Hi my name is Debra. Im 4’11” and weigh 105lbs 34C I have brown hair and green eyes. My boyfriend Tom is 5’8” and 160lbs with dark hair and brown eyes with a 6” cock. Last Friday Tom invited several of his friends over to drink and play cards. They were all in the dining room and I was in the bedroom. I wondered what they could be talking about and I soon found out. I was in the bedroom on the bed reading a book and drinking wine when Tom came in and asked how I was feeling with a smile on his face. I said I was feeling rather tipsy and a little horny.

I asked if his friends were still here and he said yes. That’s when Tom told me he had been talking to his friends and they all wanted me and that he had been fantasizing about watching me get fucked by other men. I was shocked but the thought made my pussy really wet. I said “really”? He said yes and he thought now would be a good time if I wanted to. I really was speechless and I looked at Tom and said well if you want me to I will as I reached over and rubbed his hard cock through his jeans. I told Tom only you in the room with me and only one at a time. He agreed to my terms and said he would be right back.

While Tom was gone I slipped into a purple teddie with a button crotch, I figured it would be perfect. I was so horny I couldn’t believe what was about to happen. I was glad I just shaved my pussy earlier in the day. Tom must have been gone maybe five minutes but it seemed alot longer. I was rubbing my pussy through the silky material wondering how they were going to decide who goes first. I was getting really wet and hot when Tom came back in with James. James is a fairly good looking guy about the same height as Tom but a little heavier. Tom immediately stripped off his clothes and started to rub his nice cock and said “go ahead I’ll be over here” as he walked to the other side of the bed and sat down on a chair. I looked at James and told him to come over and stand in front of me. James slowly approached and I grabbed the waistband on his shorts and pulled him to me. I began to rub my hands over his thighs looking at his crotch. I tugged at his shorts and pulled them down exposing his semi erect cock. I grabbed his cock and started to rub him. I noticed that even in a limp state he was wider than Tom. James started to rub my hair. As I cupped his balls in my free hand, I watched him grow until fully erect he was probably 5 1/2 inches long but pretty wide. I looked at Tom as I took James’ cock in my mouth and started to suck him . To my surprise James grabbed my head and began to moan loudly. About 5 seconds later he shot his load down my throat and I swallowed almost every drop. I was kind of dissappointed but thought, heck there were three more to go not counting Tom. James pulled his limp cock from my mouth and pulled up his shorts and walked out without a word. I looked over at Tom who was rubbing his cock really slow and asked if he liked watching me suck off James he said “oh yes”.

Tom looked at me with a naughty grin and said “the best is yet to come baby”. I went over to Tom and put his cock in my mouth for a second and looked at him and said “anything for you baby” and walked back over to the bed as Keith came in. Keith was a taller man about 5’11’ and and around 185.He was well built and I noticed he had already stripped down to his briefs and I could see his cock was already hard. Keith came over to me and as he approached he pulled down his briefs exposing his cock. Keith had a nice cock about 7” and even though not as wide as James’ it was pretty thick. I had never had a cock that big in me and I wanted it bad. I grabbed it and started to jack him off. But I was not going to let him cum before he fucked me with his nice cock. A minute later I released his cock and layed back on the bed and unbuttoned the snaps on the crotch of my teddie and pulled it up giving him a good look at my nice tight shaved pussy. Keith didn’t waist any time. He slowly crawled on top of me and started to rub my smooth slit and stuck in a finger. I told him I want his cock. He positioned himself on me and started to rub his cock head against my slit and I felt the head of his cock press against my tight hole. He slowly pushed his cock in me and I almost came before he was even halfway in. He slowly fucked me with only half and then pushed it all the way in. I moaned loudly as he began to thrust his big cock in and out. I looked down and watched his cock enter my wet pussy again and again. Keith began to ram me with everything he had. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass the pleasure shooting through me like electicity as I came all over his cock. I could tell he was close by the look on his face and all of a sudden he thrust his hips into me and let out a moan and started making stiff pumps in me and I knew he had come. Keith lay there on top of me for a few seconds and then pulled his cock out, kissed me and said “you were wonderful” and walked out. I laid there in shock for a few minutes feeling his cum drip out of my pussy when I felt a hand touch my thigh and I looked down and saw Tom standing next to me by the bed. I asked if that turned him on and he said “God yes”. I reached and grabbed his cock and gave it a squeeze. He said “no not yet” and walked back to the chair and sat back down.

I began to wonder who would be next when Larry came in. Larry was about the same height as Keith but much thinner he was wearing boxers and I looked at his crotch and could tell he was also already hard. I looked at his eyes, saw him staring at my pussy with an amazed look on his face. I asked “are you going to look at it or fuck it?” and with that he came over by me and sat on the bed. I said take off your shorts and let me see that cock of yours. I was feeling alot more confident and way more hornier by that time. Larry stood up and pulled down his shorts and I saw that he was even longer than Keith, and all of a sudden I knew how they decided the order in which they were coming. Larry had a long cock but thin. I couldnt help but ask him how big it was as I stared at it while I rubbed my soaking wet pussy. Larry said almost 8 inches and when he said that, I wanted it in me right then. I turned around with my ass facing Tom giving him a good look, being sure to give him a clear view of what was about to happen. I reached back and grabbed Larry’s big cock and noticed he was thicker than I originally thought and told him to fuck me . Larry quickly started to press his cock against my wetness and then guided it in. He was huge in my tight pussy. He slowly inched his big cock in me and my body erupted unexpectedly with another orgasm as he began to feed his huge cock into my hungry pussy harder and harder with each thrust and deeper than anyone ever has before. I could feel him stretching my tight pussy as I put my head into a pillow to hide my very loud moans of pleasure. Larry was fucking me hard when I felt my body building up another orgasm. My pussy grabbed his cock as I came again all over his wonderful cock and a minute later he told me he was coming. I looked back to watch his face as he began to make even deeper and harder thrust in me and all of a sudden his hips started to jerk and I knew he was cumming deep in me and after about 10 powerful jerks he collapsed over me and then stood back up and pulled his cock out. Larry bent over and said “you were great” and hugged me and left the room.

I was thinking to myself at how wonderful Larry’s cock was and how good it feels to be fucked so hard. I felt I was in Heaven and wondered about Paul’s cock, who was the last one in line. Paul came in. He is very tall maybe 6’5” and is well built but not real defined but I didn’t care. I had only one thing on my mind and that was his cock. Paul had on boxers as well and I told him to take them off. When he pulled down his boxers and freed his limp cock I gasped at the sight of it. Paul’s cock was by far bigger than all the others. I had to know how big it was exactly so I looked up at him and asked if he had ever measured it and he said “yea its 11″ inches.” I wondered how all of that was going to fit in my little pussy. I grabbed it and was shocked at the girth of his massive cock. I started to rub his huge cock and felt him growing thicker and wider with every stroke. I put the head in my mouth and was shocked that with just the head in my mouth I was gagging. I looked over at Tom and he was jerking his cock much faster now. I layed back on the bed and told Larry to fuck me. As Larry crawled over me I put one leg over his shoulder and reached down and grabbed his giant cock and put the head against my opening and grabbed his waist and slowly pulled him towards me. Larry’s cock was massive. It was hard for him to penetrate my tight pussy and I jumped when he finally inched the head in me. I was scratching his back as I watched his cock slowly inch in halfway and I felt my body pulsating as I exploded with an orgasm from just the sight of his huge cock in my pussy. Larry was stretching me wide and deep and I felt I would never stop cumming as I watched him fill me. He began to slowly work his way in and out deeper with every stroke. Watching his giant cock being swallowed by my shaved pussy drove me crazy. I noticed he was going faster and deeper as I watched until I was taking it all. I arched my back and forced myself into him as I felt his huge balls slapping against my ass. I put my other leg on his other shoulder and grabbed his arms as he rammed my tight pussy. Larry fucked me hard for about 30 minutes and I came about 10 times when he said he was cumming and he thrust his huge cock in me and groaned and I felt him shooting load after load in me. He started making long slow strokes as I felt his cock going limp inside me. Larry pulled his huge cock out of me as I sat there in amazement looking at his cock and then up at him. He grabbed his boxers and said “goodnight you two” and left. Tom came over and asked if I was ok? I said yes. I then asked tom to fuck me and positioned himself over me and we made love all night. Tom’s cock was alot smaller but I came over and over that night and so did he. Tom and I have decided that we may start doing that once a month and next time we’re going to record the session so we can fuck while we watch. I decided he can have the fellas over anytime for cards.

– The End –