It was Saturday afternoon, and i was dreading what would take place in only an hour from now.

Master had told me we would be going to the new club for the evening. I was to wear His favorite outfit; high heels, thigh highs, black thongs, red leather skirt slit on the side, nipple chain, black see thru blouse and is fav black leather collar.My hair was to be straight and only pulled back from my ears with small clasps.My makeup was to be light, and his scent, Shalmar, to be on my body before dressing.

Trembling i prepared myself for the bath, trying to stay focused and not concentrate on the night ahead.

The water was very hot, and the scent of citrus filled my head.I lay back and closed my eyes, determined to not think about this.

My hand gently started to move upward to my breasts, and as they slid lightly over the nipples, I flinched. “Still sore” i muttered. “How much can this body take?”

Master called this “Training and expanding my limits.” I called it more like getting His rocks off. I knew training–the right kind of training. My father had made sure I was well trained before he had “given me” to Master. I remember them well…those lessons. I HAD done well. My father had told me how proud of me he was–my closest sissy had begged me to mentor her so that she would be able to serve her Master as well.

Sighing, i began to wash my body, my hands traveling over my ribs,(still sore from last weeks lesson), down over my stomach, and stopped at the mound–which was cleanly shaven as Master liked it.. Downward i went, and gently washed the pussy lips, and then clit. The shot of pain as i made contact with my clit was a real jerk back to reality. Realization that I had no where healed well enough for another session. Maybe I could talk to Master–explain i was still recovering from the week before. NO, i could not. I sighed once more and hurried to finish the bath and dried off quickly, slipping on the silk robe.

I quietly went into the bedroom, and sat in front of the mirror. I stared at the image before me, as if I were seeing myself for the first time. Was that ME? In a matter of 6 months had I changed THAT much? My eyes were dull, no shine to them, and i looked as if my eyes had sunk in. My skin did not have the glow i remembered, but was pale in color now. I removed the robe to try and view my backside. Master had said he wanted me to lose weight, but surely he could not think this looked good? The scale tipped at about 97 lbs. My God! I was 5’6″ tall…I even knew this was bad! I turned slightly to see my bottom. The bruises were still there, and turning now purple in color, angry looking against my paleness. “I can’t DO this anymore” i said out loud, as a tear slid down my face. “Oh God, help me! i can’t endure more!” I started to tremble so hard i had to go back to the dressing table and sit. Automatically, I began doing my makeup as my mind continued on the path of sadness. “STOP THIS!” I told myself.

When Master came in to shower, i was dressed, calm and ready. I sat quietly in the chair while He dressed, and then followed His order to “Come”. The ride to the club was quiet, and as we pulled into the parking lot, Master spoke. “You remember bree, to make me proud. Do NOT make Me lose face this evening”. I only nodded “yes.”

The club was large, and I could see many halls to other parts of the building.

Guessing, i figured there were about 30 people in the main room, and i saw others going and coming from the other doors. I observed the “dress” in the room. The majority of the subs were dressed as i was. Some looked very at ease, while others had the dull “I don’t care” look that ones who have their spirit broken tend to get.

Master went to a table and sat, and then pulled my leash to let me know i belonged at His feet. As i looked again, I saw 2 doors that a few had gone in and out of, and in the center of the room was a stage. “maybe it won’t be me this time” i told myself…maybe…

Master had left to talk to a few friends that had arrived. Soon the lights dimmed, and the music softened. Master took His seat, leaned over me and whispered, “Make me PROUD”.

The announcer stood in the stage and introduced himself, welcomed A/all for coming, and said that tonights scening sessions were in 3 different rooms. Room one, the main one where we were, would be a one on one with one of the “best trainer” around Illinois, and a sub. Room 2 was the chamber of pain/pleasure, where A/all were welcome to go and try their hands on the new toys for subs. Room 3 was the room of beds, which was for large groups to exchange their subs for sexual scening. The announcer said he would give everyone a few minutes to get where they wished to be.

I looked up at Master, my eyes begging to not be included in any of tonights festivitys. Master ignored me.

People started to shuffle around, some going to other rooms, some staying. Master did not move.

Soon the night started. The announcer introduced the trainer, and then spoke quietly. “The first participant this evening will be Master John Owens sub, bree.” The room started to spin as Master led me up to the trainer by the leash, handed it to him, and walked back to His seat.

Slowly, i felt presence of the room, and heard others quiet talk, and then, ooooooooh then.the pain! Burning like nothiing i had endured before. Just as i whispered “yes Master” the trainer spoke. “You endured a beating bree, but this is only the beginning. It is said you also cannot follow orders. We will see. I ask you Sir John to command your slut to do something now. Let us see if she listens.” I heard Master Johns voice. “bree you will beg the trainer to repeat this beating, You will continue to beg until he does so. You will do this without question, or the next ones will be double what you feel now.”

I felt as if at that moment there was indeed no God. How could He allow such suffereing if He were here with me? My eyes filled in tears, but did not flow. My mind raced for an answer. What do i do? Perhaps if i do nothing, they would simply kill me. Yes! That was it, out of this hell hole and free!. But my mind screamed “NO! I want to live! I want to know love..kindness. I will not give the Devil my spirit!” Devil? where had that come from? Master = devil? Evil-goodness, confused, so confused. I focused hard. NO! I knew my God would not forsake me. I knew that!

I opened my mouth and whispered, “please trainer. Please this slut would like another beating Sir. Please, i beg you to beat this slut Sir….” I heard the people start to clap. Im not sure still why they did, but i went quickly then to my dark and safe place the moment the cane struck me.

2 days later, i woke and was told by my sissys that i was home and in my room. The pain was unbelievable, and as I tried to move to turn, a moan escaped my mouth, followed by a scream. “lay still bree oh pleaseeeee! you will surely pop the stitches!” said my sis Shannon. I tried to focus on staying calm and holding still. “What damage was done?” i whispered. Sue, the other sis, was at my side with a water bottle, and i sipped slowly. She held the glass for me as she silently cried. Shannon answered. You have 14 stitches, multiple bruising and damage to your neck sis, although they are unsure how much right now.” I moaned softly shutting my eyes tightly.,and I heard Sue talking quietly. “Sis you have GOT to get out of here! He is crazy!” He will surely one day kill you sure!”. Tears ran freely down her face, and i reached out and squeezed her hand. “Shhhhhhhhhh….tis alright sis. My God will not let that happen–shhhhhh.” She wept that day the tears i could not. But i felt the tears…

I nodded gently in comprehension, and then went back to that i can and will again, endure the next……LESSON.

—– The End —–