I had just finished serving Master dinner. I sat at His feet as He liked while He had his pipe and coffee. He started talking to me of the plans for the upcoming weekend.

“I have decided to entertain this weekend, girl. You will be ready for whatever I decide appropriate, without question and hesitation. You need not know details, only that you will serve as I wish, and you will make Me proud. Do you understand?”

My insides were already in knots, knowing from the beginning of this conversation that i was once again going to be used and most likely, abused. My mind raced for an out—away to tell Master i did not know if i could go through one more of His entertaining as the sub i was trained to be.

I softly whispered,”if you please Master? May i speak?”—and then waited for what i knew by heart now. “SPEAK?? Why is it you feel it necessary to speak at this time? You have no say and know this! You will prepare as you were told, and the rest of this night you will be silent!”

I lowered my head, gave a short nod of understanding, and waited for Him to finish his coffee and push Himself away from the table. He got up and went to the living room, and took up His book. That was my signal to begin cleanup. Tears stung my eyes and i quickly wiped them, knowing any show of emotion would only anger Him further.

I tried as I washed dishes to remember just one kind word from Him in the year I had been His property. Not a smile of kindness, or kind word could I remember. Surely there had been ONE? Try as i did, i could not come up with any. The year with Him had been silence and great pain and humiliation. I remember thinking how sad my Father would be knowing that his bree, after all the training she had, could not please her Master. I remember thinking that i was not worth very much to cause Master this much trouble. I tried to count the times i had asked for release. Master had made it clear He would never release me. I had questioned that once, fully knowing my rights as a sub, and quickly learned what fear and pain really were. I had not voiced it aloud again.

After the chores were done, I stood at the edge of the living room, head slightly downward, my eyes on Master, waiting for Him to allow me into the room. I stood quietly and still as He liked for about 15 minutes, and finally He motioned me in. I went right to His feet and knelt by them. Master’s hand went to my head, and He grabbed a handful, pulling hard. “IF you EVER again feel it necessary to question Me, you will regret it slut. Do not forget again!” I blinked back tears and nodded again that i understood, and sat quietly as He continued His hold on my hair. “Tomorrow evening you will wear your black heels with black thigh high stockings, the chain and rings for your breasts, and your black leather collar. Do you understand?” Again i nodded and He then let go, got up and told me to fix His bath.

I quickly got up and made way to the bathroom, drawing the water as i knew He liked. He dismissed me with words of how I sickened His stomach to see me, and went back and waited at the foot of the bed.

When Master came in from the bath, he disrobed, and got into bed. Without a word more He shut off the lights. That is when I knew i was to sleep on the floor for upsetting Him.

The next day i did chores as i knew to do, while Master worked in the basement. He liked to call it His play room. There was many tools and special furniture there, and i knew He was preparing a scene.

At exactly 5 pm I readied myself as Master had ordered. I sat at his feet as was expected until the guests arrived. I opened and greeted each with my formal speech as Master taught me. “good evening Sir/Mistress. Master welcomes you to His home and wishes you to feel free to use me as you wish tonight.” That line usually got many vulgar replies, and sometimes a pinch on the nipple or slap on the ass.

When all of His guests had arrived, and been properly served their drinks of their choice, Master led them all downstairs, with me taking up the rear.

Master pointed to the center of the room, and i went and stood there, frightened beyond belief, head down cast and eyes lowered in respect. Master told the group that I had once again dared to defy Him, and that a well deserved lesson would be forthcoming.

First Master had me go against the wall, with my arms spread wide above me, so He could tie them tightly. Then i was told to spread my legs wide, and these too were bound at the ankles. I knew i was in for a whipping.

The first crack of the whip to me is always the worst, and as it bit into my skin i bit down hard to keep the scream from escaping my mouth. Again and again the whip cracked against my back, ass, and thighs, until I felt my legs giving way….but there was no worry…the wrist restraints held me upward.

Master let All there whip and spank me, using every thing from floggers to canes and paddles, to leather straps. When i thought i was close to passing out, the beating stopped.

I should have known it was only temporary. Master and another took me down from the whipping post, and let me crumble to a pile there on the floor. It was but a few minutes that i heard Master again. “Lay on your back fuck slut and open My pussy.” I moaned slightly and rolled to my back, eyes shut, and opened my pussy lips wide. I quickly felt the warm urine as His pee was focused on my pussy. Almost at the same time i felt the urine of another above me, and opened my eyes to see a Mistress straddling my breasts, urinating too. And then the one i dreaded most….another urinating close to my face. “OPEN UP SLUT” He said, as he started to pee at my mouth. “OPEN UP NOW!” I felt the tears start to form again, but before i could think much on that, i felt the belt slice across my stomach. I opened my mouth as a scream escaped, and gagged on the urine that went into it. I heard Master say “Swallow bitch”. I did as i was told. It was then i believe i must have gone deep in my safe place….my sub space, for i remember very little after that. When i came back from wherever it was, i was on the floor still downstairs, bleeding from cuts from the belts and tools used. I crawled to the stairs, and climbed up them, and to the bathroom to clean myself. Master had gone to bed, and i lay on the floor for an evenings rest. The next day Master woke me with words of going to deep to my sub world, and next time perhaps I could not embarrass Him further. But i kept quiet, for the lesson was over for this time, and i was still alive.

-To be continued…-