shoe box in your closet a very secure place to keep such a valuable piece of merchandise!” he replied, looking the tape over carefully. Sheri’s jaw dropped.

“You . . .you were in my room?!”

Bill nodded. “Uh-huh. The same day you decided to fuck with us.” His expression darkened and his eyes narrowed. “And now, it’s payback time!” He looked over at Tanya, who was sobbing quietly. “And we know who took the pictures, don’t we, Red?” John laughed and Tanya began crying louder. Bill turned back to Sheri and Amy. “Like you said, the penalty for rape is twenty-five to life.” He turned to John. “Coincidently, manslaughter carries the same sentence!” He turned back to the girls, whose eyes went wide at his words. “So you see, we really have nothing to lose! Of course,” he said, leaning in closer and leering at them, “we’re all going to have a little party first!” They began laughing again and threw a wool blanket that reeked of grease and mildew over the girls. Now all three were beginning to squirm again. Tanya was wailing unabashedly, and even the hardened Sheri and Amy were frightened so bad they couldn’t think straight. These assholes planned to rape, then kill them!

Chapter 13

Mark and Randy turned onto White Oak Road at about eleven forty-five. A black van was coming toward them and turned onto the main highway, going back toward town. They drove for about two miles and Mark pointed out the trail on the right where he was supposed to meet the girls. They weren’t there yet, but he was a little early. Randy parked the minivan he borrowed from his parents on the shoulder where Bill and John had abducted the girls just a few minutes earlier. They got his gear from the van and sat down on the rock to wait.

At twelve-forty-five, Randy was getting impatient. “I don’t think they’re coming, man.” He still didn’t fully believe Mark’s story about going camping with the three pretty girls. He looked down the trail for what seemed like the hundredth time. Mark looked, too, then shook his head. He looked down and that was when he noticed the disturbed gravel at the edge of the road. He looked across the ground to the rock and noticed two small round imprints into the earth. Closer examination revealed two more sets of identical imprints along with several distinct hiking boot tracks. Small tracks, the size girls would wear. There were also some larger prints, but they weren’t hiking boots. They were smoother, and much bigger.

“No,” he said absently, still studying the ground. “They wouldn’t stand me up. Not Tanya, anyway.” He noticed his own backpack leaning next to the cooler, the two parts of the frame pushing into the ground. He went over and lifted it up. The imprints from his pack were identical to the other ones. Three backpacks had been leaning against the rock. They had been here, and not long ago!

Randy watched him curiously. “What are you doing?”

Mark pointed to the tracks and the imprints from the backpacks. “They were here. And it looks like someone grabbed them!” Randy squinted at the tracks.

“Who would do that?” he asked. Mark hadn’t said anything about how he and the three girls had gotten together. He promised them his silence and it was a promise he intended to keep. Well, he had intended to keep it, unless he was wrong about his theory. As much as he hated the idea, it now was becoming clear. Somehow, Bill and John had found out they were going to meet him here and had abducted them. He suddenly remembered the black van they had met on the way in. It had seemed familiar, but he couldn’t place it. But he was sure he had seen it around town.

“Come on,” he said, grabbing his gear and tossing it back into the van. “Let’s go check the campsite.” They jumped in the van and Randy gunned the engine, not understanding the situation, but he knew Mark well enough to know this was serious. ‘Please be there,’ Mark thought as they drove the half mile up the dirt side road to the campsite. When he saw the empty clearing and no signs that anyone had been there in a while, his heart sank. “Take me home,” he said to Randy. “I need to get something, then we have to go to the cops.” Randy looked at him, surprise on his face as he started the minivan.

“The cops?! You really think someone kidnaped them?” Mark nodded and stared out the windshield.

“And I know who and why. I’ll tell you about it on the way.” As they sped back into town, Mark told Randy the whole story. It didn’t matter now. The lives of his friends were more important. And those assholes had to pay for what they did. No more games.

Chapter 14

As the van bounced and banged over increasingly rough and twisting roads, the girls lost all track of time and distance under the moldy blanket. They leaned against each other and spoke in muted whispers. Every so often, someone would kick at them and tell them to shut the hell up. Then they would lie quietly, Tanya’s occasional sobs and sniffles the only sounds except for their breathing and the steady rumble and banging of the old van as it careened down the road to who knew where. Sheri, sitting on one end, would occasionally peek out over the top of the blanket to try and see where they were, but from her position on the floor all she could see was sky through the windshield and the occasional overhead tree branch.

A while later, the van slowed and turned onto a gravel road. The rocks beat against the undercarriage and floorboards and the girls could taste dust that seemed to seep in from the multitude of cracks and rust holes in the beat up body. They sped up and the rocks began to ting off the metal body quicker. The road was fairly smooth, however and except for the dust, it wasn’t an altogether rough ride.

They slowed again and made a hard turn. They heard a low scrunch as something on the bottom of the van scraped on the road and branches began to screech along the sides. They bounced along, occasionally splashing through water. Sheri found it odd that there would be puddles anywhere, considering the hot, dry weather they’d been having. Tanya began to sob again, leaning heavily against Amy. Amy whispered soothingly to her, telling her that they were just trying to scare them and that it would be all right. If only she could believe it herself. Sheri had managed to work her hands behind Amy and they were holding hands, sort of. They could only use the tips of their fingers, but it was still reassuring.

The van finally came to a bumpy stop and the engine was shut off. It was suddenly quiet for just a split second until they heard doors opening and footsteps on the floor of the van. The blanket was yanked off of them and they looked up at Bill and John, who looked back at them with wide, toothy grins.

“Home sweet home, ladies!” he said as he reached down and pulled Tanya to her feet. He drug her across the floor and stepped out onto the grass. He pulled her from the van and slung her over his shoulder, her head hanging down his back. John pulled out Amy in a similar fashion, while the man Sheri recognized as the passenger who had asked for directions carried her. As her head bounced on the man’s back, she tried to get a look at their surroundings. But they were in the middle of the woods and the lengthening shadows combined with her bouncy ride made it impossible to make out any details. She heard her captor’s boots scrape on wood and looked down to see they were climbing a set of old looking wooden steps. Then they went across a porch of some kind and into a building that smelled of old wood smoke and musty air. They crossed what appeared to be a kitchen with a large wooden table and into another room, where she was unceremoniously dumped onto a bed next to Amy and Tanya. They looked up to see Bill, John, and two other men leering down at them.

“You just wait here for a while. As soon as the others arrive, we’ll get this party started!” Bill said with a lusty grin. One of the men she didn’t know ran a hand along her bare leg and grinned. He winked at her, then laughed and they all left, closing the door behind them. They could hear them talking about them through the closed door and thin walls. Tanya’s chest seemed to be the main topic of discussion. Tanya began sobbing again and Sheri sat up, shifting her body so she could see the others. Although her face didn’t show it, she knew Amy was scared. She could tell by her eyes. So was she. But Tanya was near hysterics. She began to cry louder and Sheri leaned closer.

“Shhh! Tanya, please! That will only make it worse!” She stopped wailing and looked up at Sheri, her eyes red from crying.

“H . . .how could it get any worse!” she cried, her tears flowing down her cheeks.

“Trust me,” Amy said from behind her. “It can get worse. They want us to cry and beg them to stop, but it only makes them meaner.”

“She’s right,” Sheri said. “We’ve been through this before, remember? We have to be strong.” Tanya sniffed and wiped her face with her bound wrist.

“O . . .ok, I’ll try,” she said, looking around. “Where are we, anyway?”

Sheri shook her head. “I don’t have any idea. I tried to keep track of time and look out every once in a while, but . . .” She shrugged.

“We have to escape,” Amy whispered. “Or at least one of us has to, and bring back help!”

Sheri nodded. “That’s right. If any of us sees a chance to run, do it! Don’t worry about the rest of us, just get away and get help. Agreed?” They both nodded solemnly. Suddenly, they heard the door burst open in the other room and new voices greeted the others already there. ‘Oh, shit,’ Sheri thought, ‘how many are going to be in on this?’ She looked at her friends’ faces and knew the same thought was going through their minds. They huddled together on the bed in terror to wait for their fate.

They didn’t have to wait long. The door was flung open with a bang and the girls jumped at the sound. John and Steve, the driver of the van, came into the room and grabbed Amy and Sheri, half dragging them into the other room. A chorus of cheers and whistles came into the room and Tanya cringed on the bed. A few seconds later, John came back in for her. She tried to squirm away, but he was too strong, pulling her to her feet by her bound wrists with one hand. She felt the hard plastic of the tie wrap digging into her flesh as he dragged her into the main room.

Chapter 15

John, Bill, and four other men were all sitting at the table as Steve hauled Tanya over to a couch and threw her down on it between Amy and Sheri. They all huddled together and stared in terror at the six men, whose eyes were roaming over their bodies. They were all older, in fact, John and Bill appeared to be the youngest of the group. A couple were ok looking, but had scary eyes. One, a tall wiry man, seemed to study them with a quiet appreciation, not joining in on his friends raucous catcalls and crude jokes. One of the men referred to him as Ralph. They soon learned that Jerry was the one who had asked them for directions, Steve was the driver, and the sixth man who arrived later with Ralph was Tony. Six men. Three girls. Sheri shuddered. This was going to be much worse than before. And now they were pissed at them to boot!

Bill stood up. “Well, time’s a wastin’! Let’s get this thing started!” He looked over at the three girls, then pulled a knife from a sheath on his belt and snapped it open. All three girls gasped and involuntarily shrunk back. He laughed and came closer. “Take it easy! I’m not going to hurt you!” He looked at the knife in his hand and grinned maliciously. “Well, not with this, anyway!” He knelt down and cut the duct tape from their ankles, then cut the tie wraps that bound their wrists. They each rubbed their wrists where the hard plastic had chaffed their skin. Bill stood up and snapped the knife closed, never taking his eyes off them. “Ok girls, lose the clothes. Now.” His voice was low and even, but firm.

With a resigned sigh, Sheri bent over and began to untie her boots. Amy looked at Tanya and bent over to untie her own boots. Tanya watched them for a few seconds, then followed suit, revealing a good bit of her ample cleavage as she did. A low murmur passed through the crowd. They all kicked off their boots and pulled off their socks, then Bill motioned for Tanya to stand up. She looked hesitantly at Amy and Sheri, then slowly stood up, her entire body trembling in fear. Bill took her by the hand and pulled her forward, then moved around behind her placing his hands on her shoulders. “Now, gentlemen,” he said, holding his hands up for silence. “This is the bitch who hid in the bushes and took the pictures. Therefore, John and I get first crack at her.” A low mumble of disappointment passed through the men. “But!” he gestured toward Sheri and Amy. “These two are fair game!” This seemed to satisfy them and they moved closer, touching the girls’ bodies and squeezing their tits. Someone tugged at Amy’s shirt and before she realized what was happening, it was unbuttoned and pulled from her body. She heard a long ripping sound and looked over to see Sheri’s shredded t-shirt hanging from her neck, only the collar keeping it on her body. Sheri pulled the destroyed shirt over her head and threw it aside. “Hold it!” Bill was shouting. “Everybody back off!” When the men pulled back reluctantly, Sheri was left with her sport bra on, her cutoffs unbuttoned and the fly down. Amy had lost her shirt and her bikini top was undone. She was holding it in place with her arm. Tanya fared the best, with only her sleeveless blouse removed. But Bill rested one hand on her tit as he spoke.

“Let’s let the sluts finish up themselves. Go ahead. Undress each other,” Bill said, stepping back over with his cronies to watch the show. Amy looked over at Sheri and with a sigh, dropped her arm, allowing her bikini top to fall to the floor. Her firm c-cups were revealed, barely moving as her bra fell free, her erect nipples pointing slightly upward. Sheri turned to face her and Amy lifted her lover’s sport bra over her head, freeing her smaller but perfectly shaped tits. Her engorged nipples pointed straight out and Amy had to fight back the urge to kiss and caress them. Amy then finished removing Sheri’s cutoffs, only to discover that she wasn’t wearing anything under them. She knelt before her, the scent of her sex strong in her nose and pulled them from her ankles. She stood back up, admiring Sheri’s tight, sexy body. She smiled quickly and Sheri placed her hands on Amy’s shorts. She tugged them down and off, staring at her white thong. She tossed her shorts to the floor and they both turned to Tanya, who was still fully clothed and was watching them undress each other. Without giving her a chance to stop her, Amy grasped her tube top and quickly pulled it over her head. She had a feeling Tanya would resist if given a chance and she thought it would be better if one of them undressed her. Her huge tits bounced free, then settled on her chest, jiggling slightly whenever she moved. Sheri and Amy, as well as the crowd of onlookers, stared at them in open admiration. Despite their large size, they sat high on her chest, and barely sagged at all. Tanya covered them with her hands and looked around the room, trying not to cry.

“Very nice!” Bill said. “I can’t wait to be fucking those later!” This brought on a round of laughter. “Ok, come on. All of you get naked. Right now.” Amy pulled her thong off and when Tanya didn’t make a move to take off her shorts, Amy knelt down, unfastened them, and pulled them off. Tanya watched her, her face sad with fresh tears running down her already tear-streaked cheeks. Amy attempted a reassuring smile, but it seemed to have no effect. With a sigh, she pulled Tanya’s panties off, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy, with only a small square patch of ginger-colored hair on her mons.

“Ah, a true redhead!” John quipped, bringing on murmurs and light laughter. Bill went over to Tanya and grabbed her hand, pulling across the room to the long kitchen table. He bent her over one side of it, with her feet still on the floor and her head at the other edge. She started to raise herself up and protest, but he pushed her forcibly back down and held her there, his hand in the small of her back and her face pressed against the tabletop. She struggled a little and he pushed harder on her back until she cried out in pain, then lay still. John brought Amy around to the other side and pushed her into the same position, but facing the opposite way Tanya was.

Bill leaned over so his lips were almost touching Tanya’s ear. “Don’t move!” he hissed, and took his hand from her back. He looked at the table, judging the remaining room, then beckoned Sheri over. She walked over, her face expressionless. He pointed to the table next to Amy and indicated for her to assume the same position as Tanya. Knowing that she had no choice, she shrugged off their hands and bent over it on her own. With all three girls lying across the table, he and John went around and pushed their feet apart, exposing the pink flesh of their pussies. Bill went to the side of the table that Tanya and Sheri were facing and addressed the others.

“Gentlemen! This is a little game I just came up with I like to call musical holes!” The group chuckled and the girls shuddered. “Now, as you can see, there are six of us men here, but only three girls!” A low murmur moved through the others and Bill held up his hands to silence them. “Fortunately, each girl comes equipped with several holes that are suitable for our purposes today.” Another round of chuckles. “You will each pick an end and have a go until you or someone else wants to switch. This should work well to beak the ice until we start getting serious!” He moved around behind Tanya and she heard his fly unzip. “Batter up, guys!” There was a flurry of moving bodies and the sound of several zippers going down. Tanya felt Bill’s cock probing at her pussy and at the same time, someone stepped in front of her and pushed his cock into her face. She grimaced and started to turn her head away, but a pair of strong hands gripped her head and pulled back on her long, red hair. She looked up to see John grinning down at her. He tugged on her hair harder and when she opened her mouth to cry out, he pushed his hard cock into it. She felt Bill’s cock penetrate her pussy at the same time. John began to push his cock deeper into her mouth, holding her head in place while he basically fucked her orally.

Sheri and Amy were experiencing the same treatment. The only difference was, they had no idea who was fucking them or whose cock they were sucking. It didn’t really matter, Sheri remembered thinking. All she could think about as her body was violated at both ends was what Bill had meant by getting ‘serious’ later. She tried not to think about it as the cock was pulled from her mouth and another one was pushed in. The new one tasted like pussy – Amy’s pussy, and she worked her tongue all over it, savoring her lover’s sweet nectar.

This continued for several minutes and Bill instructed everyone that if they were going to cum, to make sure they did it either in the girls’ mouths or faces, explaining that he wanted to keep their pussies as fresh as possible. Sheri was sucking on her fifth, or sixth, different dick when she felt it twitch and its’ owner groaned. Seconds later, her mouth was filled with his warm, salty seed. She had no choice but to swallow because he held it in her mouth until he finished, then pulled it free. A river of cum dribbled over her lower lip but before she could do anything about it, another cock was shoved into her mouth. As soon as it passed over her lips, she felt it shooting hot cum and once again, it was pushed deep into her mouth and held there until he was spent, then it was pulled out. She lay there as someone continued to pound away at her aching pussy until it, too was pulled free. She expected whoever it was to come around and force yet more of the vile goo into her mouth, but instead she heard Amy’s muffled moans as someone pushed a cock into her mouth. A few seconds later, a man groaned and then was quiet. Amy coughed a couple of times. Sheri turned her head toward Amy and Tanya just as Amy was lifted from the table. She only saw her face for a brief moment, but she could see the cum running down her chin from god knew how many cocks. Then she was gone. Tanya was still lying on the other end of the table and from the way her body was jerking, someone was still fucking her, although no one had their cock in her mouth. From the cum on her face and lips, it was obvious she hadn’t been spared a facial. She heard someone gasping and Tanya’s body suddenly stopped moving. Then Bill came around the end of the table and pushed his cock to Tanya’s spermy lips.

“C’mon, bitch! Open up!” he snarled, tugging hard on her hair. Tanya opened her mouth and he pushed his wet cock in, then began to fuck her mouth with the same enthusiasm he had been fucking her pussy. Tanya gagged and tried to cough, but he didn’t let up until he exploded in her throat, shooting his white jism directly into her stomach. He must have been hurting her, Sheri thought, because he had pushed his entire cock into her mouth. When he finished, he pulled out and looked down at the limp body before him. Tanya lay there, coughing and whimpering, a trickle of cum running from the corner of her mouth. Bill looked over and saw Sheri watching them. He motioned toward Tanya. “Get this bitch cleaned up and tell her to quit her damn bawling!” He zipped up his jeans and went over to the fridge to get a beer.

Sheri raised her aching body from the hard table and stood up on shaky legs. She looked for Amy and saw her kneeling before Tony, who was sitting on the couch. Her head bobbed up and down in his lap and he was leaning back on the couch, a contented smile on his face. Sheri moved over to where Tanya still lay and knelt by her head. “Tanya? C’mon, honey, you need to get up now.” Tanya turned to look at her and Sheri felt her eyes welling up as she looked into her tear and cum streaked face. She managed to get her to her feet, although she had to support her, and helped her over to another couch. She was starting to come around a little by the time they got there and was able to sit without any assistance. Sheri sat down beside her and put an arm around her, pulling her head to her breast. Tanya sobbed quietly, her tears wetting Sheri’s skin while they watched the men talking and laughing on the other side of the room. Bill looked at them and grinned, said something to the others, then came over toward them. Sheri watched him approach, her contempt for him unmistakable. He stopped in front of them and shook his head.

“Now, isn’t this sweet. Two dykes holding each other!” he taunted. He looked at Tanya. “You are a dyke, aren’t you? I know these two are!” A series of laughs erupted from the others. Sheri and Tanya didn’t say anything, but Tanya had stopped crying and was looking up at him with the same look of utter hatred that Sheri had. Bill was undaunted. “Why don’t you show us all how much you love each other? Let’s see a big, wet kiss!”

Amy glanced over at them, pausing in her blow-job, but Tony grabbed her long hair and pushed her mouth back down on his cock. “I didn’t say you could stop, bitch!” Sheri stared coldly at Bill and knew they had no choice. She turned to Tanya and gave her a brief apologetic smile. Tanya nodded and they moved closer until their lips met.

“C’mon! I wanna see some tongue!” Bill said, nudging Sheri’s knee. Sheri put her arm around Tanya’s neck and held her lips to hers, probing at them with her tongue. Eventually, Tanya gave in and opened her mouth to allow her tongue in. They kissed passionately for a few seconds, then pulled apart. “Not bad,” Bill said, nodding his head. “Now,” he pointed to Tanya. “On your knees and lick her cunt. I want to see her cum before you’re done.”

Tanya looked up at him, her jaw dropping open. “But, I’m not . . .I mean, I don’t . . .” She looked back at Sheri, who closed her eyes and frowned. She opened them again and met Tanya’s eyes.

“I don’t give a shit!” Bill exclaimed, pulling her to the floor roughly. He pushed Sheri’s knees apart and pushed Tanya between them. “I told you to eat her cunt, and you’ll fucking well do it!” Tanya knelt between Sheri’s legs, tears once again filling her pretty eyes. Sheri mouthed ‘it’s ok’ and spread her legs wider. Bill pushed Tanya forward. “See? She wants you to do it! Now get at it, you fucking lesbo slut!” He shoved Tanya’s face into Sheri’s pussy and held it there. “Lick it!” Tanya began to slowly lick Sheri’s lips, sobbing again. Bill held her head in place, laughing and joking with the others. Sheri closed her eyes. She couldn’t watch them torture Tanya anymore.

Tanya could smell the musky aroma of Sheri’s pussy mixed with the scent of all the cocks that had been in her. Her mouth was pressed into the wetness of her lips and she found breathing difficult. At Bill’s insistence, she began to lick along Sheri’s pussy lips, not really knowing, or caring, if she was doing it right. She slowly worked into a rhythm, moving up and down her slit without putting her tongue in too deep. Sheri began to sigh, but Tanya knew what she was doing wasn’t going to make her friend cum. She had to be faking. Then her tongue touched on Sheri’s clit and she felt her jerk slightly and gasp. Of course. That would be the spot she would want it done to her. She decided as long as she was being forced to do it, she may as well give Sheri some pleasure, so she concentrated her efforts on the erect little nub, causing Sheri to moan and gasp louder. It really wasn’t that bad. Much better than sucking one of their filthy dicks. And at least she cared about Sheri. She began to work harder and Sheri responded by squirming a little under her and gasping her name.

“Oh, shit, Tanya! Yes!” Sheri couldn’t believe that Tanya was starting to get into licking her pussy. She was creating some real feelings inside her over-worked pussy and she no longer had to fake her pleasure. Bill sensed the change as well and removed his hand from Tanya’s head. She continued to lick and suck on Sheri’s excited twat without even pausing. Bill stood back and turned to his friends.

“Looks like we have a new recruit here, guys!” They all laughed, but Tanya and Sheri didn’t hear them. Lost in the wonderful feelings she was creating in her pussy, Sheri placed her hand on Tanya’s head and gently caressed her long, wavy hair. Tanya latched onto her clit and sucked it between her teeth, flicking her tongue across its’ tip. Sheri cried out and her body tensed as the orgasm enveloped her. She twisted on the couch, her juices flowing into Tanya’s mouth and dribbling down her chin. Tanya lifted her head, unprepared for Sheri’s cum. She had never cum like that! She didn’t even know girls could do that! Sheri’s fingers went to her pussy as soon as Tanya pulled away and she extended her orgasm for a few more seconds before collapsing to the couch, her breasts heaving and a contented smile on her face.

Tony had pulled Amy’s hot little mouth from his cock at about the same time that Bill had released Tanya’s head. He stood up and spun her around so that her hands gripped the back of the couch and pushed his throbbing cock into her tender pussy. Amy moaned as the friction irritated her already sore twat but didn’t cry out as he rammed it into her over and over. She heard Sheri call out to Tanya and looked up in time to see her friend and lover explode into her orgasm with Tanya’s head between her legs. Just then, Tony groaned and she felt his cock surge inside her a split second before his hot cum splashed against her vaginal walls and began to dribble down her inner thighs. Tony continued to shoot more of his seed into her until he finally released his breath with a loud gasp and pulled his wet tool from her dripping hole. A flood of semen poured out of her and ran in thick trails down the insides of her legs, some dripping onto the floor.

Bill looked over and frowned. “Dammit, Tony! I told you to cum in her mouth!”

Tony shrugged. “Sorry, man. I couldn’t help it!” He spun Amy around, forcing her to sit on the couch. He pressed his slick cock to her lips and she obediently opened her mouth and sucked it in, cleaning their combined fluids from the deflating member.

“Now she’s all sloppy!” Bill complained, glaring at him. Tony extracted his sagging cock from Amy’s lips and zipped up his pants.

“I said I was sorry,” he said apologetically. He gestured to Sheri with his head. “Why don’t you have her girlfriend clean her up?” A smile came to Bill’s face.

“Excellent idea!” He pulled Tanya to her feet and motioned to Sheri with his other hand. “Up, blondie! Get over there and lick the cum from your bitch’s pussy!” Sheri glared at him, but got up and went over to Amy, who was sitting on the other couch, watching them with a hurt look in her eyes. Sheri gave her a little smile to let her know it was all right, then knelt down, took a deep breath, and began licking the vile goo from Amy’s delicate and tortured pussy. Amy squirmed under her lover’s tender touch, almost enjoying it even though six sets of eyes were watching them lustily. Tanya had crawled up onto the other couch, drawing her knees to her chest and hugging them tightly, rocking slightly as she watched her two best friends. Once she had gotten over the initial shock, licking Sheri’s pussy hadn’t been that bad and she was starting to understand how Sheri and Amy felt about each other. After a few minutes, Amy began to moan and soon experienced a moderate orgasm, her small body shuddering as Sheri continued to lick her long after she had licked up all of Tony’s ejaculate. She leaned up and gave Amy a quick kiss, then sat down beside her and put her arm around her. She looked up at Bill and the others defiantly, as if to say, ‘ok, what’s next, asshole!’ Bill grinned and pointed toward the bathroom. “Go get cleaned up while we start supper. I’ve worked up quite an appetite!”

Ralph stood up. “We gotta go Tony. We have an early shift in the morning.” Tony sighed and nodded reluctantly.

“Yeah, you’re right.” He looked up at Bill. “We’ll be back tomorrow after work. Try not to wear them out before then, huh?” They all laughed and waved as the two made their way outside. A few seconds later, they heard an engine start and move away slowly until they could no longer hear it. Bill looked down at the three girls on the two couches. “Well, go on! You’re all a fucking mess!” Sheri and Amy struggled to their feet and went over to Tanya, who was still rocking gently on the couch. They each took one of her hands and helped her to her feet, then all three went into the bathroom under the close scrutiny of the four remaining men and closed the door.

– To Be Continued… –