Chapter 20

Mark and Randy drove over to the employee parking lot at the paper plant and scanned it for the black van. It wasn’t there. They parked across the street and waited for the shift change at four o’clock. Starting at three-thirty, cars and trucks began to fill in the empty spaces as the second shift began to arrive. There was no sign of the van, nor did they see Ralph arrive in a different vehicle. The day shift emerged shortly after four and the lot began to empty out again as they left for home. They waited another half hour, then decided to go over to his house.

Fifteen minutes later, they were parked across from the one and a half story World War II era house that he lived in, but the van wasn’t in the driveway. Mark took a chance and snuck around to the side of the garage and peered in the window. It was empty. He went back to the minivan and they settled in to watch the house.

Two hours later, around six o’clock, they were rewarded as the battered black van turned onto the street and pulled into the driveway. They slid down in their seats and watched as Ralph got out and went into the house.

“Now what do we do?” Randy asked.

Mark continued to watch the house. “We wait a while. See if he goes back out again. When he does, we follow him. We know they were in that van when we saw it on White Oak so he must know where they are.”

Three hours later, it was starting to get dark and Randy was well past the point of simple boredom. “He’s not going anywhere, man! Can we go home now? My folks are gonna wonder where I am!”

Mark seemed unaffected by the time. He was going to do whatever it took to rescue his friends. “Just wait until it gets dark. I haven’t seen any lights come on yet. If he’s working the early shift, he may have already gone to bed. We’ll know soon.” Half an hour later, there were lights on in every other house on the street, but Ralph’s remained dark. Mark leaned back in his seat.

“Ok, let’s go. He must be working the night shift. Can you pick me up tomorrow at seven am?”

Randy thought for a second, then nodded. “Yeah, I think so. Where are we going?”

Mark looked back at the house. “The night shift gets off at eight am. Then we follow him to wherever he goes.” Randy nodded and started the van. They eased away down the street and around the corner at the end.

Chapter 21

Bill and the others came back in and looked over at the three naked and bedraggled looking teenagers on the couch. “Why don’t you go get cleaned up?” Bill said, waving toward the bathroom. Tanya stood and helped Amy and Sheri to their feet, then began to walk to the bathroom with them. “Not you!” Bill said. They all froze, knowing exactly who he meant. “Come here, Tits! It’s time we had a little fun!”

Tanya squeezed their hands and turned slowly to face their torturers. All four were standing at the edge of the quilt Amy had been raped on, waiting impatiently. ‘Oh, shit!’ Tanya thought, ‘not all four of them!’

Amy and Sheri stood watching. Bill waved them away. “Go on! Get cleaned up! We won’t start the good stuff until you come back!” Reluctantly, they turned and slowly made their way into the bathroom, shuffling like a couple of old ladies.

Tanya walked slowly toward them, her head bowed. Bill pointed to the quilt. “Lay down on your back.” Tanya did, but kept her knees up and together, nervously pulling at the quilt with her fingers. Bill went into a bedroom and emerged a few minutes later with a couple of stained pillows. He lifted her head up and placed them under her. Then he moved to her feet and began to remove his pants and underwear. Tanya wondered what he was doing. If he was going to fuck her . . .there, shouldn’t she be on her stomach? He knelt at her feet and roughly pushed her legs apart, exposing her sore, red pussy. He grinned at her. “I’m afraid we’re almost out of KY. It may be a little harder on you than it was for your girlfriends.” He flashed her an evil grin. Tanya bit her lip, her fear swelling inside her. He reached down between her legs and rubbed a finger along her tender slit. She gasped in pain and closed her eyes as his finger slipped into her, then two. He began to pump them in and out, then pulled them out and held them to her lips. She could smell the musky scent of her own juices and opened her eyes as he pushed them between her lips. She obediently sucked them clean as he positioned himself between her legs and pushed his cock into her. She moaned as the pain once more flared up. She was so tender that it felt like the night she had lost her virginity. Bill leaned over her, his breath hot on her face and started to move faster, then paused before resuming. After a few minutes, he pulled out, then reached down and rammed three fingers into her badly distended opening. He pumped them in and out and she could hear her juices squishing between his fingers. After a moment, he removed his fingers from her pussy and smeared her juices between her tits. He did this three times, liberally coating her cleavage with a slick layer. Then he quickly straddled her stomach and lay his stiff prick between her tits. He took both of her hands and placed them on her tits. “Squeeze my cock with your tits,” he commanded. Still not grasping what he was doing, Tanya did as she was told, almost completely hiding his thick member inside the swell of her large breasts. He began to move his cock back and forth, the tip touching her chin and lips as he thrust forward. So this was what he meant by ‘fucking her tits’, she thought.

While he was doing this, Amy and Sheri came out of the bathroom, still hobbling but looking a little better. They watched as Bill pumped his meat between Tanya’s tits as they sat on one of the couches – at Steve’s insistence. Actually, he pushed them onto it.

Bill finally tired of this game. Her pussy juice was drying up and it was becoming difficult to move. He climbed off of her, then pulled her to her feet. John removed his pants and went over to them. The others watched from the couches. “Where do you want to be?” Bill asked him.

John shrugged. “I’ll take the bottom. We can switch after a while.” Bill nodded and John lay down on the quilt on his back. His stiff cock pointed straight up. Tanya was terrified, but had no idea exactly what they had in mind. Bill moved her so that she was standing over John, looking down at his face.

“Sit down and fuck him,” he ordered, pointing down to John. Tanya swallowed a big lump in her throat and slowly knelt over John’s erect penis. He held it in place at her tortured pussy, then put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her down onto it until he was completely buried inside her. Bill picked up the nearly empty tube of the lubricating gel and squeezed the remainder of it into the palm of his hand. He spread most of it onto his throbbing cock, then pasted the last little bit onto Tanya’s tiny virgin ass. There wasn’t enough left for him to push any into her. Tanya gripped the quilt as John’s cock moved in and out of her tender pussy and started a little when she felt Bill spread the cold gel onto her ass. No! Not at the same time! They wouldn’t! She closed her eyes and fought back the tears, trying to prepare herself for the pain she knew was coming.

Bill straddled her small body and without a moment’s hesitation, pressed his cock to her tiny rosebud and pushed. Hard. Tanya screamed as his cock expanded her rectum. He didn’t even try to be gentle. Just shoved it in. She screamed loud, the pain excruciating. Sheri and Amy huddled together, crying. It had been bad for them, very bad. But to have a cock in her ass and pussy at the same time?! They couldn’t imagine what she was going through. Tanya screamed again as Bill’s cock went in another inch. He was also finding it difficult. Tanya’s body wasn’t able to stretch as much with John’s cock in her pussy.

Tanya continued wailing and crying hysterically, begging and pleading with him to please stop! Bill ignored her and kept pushing. “This . . . will . . . teach you . . . to hide . . . in the bushes . . . and spy . . . on people!” He let out a long sigh as he finally got his cock all the way in. Tanya’s wails had turned to great shuddering sobs. Her mouth was open and tears flooded her face, drool hanging from her mouth. “Ready, John?” Bill asked, ignoring the poor girl’s pleas. John said he was. Bill withdrew until just the tip of his cock was in her ass, causing Tanya to collapse her head to the floor with another scream. As Bill thrust back in, John lifted Tanya up, pulling his cock from her pussy. Bill pulled out, and he dropped her back, once more filling her vagina with his cock. They kept up this rhythm for some time, each driving their tool deep into her body. Tanya went limp, her mind overloaded from the excruciating pain. As Bill hammered into her one final time, she screamed and collapsed onto John’s body. She lay still, ignoring John’s orders for her to get the fuck up. Bill went around and picked her head up by the hair, then leaned an ear to her face.

“Fucking bitch passed out!” he said, lifting her limp body from John’s cock and laying her on her back on the floor. Amy made a move to go to her, but Steve put his hand on her shoulder, stopping her.

“Shit!” John exclaimed, sitting up. “I didn’t get a chance to fuck her ass!”

Bill pulled on his pants, then picked up Tanya’s body and carried her to the girls’ room. ” We need more KY, anyway.” He went in, dumped her onto the bed, then came back out. “I’ll give Ralph a call and have him bring some up. You can fuck her ass tomorrow.” He looked over at Sheri and Amy, then down to his still hard cock. “But we still need some service.” He motioned for Steve and Jerry to go over to them. “You guys haven’t had any all night so you pick. Blow-jobs or pussy?” Jerry and Steve exchanged a look.

“Pussy,” they both said at the same time. Bill laughed.

“Good enough! We’ll take blow-jobs.” He beckoned Amy and Sheri over. “Over here, sluts. On your hands and knees!” They got down on the floor and made their way over to where Bill and John stood. John hadn’t bothered to put his pants back on and Bill was unfastening his. They both sat on the couch, their hard cocks waving like flagpoles. Sheri went to John and automatically slipped his cock into her mouth and began to bob her head. Amy did the same thing with Bill. It was like they were some kind of sexual robots. They didn’t think about what they were doing, they just did it. Without feeling or enthusiasm.

As they sucked on the two cocks, Steve and Jerry each knelt behind them and drove their cocks into their sore twats. They tensed a little against the pain, but didn’t pause in their cocksucking. Jerry and Steve went at them ferociously. For most of the night, they had watched Bill and John have their way with their sex slaves and were now so horny that they couldn’t wait to get into the warm wetness of their cunts.

Steve was the first to go. He was pounding away at Sheri’s pussy when he felt the familiar tingle in his balls. He knew about Bill’s standing order about cumming in their faces, but since they were giving head at the same time, he said the hell with it and drove deep into her womb, emptying his load into her overused, but still tight pussy. Jerry wasn’t far behind. He saw Steve cum in Sheri’s pussy and decided he was going to do the same. With a groan, he thrust forward and his cock erupted, filling Amy’s aching cunt with his hot seed. He shuddered and moaned as he shot two more full loads, then withdrew, his semen leaking from her hole and dripping to the floor under her.

John came next. He gripped Sheri’s hair and began to thrust deep into her throat. Sheri was becoming used to deep-throating and was able to swallow his cock without too much gagging. When he came, he held her head tight to his pelvis, his pubic hair tickling her lips and nose. She felt him cum, but didn’t taste it as he was in so far that it bypassed her taste buds. He shot directly into her stomach, then pulled out of her throat and waited while she sucked the remaining jism from his cock. He stood up and pulled his pants on while Bill began to pant and fuck Amy’s mouth faster.

She was also getting used to deep-throating, but wasn’t as good at it as Sheri was. She gagged after he tried to push all the way in, so he pulled out a bit. Amy began to tease his sensitive head with her tongue and sucked hard on it. Bill moaned and gripped her head, closing his eyes. When he finally came, she sucked the cum from his cock, swallowing it all. He groaned and threw his head back. This was by far the best blow-job she had ever given him! Amy didn’t know exactly what prompted her to do it. Maybe she wanted to get it over with faster. She certainly wanted to go to Tanya and make sure she was all right. Well, relatively all right. None of them were really all right. The multiple rapes and torture had undoubtedly left them with some serious mental scars. And who knew what damage had been done to their bodies?

Bill finished and pushed her away, still trying to catch his breath. “Holy fuck! That was the best yet!” He turned to the others. “She practically sucked the cum from my dick! It was like having a vacuum cleaner hooked to it!” They all laughed. Amy and Sheri took advantage of their distraction and crawled slowly in the direction of the bedroom. Bill noticed them, but said nothing. They took that as his approval, got to their feet and quickly went into the bedroom to check on Tanya.

Chapter 22

Amy and Sheri rushed into the bedroom. Tanya was lying on the bed, her long hair splayed across her face and her legs spread wide. One arm was lying across her stomach and the other was hanging over the side of the bed. Amy reached her first and quickly moved her legs to a more dignified position as Sheri brushed the hair from her face and laid her arm gently at her side.

“Tanya?” Amy asked, stroking her cheek. “Tanya? Can you hear me?” There was no response and Sheri stood up quickly.

“I’ll get a damp cloth.” She went out into the main room and Amy listened for the shouts for her to get back in the bedroom as she held Tanya’s head and gently caressed her hair. They didn’t come and she wondered why. Sheri returned a few seconds later with a wet cloth, a towel, and a cup of water. She knelt down and began to wipe the cloth on Tanya’s tear-streaked face, then lay it across her forehead. Tanya’s eyes fluttered open and darted from side to side.

“Wh . . . where . . . what . . .?” She spluttered, trying to sit up. Amy gently pushed her back to the bed.

“Shhh . . . it’s ok. It’s all over. Just lie back,” Amy said, still stroking her damp hair. Sheri held her hand.

“Are you all right, Tanya?” The question was relative, she knew.

Tanya’s eyes flicked over to her. “My ass hurts like hell!” she said with a grimace. Sheri nodded sadly. She knew exactly how she felt.

“You passed out,” Amy said. “And they made us fuck and suck them before they let us come in and see if you were ok.” Tanya tried to sit up. This time, Sheri took her hands and helped her. She passed the cup of water to her and Tanya accepted it gratefully. She sipped at the cool water, then looked up at her friends.

“I can’t go back out there,” she said, feeling a lump forming in her throat as tears filled her eyes. “I . . . I just can’t!” Sheri pulled her to her and held her as she sobbed uncontrollably. She glanced over at Amy, who turned away, wiping her eyes.

“I know, honey, I know,” Sheri said softly, rubbing her back. “I think they’re done . . . at least for tonight.”

Tanya pulled away from her, her chest heaving with great sobs. “But they’ll do it again tomorrow! And the next day, and the next!” She broke down again. Sheri looked up at Amy, who slid over next to Tanya and put an arm around her bare shoulders.

“They might,” she said, nodding gravely. “But when we don’t come home, they’ll start looking for us.”

“That’s right!” Sheri said, forcing an optimistic smile to her face. “Maybe Mark already told someone we weren’t where we were supposed to be! He knows we wouldn’t stand him up!” Tanya wiped her tears and stared hopefully at her.

“Do you really think so?”

Sheri didn’t think Mark would have already told the police, or even their parents about them not being at their rendezvous. After all, he obviously wasn’t part of their camping trip as far as the girls’ parents knew and she didn’t know how long he would wait before taking that step. He wouldn’t want to get them into trouble unless he was sure something serious had happened to them. But he must have figured out that something had by now. For Tanya’s sake, she nodded. “They’re probably searching for us already!” Tanya looked at her for a long moment, then to Amy, then began to cry again, shaking her head.

“No, they aren’t. Not yet. And if they were . . .” She spread her arms, “. . .they would never find us here! Wherever the hell we are!” Sheri didn’t know how to respond. Tanya was right of course. None of them had any real idea of where they were, so how would a search party ever locate them? She was trying to think of something to say when Amy looked up at the door and touched her shoulder. She spun around to see Bill and John standing in the doorway. They tossed the t-shirts on the bed beside them.

“I see you woke up. Good,” Bill said with a cold stare. “Now get some sleep. You have a busy day tomorrow.” They stood there for a moment, watching the three girls, who didn’t move, then pulled the door closed. Tanya began to cry softly and Sheri pulled her to her again, holding her shaking body tightly and letting her cry.

When Tanya’s sobs finally eased a few minutes later, Amy and Sheri helped her into her t-shirt and they all squeezed together on the narrow bed and tried to fall asleep. Amy drifted off first. Sheri held Tanya until her breathing became steady, indicating that she had finally cried herself to sleep. Sheri’s mind was racing, trying to figure a way out of their dire predicament. She could hear the voices in the other room getting louder as they became drunker and she was afraid that the door would suddenly burst open and they would start all over again. But that never happened and eventually she, too, drifted off into a restless slumber.

Chapter 23

Randy had arrived on time at Mark’s house the next morning and they went directly to the plant. Mark had brought along a little insurance. Tucked into the waistband of his jeans was the little thirty-eight caliber pistol his father kept in his closet. His long t-shirt concealed it from view. Mark had found it a couple of years ago while searching for his father’s Playboys but had left it alone. Until today. He didn’t mention it to Randy, not wanting to spook him.

At seven-thirty, they turned onto the street the plant’s employee parking lot was on and immediately saw the beat up van parked near one end. It was taller than most of the other vehicles and stood out plainly. They sat back to wait for the shift change, neither speaking much.

At about ten minutes after eight, people began to emerge from the various exits. Randy saw Ralph first and pointed him out to Mark. He climbed into his van, pulled out of the parking lot and went right past the boys, not giving the indistinct minivan a second look.

Randy started it up and they followed it back to Ralph’s house. He went inside and re-emerged about twenty minutes later dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, his wet hair combed back on his head. He got back in the van and they followed him through town to a drug store. He went inside and came back out a few minutes later carrying a small paper bag. Then he left town, driving out onto the state highway that led into the mountains where Mark had often gone hunting and fishing with his father.

“Where the hell is he going?” Randy asked, trying to keep the van in sight as they trailed him from behind two other cars.

Mark shook his head. “Beats me. Don’t lose him. He could go around a turn and take a side road.” Randy nodded and pressed the accelerator, keeping as close to the car in front of him as he dared.

About forty-five minutes later, Ralph turned onto a gravel road that led up a low hill to a remote lake. Mark had been there several times with his father. “Don’t get too close,” Mark said. There wasn’t much traffic on this road and he didn’t want to tip him off. “We can follow his dust,” he added. Randy let the van disappear around a turn and slowly crawled along the dusty road. Mark was right. The cloud of dust was easy to follow. In fact, they had to roll up their windows to keep it out of their eyes. Fifteen minutes later, they drove out of the dust and Randy immediately hit the brakes, skidding to a stop in the loose gravel. He waited a few minutes until their own dust settled somewhat, then began backing slowly down the road. They both scanned the trees that lined both sides of the road, looking for any place Ralph could have turned off.

When they had backed up about a hundred feet, Randy pointed to a narrow road on the left. “There!” Mark turned from his window to look. He saw the road, really nothing more than a narrow trail, and a fresh set of tire tracks turning into it. “They must have a cabin up there somewhere!” He pulled into the road and looked up at the overhanging branches. The road was narrow and rough. “I can’t take the van up there,” Randy said, shaking his head. “If I break something, my ass would be kicked into next week!” Mark kept his frustration under control. If it were up to him, he wouldn’t give a shit about the fucking van. Lives were at stake here! But he kept his cool.

“Let’s park it across the road in that clearing we just passed. We’ll have to walk from here.” They backed out and went back about fifty yards to an old logging road with a wide dirt area along the edge of the road. They got out and began the hike up to the other road. Randy looked over at his friend.

“What are we going to do when we get there? They’re not going to just let them go, and they’re bigger than we are!” Mark didn’t answer for a few moments.

“We’ll have to play it by ear.” He hesitated, then reached into the waistband of his jeans and pulled out the pistol. Randy’s eyes grew wide.

“Where did you get that?! Is it real?!”

Mark nodded solemnly. “It’s real. I just hope we don’t have to use it.” He put it back into his jeans and flipped his t-shirt over it to conceal it. They reached the end of the road and began to walk up it, their senses alert for any indication of their quarry.

Chapter 24

Amy awoke with a start. It took her a few seconds to remember where she was, but the throbbing pain in her violated ass served as an effective reminder and it all came back to her in a matter of seconds. Tanya’s body was pressed tight to hers, pushing her against the wall. From the sound of their steady breathing, she knew both she and Sheri were both still asleep. Bright sunshine filtered through the boards over the window. She lay there for several minutes listening for signs that anyone else was awake for before her bladder informed her that she had a serious need to use the washroom. Hearing nothing, she began to gingerly work her way out of the small double bed, being careful not to wake Tanya and Sheri. As she finally climbed over them and took a step toward the door, Sheri whispered, “Where are you going?”

Amy jumped, surprised at the whispered question, then looked over at her friend. “Bathroom.” She turned to the door, then paused and looked back at Sheri. “If no one’s awake yet, this may be our chance!” Sheri looked doubtful, but nodded.

“Check it out. I’ll wake Tanya.”

Amy tried the door, found it unlocked, and quietly slipped out into the main room. Beer bottles littered the table and cupboard. Obviously, they had been up quite late drinking and she hoped they were all still passed out somewhere. She noticed their hiking boots lying just under the edge of the couch they were sitting on when they took them off. There was no sign of any of their clothes or their backpacks, however. She was creeping toward the bathroom when a snore stopped her in her tracks. She followed the sound and saw Jerry sprawled on the couch next to the door, his arm slung over his eyes. He continued his low snoring, telling her that at least he was still asleep. She quickly scanned the room, but saw no one else. Her bladder wouldn’t wait any longer and she had to go into the bathroom. She emerged a few minutes later. Jerry was still in the same position and there were no other signs of life in the cabin. She crept over to the other bedrooms and as she neared the half closed doors, she could hear more snoring. She didn’t dare look in to see if they were all there, not wanting to risk waking them. She went as quiet as she could across the creaky old floor back to their room and slipped inside.

Tanya and Sheri were both sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for her to return. She went over and knelt before them. “Everyone’s still asleep!” she whispered. “I think we should try to get out of here right now!”

“Is the outside door unlocked?” Sheri whispered. Amy cursed herself silently for not checking the obvious. She shook her head.

“I don’t know. I didn’t think to look,” she replied apologetically. “But Jerry’s sleeping on the couch. Maybe he was supposed to be guarding us.” Sheri and Tanya exchanged glances, then stood up.

“Let’s do it,” Sheri whispered as she reached for the doorknob. “We’ve got to try!”

Amy put a hand on Sheri’s arm to stop her and whispered to both of them, “Our boots are still on the floor under the couch. Grab them on the way by. We can put them on outside.” They both nodded.

Sticking close together, they peered out into the main room. All was quiet except for Jerry’s steady snoring and the creak from the floor as they moved across it. They each grabbed two boots from under the couch, then as quietly as possible, they continued over to the front door. Amy tried the knob and was surprised when it turned. The door opened with a click that sounded like a gunshot to her in the quiet room. She pulled the door open, the rusty hinges squeaking, and peeked outside, then with a gasp, quickly pushed it closed. She turned to her friends and mouthed, ‘Bill and Ralph!’ and pointed outside. The frustration was evident in their faces, but Amy wasn’t ready to give up. After a quick glance toward Jerry, she raised up and lifted the little curtain that covered the window in the front door and peered out.

Bill and Ralph were standing by Ralph’s van. He must have got here before they awoke or they would have heard the van pull up and Bill going outside. They seemed to be having a serious discussion, although she couldn’t hear them from inside the cabin. As she watched, they glanced up at the cabin and Bill motioned for Ralph to follow him. They began to walk down the road, away from the cabin, still deep in conversation.

Amy ducked back down and gave the thumbs up sign to Sheri and Tanya, then opened the door again. She watched Bill and Ralph wander further down the road and pulled the door open wide enough to slip out, the hinges complaining once again. Keeping low, they followed her – Tanya first, then Sheri. Sheri carefully pulled the door closed again behind them and together they moved across the porch and toward the woods.

They had almost reached the cover of the trees when a shout came from inside the cabin. A few seconds later, the front door flew open and Jerry ran out, looking frantically around the little clearing. He spotted them at the edge of the woods and shouted, “Hey! Get the fuck back here!” He jumped off the porch and began running after them.

Amy yelled, “Run!” and took off into the trees as fast as she could in her bare feet. Fortunately, the trees were mainly scotch pine and the soft needles made for a relatively soft carpet if you didn’t step on a branch or pinecone or some other hazard. She sensed someone close behind her and turned to see Tanya scrambling after her. She watched in horror as Jerry closed the distance and grabbed Sheri’s t-shirt, yanking her off her feet.

“Go!” she yelled to them, waving them on as Jerry picked her up roughly and threw the kicking and screaming teen over his shoulder.

“Get the fuck up!” he yelled at the cabin. “They’re getting away!” Amy and Tanya paused only a split second before continuing on as fast as they could through the thickening foliage. Branches scratched at their exposed skin and they were constantly stepping on things that sent shooting pains into their bare feet, but they kept running. They could hear voices shouting behind them, which only urged them on. They were both terrified of what the bastards would do to Sheri, but they knew that they had to try to get help. It was their only hope of escaping this hell.

They continued through the woods, pausing for a brief moment under the cover of a spruce tree with low hanging branches to pull on their boots. They hadn’t stopped to sort them out in the cabin, and now Amy discovered that she had both of Sheri’s boots, which were about two sizes too small for both her and Tanya. Tanya carried one of hers and one of Amy’s boots. They were both the same size, but unfortunately, they were also both for the right foot. They put them on anyway and kept moving, not knowing where they were going, but just trying to put some distance between themselves and their pursuers. Suddenly, the trees opened up and they found themselves on a narrow road. They looked both ways until Amy got her bearings. They must have come out onto the road that went into the cabin. Going right would take them back there. She turned left. “This way!” she said, and began to sprint down the grass growing in the middle of the road between the tire ruts.

– To Be Continued… –