My name is Andrea, and I’m an attractive blond in my early twenties who lives alone in an area known as Timber Coulee in southwest Wisconsin. It is a beautiful place with woods all around and numerous large hills. Recently, I went through a self bondage ordeal that was so exciting, I simply had to write about it.

On a Friday morning in late August, I awoke and saw that it was gently raining outside and the temperature was 71 degrees. Warm, rainy days make me extremely horny so I decided to call in sick to work and do something I had wanted to do for the past couple of weeks.

After quickly eating, washing up, and getting dressed in jeans, a white T-shirt, and white tennis shoes, I placed my necessary bondage gear in a small backpack along with a bottle of water and some insect repellant. Then I headed outside towards an abandoned farm about two miles away. The farm had been for sale for over a month, and I had previously inspected the property and found it to be ideal for self bondage.

As I walked down the gravel road, my T-shirt was getting damp from the mist in the air and my nipples were becoming visible. I didn’t worry about anyone noticing, though, because the road was rarely used and the few homes that I passed were quite a distance away from the road and had long driveways.

After nearly an hour of walking, I reached the farm which consisted of an old, run down house about twenty yards from the road, a chicken coup with a pile of junk behind it, and a large barn which was behind the house. The barn had only one entrance, which was a set of large doors in front that opened outward and were kept closed by a board that slid into two slots, one in each door. I grabbed the handle of the board, pulled to the right, and it fell free. Going back to the far right corner of the barn, I took the keyring out of my bag and set it on the floor. These were the keys to each of my padlocks. After making sure the locks in my bag were still open, I went back outside towards the road, leaving the barn doors slightly open.

On the opposite side of the road, there was a logging trail that lead nearly a mile up to the top of a large hill. The trail was about 10 feet wide and went through a dense forest. I headed upwards and soon saw a small shed that had probably been used by the farm’s former owner during hunting season. From my previous visit, I knew that the shed was empty and unlocked, with a hasp on the door. As I approached it, my heart began racing and the wetness between my legs was almost unbearable. Standing at the door, I looked around to see if anyone was watching. Seeing nothing but the trees and hearing only the gentle rainfall striking the leaves, I set down my backpack and began to take off my clothes.

First, I removed my shoes and set them inside the shed. Then, I pulled my T-shirt over my head, releasing my 36C breasts. Finally, I unbuttoned my jeans and tugged them off, exposing my wet, shaven pussy as well as my well rounded ass. I quickly threw my clothes in the shed, shut the door, and locked it with a padlock from my backpack. Now, I was completely naked in the woods and would have to walk back across the road to the barn to get the keys that would unlock the shed. My plan was now half complete. Taking the insect repellent out, I sprayed my whole body. Then I put my backpack on and continued up the trail. Feeling the warm rain falling on my skin and the gentle breeze caressing my nude body soon became too much to handle. I dropped to my knees and squeezed my nipples with my left hand, while rubbing my clit with my right hand. In less than a minute, I shuddered through an intense orgasm. When it was over, I stood up and continued up the trail, fondling my tits, ass, and pussy as I walked.

The dirt trail had been turned into mud, which made my journey a little more difficult, but the feel of the cool mud squishing in between my toes was incredible. Soon, I was at the top of the hill where the trail and the woods abruptly ended. There was a large clearing with a corn field in the middle about 50 yards away from the edge of the woods. In the distance, to my left, was another farmhouse. I poked my head out and didn’t see anyone, so I dashed through the clearing towards the cornfield. My tits were bouncing so much that I had to cup them with my hands as I ran. Even with this support, they still jiggled wildly, as did my ass, but I pressed on until I reached the field. I entered it and made my way past the first couple rows of corn stalks, which were over 6 feet tall. Then I stopped and realized that the rain was ending. I was a little disappointed, but after taking off my backpack and emptying it’s contents on the ground, I quickly became horny again and continued with my plan.

First, I put on my black leather wrist and ankle cuffs, and locked them on with padlocks. Then, I put on my black leather belt with metal rings on either side and in back. After making sure it was tight, but not too tight, I put a padlock through the front and locked it on. Next, I grabbed the two chains that I kept locked together in the shape of a letter “T”. One chain was six inches long and the other was three feet long. One end of the longer chain was locked to the middle of the shorter chain. With the six inch chain, I put a padlock on each end and locked them to my ankle cuffs. This would enable me to walk, but I would have to take very small steps. Then, I picked up my red ball gag and put it in my mouth, wrapping the leather straps firmly around my head and locking it into place with another small padlock.

Suddenly, I felt a stinging sensation in my left shoulder and realized that a mosquito just bit me. My repellant must have washed off in the rain, so I sprayed myself down again and picked up the last padlock. Getting down on my knees, I took the free end of the long chain and slid it through the the ring on the back of my belt and through the rings of my wrist cuffs. Then, I put the lock through the end link of the chain and through another link in the chain, just below the ring in my belt. After taking a moment to make sure everything was in place, I snapped the lock shut.

For the first couple of minutes, I struggled and tried to wiggle free, but the bonds did not budge. I desperately wanted to touch my burning pussy, but with my hands secured behind my back as they were, this was impossible. Then, seemingly out of thin air, I heard a buzzing sound in the distance. After listening for a minute and still not knowing what the source of the noise was, I decided to get up and head back to the trail.

Getting up on my feet was not difficult, but the chain attached to the belt and wrist cuffs kept me from standing straight up. After taking baby steps to the edge of the corn field, I poked my head out, looked to my right, and saw the souce of the buzzing sound. Two people, probably teenage boys, were riding dirtbikes through the mud around the farm in the distance.

“Damn”, I thought to myself. Now I will have to make my way back to the trail without being spotted. My plan was to walk left, to the end of the corn field opposite of the farm, and go through the clearing into the woods, then walk back to the trail using the trees as cover. Slowly, I made my way through the corn field, making sure not to cut myself on the large, grasslike blades protruding from the stalks, and looked out into the clearing. Seeing no one, I hobbled as quickly as possible through the clearing until I reached the treeline. Before entering the woods, I noticed poison ivy and burning nettles were littered throughout the forest floor, as well as many large, dead trees and branches that would make walking almost impossible.

“Shit!”, I tried to yell, which sounded more like “Mmpphh!” through the ball gag. This meant that I would have to walk out in the open to get to the trail. Now I had two choices: wait until the boys get done racing, which could take hours, or get moving as fast a I can and hope they don’t notice me. Since the sun was now coming out through the clouds and was almost directly overhead, I knew that it was around noon and if I wanted to get to my keys, and my clothes before nightfall, I would have to take my chances and go now.

Staying as close to the treeline as possible, I walked out from behind the cover of the corn field and kept a careful eye on the boys, who looked almost like ants in the distance. Their dirtbikes were still buzzing wildly, which made my heart beat faster and my feet try to move quicker. A few times I stumbled over the chain and almost fell, but I always managed to regain my balance and keep walking. I began to wonder what it would be like if they did see me and came to investigate. They woud find a beautiful, young woman nude, bound, and gagged with no one else around. They could do anything they wanted to me and I would be totally helpless. The thought made me terribly horny and I tried again to touch my pussy, but all I could touch was my smooth, sexy ass. It bounced and jiggled as I walked, so I caressed it and occasionally slapped and groped it. My tits were swaying back and forth, and all I could do was look down at them and wish someone was sucking on my nipples, which were extremely hard.

My fantasies stopped for a moment when I saw that the trail was right in front of me. Feeling both relieved and disappointed that I made it without being spotted, I began walking down the trail. It was slow going and I stopped and ducked down several times, swearing I heard someone walking in the woods. Usually, the source of the noise was a squirrel or deer rustling leaves as it moved. When I felt that it was safe, I would slowly get back up and continue walking.

It was at least mid-afternoon when I finally made it to the shed. “Soon I will be free and have my clothes back” I thought, relieved that the end was near. My jaw was aching, my thighs were trembling, I was thirsty, and my insect repellent was starting to wear off, allowing those damned mosquitos to begin biting me again.

As I approached the road, the farmhouse started coming into view, along with a small, red car parked in the driveway. Immediately, I froze and looked for the owner. Not seeing anyone, and hearing only my own heartbeat, I decided to duck down and shuffle to my left, behind some small bushes and tall grass near the edge of the treeline. After waiting a few minutes, I decided to just lay down and wait for whoever was down there to leave. Soon, my nerves began to calm down and I realized that the possibility of getting caught was really turning me on, as was the feel of my nude body lying on the cool grass that was still slightly damp from the rain earlier. Once again, I struggled in my bonds, trying to touch my pussy, but it was no good. The bonds absolutely refused to give and I was forced to grab my asscheeks and begin humping the grass in order to bring myself to climax. It didn’t take long before I came, shuddering through the intense orgasm and moaning through my gag. When it was over, I felt very relaxed and decided to stay where I was and listen for the car to leave. My eyes slowly began to close and when I opened them, the sun had nearly set and it was getting very dark. Panicked, I quickly rose to my feet and looked to see if the car had left. It was difficult to see, but the car appeared to be gone, so I looked both ways down the road and crossed it as quickly as possible.

As I walked over the road, the slightly painful feeling of gravel stinging my feet was joined by the discomforting feeling caused by my filled bladder. “First things first” I thought. “Get the keys, free myself, go pee, then get my clothes”. As I came to the house, I could clearly see that the car was gone. “Nothing can stop me now” I muttered to myself while making my way to the barn. When I got there, however, I saw that the doors were shut and the securing board had been slid into place. At first, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but the realization of my problem soon hit me and I began to tremble with fright. Whoever was here must have seen that the doors were open and shut them. I franticly tried to grab the handle of the securing board for a while, but it was about four feet off the ground and I couldn’t reach it. Then, I turned around and tried to relax and think. I could have easily bitten the handle and pulled the board out with my teeth, but that was impossible because of the damn ball gag.

Then the answer came to me. What I needed was a stick or pipe at least two feet long that would fit into the handle and allow me to pull the board free. I tried to find something, but the sun had just set and it was difficult to see anything. My only choice was to wait until morning to start my search, but first I needed to pee quite badly so I squatted down and relieved myself. It felt great to finally get that out of my system. Afterwards, I shuffled several feet away and laid down on the cool, damp grass, listening to the insects and occasionally getting bitten by mosquitos. My jaw was aching terribly and I was hungry and thirsty, but I told myself that if I just stuck to my plan and kept a clear head, tomorrow I would be free.

Throughout the evening, I saw the headlights of several cars go past the farm. For a short time, I considered going over to the road to stop someone and get help, but in my predicament I just couldn’t do it. The embarrassment would be overwhelming, and how would I know that whoever stopped would not simply take advantage of me? I decided the best thing to do was relax and try to get some rest.

It took quite a while for sleep to overtake me, but it finally did and I awoke to the sun shining in the east. Instantly, I rose to my feet and looked for something to use to open the barn doors. There was an old, wooden stick, probably a handle for a shovel or something similar, on the ground along the side of the barn so I picked it up and drug it to the barn doors. Firmly grabbing one end, I carefully tried to push the other end up through the handle, which took a little time considering I had to hold the stick behind my back. After several tries, the stick was through the handle and I pulled to the right. The board began to move and I heard a sharp “snap” as the stick broke in two. “Shit!” I tried to scream through my gag as I dropped the remains of the stick to the ground. It would have worked, but I needed to find something stronger. So, off I went again looking for anything that might work and keeping an eye out for cars. There wasn’t anything else useful by the barn, but the chicken coup had a large pile of junk in back and I headed straight for it.

Since the front door of the chicken coup faced the house, being behind the building put me in plain view of the road. There were no cars in sight, so I began to look through the pile very carefully. Many sharp objects like barbed wire, pieces of sheet metal, and boards with nails in them were in the pile and I didn’t want to cut myself. While searching, I found a narrow, metal fence post. It was about 4 feet long and would easily fit into the handle so I grabbed it and began pulling it out of the pile. As I looked up, I saw a car coming and quickly drug the post behind me and hid around the side of the coup until the car passed the farm. Then, I went back to the barn doors and pushed the post into the handle. This time, nothing broke and the board slid all the way out and fell to the ground. I was so excited that I almost couldn’t believe it had worked. Sliding my fingers in between the doors, I pulled them outwards and turned around. Walking inside the barn, I headed straight to the far corner and knelt down to pick up my keys. The keys were all different so it took a while to find out which key fit into which lock. Also, my hands were sweaty and trembling from all the excitement. Even with these setbacks, I patiently went through the keys until finding the one that opened the lock behind my back. Once that was done, I had no problem opening all the other locks and removing my ball gag. My jaw hurt so badly that I started to cry, but I knew that the pain would go away in time.

Now, all I needed were my clothes from the shed and I could go home. Leaving all my bondage items on the floor, to be picked up later, I took the keys and headed outside towards the trail. As I neared the road, I saw a car in the distance and paused for a moment, considering what to do. I decided to go for it and dashed across the road and up the trail, hoping that the driver was too far away to see me, or at least too far away to notice that I was nude. When the shed was in sight, I stopped and looked back at the road. Half expecting the driver to stop the car at the trail, or at least slow down, I was relieved to see the car pass right on by.

I then went to the shed and unlocked the door. Walking inside, I quickly threw my clothes on and headed home. It took me a while to get back, and the first thing that I did was drink a couple large glasses of water. Then I took a warm bath and thought about how lucky I was to be free, and about what my next self bondage game would be.

— end —