Why are you crying? Shut up bitch. I’m taking what I want tonight! I’m sitting here still amazed, as I reminisce about the harsh words that I said to you last night. It seems that every now and then to prove my love, I must sometimes become nasty and beat the shit out of you while I rape your asshole.

Last night was one of those nights where I felt it was time for some sexual bondage. As soon as you came home from work, I wasted no time grabbing you by the throat and throwing you to the ground. No hellos’, no kisses to greet you. Just me taking firm control over your helpless body. “Do you want this dick?” “Beg for this dick women!”

Down on your knees, you beg for me to fuck you, because tonight, you could see the look of seduction as you gazed into my eyes. I gave you only a few seconds to undress or you would have to face severe punishment. Two seconds over my time limit requires a serious ass whipping. I pulled off my belt and began to spank you for your sins. You seem to love the physical abuse being handed to you. You began to get very hot as your screams turned into passionate moans with each blow I delivered. I whipped your ass with enough force to leave contusions on your body.

Your behind was red, but I didn’t seem to care. “Next time when I tell you to do something you better damn well do it.” “Can I suck your dick?!” “No” I said, since you still didn’t deserve a taste of my hard cock. I wanted my dick in your mouth very badly. I could feel the same fire and desire that you felt. But I was determined to torture the hell out of you before giving you any of this hot beef injection.

My madness was taking over my usual calm persona. I now have my belt tied tight around your neck, as I look deep into your eyes. “Are you going to be a good girl and do what daddy says”! “Yes Sir”, you said!

Still your words didn’t convince me. Two hours prior to your arrival, I set the oven to broil, so I could rest your ass on top of the stove while I ate your pussy. Still bruised from your beating, the heat from the stove drove you mad, as I began to have my supper. Your pussy tasted very delicious! I had you screaming and creaming as I began nibbling then biting your clitoris. You can really endure pain honey, because even I could barely keep my hand on the hot stove that I made you sit upon.

My tongue was way deep inside your pussy which caused you to have convulsions. “You better not move”, goddamit you better not move”, I said to you. “If you even flinch, you will suffer the consequences”. Just as I thought you would, you flinched. My tongue, and the immense heat from the oven made you loose control. I grab you by the hair, and admonish you as if you were my child. “I thought I told you not to move goddamit!” “I’m sorry sir”. “Apologies will get you nowhere”, as I sunk my fist inside your pussy hole to let you know I meant business. “It hurts Sam, God it hurts”.

The minute you started to enjoy my fisting, I pulled it out not giving you the satisfaction of cumming just yet. I broiled a pot of hot water and kept it nice and hot for the possibilities of you disobeying me. I love taking cups of steaming hot water and pouring it on your naked body. Hot enough to make you scream, but warm enough for you to feel the sensation. I started licking your wet body down from head to toe. “Sam I’m starting to cum!” “You better not cum women, I’m warning you.” I could feel the wetness of your pussy while I finger fucked you, still warning you at your attempts to orgasm. I’m now becoming partially annoyed watching you enjoy this punishment. In reality I love it, but my facial expressions remain as cold as the moment when you first walked in the house. With my two fingers fucking your pussy, you were begging for me not to stop. So of course, I stopped seeing that you were reaching climax.

“You think this is a game bitch”, I say to you after seeing a smile on your face “No Sir”, you tell me! Still your responses does nothing but make me want to take advantage of you even more. I give you a command. I tell you to go upstairs and maturbate, but still give the order of not allowing yourself to cum. “If you cum I promise to make you suffer”. I stayed down stairs and jerked my dick thinking of the erotic episode we were in the middle of.

Ten minutes later, I come upstairs and opened the bedroom door to find what I expected to see. You made yourself cum in a matter of minutes, and now you must pay. I take my cigarette lighter off the dresser and burn the tip of your nipples as you yell with excitement. “You’re going to learn to do as I say, or else”. I can see the tears coming down from your eyes. But deep down you want me to continue my display of torture. Once again your cries turn into soft moans, as I let the fire burn on your left nipple a little longer to make you scream loudly. With my belt still around your neck, I pull on it and give you a command to “shut the fuck up!” Your cries can do nothing for you. I burn each nipple, since I indeed do love to taste them when their nice and hot. I give you the satisfaction of feeling my wet tongue cool your burning nipples as you continue to let out moans. “I thought I told you to be the fuck quiet.” You just don’t learn do you? Do I have to fuck your asshole until you shit on my dick? Well do I? “Please give it to me, give it all to me”, you tell me! You are now hot enough where you deserve a big piece of my love.

My hard dick fucks the inside of your ass, while I pull on the belt that’s wrapped around your neck. What a slutty bitch you are! You love it when I choke you and stroke you all at once? The more I smacked you on your ass, the more you seem to give me all the asshole I could handle. Since you love screaming so much, I bit you on your back as hard as I could to leave my mark. You are my bitch, and I got the teeth marks to prove it. If you ever gave my pussy away you would drive me further over the edge than I am right now.

“Do you like Jay”, I asked you? “Did you like fucking Jay?’ “No sir”, you replied. I retort by saying, “You lying bitch”! The annoying thoughts of you fucking someone else made me fuck your asshole at a ferocious pace. I spread your ass cheeks open wider and give you all 9 1/2 inches of what you’ve been begging for all night. The tightness of your ass feels so good, almost as good as fucking your pussy. I hope you realize everytime you scream my name it makes fuck harder and harder. For a second there I thought I was trying to split your asshole wide open. Making your ass wet was one thing, but when I felt you shit on my dick, I knew I had did my damage. I take the belt from around your neck, and spanked your ass all the way to the bathroom. “Get in the shower and clean yourself up” I ordered. Since you have shitted on me, I have no other choice but to piss on you, I mean that’s what you deserve, and that’s what you’re going to get! It felt as if I was cumming when I began pissing on your body. I think I could get use to this kind of shit.

You nasty whore, peeing on you only seems to drive you further into a rapturous state. My dick is still hard as a rock and ready to shoot a heavy load inside your pussy hole. I lift you up in my arms and place you under the shower while I fuck you as hard as I could. The water drowns out your screams as you spit into my face. That was a bad move you just made. Is this water hot enough for you, as I turn the knob up a little. You want to be so goddam bad, well this is what you get. This is much hotter water than previously, you really feel warm vibes as the water rains down on your beautiful wet body. I take the pain like a man, as you bite my chest so I could feel the pleasure and pain you felt.

Even after all your abuse, you still fuck with such vigor and confidence. Baby you are indeed the best fuck I’ve ever had. Nothing could compare to the feeling I get from my dick going in and out of your pussy. My hands caressing your ass, my legs weakening, but still refusing to let go. “Ouch bitch, you bit my lip and made me bleed.” I release you from my arms only to choke you while I roughly kiss on your lips and make you taste my blood. Making love to you this way has me so excited! I choke you until you can’t breath, then loosen my grip as you gasp for air. “What bitch, you can’t breath with my hands around your neck?” “Well get on your knees and choke on this!” I draw my hand back as if to slap you if you didn’t do as I say. You got on your knees and did as I command. With my dick fully erect, you grabbed it and slowly inserted it into your mouth.

First you started gently with the tip of my head, sucking and slurping on my hard cock like I ordered. Not giving you the satisfaction of seeing me moan with pleasure, I withhold all my sexual excitement inside, not letting my outside show how much I love your lips around my cock. You are able to get most of my dick deep down your throat, which was all that was needed to make me shoot cum right in your mouth. If you didn’t swallow, I threatened to deliver a blow that would have made you wish that you did. Of course you know I could never hit you, but in my crazed state of mind, it would be unwise for you to disobey. Damn, you must like being tortured, because you swallowed some, but not all my cum like I asked. “Get out the shower bitch!” I take you to the bedroom and tie you up and blind fold you. Your ears become your vision, as you can only imagine what I have in store for you now. Your inquiries only made me gag you so I would no longer have to listen to your voice. I used my ole trusty nipple clamps to make you a slave to my every command. I put clamps on your nipples and stretched them to the point where you could feel the immense pain. “Will you learn to obey me women”? “I can’t hear you!” I took away the gag from your mouth to hear incessant replies of “yes sir, yes sir!” I think that painful adrenaline rush made you a bit tired. You no longer had anything left. I untied you since I knew you were now mine for the taking. You were now ready for some passionate love making. As you lied helpless, and weak, I fucked your pussy for at least thirty six minutes. Driving my hard dick inside your pussy, with your legs behind your head. It gives me deeper penetration when I have your legs open as wide as I can get them.

You came at least three times during that short time span, making you fall asleep in my arms. I licked your beautiful wet twat as you slept. I just love the taste of your cum. Actually I Iove making you cum, it makes my day seemed fulfilled. I continued to stay awake with an erect dick, as I fondle my balls thinking of this beautiful night. It might be awhile before I get the guts to put you through anymore pain, even though I do somewhat enjoy being in control. You played the role beautifully. Sometimes I could tell by your eyes that you really weren’t sure how crazy I could have been, especially when I brung up “Jay’s” name. I finally fell asleep with your bruised body held tightly in my arms. But I could still feel the kiss you placed on my lips, later on, thanking me in your only little way for one hell of a night. I guess you truly indeed like it rough. I know I do! During our next episode, I promise to give it too you even rougher, if that’s what your body truly wants…. What could we possibly think of next?!

– The End –